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  1. 6 bolt timing belt cover

    Wanted 1g 6 bolt timing belt cover

    I am looking for a 6 bolt lower timing belt cover. It can be messed up at the top, I mainly need the bottom. I modified one for my RWD 4G63 motor, only to find out that it was from 1G 7 bolt motor 😂

    2G Actual Clutch slipping or from bad slave?

    Bad or poorly bled hydraulics will show up as very low clutch engagement and/or grinding gears.But a badly adjusted clutch can cause clutch to slip. It will also engage unusually high. Can you collapse your slave cylinder if you push on it with your thumb?

    05/06 Outlander "BIGGer brake upgrade"

    I can't believe that it was almost 10 years since I did upgrade. Unfortunately, I sold my Spyder in fall of 2019, but these brakes performed flawlessly during that time! I put them through numerous Autox events! I tend to do left foot braking, to keep the boost in the corner, so that is VERY...

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    Man, this sucks :( . Is it me or it is almost always donuts/burnouts that ruin car events?At Epping NH IFO (where they had record attendance at IFO event), they must have had 5-6 police officers. I am surprised track owner got involved...But this even usually has extensive 2-step...

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    Good to see people are still sticking with this turbo! Is this Colt still with FWD?

    1G 1g alternator Voltage sensing wire?

    This is an awesome thread! I am trying to combine DSM/Mitsubishi alternator logic to my 1980 Triumph TR7 wiring, which actually looks VERY similar! TR7 also uses 3 wire alternator, with S line going back to the battery, WITHOUT a fuse in the system! I think I am going add 30AMP fuse to it...
  7. 4G63 Powered Triumph TR7

    Street Build 4G63 Powered Triumph TR7


    4G63 Powered Triumph TR7

    This is the Build Thread for 4G63 Powered Triumph TR7. Reply below.

    2G 4g63 to z32 tranny conversion ⚠️

    Bill Hitcher is an amazing resource for RWD 4G63 solutions! He makes a custom bell housing to adapt 4G63 to at least 5-6 different popular RWD transmissions.However, that excludes Nissan and Mitsubishi transmissions, which use integrated bellhousings :(. I know he was considering making an...
  10. GRNDSM

    05/06 Outlander brake upgrade on 3G Eclipse?

    It should work, but I never tried it.
  11. GRNDSM

    Road Race Engineering hood vent

    Did you ever find another source?
  12. HKS 264 cams

    Wanted 4G63 HKS 264 cams

    Looking for HKS cams in decent shape. Shipped to 01824going into TR7 :)
  13. GRNDSM

    Big Brake Comparison - 3kgtVR4 Brakes vs TCE vs Evo Brakes

    Which calipers dod you have? Do you have photos?
  14. GRNDSM

    Big Brake Comparison - 3kgtVR4 Brakes vs TCE vs Evo Brakes

    And those are 16x8.5!!! Too bad there are vertically no 245/45/16 tires left :(.I might reach out to Todd about those cast calipers.
  15. GRNDSM

    Big Brake Comparison - 3kgtVR4 Brakes vs TCE vs Evo Brakes

    Chris, I got 2G hose to work. But I didn’t like how close it got to rubbing on the axle with wheels turned all the way.However, they look awesomeI know that three calipers had a problem with flexing because power brake system created too much pressure. Do you recall what calipers they...
  16. GRNDSM

    Breaking Axles?

    Stubbie that goes into the diff (and break) is also larger. So you also need to upgrade the diff.But parts are you currently using?
  17. GRNDSM

    THE Ultimate Sleeper

    GRNDSM updated THE Ultimate SleeperView updates to this DSM profile...
  18. GRNDSM

    Eagle Summit AWD - 4G63 powered sleeper project

    Some new developments for the Summit, I painted it Blue By You color and took it back to the track! It ran personal best: [email protected]!
  19. GRNDSM

    2G 95 and 98 transmission differences?

    Driving, at just about any speed.
  20. GRNDSM

    2G 95 and 98 transmission differences?

    I can roll the car on the ground, so it is probably a matching transfer case. I am just trying to find a source of grinding sound...
  21. GRNDSM

    2G 95 and 98 transmission differences?

    Has anyone actually driven on mismatched tranny/tcase? I am getting some strange notices and I am wondering if accidentally mixed them up?I am using a VC, a spool or VCE would probably make wheels bind-up.
  22. GRNDSM

    FS: Parting out 2G AWD Shell (lots of big parts)

    What tires are you talking about?
  23. GRNDSM

    Big Brake Comparison - 3kgtVR4 Brakes vs TCE vs Evo Brakes

    Guys, I know this very old, but does anyone have a photos showing how brake line was routed on 1G and on 2G kits?I am adapting it to my Summit and it isn’t working out very good :)
  24. GRNDSM

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    Yea, that is pretty high! A tough place to be compared to flat land people.But it cracks me that I was accused of “gutting” my car. It was 2650lbs (without me) or 2850lbs race wight and didn’t have a single thing cut on the sheet metal.
  25. GRNDSM

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    Was the dyno adjusting it values for altitude? How much does your weigh?
  26. GRNDSM

    Awd swap or manual swap?

    I did FWD Auto to AWD 5sp swap on my Spyder. That is a lot of work. I would simply fix the broken transmission...
  27. GRNDSM

    Sold 2G FWD gas pick up and float

    Came from my rust free Spyder, $60+shipping
  28. GRNDSM

    For Sale 2G coilovers syspention Koni/Tein

    Fronts are TEIN SS-SA (height and damping adjustable) Rears are Koni Yellows, only used them for less than 300 miles! I paid $300 for shocks and $110 for adjustable threaded collars.Also, including tear SS-SA shocks, one was rebuild for $260 and one needs to be rebuild.I built this...
  29. GRNDSM

    For Sale GReddy Coolant Reservoir Breather Tank

    Came from road race 2g. Including hose and matching tap.$110/shipped
  30. GRNDSM

    For Sale Greddy oil Cooler system for 7 bolt engine

    Greddy cooler EVO8 oil filter housing w/AN fitting AN hoses with all matching fittings$300 + shipping
  31. GRNDSM

    Sold 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD

    Pending sale :(
  32. GRNDSM

    Sold 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD

    One price reduction before I put it away fo the winter!$8000
  33. GRNDSM

    Sold 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD

    1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD. It started as a rust free, GST from Florida.It is an awesome summer daily driver and Autox car, with very street-able mods. This car took second place in 2016 DSM shootout AutoX! It isn’t a drag car, but it ran high 12’s on a mild tune.Engine mods: ECM Link V3...
  34. GRNDSM

    98 TSi awd - Autocross Build

    Can you ditch the balance shafts? I always resented SCCA rules which made us keep those belts for certain classes! :(Balance shafts spin twice the speed of the engine, so they can see up to 19000 rpm! So they are a liability to seize at any time.Even brand new, kavlar belt will fail if...
  35. GRNDSM

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    Very nice! I can’t seem to find any car show where people understand my AWD Talon Spyder
  36. GRNDSM

    Sold PTT Twin disc clutch 6 Bolt AWD - Like new

    PTT twin disc for 6 bolt AWD DSM. All wear items are replaced (floaters and ceramic discs). Basically like new! There is just minor wear on the flywheel. $580 shipped!
  37. GRNDSM

    Switching between RWD and AWD

    Transfer case has a disengaging gear, in the rear output shaft. I used those extensively in the late 90's/early '00. Mostly because I HATED driving around with a locked center diff! And I used it for the FWD dyno.Trying to set boost in FWD mode was interesting. My 600hp Talon would spin...
  38. GRNDSM

    2G Spyder roll bar with back seats

    "I am about to" ended up taking over an year :). Bolt-in bar definitely doesn't fit. First, it interferes, with the top. Second, the "landing area" for the rear supports, on the wheel tubs has reinforcements, which do not allow supports to sit as intended (even if you were to remove the...
  39. GRNDSM

    Manshifting an ACT2900...

    I just measured three clutch assemblies I have in my garage:ACT 2100 w/ACT FW 22.8lbs PTT w/QM FW 15.6lbs OS Giken twin 31.6lbs.I was shocked by OS Giken weight! This is the sprung hub, 700ft*lbf torque rating twin clutch!!!That sounds PERFECT! If only it came in 6 bolt...
  40. GRNDSM

    2018 Shootout

    WOW, canceling autox is a big blow! That takes me out of bringing my Spyder, but I could still bring my Summit next year.But English racing had to come from the west coast, that is one LONG trip! That news doesn't surprise me ;)
  41. GRNDSM

    2018 Shootout

    I drove a modified DSM to most of my 25 Shootouts (11-12 hours each way). Many were we done in mid 11 second DSM, which was considered very fast in the late 90's/early 00's ;). And they were even more likely to break! So it can be done!One of the problems is motivation, back those days...
  42. GRNDSM

    Manshifting an ACT2900...

    Any updates on this improved hydraulic system?I would like to point out that greater travel will come at a cost of even heavier pedal feel. People are already complaining about 2600/2900 for street use, they are not going to like even more required force.If you have to make single disc...
  43. GRNDSM

    2018 Shootout

    I have only missed one Shootout since 1996 (despite the fact that it was moved to mid August, my weeding anniversary). And unfortunately I will have to miss this year, my 18 year old son is starting college in Florida that week. But I will back the next year!People complaining about The...
  44. GRNDSM

    Sold RM Sway bars - 2G AWD

    Both front and rear RM Sway bars. Painted black, front has new end links. No bushings (uses OEM bushing brackets). You can use stock bushings, just ream them out to 20mm or contact RM for new bushings.Price: $150 plus shipping or pick-up in Mass.
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