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  1. Ceddy

    EVOscan Throttle position sensor voltage on evoscan

    The ecu uses 255(0xFF) for the max TPS value(5 volts).For % you would use: x*100/255For Volts you would use: x*5/255 or x*0.019610.01952*x, is very close, but might be off a millivolt or two.TPS RequestID is 17.
  2. Ceddy

    What ECU do I have?

    Many of the flashable ecus are interchangeable.The 4 cylinder H8 ecus are divided into two groups: Emissions compatible / USDMNon-emissions / JDMA rom from the same group will most likely work in an ecu from the same group.But there are some hardware differences that cause...
  3. Ceddy

    Big H1C (hx35) Spools to fast causing surge?! help!

    Enable boost control.If you can do boost by gear, just lower boost at lower rpm and affected gears. (Where you are having surge.)Compressor surge is caused by the turbo spinning up to fast and crossing its surge line, not by back pressure. Although a larger hotside will slow down...
  4. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Yes you need to flash the CeddyMod rom.MUTIIIMUToverobdII is for 95/96s.
  5. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    EvoScan data.xml is in the CeddyMods .zip file.In EvoScan_2.7+ folder.No need to setup MUT Table, 2-Byte Load, etc.Its already all done for you. :)Edit:Didn't see you have EvoScan 2.6. For that version its in EvoScan_2.6- folder. Upgrade to at least 2.7.0090 for working Maptracer...
  6. Ceddy

    98-99 ecu in 96 GST

    I have not tried it myself.People report they get low rpm engine vibrations and knock.Its kind of hit or miss if it works or not.You could swap a 1G CAS on, but I believe the 95 camshafts need the passenger side threaded to accept the 1G CAS.A 97-99 would also work but I'm...
  7. Ceddy

    98-99 ecu in 96 GST

    98/99 ECUs don't play nice with 95-96 Inverted CAS.1G and 97-99 CAS work, but not 95-96.
  8. Ceddy

    where is crank sensor on 1g

    The 1Gs get their crank signal from the CAS, there is no separate crank sensor like on the 2Gs.
  9. Ceddy

    ECUflash Need the 98 AWD definition file/ROM for ecuflash and 2056-0010are both there for download. (2056 is 98 AWD)But your stock rom may be a different subversion. There are about 5-10 different subversions for every year.Most people just use a CeddyMods rom, you can...
  10. Ceddy

    ECUflash CeddyMod v1 (EcuFlash)

    You can't run a GM MAF without out a Translator.The GM MAFs frequency output isn't compatible with our ecus.Even with DSMLink you need their cable/translator.
  11. Ceddy

    safcII or ceddymod

    All DSM Plastic Case ECUs are Flashable.The only exception that I know of are some early ACD(Active Center Differential) ecus must of been a prototype run and have a Hitachi H8/539 cpu, not the Mitsubishi variant of that cpu.The H8 ecus(98-00 or 01) can come with the MH7202F or MH7203FA...
  12. Ceddy

    4g64 dohc s16g logs

    The stock EvoScan EcuLoad will only go up to 160. Which is only around 7 psi.If you switch to a CeddyMod rom, and use the included EvoScan .xml there are addition Loads added to log.1Byte Load is the best(fastest) to log.[1Byte Load maxes out at 320 Load, ~30 psi]A few of the...
  13. Ceddy

    98/99 Ecu tuning problems

    Its strange that you need so much MAF compensation. Usually you just need to enter Injector Scaling and Latency and you are good to go, MAF Smoothing is more just for fine tuning. Is back up with pics. But I need to update some things, mostly the Fuel...
  14. Ceddy

    98/99 Ecu tuning problems

    MAF Smoothing adds or subtracts fuel at different Hz levels.It has a nice % scaling.So 110% = 10% more fuel.I prefer to use MAF Smoothing to adjust fueling.And use MAF Scaling for swapping to a Evo or other MAF.
  15. Ceddy

    98/99 Ecu tuning problems

    PTE 680s only flow 640 at 43.5 fuel pressure.PTE is famous for overrating there injectors.Some injector numbers here -> would start with 634 Inj Scaling. Then try 621.Using - InjectorScalingDSMLatency is usually +0.288 - 0.300+0.300 is:3.825...
  16. Ceddy

    ECU connector replacement (buying/soldering/etc.)

    Plugs, Pins, and Connectors - EvoEcuOne thing to watch out for, USDM DSMs 95-96 and 97-99 use different pins and plugs.95-96 ecu plugs have the wings on the back to open, and have slightly longer pins.97-99 have the pop up top like Evos.Either one will plug into the ecu, but...
  17. Ceddy

    ECUflash Help me with a base map so i can take my car to the dyno! (ecuflash/ceddymods)

    Take your gas injector scaling and divide by 1.49.Say you had you 1600s scaled at 1400 on gas.On E85: 1400 / 1.49 = 940So new scaling would be 940.Latency/DeadTime should be the same or very close to your gas settings.
  18. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Links should be working again in a few days.My hosting provider(godaddy) got hit by .php malware, and it corrupted parts of my site.I'm slowly putting things back up, luckily I had a recent backup, but didn't realize how much content I had up until I started putting it back together, so...
  19. Ceddy

    cyclone intake manifold parts

    If you use a fpr solenoid and ecu control (or rpm switch) you need a vacuum canister.Some people will mount a wastegate to control the Cyclone, by boost. But it is most effective when activated by rpm.The stock rpm activation on the Galants(?) was 4100 or 4300. On DSMs most activate...
  20. Ceddy

    ECUflash Evoscan specifically for my 96 ecu and logging cable

    For 95-96s:1995-96 Mitsubishi DSM EvoScan SupportKEYDIVER Chips -2G DSM and EVO Logging CablesMake sure to change KnockSum to 3E, as 95-96 is different then 97+. (Or just use the Data.xml, in the above links.)Also the 95-96 logging rate is very slow, about 10 samples/second. So just...
  21. Ceddy

    ECUflash CeddyMod v1 (EcuFlash)

    Change your User Level.File -> Options -> User Level -> Advanced
  22. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Some Mitsu cars switched to the 7203 CPU in late 99 to 2000.But every black case DSM I've seen has the normal 7202 CPU. Its mostly the Evo5/6 guys that have to be careful and check the CPU.If you want to check the CPU, it should say MH7202F. If it says MH7203FA you have the newer...
  23. Ceddy

    Force OBD Inspection Pass 2G

    You don't want every test to be "Passed", as the DSMs don't support all the tests.It might look strange to have "Passed" for equipment that was never present from the factory. A few of the tests should say "N/A" or "Not Available".I'll try to find some of my old notes for which tests...
  24. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Everything has been setup to be ready by default. Fuel Cut, AirFlow, etc. are disabled by default.You just need to edit Injector Scaling and Injector Latency and you are good to go.The H8 ecus can only be Flashed with the OP 2.0 cable.The key needs to be in the running position...
  25. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Double check the Flash Pin is connected correctly. Also make sure the battery has enough voltage if it has been sitting a while. If the car runs and you can log, I doubt the ecu is bricked.You are correct, you will have to log WideBand to figure out VE%. Where WideBand / AFR_Map = VE%. I...
  26. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    I forgot Periphery2, Bit 11 set to zero in my previous reply.Bit 11 should do it for you, it disables O2 Heater: P0135; P0141; P0155; P0161But a quick look at the O2 Heater Test code, shows it looking at data over a period of time. So you may need to do a ECU reset(disconnect battery)...
  27. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    streetdsmpwr is correct. The GST Spyder is identical to a GST ECU wise. The only difference between the GST and the GSX is the Speed Limiter, GSXs came with better tires. So just use latest CeddyMods.Yes, it is normal. Don't change.Yes, it is normal.For CAT. Periphery2, bits...
  28. Ceddy

    2g sputter ever since 1g CAS install

    Are you using a 1G CAS with a 95 ECU?The 95-96s used a Inverted Signal CAS, and the 95-96 ECUs require an inverted signal.(The most likely reason for this is 96 was the start of Federally Mandated OBD2 and Emissions, an Inverted Signal CAS somewhat prohibits using a old style CAS and...
  29. Ceddy

    ECUflash ECUFlash DSM Specific Rom Files...

    The 560s do tend to flow more then their advertised flow.I usually start them at 575 cc/min and -0.090 Latency.The stock Timing map isn't that bad to start out with.The Fuel map I lean out to 10.5, because some WideBands won't read below 10.0, and the stock maps drop as low as...
  30. Ceddy

    2G Ostrich, including other aspects

    There is no important difference between the different 95 roms. Mitsu continually updates the rom, so there are a couple version for every year.Use the version you have an .xdf for.I mostly looked at the EB23C, old school TMO chips also used this.DSMChips uses the EB23E, I believe.And...
  31. Ceddy

    sometime it feels that turbo has shaft play

    A logging device(EvoScan) will help you a lot. Probably the first upgrade you should buy for your car.A WideBand will also help. Probably the second thing you should buy.Most of the time bogging at WOT is caused by Knock or a Boost Leak.So log Knock and WB AFR(If you have a...
  32. Ceddy

    CEL 31 Fuel injector #2 whenever heat soaked

    I never heard of heat soaking injectors on a DSM.Its a common problem on some of the 4.0 Jeeps. I get it on my 2000 XJ, but the exhaust manifold is right below the injectors. Jeep did a recall and added a heat shield and little injector heat shield sleeves.I would swap injectors, and...
  33. Ceddy

    2G Ostrich, including other aspects

    There are a couple different versions of the VAG 409.1.I get the all blue ones any they always work.Like this -> USB OBD-II-2 KKL 409.1 OBD2 Cable VAG-COM for VW/AUDI : eBay Motors (item 330476917378 end time Oct-24-10 22:57:57 PDT)It depends if you have an eprom ecu already, if...
  34. Ceddy

    2G Ostrich, including other aspects

    The big drawback to a 2G Ostrich is that there isn't much open source/free support as there is for the 1Gs.Another draw back is the logging on the 95-96 is very slow. The best option is using EvoScan and the MUTOverOBD2/Hybrid option, but sample rate is still limited to less then 10 samples...
  35. Ceddy

    a ? bout using diff ecu's

    95 and 96 used a CAS with a inverted signal, so the ECU expects an inverted signal.Mismatched ECU and CAS symptoms can range from Random Misfire Codes(nuisance) to Low RPM Engine Vibrations and Knock(car undrivable).Its hard to tell which symptoms will occur until you try it. But 95-96...
  36. Ceddy

    Tell me why I shouldn't go AEM

    One major thing that the Mitsu OEM based EMS (DSMLink, EcuFlash, Jackal, etc) have that Standalone EMS don't is the Knock Control System.Standalone EMS tend to try to integrate the Mitsu Knock Sensor by simply looking at Knock Voltage. This isn't adequate, you can have zero knock at 5 volts...
  37. Ceddy

    SAFC says im on the throttle LIES!

    The SAFC gets 0% and 100% throttle by looking at your highest and lowest readings. If you reset or just setup the the SAFC it won't know the TPS reading. Just turn key to ACC so SAFC turns on, and floor and let off the gas pedal a few times and the SAFC will be setup for TPS readings...
  38. Ceddy

    2g maf voltage vs. flow curve data

    The stock MAF sensor is a Karmen Vortex type.It outputs a frequency(Hz) per amount of airflow, not a voltage.
  39. Ceddy

    Evo 8 Ecu In 2g Works!!

    Since there are a few 97s here, I thought it would be the best place to ask.Mitsu decided to change the ecu plugs midway though the 2G production.The older style plugs have two swing out "wings" in the back.The newer style plugs have a "pop top", like the newer Evos.I know...
  40. Ceddy

    EvoScan - Does anyone use it??

    I adjust my TPS so it reads 90% Wide Open.And it reads 10-15% Closed.The Percentage is used instead of Volts, just for easier reading.5 volt x Percentage = TPS VoltageSo... 100% = 5 v 90% = 4.5 v 50% = 2.5 v 10% = 0.5 v etc...
  41. Ceddy

    Flashable ECU in auto 2g problem

    Make sure the Park/Neutral switch is working properly.The 98/99 ecus do some weird things when it thinks the car isn't in drive. (Can cause knock, bogging, jerking, etc.)-> Another option is to just ground the ecu pin 91(Park/Neutral Switch), this is how the 5-Speeds are set up. (I would...
  42. Ceddy

    evox tdo5h turbine compatibility

    The FP 68HTA is a very nice turbo, although pricey. But you are still stuck with the TD05H turbine in a 7cm housing. Its going to choke at high boost.Twin Scroll is the future and it has been for a while.(Evos have had TS since 97) What the Evo guys do with a TD05H turbine and Stock Twin...
  43. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Evoscan log

    davidalindsey, are you using my EvoScan .xml?Doesn't look like it. The default .xml is mainly for Evos and a few requests are different.Follow install directions here -> you are using the new EvoScan 2.7.0090 Final:EvoScan_2.7 Final + -> Mitsubishi...
  44. Ceddy

    doing a emissions delete...have i missed or screwed anything up?

    Yes all the emissions equipment and solenoids can be removed. And the CELs can be disabled in the Periphery Bits.Be careful with some of the solenoid connectors, some are male blade type, I believe. You don't want a screw or nut falling in there and shorting them out, as it will zap the...
  45. Ceddy

    my custom electronic boost controller / knock box

    Very nice! Glad to see people still thinking outside the box and making new innovations for the DSMs.The MUTII protocol used on 2G Turbos(97-99) is fairly simply. Just send an Init Sequence, then it is Request/Reply just like the 1Gs, but at 15625 baud.The OBD2 protocol is overly...
  46. Ceddy

    fuel maps timing maps said above the DSMLink forums are probably your best bet since you have Link.Also be aware different EMS use different style maps. Like EcuFlash and DSMLink have there Load and RPM axis...
  47. Ceddy

    evox tdo5h turbine compatibility

    If the compressor covers are compatible with our old style ones, you could make a bad ass turbo for cheap.20G, "Green", "Red", "Black" with the Twin Scroll 12cm would move some serious air and still spool quick. The Evo guys make some serious power with the smaller 10cm housings.I think...
  48. Ceddy

    evox tdo5h turbine compatibility

    Some of the special edition Evos have different turbine and compressor materials.For example the the Tommi Makinen editions(Evo6.5) had Titanium-Aluminum Alloy turbine wheels.Some models also had Magnesium compressor wheels, but these wheels don't handle higher boost levels as well as the...
  49. Ceddy

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    It is best to report the CEL number(ex. P0136) as there can be multiple CELs for a piece of equipment, or multiple equipments can effect one CEL.For the Rear O2, try setting Perphery2 bits 1, 2, and 3 to 0. (Use + and - keys)AFRs are more important then Trims, but they should both be good...
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