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  1. pagosa dsm

    maybe a 3000gt front sway bar fit

    I just picked up a 3000gt front sway bar. It is "13/16 diameter bar. If it does we will have a choice of 3/4 13/16 1" and 1 1/8" bars. I will keep you posted if they are a fit.
  2. pagosa dsm

    GVR-4 Galant frame ties Check this out from 2010 . Called Curtis frame ties. What are your...
  3. pagosa dsm

    Wicked Wheel for a Holset hx 35

    As the title, has anybody installed a Wicked wheel for a Holset hx35 Rick
  4. pagosa dsm

    Possible fit for 1st gen rack bushings I have been in communication with Super Pro in Australia with the possible of these bushings fitting the 1st gen rack . I will keep you posted. Rick
  5. pagosa dsm

    Visiting Holland

    I will be in Holland June 8-22. Is their anybody like to meet for a beer? Rick
  6. pagosa dsm

    3000gt sway bars

    I was wondering if 3000gt sway bars are interchangeable with the 1st gen. Since the suspension is the same, could they be used in a 1st gen. It would open up more choices for our cars. It would be ok if it needed a few modds for the install. Rick
  7. pagosa dsm

    Odd miss under load

    I am having a problem with my car cutting out under partial throttle on hills. If I am climbing a hill at 10 psi at 3000 rpm the car starts to buck and stutter. I am not getting knock counts when this happens. Any idea what is wrong? Spark gap is right. Has new spark plugs, wires and fuel...
  8. pagosa dsm

    Geneva car show

    On my ski trip to France I visited the Geneva car show and took some photos. Here they are.
  9. pagosa dsm

    Ski trip to Chamonix

    Here are some photos from one ski day in Chamonix. That is me in the photo.
  10. pagosa dsm

    Bilstein HD

    I have been searching the different Mitsubushi web sights. I came across installing 3000gt Bilstein HD inserts in a Galant strut housing. They also used a rear shock from a mid 80's BMW 325 . I found this at Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Forum - E39A 4G63 Belize 1334 used this set up. I would think...
  11. pagosa dsm

    snow skiing today

    Today Wolf Creek ski area opens today. Can you imagine sking on oct 8th with over 3 feet of snow. Wolf Creek Ski Area - Ski Colorado! Rick
  12. pagosa dsm

    95 Mustang rear sway bar

    I was on the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Forum - E39A 4G63 web sight . Curtis one their more knowledgable people there. He made the clam that a 95 Mustang rear sway bar will fit a 1st g with some minor adjustments. Has anybody looked into this? The 95 rear bar is 27mm or 1 1/16 diameter. This could...
  13. pagosa dsm

    Cooling fan setup w/ Holset HX35

    I am in the process of installing a Holset hx 35. What are you doing to install a cooling fan with the install? Photos and model# would help. Rick
  14. pagosa dsm

    96 rear Corvette brakes on a 1sr g

    My next modd is fabbing a set of 96 rear brakes off a 96 vette.They have the same overall height of 49,9 mm. The diameter is 304.8 mm and vented.They are 80 mm thick.The caliper is a PBR that has a built in emergency brake. The rotor must be machined for the center hole to 89mm and redrilledl...
  15. pagosa dsm

    Sheps cable bracket spacers

    Has anybody tried Sheps cable bracket spacers? He claims they help in shifting. Rick
  16. pagosa dsm

    larger rear brake rotors

    I just finished mounting cobra calipers with crown vic rotors on the front.I would like to fabb some 11" rotors on the rear with stock calipers.Does anyone know an auto manufacture rotor that will interchange with a 1st gen. I can make hub rings and redrill the wheel studs.I am also plan on...
  17. pagosa dsm

    autocross and roadracing alignment specs

    I just set my cars alignments specs. I am trying to get rid of the understeer to a more neutral new specs are front -1.7 camber + 4.7 caster 0 toe rear 0 camber 0 toe I am wondering what other's are setting there alignments at?I have not drove it much,but I think it is working...
  18. pagosa dsm

    1st g bronze shifter bushing

    I have been wanting to improve the shifter.I have the solid bushings at the trans.I have solid bushings at the shifter plate and heim joints at the shifter cable.Today I went down to the hardware store and picked up 2 bronze bushing 1/2" id by 5/8" od by15/16" long I chuck them on the lath and...
  19. pagosa dsm

    rear lower control arms

    I just built these control arms last week. I hope they will give you some ideas
  20. pagosa dsm

    rear suspension bump steer

    I was checking out an evo forum and they have a kit from Whiteside.The bushings help correct the bump steer for the rear suspension. Has anybody checked the rear suspension on a 1st gen or a 2nd gen for bump steer? How did you lessen the bump steer?
  21. pagosa dsm

    tuner shop in Denver

    I will be in Denver friday 4-24-08.Can anybody tell me where some tuner shops are in Denver with there address? Thank you Rick
  22. pagosa dsm

    high altitude B.O.V

    I live at 7500 feet. I don't think my B.O.V is opening up fully.I have a factory 92 B.O.V.I checked my valve,it started opening at 53.3 kPa or 17" of vacuum .fully opened at 20" of vacuum. I don't get 20' of vacuum.Do they make an adjustable B.O.V or one for high altitude?
  23. pagosa dsm

    fuel rails

    Are 1st g and 2nd g fuel rail interchangeable?They look the same. Thanks for your help
  24. pagosa dsm

    steering rack bushings

    Has anybody made or bought polyurethane bushings for a 1st g steering rack?
  25. pagosa dsm

    Suspension upgrade finished

    I am done with my suspension now. Here are the last additions.This is my rear heim joint setup for the sway bar.
  26. pagosa dsm

    heim joint shifter cable ends

    Has anybody built my heim joint shifter cable end at the shifter?It was posted in the tech section. I felt it helped the feel of the shifting.I also have the solid ends at the trans and the symborski kit. I would like to know if anybody has had the success that I have had?
  27. pagosa dsm

    1st gen rear sway bar links

    I did something a little different with the rear sway bar links. I have heim joints at both ends with a male an a female theads. It worked out very well. I attached a heim joint to the sway bar. Then at the lower control arm. The sway bar end was bolted to it. The lower control arm,I bolted 2...
  28. pagosa dsm

    chassis bracing

    After market companies have developed different chassis bracing for the evo. Companies like NAGISA,G.T Spec, and Cusco. They are making braces for the the trunk,fender braces and lower center power braces.Does anybody have any experiences with these braces? Would these braces help our D.S.Ms. If...
  29. pagosa dsm

    Building a heim joint shifter

    The factory shift cable ends are sloppy plastic pieces. I replaced them with studded heim joints and have much better feel in my shifter now.Tools needed: 6x1mm left handed tap & drill bit to match 5/16x24 right fine tap & drill bit to matchParts needed: two 5/16 heims with studs two...
  30. pagosa dsm

    Making a rear upper adjustable control arm

    NOTE TO MODERATORS: I cannot upload any more attachments for pictures. I only have one picture uploaded to the site but I do not have space for more. I have two photos to go with this write-up I would like to add but can't.This is how I made a rear upper adjustable control arm.Tools...
  31. pagosa dsm

    Michael Waltrip busted

  32. pagosa dsm

    Michael Waltrip busted

    Does anybody know what the substance found in Michael's fuel?
  33. pagosa dsm

    rear sub frame bushing

    has any body made rear sub frame bushing besides sheare motor sports? i was thinking of making some out of steel. then welding them in the sub frame. does any body have any other ideas? thanks
  34. pagosa dsm

    tubular control arm

    does anybody know what a polk performance control arm looks like? are they for the front or rear?
  35. pagosa dsm

    Polk Tubular control arms for a 1G

    what is a polk performance tubular control arm? i checked there web sight and they had no pictures or any write ups. does any body know any thing about them?
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