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  1. I need an evo3 style o2 housing but turbular.

    Are there any o2 housing out there that will bolt down to by modified downpipe that fits the oriented flange. I am looking for o2 housing which I can use my external wastegate on. Does any one know of one. Someone mentioned using the punishment racing one.
  2. What hardware is necessary for exhauust manifold ?

    I am bolting on my exhaust manifold and I dont see any other hardware beside the nuts. I know that stud kits for exhaust manifolds do come with regular washers and locking washers. Should I have them installed since and is my exhaust supposed to have them from oem ?
  3. Loose Rocker arm on the Intake cam

    I have all of the rockers loose on my Intake cam and I believe the timing belt skipped and bent some valves when the harmonic balancer grinded into the valve cover. I was trying to assemble for compression test the but I cant install the rockers on top of the lifters. I am not sure if they are...
  4. Starter rebuild (clutch or solenoid)

    I have had a problem with my starter where I probrarly overheated it when cranking for excessive amount of time when car was down. So it started doing the spinning noise with no cranking of it. Someone said that it is the starter clutch. Taking the starter apart I noticed that there is no clutch...
  5. Oil temperatures after switching to External cooler?

    I am debating whether an external cooler is better when I would through a replacement of the oil filter housing. I was told that I wouldn't need it on a stock motor. Another user said that he had a drop of twenty degres. I understand that a perfect temperature would be between 175-200 f range...
  6. High pitched engine sound video .

    listen to it in the back ground of this video. The car has been sitting for about 3 months. I changed the started on in to the proper that should work and did alot of other work like intalled and painted the valve cover, fuel line, turbo replacement. Now I start it and it sound like that coming...
  7. Leaking oil

    I am leaking oil from the 4AN x 3/8" NPT fitting that connects the oil feed line at the turbo. I have used red rtv and it steal leaks only when the engine's running. I am thinking of buying a new fitting: (Keep in mind that this is also a new fitting that came with the line.) Slowboy Racing...
  8. Is this 2g manifold done yet ??

    I think the crack shown on 1st picture leaks exhaust gas, I have seen smoke in the engine bay while using mopar combustion chamber cleaner. The divider is cracked inside all the way down. I am thinking of replacing this manifold with a new dejon manifold : or...
  9. FP Tdo6sl2-18g Turbo on FWD auto ??

    I am interested in buying this turbo as an upgrade and replacement. have all the supporting mods except for an exhaust and auto tranny mods which will follow very shortly. The...
  10. Is this 14b rebuildable ??

    I have recently taken apart this 14b turbo and noticed that is had a coking problem. The plate, and the chra (mostly where the plate goes) had alot of carbon which I managed to clean up and what is seems to spin free.The Question Now: The wheelhas scratches from the contact and the chra...
  11. Torn engine mounts-Prothane kit ??

    Just like the title says, all of my engine mounts are torn and I need new ones, So I was thinking of buing the 80$ kit urethane mounts from prothane. The kit as I have seen includes two inserts and two sleves. Will the sleaves work with the torn mounts or should I eather buy new mounts for the...
  12. Theather research scam !!!

    Those of you who heard about it , you know what I;m taking about. Those of you who didn't beware when buying them from 2 guys in a white van!!!! Those guys can approch you anywhere on the street or shopping centers. Above is the prove...
  13. A/T gauge

    Hi I was wondering iw water temp gauge (autometer) can be used as a a/t gauge ??
  14. Timing And BS belts

    i have a 98 GST , i am changing a timing belt and doing BS elimination . It happen when i was inexperianced and turned the Crankshaft in CCW direction. Atter taking my tyming belt off the intake cam baounced like a 180* to the right cw direction. Now it looks copletly opposite of what it is...
  15. timing

    ok so im of a couple teeth of on my timing belt on my 98 eclipse. My question is : the TDC that timing belt has to be aligned is it 5 btdc or 10 btdc( or I T or any other number ? that my timing cover shows. After aligning that my oil pump is off and exhaoust cam , and i did rotate it 6 times...
  16. No start

    ok i searched for the answer to my problem with no luck so thanks if you can help me. After installing a new harmonic balancer and trying to start it after 2 weeks of cold it dosent start. The engine turns and i get the spark , battery works for sure i even tried swapping my fathers...
  17. Belt

    I searched all the forums and didnt find the asnwer so please, help !! (98 eclipse gst) I started my car two days ago in the morning whenthe belt fell of pulley in my driveway , i have the belt ready for installation . My problem is how do you loose the alternator -water pump belt, i know...
  18. Waste Gate solenoid connection

    Yesterday i removed the waste gate solenoid restriction while disconnecting the electrical connection i found something like white wax or someting on the connection. I dont know , but i dont think it shouldn't be there ?? And I do not wax my car that much . How was it in your dsm. Thanks..
  19. Ignition Fuse Blows after 10 min

    :dsm: I need any suggestions for what can I or maybe my mechanic look to fix when the Ignition fuse blows ewrytime after 10 minute. The car has been at mechanics for omost a month already he told me that he has already disconnected the alternator and checked it. Thanks.
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