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  1. beat90tsi

    14b flow

    Well, I ran out 2nd gear when the motor was cold back in December and blew the 14b. I guess it was dying, because The S16g I'm running now spools much faster and creeps like CRAZY, and I'm only running a 2.5" exhaust. I'm going to have to port the daylights out of the WG passage.
  2. beat90tsi

    1G AWD starter removal

    Great guide with pics, made this process much easier. This is my 3rd 1g DSM, but my first starter swap. Mine wasn't rusty, but quite oily, probably from my recently blown 14b experience, I blew a crapload of oil out of the BOV after I got the new turbo back on.I would have preferred a...
  3. beat90tsi

    14b flow

    Ok, so ported Evo3 hot-side....and that's as good as it gets, fair enough.
  4. beat90tsi

    14b flow

    My 14b is dying really hard near redline, what are my options?When I hit 22psi in the mid-range it's pretty powerful with no knock, but it starts to come down, I want to say it only has 14psi at redline, obviously I short-shift more often than not.I'm running a stock engine in my 91 GSX. The...
  5. beat90tsi

    Pistol grip shotguns?

    Who has them, do you like them?I'm thinking about getting this one.ARMSLIST - Mossberg Tactical 500 pump 12 Gauge
  6. beat90tsi

    Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    Who has them, do you like them?I'm thinking about getting this one.ARMSLIST - Mossberg Tactical 500 pump 12 Gauge
  7. beat90tsi

    How many DSM's have you owned?

    Started with: 90 TSi AWD, got rid of it when I thought I was "mature"got boredBought a 92 RS AWD, total beater, ugly, fun as crap, no PS, AC or interiorsold thatGot a 91 GSX from an older guy. I saw him in it one time, and gave him my contact info to call me if he ever sold it...
  8. beat90tsi

    1g ECU in a 2g

    This is the first I've heard of the Evo8 ECU swap. What are the major advantages?
  9. beat90tsi

    anyone else have autometer oil press sender issues?

    Mine seems to be taking a dump, my factory oil pressure gauge is reading about the same as always, but my autometer is getting lower and lower, and once in a while the needle bounces around like crazy, seems to do it more when it's cold outside.It is down to reading not much over 0 at idle...
  10. beat90tsi

    Air Filter On Turbo [Merged 10-7]

    What I would like to know, is if anyone found a model of Air-filter that connects directly to a 14b/16g inlet, without much trouble. I was browsing the K&N custom application book, there are a few that look like they might work, but it's a tight fit down there.Anybody find one that works...
  11. beat90tsi

    Air Filter Directly on Turbo?

    I am running blow-through, and trying to clean up my engine bay.Has anyone had luck finding an air filter that will fit directly onto the 14b/16g inlet? Maybe not directly, but one that stays pretty close to the inlet, without requiring an intake pipe?
  12. beat90tsi

    Air Filter On Turbo [Merged 10-7]

    I am running blow-through, and trying to clean up my engine bay.Has anyone had luck finding an air filter that will fit directly onto the 14b/16g inlet? Maybe not directly, but one that stays pretty close to the inlet, without requiring an intake pipe?
  13. beat90tsi

    1 year old, drain gas or not

    I think you'll be fine. It may run a little rough at first, but once you top it off with some fresh gas, then run out that tank, you should be good to go.
  14. beat90tsi

    whats good for my motor

    Wow, I guess all the hype about the education system failing miserably is true.
  15. beat90tsi

    Got bikes?

    Yes, my daily is a Jeep.
  16. beat90tsi

    Got bikes?

  17. beat90tsi

    Evo VS STI

    I can't believe anyone would pick the the STI for its looks. The new STI looks like a Tribeca from the front, and by that I mean fugly.The Evo 9 front-end is better looking than the 8, Subaru is headed in the wrong direction.A friend of mine who had an STI, sold it, and is considering...
  18. beat90tsi

    Leave on your exhaust manifold when tapping for an egt gauge?

    I believe the turbine is still spinning, since air is going past it. I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty sure about that one.
  19. beat90tsi


  20. beat90tsi

    good or bad buy?

    I disagree. The condition of the body is a HUGE part of a car that age. A little rust behind the wheelwells, or in the floorboards is killer. If it's truly solid, everywhere, it's worth the extra money.
  21. beat90tsi


    Just for the record, the phrase is "let the buyer beware."It comes from Latin; "Caveat Emptor."I know this is a car forum, but I like to help educate people when I can. I know I've been screwed over by our education system in this country as much as anyone, but I try to help when I'm able.
  22. beat90tsi

    sticking waste gate

    My E316g WG actuator was sticking a while ago. Just check it out, take it apart, lube it up if necessary. Mine was fine, and just starting jacking up. I think the heat just warps it a bit, and it starts catching on the housing or something else near it.Good luck
  23. beat90tsi

    Act 3200 feels like stock pedel pressure!!!

    I was having trouble switching between my 01 Jeep Cherokee and my Talon with the 2600 for a while, but I guess I've gotten so used to switching that I really don't notice now.
  24. beat90tsi

    Post your 1GS Who Has the Nicest...

    I don't have any good pictures of it with the 99 GSX rims on it, but I think it looks much better, and others have told me the same. I know, it would look much better lowered.
  25. beat90tsi

    WG actuator problems

    My E316G has worked flawlessly but for the actuator (and perhaps a little unwanted creep here and there). I don't think I have to tell anyone about what a good turbo it is, but I haven't seen many people posting actuator problems. Recently my actuator started sticking open. I checked it and...
  26. beat90tsi

    Evo III 16G or GT?s

    What cams are you running Shape?
  27. beat90tsi

    best dsm 1/4 mile et on stock fuel pump

    I remember reading a while back that the Steve-Tek fuel system upgrade made the higher flow pumps unnecessary. They could deliver a lot of fuel on the crappy pumps by taking the restrictions out of the stock fuel system. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a few Guinness Extra Stouts deep right now...
  28. beat90tsi

    Engine seems hotter than normal

    His car isn't a turbo, so are the plat plugs really the problem? Do the BPR6ES fit the 420A?
  29. beat90tsi

    What did Santa Bring YOU!?

    My younger brother sprung for 250 rounds of .45 Auto FMJs. It's a heavy little box, and my favorite gift to tell people about.
  30. beat90tsi

    DSM feels like such a hoss after not driving it for over a week

    That is very true. I didn't even know what it was that I was craving until I had it....then I knew that's what I was missing. I get irritable, like someone pissed in my Cherios when I don't get some boosting for a while.
  31. beat90tsi

    anyone near pittsburgh pa.??

    I smell an east suburbs DSM install meet. Did you guys figure anything out?
  32. beat90tsi

    My impression on Evo III GT

    I'm sorry, that just seems funny to me.I didn't seen AFPR on your mod list, I'd do that before I get injectors and SAFC. Tuning is impossible with whack fuel pressures.
  33. beat90tsi

    Anyone shim there 14B, 16G, 20G wastegate?

    Ok, I shimmed my Evo3 last year and it made a huge diff in spoolup. Until recently it was trouble-free.This thread seems to be most closely related to my problem. Recently I've been having trouble building boost. Both times I found the WG actuator to be the culprit. I sprayed the...
  34. beat90tsi

    DSM feels like such a hoss after not driving it for over a week

    I have been driving my Jeep Cherokee all week in this cold weather since it's a lot easier to get in and out of throughout the day wearing an overcoat. I have to wear a suit to work, the overcoat is pretty necessary and pretty cumbersome so I haven't been driving the Talon. I just took it for...
  35. beat90tsi

    tint & blackout rims

    I added a few years to the age, changed the BG and put it back to stock height....ok, I didn't really, but I do dig black DSMs, nice ride.
  36. beat90tsi

    Tools Needed to Turbo? Or Pay Someone?

    I am going to just go back to your financial comments in your first post. If you already owe a lot of money on your car, I would just pay that down for a while before trying to turbo it.
  37. beat90tsi

    Fuel Drop at higher RPMs

    I'm thinking a 255 HP be a good upgrade for you. Or if you're ambitious, pick up a Supra pump and just be done with the thing.The 255 (non high pressure) flows measurably less at higher pressures and the lower voltage from your wiring would worsen the situation. I would re-wire, buy a...
  38. beat90tsi

    Ignition lock troubles...

    Yeah, I bet 15 years of filth will come pouring out of all the cracks. Is brake-cleaner safe in there? I'm not sure how fragile the electrical connections are inside there, all of my locks are original and I only need 1 key, I'd hate to ruin the ignition by doing something hastily.
  39. beat90tsi

    Ignition lock troubles...

    Once or twice in the past my ignition has been stubborn and given me issues, but this morning (7 deg F) and then later today it was a little worse than in the past. It didn't matter which way I turned the steering wheel, or what position the "remove button" was in, it just didn't want to turn...
  40. beat90tsi

    Zero Wheel Drive???!!!

    Hmm.....won't be easy, but good luck.
  41. beat90tsi

    AWD DSM in snow.

    These are older, before I got my car painted.I'm not sure about anyone else, but even with my BFG winter slalom snow treads, I tend to break traction a good bit in the snow, mostly due to my love for the skinny pedal. So to help my traction I ran my boost source directly to the WG actuator to...
  42. beat90tsi

    1G Electrical - Bad Relay, No Spark

    I also think you should check the ECU before anything else.
  43. beat90tsi

    Boost creep or Over boosting...? weird boost issue..?

    That happened to me once, turned out my flapper was only opening a 1/4" or so. It stopped the boost intially at the preset setting, but since so little air was going through the flapper it would boost like crazy about 600rpm later. I'd run boost source directly to your actuator, then check the...
  44. beat90tsi

    wich afpr would be better?

    I have the Full Throttle Speed bolt-on FPR. I liked it because it uses all the stock lines, and bolts directly onto the fuel rail in place of the stocker. This made for a very simple install. and it is already tapped for a gauge. So I just bought a gauge at a local performance shop and...
  45. beat90tsi

    Porting stock header?

    I sprung a boost leak somehow and didn't have time to fix it. I needed my car, so I took the WG actuator off the flapper and drove it as is, running blow-through. Let me tell you, it is slow as piss.
  46. beat90tsi

    mad dsm'er slowboy 7cm gasket

    I posted my experience because my turbo was installed at SBR, broke bolts when I took it apart, and when I tried to re-assemble it wouldn't line up. I understand what you mean by having it slightly larger for a little wiggle room, but my problem was that only the first bolt in would thread...
  47. beat90tsi

    Can't find a Will Ferrell Skit

    I guess it's not a real popular skit.
  48. beat90tsi

    mad dsm'er slowboy 7cm gasket

    Actually, I had a problem with an SBR 7cm gasket. They installed my E316G turbo while fixing my engine because the timing tensioner crapped out on my 4 week old SBR longblock. I'll refrain from further comment on that ordeal. All was well with the 2nd go-round on my engine, until I took my...
  49. beat90tsi

    Finally some pics of my NEW 1G

    I think he meant new to him. I think most of us know that 1gs are no longer made.
  50. beat90tsi

    Can't find a Will Ferrell Skit

    There was a skit early in Will's SNL career where he did a skit called "Getting wife off the phone.""Husband (Will Ferrell) creeps out wife (Hemingway) who can't get off the phone." -from have talked to people who have the "Best of Will...
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