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  1. AlaskanDsm

    A little goes a long way

    Hey guys and gals! It has been a while since I have been active much on this site. Unfortunately, I come with some bad news (about myself). On Saturday September 5th, I had to undergo a below knee amputation of my right foot due to a serious infection of my entire mid foot after 20 months of...
  2. AlaskanDsm

    Sold Free DSM parts/Stuff and very cheap parts

    Hey DSMers,I am moving out of state AND I no longer have my DSM. This makes my collection of DSM parts expendable. I am giving most of my parts away with a couple that I am selling really cheaply. These are not yet posted on Craigslist yet (unless previously posted prior to this offer).The...
  3. AlaskanDsm

    FS: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD - Sold

    Hey guys, Never really thought this would come to pass. I am looking into selling my car as I am buying a new car. I am trading in my car for much less than this car is worth unless someone wants to buy the car. I have posted the Carfax for anyone who is interested. I can give some background on...
  4. AlaskanDsm

    Rear Deck Cover

    Hey guys, I have my deck cover from my car but it looks as if it has seen a bit of use over the years before I have gotten it. It looks as if it should attach to the hatch somehow but I have no been able to figure out how it is supposed to do so. I would be grateful for anyone who can post some...
  5. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    ***CLARIFICATION***Accidentally labeled as Prothane when in fact, the inserts are simply polyurethane material.*******************I looked under the hook of my car today to check a coolant leak i notice on my quick lunch run from work. I looked under my hood today to find the following...
  6. AlaskanDsm

    Different headlight assembly for 1GA

    Has anyone seen this before? What are these?? I have never run across this before. I would love to hear more about this....This is a really interesting setup for the front end of the 1Ga, I know the hood has been replaced but it really looks Good in a different kind of way... Almost...
  7. AlaskanDsm

    Car running on 3 cylinders.

    Hey guys. I am need some guidance.Here is the deal. Yesterday I was sitting in my car in front of a hotel while my friend who was visiting was checking on prices. Well during that time, the car went from idling fine down to 3 cylinders... sounded like a Subaru. Well I had that happen one time...
  8. AlaskanDsm

    Water pump doesn't seal

    I did a search to see if anyone else this issue but I did not see it so I am just posting here to get some thoughts on the problem that I am having.Recently, My OEM water pump with only 36K miles on it starting leaking heavily from the weep hole. So I went out and purchased a Rock auto...
  9. AlaskanDsm Down?

    Hey guys, I just want to see if I am the only one having problems with this website or if it is truly down. If so, I don't know if there is any of the Wisemen/Mods that know who operates that site to identify the problem...Been trying to connect to it for the last 15-20 minutes.
  10. AlaskanDsm

    Major coolant leak from timing side of engine.

    **re-opened thread**See post #22 for update.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Okay, So I will give a quick run down, then my thoughts, and looking for anything that I have missed with suggestions or confirmations.I got to work the...
  11. AlaskanDsm

    Very interesting knock issue

    Hey guys. I have been having a very interesting issue with knock detection on my car. Here is the issue as best that I can explain it.When I start my car cold, there is no issues other than idle surge. as I drive my car it feels strong and runs great. This is until the car reaches operating...
  12. AlaskanDsm

    Graduating tomorrow!!!!

    Okay, so this is a totally pointless thread. I am just so excited that I just wanted to share this with the community on here!I moved to Phoenix from Alaska in July of 2008. I started attending school at Devry Univeristy and was going to recieve a Bachelors in Network and Communications...
  13. AlaskanDsm

    Car won't start after washing engine bay

    So, I washed my engine about 4 hours ago trying to clean up some of the crap. I used the Purple Power (or whatever the shit is) spray which did a nice job. Well, I just went to go and start the car but the car won't start. Engine turns over but it won't start. I don't have the time to work on it...
  14. AlaskanDsm

    AEM AFPR with PUSHLOCK mounting locations

    Hey guys, I have done some searching and it seems most of the write-ups and such are for a lot of the AN steel braided setups. The one I am using is a pushlock setup. Ultimately, I was hoping to put it above the brake booster but with the pushlock fitting, its waaaay to long to put there.I...
  15. AlaskanDsm

    91 Eclipse GSX parts car for sale

    Hey everyone, I am trying to sell my 91 parts car back home as the place where it is located no longer can accomodate my car. I just have to get the title reissued as I have misplaced it :ohdamn:. Most of the engine and the tranny is in the car. It is missing the driver side door but I kept the...
  16. AlaskanDsm

    BCS causing boost creep?

    Hey guys, I just replaced my BCS because the old one had a broken nipple on it. This caused me to run the hose from the j-pipe to the wastegate at 9PSI under boost. Now that I have the new BCS hooked up, I am getting a boost creep from 9 up to like 13-14psi? Not hitting fuel cut or noticing any...
  17. AlaskanDsm

    Replace the AC tensioner Pulley Bearing

    So if you are like me, you are tired of your AC pulley squeaking and squealing when it rains and that slight squeak while the engine is idling. I checked with the stealership and they want almost $200 for the pulley and bracket replacement. I of course refused to pay this. I had a second set...
  18. AlaskanDsm

    AC tensioner pulley bearing replacement

    Ok so I have been dealing with this for a while. My ac pulley is old and squeaks a lot. I am sick of it. I had a second pulley that was pulled from a sitting car that sqeaks as well. Now I attempted to pull the sealed bearing apart and repack it, reseal it, and re-use it... probably made it...
  19. AlaskanDsm

    FS: Intercooler and BOV

    I just wanted to post here for anyone who might be more local and interested in buying these items Please contact me ASAP if interested. Thanks.Intercooler and BOV - DSM Classifieds
  20. AlaskanDsm

    Removing Throttle body oxidation

    Ok, so I have a second TB that I wanted to rebuild and I was going on vacation. the 2nd TB was dirty and I wanted to clean it and bought some simple green max. Well after asking around and making sure that that stuff won't eat rubber, I left the TB in the simple green while I went away on...
  21. AlaskanDsm

    Evo 3 mirrors

    Does anyone know if the mirrors for the Evo 3 would work on a 1G dsm? I found some sick aftermarket ones, though expensive look really sweet and are carbon fiber!!Ganador Super MirrorsNo idea if something like this would work but who knows.
  22. AlaskanDsm

    first time logging, responses welcomed!

    well I got my serial cable from Honk Kong today and got everything hooked up and working... took the car for a first time 3rd gear pull and turned around and made a second gear pull and a third gear pull. Please look at them and tell me what you guys think... My first pull is kinda of bothering...
  23. AlaskanDsm

    Phoenix ball bearings... where to buy?

    Found a place finally that sold them. I have been to Ace before but they always said no. The Paradise Valley ACE hardare had them though when I called.
  24. AlaskanDsm

    1G AC questions and maintainance

    Before I explain the AC problems that I am having let me give a little background info. I bent the condenser on my car when I slid off the road a couple winters ago into a snow berm (bumper acted like a shovel) ROFL. Anyways, I replaced the condenser this past summer and recharged the car with 2...
  25. AlaskanDsm

    1G wing identification

    Can anyone identify the wing that this DSM has on the hatch? It's interesting looking. Found the car when looking through phoenix craigslist.1991 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD 5-speed
  26. AlaskanDsm

    Turbocharge Understanding Guide - How a Turbo Works - Boost Basics

    Turbocharge Understanding Guide - How a Turbo Works - Boost Basics Understanding How Turbos Work And How To Choose The Right One For Your Car By Phi Phung (superstreet online) Photography by Courtesy Of Allied Signal Turbocharging SystemsWhen it comes to modifying small displacement...
  27. AlaskanDsm

    Aftermarket air intake

    Has anyone heard of a 1G HKS performance bolt on air intake? I checked their website but I cannot find anything that looks like what I have. It is similar to these but it has the filter assembly attached to the stock housing. I wonder if it has the same 1G mas in it as well. If anyone knows...
  28. AlaskanDsm

    good salvage yards for 1G and 2G parts in phoenix area

    Hey all. I am in the need of some parts for my car and I was wondering if anyone knows of some good find n pull salvage yards around here. I found fred's auto salvage but seems like that's the only one that you can go and find parts from. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind...
  29. AlaskanDsm

    [RESOLVED] usb logging cable inquiry

    Why is it impossible to create a logger cable that has a USB end on the cable side that connects to the car? Is there no way to create one that would work with a laptop or possibly be used to connect the USB newer sync cable to the car. I understand that one needs to be a host BUT if you are...
  30. AlaskanDsm

    ISC concerns

    I have read through some of the past forums and just want to verify my problem. I have been having some minor idle issues with my car. Sometimes it likes to surge a minor amount but when something big comes on such as the AC... my car will sometimes stall out. I decided to test my ISC yesterday...
  31. AlaskanDsm

    DSM meet this Thursday

    So In-N-Out this Thursday? I was thinking about attempting to go seeing as to how I finally got my car down here. Having a couple of minor issues with it at the moment so we will see if I can bring it out. Is anyone good at identifying electrical issues or know someone who services R12 AC...
  32. AlaskanDsm

    Ohm rating of main radiator fan

    Hey guys, just trying to find out what the resistance should be so I can test my main radiator fan to find out if it is bad. I keep blowing fuses with the fan plugged in as soon as I turn the key to on. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  33. AlaskanDsm


  34. AlaskanDsm

    losing 1 quart of oil per 500 miles at 75mph

    So I just drove 4,000 miles from Alaska to Phoenix. I knew I had a small oil leak but not this bad. I finally got in this morning at 3am and here I am on the site trying to fix my car already.Anyways, is it possible to be loosing this much oil through the oil cap? I have noticed over the...
  35. AlaskanDsm

    Sensor connector pictures needed

    I need 5 pictures if anyone can help me out. I need one of the CAS, one of the coolant temp sensor for the AC (top of coolant housing) from the side with colors of wires and one of the face of the connector, and the Coolant temperature sensor (bottom of the housing) one from the side with wire...
  36. AlaskanDsm

    turbo housing porting questions

    I have been researching how to port, what to port, where to port and what tools to use to of course port. I am getting a new Evo III 16G from slowboy racing and I am going to have the outlet porting done with 34 mm flapper :D. I want to port my exhaust manifold, o2 housing and I have been...
  37. AlaskanDsm

    Bent condenser... or worse

    I already did a search and checked VFAQ but didn't see anything to answer my question and I don't have my haynes manual at work to check.I was installing my new radiator from Mishimoto and ran into a problem. When i went to put on the stablizing bracket on the top corners of the radiator, my...
  38. AlaskanDsm

    OBD1/ALDL Part number

    I was hoping someone might be able to give me or direct me to somewhere that has the part number for the connector that goes to the OBD1 port so that I can make a datalogging cable. I wish to use this method over the aligator clips for neatness and ease of use. Any info would be greatly...
  39. AlaskanDsm

    1G Stock Intercooler Removal/Installation PT.2

    Once you remove all the the intercooler should just drop right out. (If the intercooler intake hose is still connected, now would be the time to remove it.) If you car is not on jack stands then you will have to turn your wheel all the way to the left and pull the bumper out and work it out. If...
  40. AlaskanDsm

    1G Stock Intercooler Removal/Cleaning

    The main purpose for removing the stock intercooler is:1) You want to replace the SMIC with a FMIC 2) You want to clean out the intercooler (oil build-up) 3) Boost leak (to get fixed) 4) Replace because of missing or broken/leaking stockI wanted to remove mine so that I could...
  41. AlaskanDsm

    Alternate hoods for the 1Ga

    I was just curious as to what other kinds of hoods there are for the 1ga in the world outside of the stock carbon fiber style. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with the one that is on there. I saw a different style for the 2ng gen and it just made me wonder. I did a google search but all I could...
  42. AlaskanDsm

    performed boost leak... don't know how to fix

    So I finally got all the thing i needed to build a BLT device. Thanks to ace hardware... I only made one stop. So after I got everything put together, I pulled off my intake accordion and there was oil residue in there...woooo.... But I pressurized the system and my boost gauge slowly went up to...
  43. AlaskanDsm

    Musical Engine

    Ok. So recently my car starting making this weird whistling noise related the RPM and can only hear it starting from ~2400RPM - ~3000RPM. It sounds like the little kids toys that are like whistles can you can pull out on the tube and it gets deeper. As you push in it gets higher. So every time I...
  44. AlaskanDsm

    Not sure whats happening after BG install and cat-back

    Ok so I got my 3'' Tsudo cat-back exhaust and put it on my car and i posted pictures of it in the thread about no good threads on ebay exhausts... Anyways after the install I also installed a boost gauge:D. So when I started the car I was finally happy to see what my car had for boost/vacuum...
  45. AlaskanDsm

    [RESOLVED] please help...Stripped exhaust but behind cat...currently working on

    (NUT) in titleI am in the process of removing my exhaust from the cat back and I ran into a big issue. The one nut on the passanger side of the exhaust where it angles out stripped and I have no idea what to do... If anyone can give me an idea I will be happy to go try it if I...
  46. AlaskanDsm

    no good threads about 1g ebay exhausts...

    I have some money that I want to spend on a cat back exhaust. I read about 2/3 the way through the normal ebay exhaust thread and I really noticed that about 98% of it is for the 2g. So does anyone know or have had a good experience with ebay 1g exhausts? pics would be nice too!! thanks.
  47. AlaskanDsm

    Warm engine stalls at start-up

    I have done some searching lately and I can't seem to find anything that answers my questions. If anyone can direct me to something else that reminds you of my problem please by all means direct me! hahaAfter I drive my car to somewhere once its up to temp and turn off the car and go inside...
  48. AlaskanDsm

    1g corner flashers

    I did a search on here for a little bit and I couldn't find anything that solved my question.On my car when I go to make a turn in either direction my blinker works just fine. But only the flashers on the front of the car closest to the mesh talon emblem in the center flash. On almost every...
  49. AlaskanDsm

    FMIC short route vs long route...Personal preference or actual difference??

    This topic has been beaten to DEATH!!:beatentodeath: I have spent the last 2-3 hours reading as many of the post as i could find. In the future I hope to be doing some upgrading on my car and I just want to look into the options I have for running the piping on my car. From what I have read...
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