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  1. 1G Power windows and blower motor quit working?

    Got it fixed. Now it wont stay running. I'm about to test out this new ak and make this pos into swiss cheese.
  2. 1G Power windows and blower motor quit working?

    Hey everyone sort of a weird one, did some searching but everything ive found is either the blower doesnt but everything else windows, radio belts etc do or dont. Every thing works for me except the windows and the blower and it happened at the same time.I installed an aftermarket horn last...
  3. 1G Gm Maft wiring install

    Thank you!!
  4. 1G Gm Maft wiring install

    I'm currently running a 2g maf****Hey everyone I've been searching around for this but it seems everybody's is plug and play except for the white wire that you connect to the cas small black wire. My translator doesn't have a plug. I believe it's been cut off so it's just wires. So I'm going...
  5. 1G Clacking/rumbling noise from back of car

    I'm running a fender exit exhaust. It's on my tsi, and It's not the exhaust. Definitely something driveline related.
  6. 1G VRSF hp limits

    Thanks everyone for the reply. Hopefully this thread helps other people decide also! Just put my order in yesterday for it!
  7. 1G Clacking/rumbling noise from back of car

    Hey everyone, I have a horrible rumble almost clacking sort of noise (sounds like popeyes agagagaga) whenever I'm decelerating in gear no matter what gear I'm in. Unless I'm in neutral, or have the clutch pushed in. I'm on my 4th rear end, and it's made almost the same noise in each one. I say...
  8. 1G VRSF hp limits

    Good to know! I'm gonna get the VRSF kit then I only plan on going for around 600 eventually. Link is saying I'm around 450 so I didn't want to buy another!
  9. 1G VRSF hp limits

    Really? You trollin? Haha. I know a ton of people have these chime in with what you're pushing through it!
  10. 1G VRSF hp limits

    Hey everyone I've been searching around for a few days trying to find what sort of hp would be the max this fmic has been pushed to. I need a fmic that retains the factory crash beam so I'm down to this or ets. Can't really bring myself to spend the money on ets unless I have too. I'm sitting...
  11. 1G Car floods itself

    I'm going to hook up link to it when I get down there tomorrow. But it seemed to flood itself before we did the tbelt and cam install so I wasn't to sure if the cams would really make the difference.
  12. 1G Car floods itself

    yes I thought of that also after posting this! I'll have to pull them out and check them!
  13. 1G Car floods itself

    Hey everyone not sure if I should post this here but here it goes. A few weeks ago I fixed a coolant leak from my water pump intake pipe. When I went to leave the car revved itself really high and it wouldn't come down. When I shut it off you could smell gas, and it wouldn't start back up. We'll...
  14. Kinetic SBR what piping do i get?

    Cutting of the car or pipes?
  15. Kinetic SBR what piping do i get?

    Yeah my greddy is a real one. I forget how I checked way back when I bought it but it is. And alright so no eBay universal kit then. Idc if I have to cut pipe I just want something that's going to work lol
  16. Kinetic SBR what piping do i get?

    Hey thanks for the info! I have a greddy bov right now should I tell them that so they can send me the right flange also? and I'm going to put this on when I put my mhi20g on do I need anything for it?Sweet thanks for the info what turbo are you using?
  17. Kinetic SBR what piping do i get?

    Hey everyone,Found a huge kinetic fmic I'm wanting to buy but it's just the core... So I'm wondering if anyone can help with as to what piping to buy. I've been searching and haven't found notta... I want to run a short route for sure. Someone told me Punishment racing was close to SBR just a...
  18. 1G 3bolt lsd

    thanks for the reply! I'm around 400, it's weird because I think I've only "launched" my car a hand full of times. When I drained my last rear I had metal on the drain plug so I just pulled it out and stuck the spare in there. it was fine on my test drive but it started getting loud the next day...
  19. ECMlink how to install gm maft with ecmlink

    yeah that's the only reason I want to do it for the most part haha. and to shorten up the intake! :D I'm going to have to wait till my tuner isn't busy in a couple weeks before I do it or imma be screwed forgot he was going on vacation for two weeks :( "must be nice". Thanks for the replies!
  20. 1G 3bolt lsd

    Hey Hey.,Alright so I'm on my 2nd 3 bolt rear... The first one started getting really loud when decelerating so I pulled it and through in a spare... Now it's starting to get loud and choppy on decel also. However it's fine when accelerating and coasting in neutral as was my first one... I've...
  21. ECMlink how to install gm maft with ecmlink

    well I'm upgrading to a 20g here soon, and I've been wanting to vent to atmosphere for a while now lol. is the evo 8/9 maf better than the 2g? Because that is what I have now.
  22. ECMlink how to install gm maft with ecmlink

    hey everyoneI have a gm maft laying around in the basement and I want to put it on eventually.. Like this weekend would be titts. Now I know the maf is plug and play just plug the end of the plug into the maff and then to our factory plug right? But I don't know how to hook up to ecmlink. I...
  23. Precision turbo 6031

    Thanks for the reply. I'm only running 20psi right now. Or should I just stick with mitsu turbos? I just installed an evo 3 manifold don't really feel like taking it off already lol. Switching to a T3 turbine housing will make me have to do so wont it?
  24. Friends dont let friends ebay - manifold comparison

    It was my friends car that I bought it off of. He did it. Again you're like a 40 year woman who needs to go into depth about every little detail. again who gives a shit. The car pulled just as hard, and spooled just as fast as the oem had. there was no difference between them at all......

    Yokohama avid touring -s, Avid Ascend, YK580, and our new Torante are all great for these conditions. I run the Ascend and yk580 on my tsi (awd) pushing 435hp daily driven through snow and everything. I buried my car with snow half way up the doors last year on purpose and had no problem getting...
  26. Friends dont let friends ebay - manifold comparison

    ooo look at you. anyways.. it was bought off ebay. I didn't put it on... It came on the car. I didn't really feel like going into this much depth over something stupid. However you apparently like to waist time on shit. It looked just like the oem manifold, but looked like they had been "scraps"...
  27. Precision turbo 6031

    me too, i'll definitely be more interested with some more feedback on them!
  28. Precision turbo 6031

    Haha I knew you'd respond to this, Because I was looking at yours.. I just don't know much about turbos just want something bigger than I have now. Pretty sure I'm maxing it or pretty close,
  29. Recirculated or dump o2 housing?

    open dump all the way. I love flooring it past people and watching them jump ROFLROFL:thumb:. I dd mine and I loooooooovee it sounds awesome
  30. Friends dont let friends ebay - manifold comparison

    I ran a ebay manifold and it held up for 2 + years running 20psi on a daily with daily beating and it just cracked a little on the outside. I was finally replacing it with a evo 3 anyways. But I wouldn't say they're all junk. Sometimes you get lucky
  31. Precision turbo 6031

    Hey everyone how is this turbo are they reliable it'll be on my daily? I'm wanting to upgrade from my small 16g. How is the precision in comparison to a mhi 20g in size? Any info on the 6031 would be great thank you!
  32. need help from people who have totaled their vehicles

    yeah I was sideways by the time his rear end would of been noticeable and then he floored it and took off.. and of course nobody else stopped that saw it happen.. luckily i wasnt cited for anything though. and what you saying is, is that if I take everything out before they pay me then they...
  33. need help from people who have totaled their vehicles

    Already have a new shell, and no i didnt hit him.. really should of just plowed his ass. I would of if i had known what was going to happen... I plowed the front end into a guard rail.. not really worth fixing imo. Just wanted to know if I could take everything off it before they contacted me to...
  34. need help from people who have totaled their vehicles

    Hey everyone,Was on my way to my friends to work last Thursday when someone in a ranger pulled out right in front of me. I hit the brakes went into a slide and hit the guard rail and he kept going... (should of just hit him :/).. Anyways they're totaling my tsi.. Depending on how much they...
  35. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Hey guys got my wideband to start logging.. had it wired to the wrong pin on the ecu >.< here is a new log that I just finished up doing.
  36. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Alright. I was doing that the other day I think the r1 was the closest one. And I was meaning the manual for my wideband gauge. The pdf file did to look at it to see what the volts of it were or something can't remember off the top of my head lol. I just know it said to look at your manual to...
  37. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Okay good me too. Yeah I read that however I can't find which one to pick for the wideband gauge I have. It said to look in the user manual? I don't have one lol.. I tries Google with no luck or I over looked it... I have the 35-8460 digital gauge.
  38. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Here are two logs. glad to see my afr not being dashed anymore the entire time. however the vac on my boost gauge is all over the place now. idk it seems to be running abit better at idle now. what should I do now?
  39. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    im trying to assign my wb on to link but for some reason it's a light grey when I try to add it to displayed values? The WB o2 is farther down than the stocks location. under the ecu tab do I put the aem wideband under the baro drop down, or under the front o2 drop down?
  40. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    alrighty cool, just didn't want to read something for SD and have me mess up even more lmao! Good news I get off in a hour so ill have the rest of the day there about to monkey around with it!
  41. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Isn't this guide for SD? Won't it be diff for me since I'm not running SD?
  42. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    thank you guys! I will read these in my down time at work today. I get home by 4 so ill have a log up by 430
  43. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    okay I will do this first thing tomorrow after work. thi log that you attatched, is the maftcomp and ecu inputs already zero'd out or do I need to do that after I save it to my ecu? if I need to after what are those under so I can find them. Thank you for all the help man I really appreciate this!
  44. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    okay good news lol. And Type1 im not running SD. I bought link off of someone on here who was running SD. I thought I had turned everything off for it? I really have no idea what im doing with this at all. I've watched videos thousands of times and im still lost... Also I have a wideband uego...
  45. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Hey it's moving now! here's the new log
  46. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    okay so I hooked it up. I saw it at .2 and then went to .8 .... So I'm guessing something is screwed?
  47. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    okay thank you, ill do that tonight when i get home
  48. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    i hope it wouldn't be damaged. It was brand new :beatentodeath:. how do you recommend to check it to make sure its ok?
  49. ECMlink i miss my race car. help me get it tuned?

    Here's most of whats done to my car. I've tried setting it up like the videos showed, but I still don't think I'm doing something right.. What I do know is it's running like poo, and its killing me not being able to drive it.1991 Talon awd: Evo 560 injs, 2gmaf, 12v directly to wally 255, 2g...
  50. ECMlink <- Noob first log

    alright thanks guys, I'm going to try and get my wide band installed before Monday... as long as its not raining ill be able to, not able to use my garage because my friend has his z in it right now while hes looking for a place, and I'm not pulling mine out in the rain lol. I didn't know how to...
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