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  1. looking to buy turbo

    i too live in ne-philly ..i have many parts and am local 2672595780 i know someone with a hx35 setup if u are interested :hellyeah:
  2. need 82. hot side for my 6265 *v band*

    hey ppl i currently have a 63 hotside on my pte 6265 but i am looking for a 82 extreme has one but is 220$ and i dont know how long i am staying with this turbo so dont wanna invest much into the setup the 63 is fine and is currently on car so if anyone needs that i can part trade whatever...
  3. timing belt issue

    i am with the others i would do a balance shaft delete kit. put on a new belt and turn the engine first by hand i do not rec cranking ,once u turn by hand and everything looks to be good then u can go the route of cranking with the coil disconnected and then move on to running hope fron all the...
  4. Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    anyone know about these bosch 2000 cc injectors threw em in i am on e85 car wont start in cold weather
  5. looking for fic 2150 i have a ton to barter with

    so i currently have the bosch 2000cc injecters but seems to be a little tricky to tune (e-85) so i am looking to get rid of them and get a set of fic 2150s i heard they are the way to go i have a set of pte 850 and a brand new set of fic 1200s and i have been debating on parting my talon out and...
  6. FS: 91 Eclipse GSX

    636 is ###g a y !
  7. 2.3 Stroker 6 bolt engine and other parts

    pics of clutch thanks can text to me too for faster responce:thumb:
  8. E85 or 100 Oct. + Meth??

    i am currently having issues with my 92 gsx swapped to e85 was great until cold weather im told my injectors are a pain bosch 2000s i got at a great price so now i am looking for fic2150s but they hurt my pockets lol 2672595780 if anyone is looking to part ways with a set name is chris
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