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  1. blkgst97

    Spyder What is this sound?

    It sounded like it got louder when you moved it closer to the alternator/power steering pump. Maybe it’s a bearing in one of those?
  2. blkgst97

    Vinyl Wrap Dsm, Who's Done It, Pics?

    . How did you like the 3m 2080? That’s what I have in the gloss midnight blue and I haven’t wrapped it yet. How did you like working with it? Pretty easy to use?
  3. blkgst97

    The GRIND

    Any update as to when exactly the grinding happens? By the sound of it still leads to think wheel bearing. They can make noise without having any play in them. What have you done so far to diagnose the issue?
  4. blkgst97

    2G Tire and wheel recommendations for brembos

    . Not sure about the 8s but the 9 Enkei are 17x8 +38
  5. blkgst97

    2G Tire and wheel recommendations for brembos

    Evo wheels are 17x8 with a +38. You can keep the same whee and run a 245/40r17 if you want more tire
  6. blkgst97

    2G Wheel Fitment Help

    I just went out and took pictures for reference for you. This is with a 17x9 +35 255/40r17 Toyo R1R. First picture is clearance on the rear knuckle. Second picture is the front.
  7. blkgst97

    2G Wheel Fitment Help

    With a 255/40r17 the +40 will most likely run on the knuckle so unless you were comfortable grinding into the knuckle to clearance the tire I would say the +25 would be your better option.
  8. blkgst97

    2G Wheel Fitment Help

    It will change based on how much negative camber you will be running. I Run 255/40r17 with a 17x9 +35 and my fronts stick out about 3/8” or so. Add another half in to that for you. I do not run a lot of negative camber because I’m trying to keep as much grip as I can being fwd. you will not...
  9. blkgst97

    The GRIND

    Couple of questions does it “grind” the second you start moving or does it start at a certain speed? 30mph and on increasingly getting worse? Is it a metal/metal grinding sound or more of a growling sound? High pitch noise or more of a low groan? Did it happen out of nowhere or progressively get...
  10. blkgst97

    17x8 +30

  11. blkgst97

    17x8 +30

    No problem. Post up some pictures when you get it all dialed in
  12. blkgst97

    17x8 +30

    All depends on how low you drop it. But if you don’t slam it it will be fine.
  13. blkgst97

    17x8 +30

    +32 will be 2mm less of poke. Will still stick out a bit but I think that’s an aggressive looking fitment but your amount of camber will determine how much it sticks out of the fender.
  14. blkgst97

    17x8 +30

    They will have a little poke. Probably about half an inch or so. 245/40r17 would be a good option. Are you lowered and if so how much?
  15. blkgst97

    Vinyl Wrap Dsm, Who's Done It, Pics?

    I have my wrap in the garage. It’s 3m 2080 series vinyl. Haven’t got around to prepping the car for it but 480- $500 is what I have into. Much better than the $3,500 I was quoted before any body work. I will keep following this page to see updates of people that have finished theirs. Whenever I...
  16. blkgst97

    2G Coilover help

    That first picture is 100% not for a 2g. 2gs do not have a McPherson strut setup.
  17. blkgst97

    Decent wash/wax for initial cleaning of long-neglected car?

    I second the use of chemical guys products. That and a good porta cable buffer is what I use and it does great.
  18. blkgst97

    FWD drag racing help

    Have you considered a second set of wheels to put on at the track? You should try and reach out to Richard33 or something like that. I believe he is/was running 26” slicks with an open dif at 600 fwhp and faired pretty well. Maybe you can get him to chime in.
  19. blkgst97

    FWD drag racing help

    your mph has 12s in it easily but you have to do something about your shifting and ability to keep traction. Either some slicks or LSD or something because those 2.9 60 fts are killing you. My first time out on slicks when I was running the 68hta on pump gas i ran a 13.1 at 112 with a 2.1 60ft...
  20. blkgst97

    FWD drag racing help

    For what you’re looking to do it’s probably easier to do the AWD swap if you have a donor car lined up. But also there is more to replace/break with the AWD so it becomes a matter of goals/money/time and if you have another car to drive. Really it’s your call. Is it more worth it to you to spend...
  21. blkgst97

    FWD drag racing help

    That kind of power with an open dif and 225/45r17s is got to be horrible. I have a Wavetrac LSD and 255/40r17 Toyo R1Rs for my street setup and on a Dry sunny day I still spin at the top of second. I’m Running a FP 76HTZ at 28psi and I’m ESTIMATING about 450 maybe fwhp. There is a lot that goes...
  22. blkgst97

    2G 5x114.3 17x8 +45 rims

    Those will be fine. Either a 235/45r17 or 245/40r17.
  23. blkgst97

    Where are the FWDs at????

    I haven’t been since the Red was put on. Last year first time I ever ran it at the track was on the 68hta V2. I got 4 runs and I was unprepared for how good the slicks would stick and I bogged off the line but best of 13.1 at 112. Looking forward to upping the rpms and seeing what happens now...
  24. blkgst97

    FWD drag racing help

    Do you have any videos? Are you saying you’re shifting through every gear at 5k? That could be the problem right there. Also with that kind of power and no slicks a LSD would be a night and day difference for you. I know you said falkens but What tire size are you running?
  25. blkgst97

    Where are the FWDs at????

    Nice times What boost are you running on that Black? How are you liking it with the 2.3? I run the 76HTZ Red and have considered going 2.3 when I rebuild the bottom end.
  26. blkgst97

    FP 68HTA or FP RED

    As someone who just went from the 68hta V2 to the fp76 HTZ over the summer I would say the Red all the way. Little different setup but I am running GSC S2 cams 2g Head with RVR intake manifold and a S90 throttle body. It comes on a little slower than would be IDEAL for a street car but with...
  27. blkgst97

    1G High Rolling Resistance

    You said a wobble at high speeds was not fixed and it feels like something dragging. My first thought is a caliper hanging up. Look for a rotor that is darker than the others and possibly the areas that would be rust colored would be more of an orange color. Both are typical of excess heat in...
  28. blkgst97

    How to tell if inner tie rods are bad?

    You should be fine with Mevotech tie rods. I usually prefer Moog when available but for the inner tie rods the Mevotech is ok.
  29. blkgst97

    How to tell if inner tie rods are bad?

    The loads you will produce with your hand with the rack out is going to be a lot less than using the wheel To shake side to side while the rack is in the car and wheels in the air. Or the force it experiences while on the ground and cornering. You may not feel any popping but with the force...
  30. blkgst97

    FWD 5 speed 60 foot.

    I tried looking through my receipts and couldn’t find it but I emailed wheeltech360 earlier today and they said currently out of stock and back ordered until October 16-17th so sounds like not too far out if you wanted to try and contact them and place a back order for a couple.(This is for 15x8...
  31. blkgst97

    FWD 5 speed 60 foot.

    I got mine last year and they used to be so easy to find and I had a hell of a time tracking them down. I honestly don’t remember what vendor I found with some available.
  32. blkgst97

    FWD 5 speed 60 foot.

    I run 15x8 +40 Slipstreams with 24x8.5 M&H Racemasters. This wheel setup also happens to clear the outlander front brake setup just barely for anyone that has them and is unsure of a 15” wheel option that works.
  33. blkgst97

    Wheel fitment?

    Not at all. I’ve ran 17x7 +40 with 225/45r17, 17x8 +38 with 245/40r17 and 255/40r17 on a 17x9+35 neither have had issue. Your offset is a little high for what I’d like in a fitment but should clear just fine.
  34. blkgst97

    Wheel fitment?

    Either will be fine. 7.5 +48 will have a slightly better fitment
  35. blkgst97

    ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 2G, 4 point front under brace / subframe brace *****CLOSED*****

    Also interested, when you start your next round count me in.
  36. blkgst97

    How to launch without rolling forward?

    He was saying if your in gear on the throttle and the brakes at the same time(brake boosting) and as soon as you let off the brakes of the tires started to spin you were holding too much torque on the trans. He suggested using two step and just launching without being on gas in gear.
  37. blkgst97

    Steering Wobble After Accident.

    Sounds like a slightly separated tire. It doesn’t have to have much of a bulge to get it to do that. Does it pull to one direction? I would jack up the front and slowly roll the tire looking at the face of the tread. My guess is one of the tires is slightly raised on one side.
  38. blkgst97

    2G GS-T vs GSX

    What are your goals for the car? I have a Gs-T with Wavetrac LSD. I run Feal Coilovers Road Race spec with 255/40r17 Toyo R1R on 17x9 RPF1s. Fp Red 76HTZ running 28 lbs boost and I hold the road very well. Fwd is all about being setup properly.
  39. blkgst97

    For Sale 4 Point Subframe Brace

    No worries. If you end up not having a local buyer and end up deciding to ship let me know. Thanks.
  40. blkgst97

    For Sale 4 Point Subframe Brace

    Would you be willing to ship?
  41. blkgst97

    2G Wheel stud issue....

    You can try taking all the other lug nuts off and using something to pry outward pressure on the wheel and see if you can use that pressure and have it catch. You may need two people. One to pry outward on the wheel and the other to loosen the stud. If that doesn’t work get to drilling.
  42. blkgst97

    GB 2G Compworks Fender Braces (NOW CLOSED)

    I’ve been waiting for another GB as well.
  43. blkgst97

    2G Big Brakes for FWD?

    You can also look into the outlander front brakes. They are about an inch bigger rotor than the GSX brakes. I run them on my car with the bigger rear brake (vented rotorEarly 95 cars if I remember right )option with EBC red stuff pads. Brakes great.
  44. blkgst97

    2G Is it time for coilovers?

    Those tires are too tall as well as a super aggressive offset wheel. If you want to keep that setup you’ll need to get stiffer springs or coilovers with super stiff springs if you are trying to lower it. But if you are doing flares anyway you will probably be cutting the fenders and making...
  45. blkgst97

    2G Retorque head studs due to knock?

    I know I referring to the previous post. He said it would be silly to think he might need to re-torque but the original poster never said if they were stock bolts or not.
  46. blkgst97

    2G Retorque head studs due to knock?

    Nowhere in this post did they reference stock head studs. Are they ARPs that never were re-torqued? If so why not check the torque and see if your problem persists. I was also getting knock at what I thought was a pretty conservative tune at high RPM until it just recently started pushing...
  47. blkgst97

    2G Wheel & tire sizing help wanted

    17x7.5 +35-40 w/ 225/45r17 or 17x8 +40 w/ 245/40r17 with some fender rolling but if you are that low probably not the best bet.OR raise it up and do 17x9 +35 w/ 255/40r17 either way those are your beat options as far as wheel width and tire sizing.
  48. blkgst97

    1G Any feal coilovers reviews?

    I really like mine. I got the Road race kit with 13k front 6k rear. Goes nice with my RM front bar 3G rear bar and D.C. Sports strut braces and 245/40/17 Hankook V12 Evo IIs. Well worth it.
  49. blkgst97

    2G Bad pull to the left

    Struts aren't going to change your caster. Either something is bent or you have a control arm bushing that's bad. I'm supposed a shop did an alignment with bad front end parts. I would probably find another one to take it to. To properly check the front end jack up the vehicle from under the...
  50. blkgst97

    2G i want a aggressive look on my 2g what offset and wheel size should i run?

    It's the wheel width combined with the low offset. The tire width is ok but that's a pretty tall tire for a DSM at almost 26". If your'e factory height you could maybe get away with it but I would probably go a different route if I were you.
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