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  1. very cool honda commercial!! Read before you click

    Be sure to read before viewing. Click the link when you're done reading ...A new Honda commercial in the UK: It's very important that you understand there are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you see it.The...
  2. T-28 in 2 weeks

    I think you and me both should be able to squeeze some 13s because we should be trapping at around 102-103mph. so with a low enough 60ft that should be about a 13.70 or so.hell in my mustang i would run 13.60s all day long with 2.0x 60fts at only 101mph.
  3. FP"BIG"t-28 HELP!

    i had a crosstreaded manifold bolt on mine, so that was the hardest part. Also i would suggest if you hadnt already to either get a ported 2g o2 housing or a evo o2 housing and change it while you have the turbo off it will be much easier that way
  4. mpg?

    31mpg all highway in my gs-t, i've never put town miles on it so i couldnt tell you that.i'm guessing a awd would get about 28mph highway
  5. Still bad boost spikes, checked and changed everything...

    ok, i shortened the hoses even more today, even zip tied them and still have exact same problem. i lowered it for the time being and boost jumps to 17psi then levels off at 12psi.also i stayed side by side with my buddys 97 cobra even at 12psi :)i have 2.5" exhaust with a test pipe, and...
  6. Still bad boost spikes, checked and changed everything...

    i tried everything from a foot to about 3in. going to the wastegate, and i had no would i check the wastegate actuator?
  7. Still bad boost spikes, checked and changed everything...

    and another thing, when i bypass the mbc and just go straight to the wastegate, i get 12psi with no spikes all day long.
  8. Still bad boost spikes, checked and changed everything...

    heres the deal, for about a year now i have been having huge boost spike issues with my car. But since i never had a need to run more than 15psi it never bothered me. Now that i have upgraded turbo and other supporting mods, i would like to pick up the boost to around 18psi or so. but no...
  9. T-28 in 2 weeks

    check your pm's
  10. T-28 in 2 weeks

    best 60ft ever was when my car was bone stock, i had a 2.05, but now that i upgraded almost everything and was only able to make 2 passes, i was running mid 2.4's in the 60ft :(.I've got some adjustable shocks now and lowering springs so that should help out alot.also i picked up the...
  11. T-28 in 2 weeks

    just to update you speedy, i have pretty much the same mods as you and i ran a [email protected] last week at 15psi. also it was about 96 degress and the humidity was horrible, damn louisiana weather.sounds like my car is weak compared to yours.
  12. cant get more than 16psi

    i'm not using the bcs, i'm using a mbc. but heres what i did, i just ordered a hallman mbc, i will try that and see what happens.i also tried this, i took out my joe p and just hooked up the hose directly to my wastegate, and bam 12psi everytime and nothing more, so this tells me that its...
  13. cant get more than 16psi

    i actually had the timing belt changed the day i bought the car, so i cant say if there was a difference.
  14. cant get more than 16psi

    well its a brand new big28, so i hope its not going out
  15. cant get more than 16psi

    mine goes way higher than 16psi but thats just where it comes back down too.right now like its set it jumps to 21psi then gets back down to 16psi, but i tell you what when it hits 21psi the tires boil in 2nd gear then the boost just falls off a sec. after
  16. cant get more than 16psi

    yes i have pressure tested it up to 20psi on my boost gauge, and it held it fine. how would i determine if my boost gauge is wrong?
  17. cant get more than 16psi

    i checked all that you mentioned and everything is correct
  18. cant get more than 16psi

    this is starting to piss me off. for some reason no matter how high i turn up the boost on my joe p mbc, my boost always just settles at around 16psi. i checked for leaks and my bov was leaking, i bought a turbo xs bov and now no more leak but my boost still settles at 16psi. i just turned it up...
  19. installed my turbo xs rfl bov last night

    i know what you mean, i vented my 1g bov once, and it would die out between shifts and at idle, so i ordered this one and figured it would do the same. but i got it, put 4 washers in it and bolted it down and it never misses a beat.maybe someone could explain to us whats the difference?
  20. installed my turbo xs rfl bov last night

    the rfl does vent, and the reason i bought it is because it is cheaper than most others
  21. installed my turbo xs rfl bov last night

    it sounds like there is enough air comming out of there to dent the hood :)
  22. installed my turbo xs rfl bov last night

    well as everyone might guess its RFL !! car idles like stock and drives like stock and best of all no more boost spike :D , my damn 1G bov was leaking since day one.
  23. Buschur is baffled. Please help!

    i think that the platniums or a no no only on turbo cars
  24. does the BIG28 lack when it comes to top end?

    i have a rewired 3kgt pump. and like i said i'm having to lean it out even at 17psi. i'm planning on getting some 550s in a few weeks but i just dont see the point if i have to already lean out my 450s. now i know if i get a fmic i will have to get 550s for sure
  25. does the BIG28 lack when it comes to top end?

    ah ok thats what i figured
  26. does the BIG28 lack when it comes to top end?

    i've got the big28 and it just seems that the top end on my car is non existant. from like 70mph on up it just doesnt pull. i'm pretty sure that it is because of my stock injectors and stock smic, but i kinda expected more. also it just seems to be running rich even at 17psi i have to lean it...
  27. Nextel+OBD Pocketlogger all in one??! Hot!!!

    dude i just have to say that the color of your car kicks ass!:cool:
  28. Need Opinions

    60ft is horrible, get that down and you will be in the 13s, your mph is high so thats telling me that the power is there.were you having traction problems on the lauch?i dont know much about cams in a dsm but from what i know about my mustang is that when you go to different cams you...
  29. Need Opinions

    what did it actually run?
  30. how much does your car weigh?

    2934 lb., my full weight GS-T
  31. 0-60

    like 2 sec. for me, of course thats looking at the speedo and smoking the tires. :), but really i think it is around 7sec.
  32. big decision : 18g or FPbig28

    i'll hit the track next weekend with mine, of course i'll be on stock injectors but we'll see what it does.
  33. dont i want STFT and LTFT to equal zero when added?

    Well whats wierd is that i havent did any kind of adjustment on HI-throttle, its all at zero. and i'm getting 19 degrees of timing at the end of 3rd gear at 17psi. so do you think that i would benefit from putting some bigger injectors, because they way i'm looking at it is that i'm getting...
  34. dont i want STFT and LTFT to equal zero when added?

    i havent logged 4th gear yet, but i did notice the other night while i was racing a cobra that at around 120mph, i was getting on the edge of 1600 degrees
  35. really low idle after afc install

    actually i forgot about that, i do have to lower honeycomb removed, maybe i need to put that back in.
  36. dont i want STFT and LTFT to equal zero when added?

    ok thanks for the help. anyone know why i would be still running rich with my mods and 17psi, i'm getting .96 o2's and running 1480 degrees at the end of 3rd. keep in mind that i have stock injectors
  37. dont i want STFT and LTFT to equal zero when added?

    I read somewhere that to set my lo throttle settings on my afc, i need to watch the ltft and stft and then say like my ltft is 12, and my stft is -3, then i want to add fuel until they equal 0?
  38. Fuel pump upgrades

    go buy a 3000gt vr4 fuel pump i think its like a 180lph or so. thats what i go and its quiet and gives enough fuel
  39. really low idle after afc install

    well i installed my afc and everything went well until i cranked it. it smoked black real bad and was running rich and idleing at 550rpms. the smoke problem seemed to clear up but it still idles very low. all settings are at 0 and i'm running stock injectors, anyone know whats up?
  40. Big28 boost creeping???

    i just tapped into the bov line and also took my joe p apart and put it back together. it still spikes to 19psi but settles down at 17psi. i think i need a new boost controller
  41. questions about o2 housing and things like that...

    since i see that you live only like 15min. from my house i'll help you out.o2 eliminator- i'm not positive but i think that is when the downpipe connects directly to the turbo, therefore eliminating the o2 housing. i forgot who exactly makes the o2 eliminator downpipe though.ported o2...
  42. Big28 boost creeping???

    i finally got my spike problem resolved, and i think since i was getting such a large amount of spike it must have been pulling timing because now that i have it set at 17psi, it pulls so much harder
  43. Big28 boost creeping???

    what is the normal spike that everyone is getting?
  44. tell me if you think my joe p mbc is bad...

    ok i'll do that, also if it comes down to me getting a new one, what kind of mbc do you suggest?
  45. tell me if you think my joe p mbc is bad...

    i tried that, my controller is like 2 inches from the wastegate, i guess i should just spend some more money and buy another controller :(
  46. ordered dsmlink & eprom

    damn i wish i woulda know you were getting a dsmlink, i would have took that old s-afc off your hands for you, i just bought a brand new afc saturday.
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