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  1. DSM1G90

    1G : Driver's side shoulder belt not retracting when door is closed.

    Little help on this, if possible:As with older cars, things will begin to show up and want to break down. My 1990 Laser is showing a bit of that.Got it in the vehicle yesterday, and the shoulder belt wouldn't retract after closing the door and key was inserted. Passenger shoulder belt works...
  2. DSM1G90

    Chev Apache Pickup twin turbo

    Something to have fun with with a V-8
  3. DSM1G90

    "Side gapped" plugs

    Anybody ever heard of doing this practice?Heard that it's the best thing since baked bread in gaining HP and mileage with this simple sparkplug mod. you can try it out using some old sparkplugs as a...
  4. DSM1G90

    A Birthday/Manufacturing Celebration

    Today, June 9th of 2014, my 1990 DSM Plymouth Laser Turbo RS turned 25yrs old today.MDH = 060914 . Build month and year: June 1989The vehicle rolled out the doors at the Normal, IL. plant at 2:00pm that dayThis info comes from the sticker that is mounted on the driver's door "C" pillar...
  5. DSM1G90

    Lost an Alternator

    Getting ready to head to work today. Pulled the Laser out of the garage and went down the street to get to my freeway entrance.Halfway to my freeway entrance, all of my warning lights suddenly illuminated - be the coolant level, battery and brake light-no light blinking, or any other warning...
  6. DSM1G90

    Losing half of the an open ground

    Need a little help here:My Laser is beginning to experience an unusual condition, which is losing half of the power output from the motor.Let me begin: After sitting for a few days, I start the vehicle up and it fires up smoothly and with an idle of 1400rpm with no CEL light and vehicle...
  7. DSM1G90

    DSM Vandalism

    Gee friend gets off work, heads to his car and this is what he finds... it looks like attempted car theft, for they tore up the ignition ass'y, cut some wires under the dash to try to "hotwire", but must have got mad for failing. Thus, busted out the windows, including the windshied...
  8. DSM1G90

    No CEL, but failed emissions test

    Now, it's my turn to ask for a "little help":Our part of the state of Idaho passed a law to begin an emission testing program due to the neighboring county got into a bit of trouble with the EPA in having the air standards higher than the average that they set in certain airshed areas...
  9. DSM1G90

    ECU with brain cramps?

    The car's CEL light came on and doing the VOM pulse test, it pointed to the Coolant Temp Sensor, which indeed was bad - no resistance coming from it.Changed that out, undo the negative cable on the battery to clear code for a minute, reconnected cable and did the VOM test to make sure the...
  10. DSM1G90

    Updated privacy settings for DSM members using Facebook

    If you don't already know, as of today, Facebook will automatically index all your info on Google, which allows everyone to view it. To change this option, go to Settings --> Privacy Settings --> Search --> then UN-CHECK the box that says 'Allow indexing'. Facebook kept this one quiet.Don't...
  11. DSM1G90

    New way to balance tires

    Take a peek at this site to make our wheels look cleaner...Dyna Beads
  12. DSM1G90

    [RESOLVED] Lost ignition - Logical path for ignition

    Good afternoon all -Dang! Got in my Ply, headed into town and 5 min later while driving on the street, the thing dies. Luckilly, I managed to coast it into a parking lot to get off the main drag. Tried to start-cranks over no problem..just no catch.Did the jumper wire on the fuel pump...
  13. DSM1G90

    [RESOLVED] Wet Plugs from a cold start

    Looked in the forums for this topic but didn't find any, so here goes:Still in the cold of winter in this part of the nation - sitting in the 20's.Car sits outside out - exposed to these elements of winter...yet, the car can still fire up with no problems in this cold weather...
  14. DSM1G90

    Valve Covers

    Did Mits designed different VC's for their 4G63 motors to be used in each of their makes that used this motor (and I know that the Galant VR4 used a red painted VC..) from picts that we've seen showing 4G63's VC where the small "2000" is at the lower right part of the cover.My VC has the...
  15. DSM1G90

    Replacing stock mounts

    Now, here's a question that I can't figure out: My Ply RS Turbo that has the front and back mounts are pretty well much done for-riding in the lower part of the rubber mounting area, but the rubber isn't all torn up.Right side (transmission) mount is okey-sitting center. Got three mounts...
  16. DSM1G90

    Plymouth X2S

    Found this page on eBone on the Plymouth X2S .. a brochure on the new DSM1989 Plymouth X2S Experimental Concept Brochure - eBay (item 330241864164 end time Jul-04-08 13:14:15 PDT)... Looks like Plymouth were the first ones to be christened as a DSM with Eagle and Eclipse to follow.-DSM
  17. DSM1G90

    Galant RS Oil Filter Assembly

    Good afternoon - After getting my '90 Ply RS Turbo and finding out that the replacement motor is a JDM out of an Galant RS, I noticed that, of course, I don't have an idiot light for the oil pressure, and my pressure gauge in the dash reads rather on the low side.I noticed that there is a...
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