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  1. Turbos Leaking Oil I need help fast

    I had mine installed by a mechanic, however when it was complete same thing, leaking at the turbo. I had new gaskets and everything. He ended up just putting a bunch of RTV on it to get me out of their. Six months later it started to leak again. Went to a different mechanic, and he told me the...
  2. Electrical Problem..

    Thanks again everyone for your help.. I replaced the Alt. today and so far all the lights are gone...I hope this one last a little longer than the last. :thumb:
  3. Electrical Problem..

    I'm taking the alt out today. See if that fixes it thanks for all the help.. damn remans...
  4. Electrical Problem..

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm still stumped. I put on a new positive terminal clamp. I took of the negative cable cleaned it up and put it back on. The Alt has about 5000 mi on it, but I wont rule it out. The thing that has me lost is how infrequent and intermitent it is. Sometimes the lights...
  5. Electrical Problem..

    I have a problem with my cars electrical. While driving on Sunday I noticed my Brake, Radiator, and Battery light flickering on and off.. I had this problem before, I thought I had fixed it by tightning the battery terminals. Which were a little loose. Today I start looking around for loose...
  6. Pretty Good Tribute To PAT TILLMAN

    There was a hour long documentary on Pat Tillman. I cant remember the channel right now but what an American. He lived the American dream, I cant see anyone not recognizing his love for everything he did.. And all that he achieved, in such a short period of time.
  7. how many times has your dsm been on a tow truck

    Had mine two years now, and 40,000 miles later I'm glad to say it's never been towed. And even better has only left me stranded once. But that was when I just got the car back and the shop blew my alt fuse. New batt and fuse all was good. :thumb:
  8. rad,bat,brake light

    Thanks for the reply. I'll go look at it now and see if I can see anything... :thumb:
  9. rad,bat,brake light

    Every once in a while these three lights come on for about two or three seconds then they go out..It's very intermittent, and I don't know what would cause this. I have a new bat and alt. and my voltage doesn't drop when the three lights are on.. And the car seems to run fine throughout the...
  10. ACT 2100 Clutch Morning Issuses? Whos Got One?

    I have the 2100, and no I havn't had that problem.. The only thing I noticed was it took a long time to break in. But that is also due the fact I dont drive many city miles.. But never had a problem with the clutch slipping in the morning, or anytime...
  11. 80's sleeper, rare other otherwise unknown rockets

    Volvo 740 intercooled turbo... :thumb: 1/4 mi 16.5sec. not bad for an 83 grocery getter..
  12. 80's sleeper, rare other otherwise unknown rockets

    Wern't there also some mini trucks that were turbo'd. I think it was Toyota. I heard they could be made fast. But the limited weight in the rear caused major traction problems..
  13. Annual Stinson Beach Meet For The Bay!!!!!

    Sorry but I need an update. Are we meeting somewhere then driving?. Are No. Bay people organizing here?, and So Bay people down there?.. Or are we just meeting in Stinson, and starting the day there?.. If so what time are people looking at?.. Sorry about all the ?'s. If someone would let me know...
  14. 80's sleeper, rare other otherwise unknown rockets

    When discussing "sleeper's" hind sight is 20/20.. But these cars of the day when they came out were indeed sleepers.. Granted we caught on real quick the potential of them, however in the early stages of seeing them we knew little.. I can remember a friend of mine telling me about a stock...
  15. 80's sleeper, rare other otherwise unknown rockets

    One of the all time greats.. Buick Grand National GNX... :thumb:
  16. Trivia Question! First turbocharged cars?

    Compression Ratio 6.9:1Schafer PL 04 Mechanical Fuel Injection with KKK BLD Turbocharger, operating @7psi.Max Power 170PS @ 5,800 rpm, 179ib/ft Torque @ 4,000 rpm.4 Speed Gearbox (5 Optional).Total built: 1672Chassis Nos. From 4 290 001 to 4 291672 Jan 1974 to June 1975...
  17. Trivia Question! First turbocharged cars?

    Good job, but we were talking about passenger cars. Not boats, or planes. Also supercharged vs. Turbocharged are two different animals...Good info tho :thumb:
  18. Trivia Question! First turbocharged cars?

    BMW 2002 tiiFirst turbo charged passenger cars were the corvair monza, and the Oldsmobile Jetfire.. 1962/63First turbocharged passenger diesel's were the Mercedes 300sd 1978. VW Golf TD 1981.
  19. The week After Evo III 16G Installation

    When you start to modify a car out of factory specs your bound to run into unforseen problems.. After all engineers design and test each part so they all run smoothly together. Slap on a bigger turbo with an opened up exhaust and ya, you may run into some problems. That is why most people come...
  20. Warning light don't turn on when key is placed to start position

    Check your 80 amp altenator fuse. on the passenger side...
  21. Rebuilding credit, need some help

    A relativly quick and safe way is to get a secured credit card. Basicly you put up the money and they extend you credit against your deposit. Say 300.00. As time passes and you prove yourself credit worthy they'll increase your credit and not ask for an additional deposit. Eventually you'll get...
  22. ACT 2100 clutch, do you NEED a new flywheel?

    Just a quick comment. I reused my stock flywheel when I had my 2100 put in. And so far so good. Took my clutch a while to break in, so just be paitent. Now it's working really well, and I have had no problems what so ever.
  23. bigger turbo = psi = power?

    Let me try...Lets say you have two household fans. One is 12" in diameter and the other is 16" in diameter. You have it rigged so they both spin at the exact rpm. The larger fan will push more air at the same rpm. The psi doesn't change, just the amount of air being pushed. More psi means...
  24. why are people asking so much for a 1g

    Maybe you should learn how to buy a car.. It was obviously not well taken care of. Service records, compression check, you know the basic things anyone should look at before spending there hard earned money. :thumb:
  25. why are people asking so much for a 1g

    And yes I already have a few people interested, they just want it running "steadily" because reliability and a turbo DSM do not go hand in hand.Don't agree with you at all.. Ive had my problems with my car, but nothing any 15 year old car wouldn't give me.. All in all I have had really...
  26. Bad alternator. How do I check

    You should'nt have any problems finding one at an autoparts store.. just bring in the old one thats what I do...
  27. Bad alternator. How do I check

    Alternator is shot, make sure your power steering pump isn't leaking. If it is fix that when you replace the alternator... If you want to test the alternator just put a volt meter to the battery with the car running and check the volts should be around 14.4 or so.. but if it reads less than 12v...
  28. interior: upholstery? roof lining? whatever its called... HEADLINER

    Do it right and it will look like a pro did it. And you wont have to worry about it for a long time.. Do it wrong and you'll wish you took the time to do it right.. I did mine start to finish in about three hours.. This includes wating for the glue to dry.. Dont rush through cleaning the...
  29. 1G ECU Damaged; Repairable? I think it's worth a try. It depends on how long it's been leaking. Your best chance for success is replacing them at the first signs of trouble..
  30. 1g [email protected] filter with no air box :thumb:
  31. evo3 with 550's

    I was actually thinking more like 15-17 psi. I heard that is where the evo does really well. I just wanted to know what was the best way to get their without having to use dsmlink. I may in the future be interested in that but right now funds are limited. So if I could get their for around...
  32. evo3 with 550's

    Ok what exhaust system would you suggest. It's pretty much a daily driver, and I have Ca smog laws to deal with.. Thanks for your responses..
  33. evo3 with 550's

    What kind of boost could I safely reach with 550's and a 190lph fuel pump. With stock exhaust. Thanks for any advice..
  34. Annual Stinson Beach Meet For The Bay!!!!!

    1.)zach(98eclipseRS)-hotdogs 2.)(90REkTSi- carne asada + tortillas 3.)Alex(eclipse_m98) - Hamburgers (i have no clue how many to bring) ^^^wait till the list pans out to see how many people show up we always have left over though. 4.)Brandon(4G64T)- drinks what should i bring 2 liters or...
  35. will a 91 gsx gasket fit a 91 tsi awd?

    Well unless your profile needs to be updated, you dont need a boost controler. If you leave it alone you'll be at a factory settings.. And that is where it should stay untill you have supporting mods...Good luck.
  36. will a 91 gsx gasket fit a 91 tsi awd?

    You wont have any problems with using that gasket.
  37. $1400 clutch install

    Humm, I just had an act 2100 installed and it costed 750.00. they also replaced the slave cylinder, and the master cylinder.. I supplied the clutch by the way....
  38. To those running dual slim fans
  39. the all nighter....

    You must have been shi***** all day. UMMMM carbonated prune juice... :sneaky:
  40. little advice on shocks please...

    I need new shocks for my car. I'm thinking of replacing the fronts first and then the rear. The front end is drifting all over the place and hitting a big enough dip causes my front tire to rub. Now can I just replace the shock or do I have to do the strut too. I was thinking of kyb's I found a...
  41. The car is moving if I rev the car to 7500 rpm!

    Try looking at this
  42. Getting tired of your DSM

    Naa never bored. When I'm drivin it's a blast. When it's parked there's allways something to do to it.. Yea Never bored...
  43. electrical issue?

    Yes I do mean the 80 amp fuse.. This was the issue for me...
  44. electrical issue?

    Problem solved. It was the alt. fuse. Somehow blew when he was hooking back up the power battery.... Thanks everyone for your help, I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to help out...Eric
  45. electrical issue?

    Alternator is not charging battery. Battery went dead and car broke down. Cigarette lighter works in the accessory position. also the seat belts don't retract unless car is running. Radio clock stops functioning when the keys are in the off positon.
  46. electrical issue?

    I just had some work done on my car. My J pipe to the turbo was leaking a lot of oil. So now its all fixed, but I'm having a weird problem with my electrical. The accessory doesnt work at all. No radio No lights, but the cigarette lighter works. When I start the car everything seems to be...
  47. a good firewall program?

    Firefox is awesome :thumb:
  48. A/c ?

    I went to turn on my a/c after not using it for about three months or so.. When I last used it it was fine. I recently replaced the radiator, and thermastat. I checked the r-134 and it registered full. I cant feel or hear the compressor coming on. I checked the little window to see if theres...
  49. Radiator Swap ?

    Well if it helps at all I can tell you I just replaced my radiator this week.. 140.00 lifetime guarrante and literally out and back in fluids filled and back on the road in less than one hour.. And I'm no mechanic.. Its really easy.. This is without a manual or any direction whatsoever.. Hope...
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