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  1. My new toy!

    hey KlipzSpyderGST, is this your first bike or what? If you want that new r6 than go for it but it's not slow by any means nor would i recommend it as your first bike. But if you do get it as your first bike just take your time and you should be fine as long as you a respect the bike.I...
  2. My new toy!

    Thanks man.
  3. My new toy!

    Shit man the get a honda cbr600rr, those are sexy bike's but they are under powered to me. But don't sleep on that r6 cause they are this years best 600 class bike, but that doesn't mean you have to get that bike becasue basically when your on the street, it all comes down to rider.
  4. whats your other car/daily driver?

    Do you mean a 954rr? I know they don't make 950's..........
  5. My new toy!

    Old thread but is that a 6 or a 750? Do you stunt that bike?
  6. My new toy!

    The ninja's are technically the most powerful but the way there making bikes these days, there all about the same really. Even with the liter bikes, there all pretty close. Now when it comes to the street it's all on the rider. I know people that could beat my 636 with a 600 becasue of...
  7. random but how do you get your hands clean

    Uh........How about using the good latex gloves that don't break, ever think of that?
  8. My new toy!

    ah man that's my boy's daily driver. I also agree that since having the bike i don't really think about my dsm anymore WTF
  9. My new toy!

    stretched and lowered busa's are the best for cruising down the beach with.
  10. My new toy!

    Hey there's nothing wrong if you like going fast in a straight line but i'll get ya on the track :thumb:
  11. My new toy!

    Thanks for the compliments. The bike is a 2003 ninja zx-6r 636cc. This bike handles so well and the weight is very nice. Next mod will be polished lips, frame, and swingarm.
  12. My new toy!

    Been a long time since i have posted here but just thought i'd share my new found adrenaline rush. Any other riders here?
  13. 4g63t Powered Honda!!!!hahaahha

    who knew he would want to trade that beast.
  14. Anyone taping Pimp My Ride tonight?

    Shut up, if you can't see what's really happeneing then you deserve to get smacked. I'm pretty sure nobody on this forum would let that show touch their car. That show is all about money. Those people are paid to put on an act just for the show. I'm willing to bet that the guys at west coast...
  15. 4g63t Powered Honda!!!!hahaahha
  16. My new paint on my 1g

    Love the color but do you honestly have to have the JEGS sticker on it?
  17. Best Minibike engine ever!

    supra forums is where i found it.
  18. Best Minibike engine ever! work.
  19. 1990 turbo ecu into a 1991 turbo car?

    preciate it. :thumb:
  20. 1990 turbo ecu into a 1991 turbo car?

    Want to put a 90 awd ecu into a 91 awd car.
  21. funniest compliment

    Man 1g's get no love, there just meant to intimidate people with big enormous FMIC'S :D
  22. funniest compliment

    Yeah i know right :(
  23. New o2 or wideband?

    What about th plx-m300?
  24. New o2 or wideband?

    Well being that dsmlink is showing my o2 sensor reading 12v through any rpm range im thinking i should just go ahead and get a wide/band and use it in place of my stock o2.What ya guys think?
  25. Spark Plugs for 4G63T? [Merged 12-28-2021]

    And please don't drop the plugs in the holes when you install them. Use the plug tool with the rubber that holds them.
  26. Any graduates from UTI?

    I am starting to hear more and more good things about wyotech and more negative stuff about UTI.I guess the only way a person can learn to dyno tune imports or any car for that matter is to go to a speed shop and either try to get a job their or volunteer your help.
  27. Any graduates from UTI?

    I would be going to the one in orlando, so do we have any orlando cats in tha house that have been to the orlando campus?
  28. Any graduates from UTI?

    Are you serious? #### a sohc civic with an afc. Man that kinda makes me wonder if all the campuses have some b.s like that.
  29. Any graduates from UTI?

    Im wondering about the money you make after you graduate as well.
  30. Any graduates from UTI?

    Would UTI be a good start point in the direction of opening up your own speed shop with more experience? I am going to open a shop someday but im just not sure about how to do it.Also how's the dynotune portion of the course? That's the main reason i want to go so that i can really learn...
  31. Any graduates from UTI?

    How do you like it? What are the pro's and con's?
  32. Any graduates from UTI?

    Was thinking about attending UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE and was wondering if anybody has went there, know people who have, and if 21,000 dollars is to much to spend.Any feedback would be nice :talon:
  33. What spline is a 90 tsi most likely??

    Hate to bring this thread back up, but shouldn't a transfer case from a 90 galant gxs fit a 90 tsi? Would the galant t-case still be a 22 spline since it's a 90.
  34. Meaning behind your user name?

    Well since i am equipped in the lower extremities, Swing lo suites me. :D
  35. what do you look for in a performance car shop

    I understand where your coming from but i meant the universal stuff that people mentioned earlier.
  36. what do you look for in a performance car shop

    1. Have parts in stock cause people hate to wait on parts.2. Turn around time on mechanic work must be fast and efficient.3. For the local gear heads to know that your shop does quality fabrication is always a good thing.4. If you can price match or beat prices at a substantially...
  37. Your gains going from SAFC to DSMlink?

    Hey man do you know a guy named Nick that lives in AKRON? He drives a 2000 civic SI, it's black. I figured maybe you might now him.
  38. What spline is a 90 tsi most likely??

    Thank you much man :thumb:
  39. What spline is a 90 tsi most likely??

    I have a 90 tsi awd and i need a new t-case. What spline is my t-case most likely to be cause i have not took it off yet to look. I think it's a 22 spline.And do most 90 awd cars have a 22 spline?
  40. wideband setups + dsmlink + logging setup?

    Cool, i just wanted to know your reason behind not getting a face gauge since you have one. I'm about to get dsmlink and was thinking about wbo2 as well, but this thread cleared up a lot of stuff for me. probably go with the plx m-300.One more thing, i know how high and mighty dsmlink is...
  41. 50 Cent : The Massacre

    you can pat yourself on the back for that one :thumb:
  42. 50 Cent : The Massacre

  43. 50 Cent : The Massacre

    Very good post :talon:
  44. 50 Cent : The Massacre

    Nas broke............. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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