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  1. TunedUp

    For Sale Lots of Parts!

    Sadly, I once again have to part out my car since life isn’t going how it should.95’ ECU w/ECMLink v3 with cable $625 shipped/pp fees SOLDBuilt 6Bolt short block bought from RixRacing It is bored .040 over with .040 Wiseco pistons and Eagle H Beam rods $1500 this short block is ready for a...
  2. TunedUp

    New Turbo Leaking

    Alright I am calling all gurus for this. I have talked with JusMX already and we both aren’t sure what’s going on. My old school green is slowly leaking during idle(see attached picture). I fixed my PCV system back to stock. I pulled the drain line and there aren’t any kinks or blockages in the...
  3. TunedUp

    ECMlink First time tuning on my own

    Hopefully I did this correctly. Here is my first log and I have no idea what I am doing besides watching ecmlink videos. Also watched all of Scott Laird's videos on youtube. Still not really getting any of this from watching videos but I do learn well if I have something to read over and over...
  4. TunedUp

    2G No Start Condition

    Okay so I read through, and tested everything that I feel pertains to my situation from . My starter, starter relay, and everrything is getting power to it. When I turn the key the fuel pump turns on the relay clicks, but the...
  5. TunedUp

    2G 6-Bolt Swapped HX-40 Questions

    Hello, So, I have ran into an issue that I have no idea what to do. I have my HX40 installed and now I cant put my downpipe on because it hits my dip stick tube. I have tried bending it a little, but that didn't work at all. I am at a loss, and would see if anyone has had this issue, or...
  6. TunedUp

    2G 6-Bolt swapped wiring and Connectors

    Hello Everyone, So, I have my car mostly back together after replacing the clutch, and the turbo. I have ran into the issue that I didn't label where the connectors go, and it is a Full 6-Bolt in a 2g. I have a FSM for my 95' Talon and I have the one for a 92' Talon. I am very savvy...
  7. TunedUp

    2G 6 Bolt swap and ECMlink

    Okay so I have searched high and low for what all I need to select in ECMLink for having a 6Bolt swap. Like are there certain things that need to be selected for the car to run with a 6-Bolt? I have read both RRE and Magnus 6 Bolt in a 7 Bolts webpages. I just want to know if there is anything...
  8. TunedUp

    2G Better bulbs for Headlights

    Okay so I see a lot of questions on how to retrofit or convert over to projectors or HID, but that isn't what I want to do. I want to keep my oem headlight exactly how it is but I can barely see with the lights that are in it. Is there any specific bulbs that can help with this, or do i HAVE to...
  9. TunedUp

    Crankshaft Bolt Holes stripped

    Hello Everyone, So my issue is pretty depressing, because while I was torquing down my flywheel bolts one of the bolts stripped itself and the crankshaft. I know how to tap it for new threads and helicoil it, but I have no idea what the thread pitch/ bolt size is to tap it for...
  10. TunedUp

    2G Keys and Locks

    Haven't seen much on this topic, and I can't seem to find anything for sale. So my question is where can I find new locks all around with ignition cylinder with keys? All help is much appreciated!
  11. TunedUp

    TewTew the Blue Snail

    TunedUp submitted a new DSM Profile :TewTew the Blue SnailRead more about this vehicle here...
  12. TunedUp

    Panama City DSMers

    Looking to get an up to date list of DSM's in the Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola area. I want to hang out with more people that know the struggle of DSMs.
  13. TunedUp

    Resolved Finding new interior

    Okay so I have very clean red 1g interior. The issue I have is I can't stand red so I got a quote on reupholstery and it was $3600!!! There is no way I'm shelling out that much so. My question is what options do I have to change the color of my interior? I noticed the panels that attach to the...
  14. TunedUp

    Losing fuel pressure after shutoff

    Okay so I have searched high and low for two weeks and haven't found any help so as a last resort decided to make a post. I installed Walbro 255, FIC 750cc injectors, and a fuel lab afpr and now when I turn off my car my fuel pressure drops to zero in about 10min according to the afpr any ideas?
  15. TunedUp

    1G Rear trailing arm mounting bolts

    First thank for looking at my post. Okay now I tried to take my car to get an alignment and found out the all the rear alignment adjustment bolts are rusted beyond repair and will probably break when I remove them. So I can easily find the rear camber bolts every where. My Issue is that I cannot...
  16. TunedUp

    Vanessa my 92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    TunedUp submitted a new DSM Profile :92 Eagle Talon TSi AWDRead more about this vehicle here...
  17. TunedUp

    New from North Florida

    I want to start by saying I have been a member since i think 2011, but I was in the process of buying my first DSM. Well that deal fell through and all the other dsm's were out of my budget. I am now back and actually have a dsm. I bought it yesterday January 31st, 2015. It is a 1992 Eagle Talon...
  18. TunedUp

    Looking to buy

    I'm looking for a dsm in the oklahoma city area to buy i have between 1000-2000 to spend. This will be my first dsm. I'm not looking for something already fixed up I am in master auto-mech school so i wanna do it myself,but i have 8 instructors to make sure i do all my mods right. but just leave...
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