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  1. 96GST96

    1G vs 2G GSX

    Well, I've been through four GS-Ts, and now's the time to make the jump to AWD and I'm trying to weigh my options. I want a GSX/TSi, with the main purpose of the build being a high-powered, daily driver/road course car.My goal is to slowly build towards running the Sebring road course here in...
  2. 96GST96

    Who lives around ft myers area?

    in port charlotte/punta gorda. looking for a gsx and some help soon.
  3. 96GST96

    2G Need parts identified!

    Hey yal been a little while since I've been in the scene and been back, but trying to remember what parts these are. I'm trying to part out what little (and I mean, little, finally) I have left... but I can't remember what they are for. If yal could help, I'd appreciate it! I think one's a MAF...
  4. 96GST96

    7-bolt 4G63 Crank Removal

    ^ dude, thanks a bunch. really needed something like this!
  5. 96GST96

    7-bolt 4G63 Crank Removal

    thanks fellas. I'll go ahead and post a few pics here soon. hopefully I can get this out tonight!
  6. 96GST96

    7-bolt 4G63 Crank Removal

    I've done an extensive amount of research on how to actually take the crank out, not just remove the pulley. I'm a visual learner rather than a literary learner. So far I've got all the pulleys off, and the oil pan (short block out of car) I've got it turned upside down, and all bolts are...
  7. 96GST96

    Engine Removal: How To.

    1995 4G63:Just need a refresher on where to start, easiest way to and how to pull the engine. What do I need to unbolt pre-pull, how to do it, etc., Help would greatly be appreicated! Been out of the scene for over a year and having problems! Thanks!P.S. Where are all motor mounts...
  8. 96GST96

    1996 Eclipse GS-T Clutch Power Hold

    I wouldn't use a stock clutch kit if you are looking to put your car over 300hp. I have a 96 GST as well and I popped my OEM clutch out of it after istalling an EVO III 16G, some injectors, and an upgraded ECU. I would strongly suggest you go ACT, Competition Clutch or Clutchmasters if you don't...
  9. 96GST96

    No CEL, but some serious issues amuck

    Installed this new JDM engine, with basically all stock internals. Drove amazing since install on 13 JULY 2011. I even drove it 1300 on the freeway (down home and back) and around my hometown with no issues. I went in to start it this morning, and something just doesn't seem right. I go to drive...
  10. 96GST96

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

    Thanks fellas, finally got it off, what a PITA. Had a little bit of fluid come out, so I am guessing that's good. Now I just have to get the new part, and install it. What type of fluid do I need to buy and where do I refill it at? This is all new to me.
  11. 96GST96

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

    So i would just use a basic 14mm socket and wrench? When I do this, Im scared that The line running from the cylinder into the tranny is going to bend or snap...anyway to deter that problem? Or is it just pull the hardest you can and hope it budges loose? Ive tried to loosen both, but neither is...
  12. 96GST96

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

    My clutch slave cylinder busted, and I need to fix it tonight, only thing is, I don't know how to complete the job. I have unbolted the two long bolts so that now it hangs loosely, but is still attached by the metal wire (i have no idea wht it's real name is). My main question is, what do I need...
  13. 96GST96

    Engine Sensor Identifier

    well heres a pic of the back side
  14. 96GST96

    Engine Sensor Identifier

    Rummaged through my garage and stumbled upon this part. I know it's some sort of engine sensor, but what sensor is it? Belongs to a 95-96 4G63 engine :hmm:
  15. 96GST96

    What Part is This?

    I have no idea what part this is. I am still somewhat new to DSMs, so any and all help would be appreciated. :aha:
  16. 96GST96

    All I have to say about this one... OMG...

    I bought one already, thought it was legit XD
  17. 96GST96

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    EXTREMELY RARE ENGINE!!! 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder - 179629 miles, RedThe NOS seat Covers gives the car an extra 100hp...
  18. 96GST96

    Clutch for a 96' Talon

    I am running a Stage 2 Competition Clutch package with a specialized ACT Flywheel. I have no problems what so ever on hard pulls and cornering. Bought the CC kit for less than $340 shipped, and payed $269 for the flywheel. ACT 2100 is good as well, but I went with something a little less...
  19. 96GST96

    Electrical Issues please help!

    you may need to get a higher density battery. I had to since my power options wouldn't work with the basic 35S battery that's stock in the cars. maybe getting a 37S or a 41SR will do the trick. if not, check all your wiring and groundings. you may come across something loose or not fitted
  20. 96GST96

    Installed bigger turbo and runs bad

    upgrade your fuel pump and injectors, and check to see if you have a boost leak, exhaust leak, or any shaft play
  21. 96GST96

    Ebay 2gb front bumper cover?

    eBay is not the place to buy bumpers. You get lucky sometimes, but you don't most of the time. I've tried eBay twice now for two front 2Ga bumpers. Now I have no bumper on the car, and 2 brand new 2Ga bumpers that don't fit in my garage
  22. 96GST96

    1996 Eagle Talon TSi upgrade help

    MAINTENCE! Then upgrade!
  23. 96GST96

    Randomly sputters

    check the spark plug may have a connector housing that's loose, cracked or busted
  24. 96GST96

    Boost controller

    Hallman, hands down for a manual BC
  25. 96GST96

    Swap 2G GS to GST or sell and buy new one

    First off OOOO-RAAAHHH! Secondly, I would suggest buying a GST or GSX. the conversion is going to be strenous and pocket drying
  26. 96GST96

    Vented Carbon Fiber hood or DSMLink?

    DSM Link! Why go cosmetic when you can get performance?
  27. 96GST96

    clutch issue

    It seems from what you are describing to be a bad pressure plate
  28. 96GST96

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    a picture would be nice. I got lucky. I went to a junkyard about 8 months ago, looking for a turbo. I came across a 99 GSX smashed in from behind. I popped the hood, and what did I see? A brand new EVO III Turbo, shiny as ever. Bought it for $50 bucks. MHI and everything. Here's where it gets...
  29. 96GST96

    16 g

    Lofty says it best. Fuel pump upgrade and injectors were the first thing I did before I tacked on my 16G
  30. 96GST96

    new valve cover

    Valve cover gasket, real cheap to buy, kind of a pain to line up just right
  31. 96GST96

    4g63 in other cars?

    Good luck with all that work. Not a fan of the 280s, but hey, you never know.
  32. 96GST96

    Bov do i need to haave welded or drilled

    I never buy any DSM parts off eBay, and for two resaons. Either the part description is false and it's junk, or the part description is somewhat correct, but requires some work to make it fit. I bought a 2Ga bumper off eBay, and the dang thing doesn't even line up nor fits. I would suggest...
  33. 96GST96

    Carbon Fiber Hoods

    I NEVER use my nozzles 1) the tubes were cut from the previous owner :/ and 2) because why spend $2 dollars on fluid when it's free at the pump :p
  34. 96GST96

    New to DSM

    Welcome! I'm semi-new to the DSM world myself, only 8 months in. I have a 96 GS-T with a JDM swap (didn't have a load of money :/). BUT, these guys are right about having an engine on the side. You never know when it will go. My old (stock) engine had crankwalk within 45mins of buying the...
  35. 96GST96

    1990 tsi awd stock vs. 2004 altima 3.5 swap outcome

    Cuervo says it the best. I've seen a 3.5L maxima take a 93 Gst from a 40 roll as well. you have to factor in weight as well. a heavier modded car will go faster in the long run against a lighter, turbocharged car
  36. 96GST96

    Help please, I need to go back to base in a week!

    sounds like a throw out bearing. I had my clutch replaced a few days ago, because I was having a similar problem.
  37. 96GST96

    car supttering around 4k RPM

    sounds like a bad BOV or a boost leak.
  38. 96GST96

    4G63 part I don't know the name of.

    that would definitely be a spark plug cover. you can typically find them in junkyards, ebay, or a performance website. given that, junkyard ones could be bent or warped, while ebay ones and performance shop ones are typically newer and in better condition.
  39. 96GST96

    just curious does any one know anything about XTD clutches

    I personally don't approve of the XTD or XTS clutches found on ebay. They burn up too quickly, and it's $200+ dollars spent worthlessly. I bought my Competition Clutch for a around $330, and it works beautifully on and off the track.
  40. 96GST96

    EVO III Turbo Identifier

    Well is it still a decent turbo to use for regular mild to moderate driving?
  41. 96GST96

    EVO III Turbo Identifier

    I need help! Is this a REAL EVO III 16G or a knock off? It doesnt have any of the blue housing at all like I've seen on the fake ones, but here's the serial plate style on the housing:TURBOCHARGER TYPE DSM-EVO III PART NO. TD05 SERIAL NO. TB00905502Thanks for the help.
  42. 96GST96

    EVO II Turbo issues

    I will for sure, but what kind of leaks can occur off a turbo in general? There's no fluids on the ground at all under the engine, nor any residue in the engine bay, so what "leak" could there be?
  43. 96GST96

    EVO II Turbo issues

    All he said was a leak coming from the turbo...unsure what leak he's referring to in all honesty
  44. 96GST96

    EVO II Turbo issues

    Sorry I meant to post "EVO III" in the main title, but anyways. I checked the forums, and though I had seen multiple turbo related issues within, there was none that I could relate my situation with. I recently ordered a J-Spec engine to replace my old engine. On the old engine, I have an EVO...
  45. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world Part 2! PICS!

    Haha yeah yeah, it does look like a chinese delivery car. Eventually yes, I will wet sand it and actually get a REAL paint job, with clearcoat and everything. I just didnt want to be driving around town with a car that had a scratched paint job, and old clearcoat flying off into the wind.
  46. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world Part 2! PICS!

    I understand, but you know, this is my first DSM. Just because I dont have a $400+ dollar paint job, doesn't mean I don't appreciate my car. I wanted it to look a certain way, so I did it. I'm more of an engine guy, rather than an exterior guru. I would've given my 6 year old cousin multiple...
  47. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world Part 2! PICS!

    I was going to, but the damage to the paint, the clearcoat coming off, I just wanted to change it up.Didn't even notice that you're in Naples. You aren't too far away from me then.
  48. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world Part 2! PICS!

    Just to start off, the pictures don't clearly show because I took them with my phone. The car was scratched all along the sides, which I had to sand down to prevent rust. Plus, I wanted something to do in the meantime while I was waiting for a new [email protected]: yes I did...only spent 80...
  49. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world Part 2! PICS!

    Sorry fellow DSMers, I was meaning to upload pics of before and afters! I have only painted the far :) Pics are in chronological order, which span over a 4 day period.
  50. 96GST96

    New to the DSM world

    Hey there guys and gals. I recently bought a 96 GS-T 5 speed, and unfortunately, the stock engine that was in it had blown from a severe oil leak, thrown rods, and crankwalk. Kinda stupid of me to buy the car, but at the time, it was running fine. Only was able to drive it maybe for 2 days, and...
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