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  1. Super Steet DSM Acticle

    Just an FYI in the october issue the editor write a big tail between his legs appology to the dsm guys, they published two of the letters sent to them.
  2. Famous moovie quotes

    "Try fatso burger next time, you and get a cheeseburger and fries for $2.95 f#@*%!!" - The FnF. Just too funny, you do you take that serious?
  3. Lambo vertical Doors [Merged 8-7]

    Lambo doors are cool................................on the '80's .........................................when nobody didn't know any better.
  4. Need Help Choosing White Paint

    I agree with the championship white. Maybe it's taboo to put honda paint on a dsm, but I will admit that colour is the one thing honda did right.
  5. 30psi: terrible performance - 130hp??

    exhaust? I had a buddy with a civic where the cat broke and clogged the exhaust. He got all the sound of v-tec with even less of the performance. Everything sounded good, just no pull (well, less than normal anyways ;) )
  6. UFC 131 Dos Santos and Carwin

    I'm going for Shane too. The talk is that he's cutting to 250 instead of 285 since the Lesner fight. It'll be interesting to see if he'll gain the cardio he's looking for and still keep that power.
  7. honda parts on a dsm

    I think I saw it done, but the question is why? Why mess with hondata (not that there's anything wrong with it) when you have ecmlink already catered to the car?
  8. Big problem need help asap

    Are any CEL's showing up on the dash. If he ran vented to atmosphere for a bit is it a possibility that the ecu went to limp mode from misfire or anything?
  9. Turbo Spools...but No Pull

    Any thoughts on maybe something clogging the exhaust? Happens to a buddies' civic. A baffle in the cat turned sideways and choked the exhaust, the car sounded fine, you could hear vtec hit clearly but no get up and go.
  10. Worst/bad calls or decisions in sports

    Back in Salt Lake City, womens olympic hockey gold game, canada vs usa. Sorry yanks, that was the absolutely saddest, most obvious one sided called game in any sport that I have ever watched. Even the announcers were saying the refs were repeatedly calling penalties on Canada on legal plays...
  11. Stock wastegate broken? minimum boost is 22psi(heeelp)

    I'm definately a newb but I gotta agree with this guy for what little I know. If the stock actuator is set for 9psi then with the line going straight to the actuator you should only get 9 psi shouldn't you? I thought all a boost controller did was limity pressure to the actuator so that it...
  12. dsmlink newb question

    awesome thank you very much
  13. dsmlink newb question

    This could very well have an obvious answer but I haven't found it yet. I've been looking at the ecmlink (v3) software and reading other people's logs to familiarize myself with it but i've never seen STFT, LTFT, or injector duty cycle logged. Was it just never shown, do you have to find it...
  14. jdm cam gears

    you could be right, I was only going the year of the car and sorta making assumptions.
  15. jdm cam gears

    Dude, I don't wanna burst your bubble but the evo 2 came out in 1994 I believe (1993 at the earliest) I.E., evo 2 motors are 7 bolts. If that's a 6 bolt motor, it's not an evo motor.
  16. Paint/body touch-ups

    Thanks for the info. ya, hopfully I didn't go through the clear, I went real soft and slowly watched the scuff fade away. Right now it doesn't look crazy bad, just a little hazzy and dull so i think the heavy compound/polish/wax should do the trick. Thanx for the info.
  17. Paint/body touch-ups

    I did it by hand, in a circular motion. The scuff was only 1 1/4 inch long. So heavy compound, polish, then wax? This will sound real dumb but i'm definately a paint newb. So use polish. I assume this is different from finsishing compound and will say "polish" on the packaging?
  18. Paint/body touch-ups

    This is actually about my truck, but I was hoping to maybe find some pro's on paint here. I JUST got some rust work done on my box and got it fully painted about a week ago. My wife was at the grocery store and slipped and put the car seat she was holding into the box and put a scuff in the...
  19. Kiggly 6-Bolt Crank Trigger Sensor

    Ya, I dunno. It be nice to get some more input on the subject. I'm a real nerd when it comes to car tech and the more I can learn the better.
  20. Kiggly 6-Bolt Crank Trigger Sensor

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any info on this product besides what I read on their Website. From what I think I'm getting out of this, could this not be used in a 2G 6 bolt swap and eliminate the random misfire CEL b/c of the CAS complications? If so, why don't we hear more about this? Is...
  21. A question about the dreaded 420a to 4g63 swap...

    Soundz good. The explanation was what I was looking for most. I hate the just "don't do it, that's all you have to know" response. Thanks alot.
  22. Is it actually possible 2G 420a to 4G63

    Thanx for the info guys. Ya, Power steering, etc. I overlooked but it is nice to get some insight besides "It's not worth the time."
  23. Is it actually possible 2G 420a to 4G63

    Before I start I'd like to say that I've read many threads on the subject. I replied on a old thread in the 420a bolt-on tech section but i wanted to get it more out in the open for some more responses if possible. I truly apologize it this isn't cool. Anyways, here goes:What is so hard...
  24. A question about the dreaded 420a to 4g63 swap...

    Okay, Here's my questions about this swap. Does it really take custom mounts? I know the engine/tranny is 180 degrees the wrong way but couldn't you get the proper mounts off a donor car from the wreckers and put them in? A couple years back I helped a buddy put a Type R B18 in his EG civic...
  25. Michael Jackson died today

    I dunno, you never wanna hear that someone died but i was on the "he did it" side, so one less sicko in the world i guess. One thing i can't stand though is all the two faced media and people out there. First he's a weird pervert sicko then dies and now it's all sad. Same thing happened to...
  26. The science to not venting to atmosphere

    wow. i didn't expect this kinda discussion out of it. Thanx alot, getting info from the pros is a big honour. I'm really gonna need to get that dsm soon, but the problem is my truck holds more car seats (got one on the way already) ;)
  27. The science to not venting to atmosphere

    got ya. thanks for all the info guys it really helped.
  28. The science to not venting to atmosphere

    I think I got it, thanx guys. I guess I was thinking of the entire event taking more time than it actually does to occur, and the engine needs more are even when the plate is closed than I imagined it would. It's not a pefect recirculating cycle since the engine is still taking in some air, so...
  29. The science to not venting to atmosphere

    I thinks I'm starting to under stand, but I have a few more questions then. With the Bov hooked up in recirculating configuration, when you let off the gas the trottlebody plate closes, creating enough pressure to open the bov. I realize some air gets through the plate (the engine still has to...
  30. The science to not venting to atmosphere

    Hey guys, I'm asking this question at the moment not owning a dsm, but being a huge fan (and hopeful owner one day) and wanting to know all I can about them. I know you can't vent to atmosphere with the maf is stock location because the maf will meter air that the intake never sees, richening...
  31. Engine Swap Question

    I'm not sure about the hump/no hump issue but JNPerformance already stated the obvious. Does it have a drive shaft and rear diff? If so, it's AWD, if not, it's FWD, and either way humps don't make a diff.
  32. datalogging on dsm(ecm)link?

    I just downloaded v3 and downloaded some logs. I understand it better now. With the still shots it just looked like a graph with no values. I see how the time frame scrolling works now.
  33. datalogging on dsm(ecm)link?

    cool, thanx
  34. datalogging on dsm(ecm)link?

    Ya, i've read everything off the ecmtuning website that i can, I even downloaded the v3 program to my computer but I can't really do anything to it untill it's connected to the car (which i can't do).
  35. datalogging on dsm(ecm)link?

    I'm trying to learn as much about ecmlink as possible (i don't have it). Could anyone show me an example (pic) of a datalog of ecmlink with a small discription of what i'm looking at?Cheers, Daver
  36. quick 6 bolt swap question

    Thanks for the info. Sorry 'bout the bump, yur right, that was a little impatient
  37. quick 6 bolt swap question

  38. quick 6 bolt swap question

    I'm just wondering, with the 6 bolt swap, if/when you get the random misfire code thrown, is it just the code being thrown, or is the motor actually misfiring? Secondy, if you just clear the code by checking the little box in dsmlink does it actually fix the problem (if it's actually misfiring)...
  39. Full on Evo III swap to a 95 Mirage shell, 4g63, AWD, RHD all OEM

    You are the man. We're not worthy. That's all I have to say.
  40. some questions about tuning with SAFC

    Thanks guys, as you can see from my profile i don't have a dsm yet. I stupidly convinced myself a truck was more practical when i was younger and now with wife and a kid on the way, it's gonna be a bit. But i'm completely obsesst with dsm's and plan to get one in the future.
  41. some questions about tuning with SAFC

    Thanks for the response. Ya, i new too much timing would lead to knock, high egt's, etc., I forgot to mention that. Your comment about a/f leads me to another question. You mentioned about 14.7 a/f ratio. That seems normal to me for what i know about the NA V8 world but everone who knows...
  42. some questions about tuning with SAFC

    I've been reading up alot about the safc and got a pretty good handle on it (the tutorial by kpt4321 was awesome, plus everyone elses input) but I have a few questions left.1) Intial low throttle settings. I want to set the low rpm setting to get a fuel trim of zero (2G) on the data...
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