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  1. Stumbling at 4000rpms

    I'm glad you fixed the problem. It's always nice to post when you have so the rest of us know and don't post on old threads! :)
  2. Stumbling at 4000rpms

    Boost leak, poor tuning or... rocker arm came loose. These have all caused this problem for me in the past.My car would run to 5000K beautifully, then it all of a sudden would studder and drag it's ass. Fixed leak, fixed car.Then one of the rocker arms fell off (I probably didn't put it...
  3. Fuel Cut: What is it? How do I fix it? [merged]

    ^^^Yes, what he said.Also, my new advice is to forget the MAFT and just get a chip or dsmlink.I've been away for almost 8 months because my car has been running like crap. I just couldn't tune with the MAFT (no a fault of the MAFT). I pulled the MAFT out just yesterday and put back my...
  4. You 1G guys with stock intake and BCS please help!!!!

    Really? Actually, I used that piece of hose for my MBC and I swear there is no pellet in there. It must have previously been changed out then.So, Steve, any fix solutions without that pellet?
  5. You 1G guys with stock intake and BCS please help!!!!

    Thanks Oldman. I drew myself a diagram based on your description. I think I'm ready to get to work if it doesn't snow again today.
  6. You 1G guys with stock intake and BCS please help!!!!

    Thank you gentlemen.It's been so long since I had the car stock, I just couldn't remember for the life of me.Much appreciated.
  7. You 1G guys with stock intake and BCS please help!!!!

    I'm trying to get my stuff back to stock form, but I forgot the setup.1. Where do the lines from the BCS go? Please be specific--the one on the top goes where and the one on the side goes where? 2. On the mass, there is a nipple near the base. Is this where one of the BCS hoses goes? 3. On...
  8. Have 550 injectors and dsmchip stage III...can I trash my MAFT?

    There is a difference, but Ample was just trying to be funny.
  9. Have 550 injectors and dsmchip stage III...can I trash my MAFT?

    Okay, so here's what I'm asking. If I upgraded my whole fuel system (Walbro 255, 550 cc injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator) and also have a stage III dsmchip that compensates for the injectors, do I really need my MAFT?The reason I ask is I've been having so much trouble tuning...
  10. intercooler kit

    Yeah, in the classified, I definitely would be thinking I was getting pipes. On his website, no. That bites. I hope you get ahold of him and straighten it out. :notgood:
  11. intercooler kit

    Here's what the site actually says:This kit includes one intercooler with sizes stated above and shown in the pictures, four mounting brackets as shown in the picture (two large, two small), 5 couplings and four bolts for the threaded inserts in the intercooler.There is no mention of...
  12. A/C Idle Up

    I had this problem. This and all other idle and surge problems went away when I replaced the FIAV.
  13. How rare is my 1G Talon?

    My car is so rare, I'm the only one that has it. At least according to the DMV records.
  14. When was the 7 bolt introduced?

    Haven't heard of very many 1G suffering from crankwalk. Small percentage, I'd guess.
  15. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I already had the MAFT when I ordered the chip, so I asked for 550/MAFT.I don't have an SAFC--I rely only on the MAFT for tuning. When you say zero everything out, do you really mean all knobs to zero? I thought I needed to have them set for stock configuration of 450 (AUX=0, Base=2).I...
  16. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I ended up bringing the fuel pressure back down to 38, reset the fuel trims, and set the MAFT to stock 450's (since I have the stage III chip). The car still runs like crap and still has big time bog at higher RPMs. I tried to lean out the base on the MAFT, but still getting bog after three...
  17. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    Well, I just ran over to AMS this afternoon and picked up the outlet that actually fit.Install went easy. Car fired right up. I set pressure to 43.5psi. Went for a drive but the car bogged big time at 5000 RPM. Feels slow as crap. Feels worse than it did before the install. I was so sure...
  18. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I got the kit today, but the damn fuel rail adapter is too small--the holds don't match up with the fuel rail. I went to Murray's and Autozone, they didn't even know what I was talking about and when I showed them the piece, they'd never seen it before.I'm going to get another one shipped...
  19. When was the 7 bolt introduced?

    I believe the 6 bolts were produced from 1990 through april/may 1992. Could have possibly gone through June of 1992.
  20. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    Thanks oldman and 99gst_racer. Very helpful information. Once again, you both get cool points! :thumb:
  21. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I do have a gauge--it comes with the kit that I ordered.Okay, now I think this is making some sense. I was under the impression that I had to raise the pressure to cure the overrun. So if I'm understanding you correctly, because the fpr has 1:1 that raises with boost, that actually cures...
  22. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    One last question. Once I get this bad boy installed (it will be here Friday, if UPS doesn't screw up), how do I determine the new settings. Obviously, the stock 38 isn't going to cut it.I have 550cc injectors and 255lph fuel pump. All other mods are listed if you need those.Thanks,
  23. johnny racecar's fmic, who has one?

    Thanks for the picture, that's good news for me. Unfortunately, I had to put off the IC job because I need to install my afpr so the car will run properly. :thumb:
  24. 4000rpms slow spool for a EVO16G?

    Check your wastegate. I was having this same problem with my Big 16G. I had to shim the wastegate because the flapper wasn't being pulled closed all the way. If anything, eliminate it from your list of suspects by checking it out.
  25. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    Purchased the Aeromotive kit. I'll probably have it after the holiday. I'm crossing my fingers that this solves the problem. I can't even dyno my car because the bog and studder. I thought I had all the necessary parts for tuning, but I guess not.
  26. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    Well, what a unique set of search criteria! LOLSo, will not having the fpr cause the problems I'm having?
  27. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I've done all of the stage 1 & 2 mods. I've also upgraded to a B16G turbo. Got a MAFT and stage III dsmchip. FMIC is in the closet and will be installed this summer for sure.Anyway, no matter what I've done (including fixing all boost leaks) I run rich. So much so that I bog at high RPMs...
  28. Lifter replacement but it is still talkin to me!!

    When you say new lifters, do you mean the newest lifters (3G) or just replacement lifters? If you have the same small hole, you'll probably have the same ticking.
  29. Rough Idle, wierd sound as accellerating...

    You might want to check your timing. Tell us what it was in the shop for, and maybe we can help you diagnose the problem. Plug up the line for the boost gauge. That's a start.
  30. Short route pipe interferes with shift linkage

    Does anyone have a link for AHP? Couldn't find a link, and I don't know what the acronym stands for.Thanks,
  31. maft tuning issue

    Are you getting any CEL? How does your temp and barometer look? I had some issues with the Barameter wire when I moved the MAFT into the cabin. That threw everything out of whack.Not to hijack this thread, but I have a 255 walbro, but I'm still running on the stock fuel pressure regulator...
  32. maft tuning issue

    I understand. I had so much trouble getting a tune with my MAFT, I finally got a chip. I had an EPROM already though.I don't have a AFC, so I don't have any advice to give except that maybe one of the devices needs to be zeroed out.
  33. johnny racecar's fmic, who has one?

    What's involved in getting the front bumper off?I've had my FMIC for like six months now, and its about time I put it on. I'm collecting the piping and couplers as we speak.If anyone can provide details on the removal of the bumper and whether or not the bumper insert has to come of or...
  34. maft tuning issue

    Are you sure there are not boost leaks? Didn't just do a visual check?Those are some pretty big injectors, and from my experience, the MAFT alone isn't going to help you tune them. Compensation at the ECU is the best bet.
  35. MAFT tuning . . . WTF!!!!

    Eventually, I ended up getting a stage III dsmchip and that solved all my tuning issues. Now, that's not to say the MAFT was messed up, more that my tuning skills were. With compensation at the ECU, it eliminated me having to fool with the MAFT, but I still get to keep my ricer whooosh from...
  36. 1st Gen Bov venting

    Mine did the same after hard IC pipe was installed. I guess the metal conducts sound better.
  37. Oil feed from turbo to oil filter

    Thanks for the responses guys.I measured the line and it will reach down there. My concern is the connection part. Does it use a banjo bolt like at the head, or do I need some additional connectors?Thanks, Steve
  38. Oil feed from turbo to oil filter

    Big 16G.It looks like lengthwise it might reach down there, but I'm not sure of the attachment hardware.
  39. Oil feed from turbo to oil filter

    I want to relocate my oil line from the head. When I ordered my turbo from Slowboy, I also got the stainless steel line with it to go from the turbo to the head. Can I use this same line to run to the oil filter housing?Thanks,
  40. Need help checking CEL

    Thank you kindly for your very helpful response. After doing this, I also noticed that on my Scanmaster3 there is actually a CEL display that was staring me right in the face. LOL!All these wonderous toys sometimes have so many helpful features they get a little confusing.
  41. Need help checking CEL

    I just put in my stage 3 chip. Took the car out for a ride. It felt okay but threw a CEL once it was warmed up. I have a palm with MMCD and a Scanmaster 3. Can I use either of these to see what the code is? If so, how?Thanks, Steve
  42. 3" blow through setup, idle problems

    Well, I have to drive my car in the winter, so I had not choice. No block off for me. If you can do it, go for it. Happy driving (without stalling). :thumb:
  43. 3" blow through setup, idle problems

    Yeah, I swear changing the FIAV made the world of difference. I tried the ISC first, because everyone seemed to think that the idle surge and all other associate problems was being caused by that. The new ISC did nothing. I just said forget and bought the FIAV from the dealer ($150) and slapped...
  44. Fuel Trims

    Steve,I'll email you and try to set something up.Thanks for the help. :thumb:
  45. Untuned 1G

    Your right. Even 550's without a tuning device or compensation is bad. :nono: When I put in my 550's, I started the car before installation of my MAFT, the car wouldn't even run. I had to install the MAFt and lean it out big time.
  46. Untuned 1G

    Change your FIAV (or you could block it off if you live in warmer climates). Or you are venting your BOV to atmosphere without a MAFT, that would do it too. My problem was the FIAV. It stopped the problem you just mentioned, stopped my idle surge, steadied my idle and fixed the problem I had...
  47. Fuel Trims

    Steve,My low trim is maxed out at 140. After all my tuning, I still cannot get the low trim off max.I have 550's and had to set the MAFT for 600's because the car was running too rich.The O2 sensor is working properly, and I was told that it's probably injector dead time. What do you...
  48. 3" blow through setup, idle problems

    Luda, did you ever solve your problem?
  49. 3" blow through setup, idle problems

    Was the FIAV on the new throttle body new?I swear the FIAV causes almost all idle issues, not just related to cold start. I had horrendous idle issues, one after the other, including idle surge, car wanting to die, idle not increasing when car cold.Once the FIAV was changed, the car...
  50. Untuned 1G

    What tuning device does he have and is the BOV vented to atmosphere?
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