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  1. DSM1G90

    1G : Driver's side shoulder belt not retracting when door is closed.

    Very good and thx for your help .. Any idea of a MB number on this if this part is defective?
  2. DSM1G90

    1G : Driver's side shoulder belt not retracting when door is closed.

    Yes, I do have dome light and even tried to see if that's the issue. I didn't know of the one in the door frame. Where would that one be at? thx
  3. DSM1G90

    1G : Driver's side shoulder belt not retracting when door is closed.

    Little help on this, if possible:As with older cars, things will begin to show up and want to break down. My 1990 Laser is showing a bit of that.Got it in the vehicle yesterday, and the shoulder belt wouldn't retract after closing the door and key was inserted. Passenger shoulder belt works...
  4. DSM1G90

    1G Low voltage while running/WOT

    Oh, another thing I forgot to mention:that ALT needs to BREATHE !They get hot when generating the backup current for the battery. And if your battery is weak, that ALT is charging all the time and getting super hot, where, pretty soon, out goes the regulator and you got a bad ALT.keep it...
  5. DSM1G90

    1G Low voltage while running/WOT

    I get my reman ALTS from an alternator shop. Never do anything with Crapzone.Battery posts and connectors must be metal bright before tight connections. Check grounds, make sure they're super tight, and add more grounds, like Chassis, frame, motor block - since DC current runs Negative to...
  6. DSM1G90

    1G What can be done to a 91 1g so it can run faster ? my 1990 Ply Laser Turbo....
  7. DSM1G90

    It says Dodge...but it also says Mitsubishi...herm...

    First ones over the pond were the Ply Arrow pickups in 1979
  8. DSM1G90

    2G stock engine temp gauge stopped working

    A little help on this end also:My Temp gauge is doing a similar, but in reverse.It works fine, but will suddenly peg to the hot for a few, then head to where it usually rests, which is right before the half mark.Now to me, it's a classic example of a stuck T-stat, or worse a blown HG...
  9. DSM1G90

    WTF is Mitsubishi thinking

    Just found out about this last night when snooping on Facebook of the Eclipse Cross CUV.Really .... Great to bring back a trademark name from Mitsu, but to shame it also by attaching it to a CUV that doesn't deserve it. But, the Cross replaces the Lancer, including the EVO.Still keeping...
  10. DSM1G90

    It says Dodge...but it also says Mitsubishi...herm...

    Captive import by Chrysler when they were in partners with Mitsu. Rebadged Mitsu P.U. given a Dodge D-50 badge.Oh, that's the SOHC version of the 4G63 motor called the 63B
  11. DSM1G90

    Suspension Questions (parts list/opinions)

    Thx for the help. DSM
  12. DSM1G90

    Suspension Questions (parts list/opinions)

    A tire store in my area that did the suspension work told me of the weak springs. Just stock replacement would be fine, but if I have to go something different...just something to work with the new struts. Thx
  13. DSM1G90

    Suspension Questions (parts list/opinions)

    My 1990 Ply Laser Turbo needs new springs. Had struts replaced in all four corners and the installer told me that the springs are weak. Figured, that a 27 yr old chassis, anything can happen.Thus, any help with this for my DSM would be super helpful on this topic.Thx and good luck all. DSM
  14. DSM1G90

    1G Water in the transmission???

    Been getting some strange occurrences with my 1990 Turbo Laser with the F5M33 transmission:I'm getting water inside the gear train.My experiences is notch and hard shifting, but thank goodness, no grinds. Syncs are still good.All began 2 years ago with the same symptoms and thought it was...
  15. DSM1G90

    1G Coil Pack Questions

    Rockauto has them new.Bought one for my Laser since mine shorted out due to a transistor pack going bad.
  16. DSM1G90

    What type spark plugs

    With that much boost I'd stay with the colder 7 plug. Stock boost can get away with the 6 plugs.
  17. DSM1G90

    1G Turn signal problem

    Can you rebuild them with cleaning the contacts, resoldering new wire on and the similar?
  18. DSM1G90

    1G Weird "in dash" noise

    Sounds like a speedo cable going bye bye
  19. DSM1G90

    1G Timing trouble

    Granted, the 420A has the crank pulley on the left (passenger) side, but the 4G63 runs the crank pulley on the right (driver's side) making No. 1 to the right with No.4 next to the transmission. Thus, we go 4321 - right to left - when we work on a 4G63.Would we mislead you with this issue...
  20. DSM1G90

    1G Improved shifts?

    After replacing both my master and slave, I still had to fine tune the adjustment to eliminate clutch drag where it's not stopping the input shaft. You get it right, but things can get out of alignment were just a half turn on the rod clears it up in a quick.
  21. DSM1G90

    1G Timing trouble

    1-3-4-2 is the correct firing order for the 4G63. 3-2-1-4 is the wire position coming from the coil. No.1 next to the cam sprockets and work left to the transmission.
  22. DSM1G90

    1G Calling all 1g Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Owners with legible DSM stickers in the engine bay!!!

    The sticker on the driver's door panel has some useful info also.The "MDH" showing the Month, Day and Hour the chassis was completed, as with My Laser is a June of 1989 build with the MDH of 060912.Interesting is that Chrysler and Dodge, to this day, still shows the MDH on the info sticker...
  23. DSM1G90

    420A LOW Coolant temps

    Or, did you put in a cooler T-stat? Stock ones ran 195 degrees.
  24. DSM1G90

    1G What all can cause a misfire?

    I had a bad transistor which took out my coil. replaced both and all is good now. This was two years ago.
  25. DSM1G90

    Spark Plug Question.

    He didn't say what he had for the motor.If it's a 420A, I bet the plug size are 5/8th, for DODGE used that size of plug.
  26. DSM1G90

    1G Mysterious soft clutch

    Lot of weight on a clutch assembly that isn't built for such.Grab the clutch pedal and lift and pull down to check for any play.Bet with that 2600, the assembly is a goner.
  27. DSM1G90

    Walking Timing Belt on all new motor? Pictures inside!

    Wonder if the idler pulley isn't square to the block then causing the mis-alignment.
  28. DSM1G90

    1G 1990 Plymouth Laser RS N/T A/T no 1st Gear

    Bet the TCU is shot if you have to unplug it to enter limp mode to move the thing.How is the fluid and did someone shoved in Dextron which is a big "no-no" to use for DSM trannies?No magic cure will be found here - just a lot of tips to listen to.Good Luck - DSM
  29. DSM1G90

    Lifters still ticking?

    Good pressure, but wonder if there's something with the rocker rail where oil pressure isn't feeding the rockers too well to prevent the ticking... Unless he put in 3G lifters were the ports are too big to hold that 20-30 lbs of pressure.
  30. DSM1G90

    1G Injector help

    Stock were 450 bluetops.
  31. DSM1G90

    Because there is no Rally X option 1GA

    Good looking Laser! What year of build is yours? Mine is June of 1989. And nice wheels - must have came off of a Chrysler Minivan. I plan on getting mine looking as good as yours. Thx and good luck!
  32. DSM1G90

    Walking Timing Belt on all new motor? Pictures inside!

    Only thing that really got changed was the adjustable cam sprockets.Wonder if those sprockets didn't get aligned correctly with the crank sprocket pulling the belt out of alignment around the oil pump sprocket.
  33. DSM1G90

    oil pressure not going over 25-30 psi

    Also, oil is thick when cold and thins up when hot.Thus, pressure will always be higher when thick than thin.Dang, I wouldn't make a biddy fit with those pressure readings, for as long as you have pressure, that is all what matters.With motor in idle, remove the oil cap. If you see oil...
  34. DSM1G90

    1991 Plymouth Laser RS 2.0L Non-Turbo

    Like to see picts of this Laser.119K miles would make me a bit nervous if the belts weren't replaced prior.Also, wonder how the valve seals are.One simple test on motor condition is to take a finger, put it in the exhaust pipe, give the pipe a wipe and see how the soot is. If the soot...
  35. DSM1G90

    4g63 vr4, replace cas, cranks but wont start

    Good luck as always !
  36. DSM1G90

    4g63 vr4, replace cas, cranks but wont start

    On the INT cam end, you see a symbol that looks like a house.On the CAS end, the one blade has a groove in the blade and that groove meets up with the dimple on the casing. The house symbol has to be looking normal and not upside down.These all align up and the CAS will be in time.Bet...
  37. DSM1G90

    where is this oil leak from you think? (timing)

    40k on a 20 plus year old motor. The teflon on the seals are getting dry. While you got it apart, do the front main crank seal. You're smart on getting a new HD since the other one is toast and didn't put you dead on the street.Good luck - DSM
  38. DSM1G90

    1G AC switch not turning fans on

    to your original question: Fans operate with the key on ACC, not in the off position since there is no delay relay in the circuit.Also, the fan switch has to be on, even on first click with your AC button pressed in-either orange or green, to get both fans to come on.I do this trick if I'm...
  39. DSM1G90

    1G AC switch not turning fans on

    Also, there are relays under the black box by the passenger strut that controls these fans. When you flip the fan switch, it closes a relay to activate both fans since both comes on when AC button is pressed in. One could be hanging up. You can swap these relays around to find the bad one.
  40. DSM1G90

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    I have the magazine also that I purchased off of eBay.
  41. DSM1G90

    Take a trip down DSM memory lane

    My understanding is that the Roadster was purely a concept vehicle and not planned for production as with the X2S concept vehicle, which went through minor and final design before its planned production and sharing the Mitsu and Ply nameplate with the respective names of the Eclipse, and Ply...
  42. DSM1G90

    1G Build date April 1989

    Need to do the same with my June 1989 Laser build - have puny front brakes. Like to get larger rotors for more front end stopping power.Not fun when you have to crunch down on the brake pedal and you barely lock up for the sudden needed stop.
  43. DSM1G90

    1G Lack of power/Running horrible

    It's a bit of a trick to get it right the first time, but all marks have to be perfectly aligned, or the thing has operating issues.Bet the shop didn't get the autoadjuster set right (maybe used to the old spring loaded adjuster for SOHC setups ) and that's a trick in itself to get just right...
  44. DSM1G90

    1G What's left of my AWD trans

    And, Jacks is done with DSM tranny rebuilds.
  45. DSM1G90

    1G 94' TSI Cricket Noise at low RPM

    I had a noisy belt cover also. Went to a yard and pulled a good one and got rid of my noise. Belt looks very good, thus it was replaced and the tension is right with the finger pressure between the pulleys.Good luck. - DSM
  46. DSM1G90

    Take a trip down DSM memory lane

    Bummer. No choices for us Plymouth Laser RS Turbo owners.I have that March 1988 R&T magazine introducing the DSM to the world.Plymouth Laser originally was designated as the "X2S" before final revised design, then forward with the production, which commenced in August of 1988 and made as the...
  47. DSM1G90


    Why auto dealers love lease options, being it's a good method to keep stock in and out the door along with automakers keeping product heading out of the factories.You don't know how many times I get offers to trade my 26 yr old Turbo Laser in at a much higher rate so I can return to debt...
  48. DSM1G90

    i think i have a bad coil?

    I had misfire and it was a bad power transistor. One side shorted across. Did the coil and transistor replacement and was back on the road again.
  49. DSM1G90

    slow cranking

    Seen new (actually reman) starters go wacky from the beginning. Had do put another one in right after I did the install two days later with the same issue .. slow starting.Got a warranty return with that bad one.-DSM
  50. DSM1G90

    1G 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi KEYS???????

    When I had to do the reverse - replaced a busted hatch tumbler set with one from the junkyard - I took the bought tumbler to a locksmith with my key and did the rebuild to match my key.
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