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  1. ECMlink finally got a log, feedback please.

    well I did a idle log and cruise last night. Just woundering if I can get some feedback cause Ive been doing alot of reading and now that ive got the kinks worked out with the car Id like to start messing with the tune.
  2. Craigslist: Red 2GB GSX

    Stunning 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSXThis looks like it. Says dealer and there asking 2900.
  3. 02 housings

    Do aftermarket O2 houseings flow better then EvoIII's?
  4. really dumb trade!!!!

    Still dont see whats up with all the ford hate??? I got my Tsi awd for a dd and just to mess around with but I also have a mustang that I built and dont really have many problems with besides ones that I make.
  5. ECMlink I think I can now say I suck at tuning...

    Yea I feel the same way. Ive got one about 10 min from my work but thats like 30-40 min from my house depending on traffic. If I take like a three days off Then I need to plan on getting gas. Then I also drive my car to the track which is 45min in the oppisit direction so Id have to have...
  6. ECMlink I think I can now say I suck at tuning...

    I got ya that makes sense. Any idea what happened? Tune maybe off or bad gas?
  7. ECMlink I think I can now say I suck at tuning...

    Kind of just like is there any updates on this but worded differently.
  8. stock auto first gen goes 10's

    Thats it man thanks for the help.
  9. stock auto first gen goes 10's

    This was stock motor and trans and I read the thread about 4-5 months ago. I saw it on here I just cant find it now. I was a stock 90-91 auto with free mods and a mbc and a few more small things and it went high 10's. I just wont to show a few buddys at work. HONDA guys lol I guess thats what...
  10. stock auto first gen goes 10's

    I rember seeing a close to stock auto awd 1st gen goes high 10's. I have searched the fourms and cant find anything. Any help will be appericated
  11. Transmission Internals/Swap Questions

    shouldnt be a problem as long as you yous his front diff from the 98. The 97-99 front diff have a 58 tooth count so you will need to use that to match up to his transfercase.
  12. How strong is 1G 4-bolt rear end in RWD mode?

    Dont use a ford 9in. A 8.8 is plenty capable and you will not loose as much power. Stay away from 10 bolts.
  13. Got the motor out of the car and nearly cried~!

    He said he pulled the motor out of his 95 gst which means no oilsquirters cause its a 7 bolt. IM 99.9% sure that 2g 7 bolt motors dont have oil squirters. I know mine out of my 97 gst didnt.
  14. My compound turbo set-up

    the seats look like acura rsx type s seats. Are they?
  15. Cannot find carrier bearings?

    I just bought 4 today from savannah mitsubishi. They will be here next friday. ONLY 3 left in the u.s. I got them for a 2g not sure about 1gs though.
  16. What other car would you drive?

    fox body stang 4g63 powered with a nasty suspension setup for road racing,
  17. Car Dies When Clutch is Pressed Over 2k RPM....Help!

    Im going to try to hit you up this weekend if it ever stops raining. The burnign rubber could be the t-belt hitting the cover or and accessory belt. Is it still a 7 bolt?
  18. DD Toy to Beater and Project

    good to have you onboard. This site rulez:hellyeah:
  19. My plans for a 2g DD

    If you ask me the idea of a 2.4 and a 16g dont mix to well. It will be maxed out very quickly. As far as a dd dsm goes as long as you know what your doing there the most reliable car on the planet.
  20. Killing Sasquatch..

    Yea he will be wishing he thought twice b4 sneaking up on me lol:nono:
  21. My compound turbo set-up

    I couldnt imagine tryin to get a twin turbo srt-4 to hook. Its hard enough with one turbo let alone two. I got a feeling this setup will have a little traction issues even with awd.:D
  22. My compound turbo set-up

    Yea indeed. I was also peepin your profile pics the other day and seen this. You bout ready to hit the key or what?
  23. Back in the DSM game after a year.. Check it out. Got some ?'s

    That is a real good find if you ask me. 2k for it and and its looks good and has mods just needs a head. I have a thing for green 2g's
  24. Where to find this CAS?

    yea if you need one pm me i have one
  25. Suspension

    if you cut the springs you will void your warrenty. You will throw your camber off and then your tires will wear out real fast. heres a link to what you need KSPORT GT LOWERING SPRINGS 95-99 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE DSM:eBay Motors (item 300220497284 end time May-23-09 18:38:45 PDT) ksport lowering...
  26. Cam Positioning Sensor Question

    ALLDATA ftw:rocks:
  27. Mitsubishi denied to fix my balljoints on the 2g

    I work for a big honda dealer. Being a tec we do see alot of recalls. No they do not pay well.
  28. People with 2G full bushing kits..

    with all the control arms off me and a buddy can swap the old bushings for new ones in about 45 min tops. The trick is in the technique.
  29. New Dog Box Racing 1g

    It sounds good man. Its good to see its comeing along nicely and all.
  30. 420A 420a Black Box?

    Its a vacume box that works the cruise control.
  31. GOAL: 97 GSX to handle like the Skyline R34s

    SEARCH MAN. That is one heck of a FIRST post. Just because its a big time name brand and cost way more then other stuff doesnt mean its good. Greddy Fmic like 800 dollars and is junk in my opinion. Thats just my 0.02
  32. New 7 Bolt Motor (Big Problems)

    I ment the marks on the gears and crank to see if it jumped timing or what not
  33. New 7 Bolt Motor (Big Problems)

    First thing to do is check the compression and pull the timing cover off. Maybe a bolt backed out in the timing componet area and made your car jump timing. ive had a bs belt break and all it did was break my crank sensor which would make your car shut offand not crank back up.
  34. Bw s259 on the Dyno

    Thanks for the input guys. I think im leaning to the punishment side alittle. Its costly but i look at it like this, you get what you pay for.
  35. Bw s259 on the Dyno

    So going full t3 is the way to go over the bolt on mitsu houseing? Im planing to use the hx40pro full t3 with a dnp mani. what do you think about it? Any T3 header recamendations
  36. to much blow by????

    Depending on what kind of abuse the 14b has had to it bad turbo seals will cause this. It could also be something internal
  37. Will Mustang wheels fit?...

    Right now ive got 17x8 black bullets off the front of my stang on the front of my GS-T. Dont know the off set off the top of my head but it doesnt stick out bad and ive got 245/45 nitto 555r dragradials on without a problem
  38. Hilter's VR-4

    that made my day worth comeing to work and lookin on the tuners. lol
  39. New Dog Box Racing 1g

    Any updates on the build?
  40. Middle Tennessee DSM's?

    Me and the boys might stop by lol.
  41. Mustang guy posting an intro...go easy on me, will ya?

    Sup dude good to have you with us. My dd is a 95 gt with 351 setup on spray.
  42. 35r stock motor?

    Whats up guys? Im getin back in the game now just droped off the 6 bolt at the machine shop so heres the setup. It will be stock crank rods with 2g pistons. race balance from the horminic balancer to the flywheel. Im go back with all new bearings, rings, and arp hardwear. The head will be...
  43. Difference in 2g wheel bearings?

    I need rear hubs and wheel bearings for my awd swap. does anyone know where i can get them for a decent price? I found the part on the site posted above but it says works on all 95-99 eclipse rs,gs,gst,gsx,base modle. I know for sure that the fwd rear hubs and bearings are different? Part...
  44. what's everyone's new years' resolution?

    Get my dsm running, its been out of the game for awhile.
  45. Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    someone needs to let STM know that we are in need of that manifold lol.
  46. Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    heres a link for what im talking about
  47. Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    i would love for STM to start makeing those v band exhaust mani's that they used on the black gsx they built that was a clean setup
  48. Your Ultimate Swap / Sleeper Build.

    Fox body mustang with a 4g63 hooked up to a TKO600 with a 31 spline 8.8 rear. aem ems with like a 42r and alot of spray. i think the front would be so light with a tubular k member and all it would be hard to keep it on the ground. 4g63'ed car that you can put a real tire on, say some 325DR's...
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