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  1. newtodsm97gst

    Hard to find connectors for DSMs now available at JNZ Tuning!

    do you guys have the female connector to the ecu?
  2. newtodsm97gst

    Evo3 16g with down firing housing

    Cool, will consider that.
  3. newtodsm97gst

    Evo3 16g with down firing housing

    Good to know Justin, and thanks for that info. Reason I'm asking is that I'm currently on a process of rebuilding my evo3 and I wanted a down firing turbo and also my evo3 16g housing thread for the j pipe is stripped but can easily fix. Also I can run external wastegate if internal is an issue.
  4. newtodsm97gst

    Evo3 16g with down firing housing

    does anyone ever replaced a evo3 16g housing from kinugawa down firing housing? They claim that it will fit, but need to know of anyone ever tried it. Any fabrication need to do with the internal wastegate?
  5. newtodsm97gst

    2G Car cranks a few times befor start

    This is happening to me as well, my fuel solenoid is going out, ill replace that in a week and see if that will fix the problem.
  6. newtodsm97gst

    Kinugawa Turbo, Heard of Them?

    Does their cover fits the real evo3 16g turbo? I really like the down firing housing.
  7. newtodsm97gst

    help on evo8 ecu to 2g dsm

    cool thanks. I save the rom to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\evo but do I have to be connected to the ecu for it to pop out? also when I try to open it from ecuflash it only gives me .bin or .hex would this be my problem?
  8. newtodsm97gst

    help on evo8 ecu to 2g dsm

    been reading a lot but I'm still lost with this. first trouble I got into- downloaded ecuflash 1.44 and the 96531706 rom to my desktop but every time I try to open it, it will not load the ROM to the ecuflash. Am I missing something? can someone please go through step by step for me? thanks for...
  9. newtodsm97gst

    Innovate MTX-L wideband Question

    It will work on stock ecu but you will have a cel.
  10. newtodsm97gst

    4g63 rebuild question

    if your re-building might as well do it the right way. it will cost you but at least you have a piece of mind knowing that everything is right.
  11. newtodsm97gst

    Does everyone else try to race you too?

    i get that alot when I was in California. from honda, mustang, evo, wrx and nissans. i just let them go and do my thing.
  12. newtodsm97gst

    dsm value?

    not worth it.
  13. newtodsm97gst

    Tore of Temp Sensor Wire Plug. Options?

    I did the same thing when I was taking my engine off, tried fixing it but my fan still doesn't turn on. I'm going to junkyard hoping to find a DSM.
  14. newtodsm97gst

    any suggestion on my log?

    thanks for quick reply, my car is been down for a while and now I need to get a state inspection, so I took out my wideband and put the stock one, I lock it for open loop just to make sure my front o2 sensor is working and it seems like its about to go out. instead of .20-.80 its all over the...
  15. newtodsm97gst

    any suggestion on my log?

    any suggestion on my log? I get .4-,9 knockretard
  16. newtodsm97gst

    installing freeze plug

    Mmmm.. I'll try that
  17. newtodsm97gst

    installing freeze plug

    is it possible to install freeze plug while the engine in the engine bay? one of the rear freeze plug came off. I don't feel like pulling the engine off. anybody tried this before?
  18. newtodsm97gst

    Tial BOV from ebay

    Ok, fair enough... Lol.. Ty
  19. newtodsm97gst

    Tial BOV from ebay

    Is this real? Tial Q Blow Off Valve BOV 50mm with Flange Exhaust Gas Cleaning Recirculation | eBay
  20. newtodsm97gst

    91 Eagle Taln TSi AWD $2300

    do you still have this?
  21. newtodsm97gst

    2G GST: From nothing, To chasing dreams FWD DRAG BUILD!

    i'm on the market of getting a new down pipe, coz currently bought a PR O2 recirc with EWG and the flange doesn't line up on my old DP. also want to install a hi flowing cat. I got a quote from exhaust shop/welding to fix my old DP and they charging me $220 for putting a bung for wide band...
  22. newtodsm97gst

    Need help on downpipe purchase.

    Man I checked around to get my dp fix, flex section and put a bung and align the flanges to my o2, they charging me $220 for it... Wow.. Really, I really need to get in welding so I can do it myself..
  23. newtodsm97gst

    Need help on downpipe purchase.

    Cool, I'll probably just go with punishment racing dp. Thanks guys.
  24. newtodsm97gst

    Need help on downpipe purchase.

    Recently bought a punishment recirculated EWG O2 housing, now doesn't really align with my 3" downpipe. I'm currently on a market for downpipe and wondering if there's any other downpipe that would align with my setup? I know punishment racing downpipe fits, but is there any other ones?
  25. newtodsm97gst

    Performance cams in a stock engine w/ stock ECU.

    Before modding try do some maintenance first.. Nuff said...
  26. newtodsm97gst

    -10AN SS Oil Drain Hose Length?

    did you figure out the length?
  27. newtodsm97gst

    Are these pistons bad?

    those are not bad, I've put a evo piston on mine with almost the same markings, just make sure to sand out the edges that will scratch your wall cylinder.
  28. newtodsm97gst

    98 gst rebuild idle problems

    can you take a picture of it?
  29. newtodsm97gst

    STM last minute Christmas parts!

    Quote me oem non cruise throttle cable for 2g and arp chrome turbo bolt shipped to 75067. Thanks
  30. newtodsm97gst

    98 gst rebuild idle problems

    yes, its pretty easy but kinda messy (coolant). just block off the fiav, not the whole thing. what I meant is that don't block off the ISC. for the coolant line, just loop it. connect from A-B so you don't have to block it off. let me know if that helps.
  31. newtodsm97gst

    98 gst rebuild idle problems

    Your FIAV is shot, either block it off or try a new tb.
  32. newtodsm97gst

    Wideband won't read.. MTXL DSMLINK

    it shouldn't matter if lc1, because there's no mtxl for the drop down. i used lc1 for my set up but used it in front o2 and enable narrowband.
  33. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    Decided to purchase a oil cooler set-up. Thanks..
  34. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    So, let me clarify this, as you guys were saying is that its ok to run the evo9 ofh without any cooler or some type? As long as i recirculate the water pipe and block the 2 holes from the evo9 ofh?
  35. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    I see but do i need to put the big round thing for coolant or to cool the oil? Theone that connects to the water pipe?
  36. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    i see thanks.. money money money...
  37. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    I know that question is gonna bite me in the butt, reason why i'm asking is that my old ofh is kinda leaking and car is due on oil change and since i'm planning on installing a oil cooler in the future because i'm tight on money right now. I purchased the evo9 ofh, I had an impression if I...
  38. newtodsm97gst

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    Questions??? I have the evo9 ofh, evo9 oil filter and dsm ofh gasket. In order to do this mod do I need a oil cooler?
  39. newtodsm97gst

    Saturn Alternator causing Check Engine Light

    already purchased the saturn alt and saturn alt was more popular.
  40. newtodsm97gst

    Saturn Alternator causing Check Engine Light

    Thanks for info but i solved it already, i needed to enter 0 on the alt on link. Thanks.
  41. newtodsm97gst

    Make's whistling or metal grinding sound when im driving

    it only happens on vac. which i think might be boost leak. I'll check that again.
  42. newtodsm97gst

    Make's whistling or metal grinding sound when im driving

    Make's whistling or metal grinding sound when im driving it always comes out whenever im on vac around 15-17 inhg, it goes away when i rev or let go the gas or i get off the 15-17 vac.. It sounds like eeeeeng... Metal grinding or whistling?
  43. newtodsm97gst

    GST idle bads (VIDEO) included to help

    Its your FIAV, i had exact the same problem after rebuilding my engine. Block it off or get a working tb with working FIAV and your golden... Or.. You have a massive boost leak on your tb, either from biss, shaft or gasket itself.. But i'm going for fiav.
  44. newtodsm97gst

    New OEM pistons and rings, used block and crank

    i'll offer 200-300 or forget about the pistons and rings, offer him for just the block and crank for 100-150, but if he can give it to you for 200-300 on everything then its good.
  45. newtodsm97gst

    sd setup with link i'm lost

    Thanks, i'm always wondering how the clutch wire thing work. Now i have another issue, i might need to make a new post but here it is. My mtxl wideband keeps showing 0135 code on dts, replace a new sensor but still shows it. Cleared it so many times coz i hate the check engine light thing. I...
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