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  1. Technical fuel injector question

    Just wire in an injector resistor box from something like a 3000gt or something.
  2. I just had a radiator fan idea.

    If you spraypaint Nike on a box of shoes from Big Lots.. does that make them cool?
  3. I just had a radiator fan idea.

    notice how the inlet/outlet of the radiator are both on the passenger side of the radiator? That's where most of your coolant flows though.. that's why the rad fan is on the passenger side.
  4. PTE intercoolers

    PTE uses garrett cores.. these have more fins per inch and WILL cause alot of overheating issues due to more airflow being blocked. Also w/ more fins per inch internally the pressure drop will increase. We have the option of using these cores.. but decided against it after some testing.
  5. 1/4 mile rollcage rules?

    have to have a 5point (6pt w/ the passenger bar removed) to run 11.99 or faster.. then you need a 6 pt at 10.99 or faster.. and a 10pt for anything faster than 135mph.. I think I'm remembering this right.
  6. FMIC question

    The FMIC in the above kit is an IRC 2-216 race core... just have the grind on the stock foglight brackets a little. I've had several customers retain the stock fogs on 1gs... on 2gs it's a different story.
  7. My speed shop recommended me different wires/plugs

    Magnecore wires are JUNK!!! All we use are MSD and NGK wires. I know several people that use Accels also.. but I don't have any personal experience w/ those. I know tons of people that have had many different issues w/ the Magnecores... and even w/ the "lifetime warranty" they will not stand...
  8. did a pressure test - injector

    Those are the injector seals or one of the isolators is cracked. They aren't just O rings.. the Orings are on the top of the injector to seal them on the fuel side.
  9. Problems Installing Indy Race COres FMIC

    Yeah... have just found that the welder made the 2g elbows w/ 1g bends. I have some more bends getting made and will have some new elbows welded up as soon as they are done. I will ship these out to customers free of charge. If you guys want to compile a list here.. that is fine. But I also...
  10. HKS head gasket

    I know two locals that have "blown" the Cometic "high boost" gaskets. I used to swear by them.. but now I'm having second thoughts as well. These are the gaskets w/ the little .057 sealing ring around the combustion chambers. Anybody else have any similar experiences? On both cars coolant...
  11. Need help on IC core sizes

    If you don't want to trim anything.. then get a small Greddy kit. If you want something that really works though.. you'll need to do some "minor" trimming. Remember that you are putting something on the car that was never meant to be there... therefor the bumper and whatnot are going to be in...
  12. What kinda times would a stock 1g run?

    I ran 13.8 @ 101 in my completely stock 1g AWD w/ a MBC and cam2 race gas. Had stock exhaust and paper filter and untouched air can.
  13. Can this head be repaired?

    I'd think that the price to repair the head would exceed the cost of finding a replacement head. You can find replacement heads for $100 range...
  14. stevie tek fuel system upgrade

    We've done this all the way from the fuel pump itself all the way to the rail. We used -6 (1/2 in if I remember right) aluminum hard line from the pump to the filter under the car. This stuff is much cheaper than braided, but you have to be careful not to kink it and make sure you get the ends...
  15. oil starved intake cam

    Not only is the cam trash.. but more than likely the head is also. Unfortunately I had a the exact same thing happen to me last fall. I was having a friend help me when installing my new engine. Turns out that he overtorqued the cam caps. They are only supposed to be torqued to like 15# if I...
  16. 1G Carbon Fiber Lip List

    I say keep it simple like he 2g ones.. that way they're easier to make & look much cleaner. Screw the ricer $hit... :oP
  17. 1G Carbon Fiber Lip List

    The 90-91 FWD laser, & some eclipse/talons came w/ the bumper that was more pointed.. & not squared off on the bottom.All different models that I can think of are90-91 TSI/GSX 90-91 Laser/Eclipse/Talon 92-94 Eclipse (Not sure if there's more than one but don't think so) 92-94 Talon...
  18. 1G Carbon Fiber Lip List

    I'd be in for:2 x 92-94 TSI bumper (same as NT 92-94)2 x 90-91 TSI AWD bumper (same as 90-91 GSX)
  19. Cooling Problems with Spearco FMIC Core?

    Sorry.. but the FMIC cores listed on Ebay w/ the big "Spearco" spray painted on them... are not really spearco cores at all. Spearco doesn't make cores in the dimensions that are advertised. Are they worth $300.. prolly... just be aware that they are being mis advertised as spearcos. More...
  20. indiana dsms

    There's a pretty large group of DSMers around Indy. Alot come to our shop.. Indy Race Cores & have work done, order parts, & just hang out. If we're not shipping out FMIC kits.. we're workin on the shop cars or customer cars. Also now that the tracks are open.. as soon as we get our cars...
  21. RnR Racing T3/T4 KIt pic "Finally"

    Yep.. I agree.. the manifold definately looks like it was made from Weld Els... that would also be the reason why the manifold is not as shiny as the tubular ones. Weld Els are actually cast & about 1/8" thick so a weld el manifold is pretty heavy.. if not heavier than a stocker. Now I'm not...
  22. Intercoolers

    I know of several people that switched from Apexis & Big Greddys to our Race Cores & their cars spooled about 5-800 RPM faster & I know of one specific customer that picked up 5 mph by just swapping FMIC kits (that was greddy though). Most Japanese cores are made by the same company..
  23. Intercoolers

    The japanese cores are actually quite a bit less efficient than spearco core. They have more pressure drop & don't cool as well.
  24. Spearco FMIC

    The kit listed above is not a spearco core... alot of the cores listed on ebay as spearcos... are actually cut down semi FMICs.
  25. quick questions about BR20G

    you are connecting to the side port of the WG correct?
  26. Intercoolers

    Sean...It could be done either way. Email me privately & I'll tell you what I had in mind.
  27. tube and fin or bar and plate ? [Merged 7-7] intercooler I/C

    Ever seen a tube & fit after it got hit w/ a pebble or bottomed out.. they are pretty much trash. Bar & plate hold up much better. My partner bottomed out his car forcing the radiator support back into the IC piping punctuing the radiator.... the spearco core had some bend rows but would still...
  28. Apexi AFC II

    I just got a few off of ebay for $580 shipped (for 2).
  29. Intercoolers

    Sean.. I can make you the baddest sidemount know to man... of course it would be air/water.. but you get the idea :o)
  30. building my own FMIC kit

    2.5" piping. Just a warning.. you will find out that this is more expensive than you originally thought. Also be careful w/ what you purchase off ebay.. alot of the cores that are advertised as spearcos... are not spearcos. Also truck cores are made for trucks... where flow & pressure drop...
  31. Innercooler Piping

    Just hope it's not pressbent!!!
  32. Fmic

    That's just a bare core w/o endtanks or brackets.
  33. Intercoolers

    It's not a bad design.. it's just not considered "ideal". The IRC race core has ran 9.8 @ 146 & helped make 611 HP on another car. We can add the round radiused endtanks for the people that feel the "box" design is inherently bad.
  34. Anyone hear good things about S-AFC II

    How about checking out the other 3-5 AFC-II threads going on right now instead of starting another one?
  35. I need help with a head gasket

    Get a Cometic head gasket. They don't have the sealing issues that the mitsu metal does. The offer them in 2 configurations. Either a standard 3 layer.. which is available in varying thicknesses to make up for decking the head excessively. Or the High Boost gasket that is .054 thick.. w/ a...
  36. What to seal VC Gasket with????

    The sealant is just to hold the gasket in place when you are installing the valve cover. I've installed the gaskets numerous times completely dry w/ no leaks whatsoever. Just make sure that everything is clean & torqued down evenly & to the correct torque spec.. I believe it's in in/lbs.. not...
  37. Thoughts about Porsche 944 FMIC

    Below are some pics of the 944 FMIC that I originally modified for my personal car... which effectively started IRC. The core is 18" wide x 5.5" tall x 5" thick (spearco 2-120 is 24x8x3.5 & 2-178 is 20x8x3.5) This core will fit.. but you'll have to trim the front fascia a bit. This is one of...
  38. Other car's stock Intercoolers

    Porsche 944!!!
  39. New Pics of my Roll Cage

    How did you do the swingouts? Got any additional pics of those?
  40. Anyone know or have heard of anyone using this DP?

    Looks decent enough... & the price can't be beat.
  41. Best FMIC for a 1g

    Uhhh.. John Sheperd does run a 2-216 Buschur Race Core FYI. He used to run a 22 x 14 x 3.5 (I think that's the correct dimension... from memory).. that flowed better. But he replaced it w/ the BR FMIC race core last spring. Our race core has also ran 9's on Curt Browns car last year...
  42. 1g. fmic help!!!!

    The stock radiator fan can be kept w/ 20g style turbos w/ the outlet pointing down. The Jpipe make is impossible to keep the stock rad fan. The AC fan must be either replaced w/ a slimline or eliminated all together. The wiring on the fans is very simple... power & ground. The other 2 wires...
  43. REALLY effective aerodynamic kit

    Notice the big scoop in the hood that's meant to draw air through the radiator?
  44. REALLY effective aerodynamic kit

    Here are some nice 1g aero pics:
  45. Head Gasket

    Give Magnus motorsports or Turbotrix a call... I think they both had them in stock last time I talked to them.
  46. Best FMIC for a 1g

    I have absolutely no malice/hard feelings towards RNR... and I apologize if it came off this way. All of my remarks are geared towards manny & his statements that he was associated w/ RNR (which go figure.. were false also).
  47. I just bought a front mount !

    Draculia.. ask him which specific spearco cores they are. The advertised thickness on the 1st core was 3"... & spearco doesn't make a bar/plate core that large that is only 3" thick.GSTwkd I've seen the HRC FMIC in person before & I believe that the lower rounded tube is an air...
  48. I just bought a front mount !

    Since the core is effectively twice as long... it has to travel twice as far, therefor doubling the pressure drop. The flow is cust in 1/2 since you are basically removing 1/2 of the tubes. This is a common practice w/ radiators.. to increase the cooling capacity.. IE the coolant is in the...
  49. Best FMIC for a 1g

    Manny if the FMICs that you get from RNR (as you have stated) are such high quality pieces of craftsmanship.. how come I have all these customers that purchased "Indy Race Cores" off of the trader calling me wanting to know why the core they got doesn't match the dimensions that I advertise &...
  50. I just bought a front mount !

    The one w/ the endtanks on the same side would be like cutting the core in 1/2 long ways & having a FMIC that was twice as long. Not a very good design.. as the air has to make a 180 deg turn at the far tank. That FMIC would have 1/2 the amount of flow as normal & twice the pressure drop. You...
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