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  1. MEz

    Diamond-Like Carbon and bearing surfaces

    It is true that pushing a stock 13b-renesis can be a bad deal. However, much like the 4g63 a rebuilt 13b is near bullet-proof. This has to do with how lenient Mazda was with side seal clearance out of factory. Not to mention the inferior stock coil pack which can cause mis-fires even on idle...
  2. MEz

    Diamond-Like Carbon and bearing surfaces

    Iv'e ventured out of the DSM world and entered the rotary planet and am planing to try new things. One of those things has been diamond-like carbon on the Apex Seals,side seals, and rotor bearings.I wanted to know if anyone has had any succes with DLC on their bearing surfaces,Opinions...
  3. MEz

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    Found this little gem while looking for my next car haha. You must be insane to buy a FWD DSM with no internal upgrades, and only minute bolt-ons for $10,000! LOL***1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T For Sale***
  4. MEz

    Car starts on ACC and Starter stays running

    I'm going to be pulling out the key tumbler early in the morning tomorrow any advice?
  5. MEz

    Car starts on ACC and Starter stays running

    How could you tell? I understand that the ign fuse keeps blowing but how can everything(including the starter) work on the ON position without even trying to crank it?
  6. MEz

    Car starts on ACC and Starter stays running

    No I do not.UPDATE: Everything stays on, not just the starter. I simply put the key from ACC to ON, and everything turns (the fuel pump stays on, the starter starts the car and keeps running.) Keep in mind that I did not every crank it.Do you guys think it could be anything to do with the...
  7. MEz

    Car starts on ACC and Starter stays running

    I'm certain this is a ignition problem that involves a short. Reason I know this is because ignition fuse keeps blowing, I need help on how to test it with a multi meter. I have a multi meter but don't know how to use it. I have an 97' auto FWD :( I checked the Starter Relay. And it turns out...
  8. MEz

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Yep, I just felt loss of PS before the engine shut-off because of low revs. It's a good thing that it happened just when I turned into my neighbor hood and not in the middle of the street. But it all works now. It's this Arizona desert heat that causes blown fuses all of the time.
  9. MEz

    Someone trying to sell me a turbo kit.

    Universal kits usually come from ebay, most of the time. It sounds like he is just trying to cut his loses and get rid of everything. Not to mention that turbocharging a 420a requires tuning software, bigger injectors, bigger fuel pump, custom downpipe, stronger engine internals(HG, Head Studs...
  10. MEz


    I have a buddy that has a sitting 1g on his driveway because the head began to lift when it was on the dyno. He hit 440hp before the controller called it off. He was lucky but still has the standard ARP head studs. He's now looking for some L19's. It's $160 more than standard but, also consider...
  11. MEz

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Just found the problem and fixed it. The Ignition Switch Moteur fuse (a pink 30A fuse under the hood) blew. So I switched it from a spare wiring harness I have and fired right up.It all makes sense now why I experienced all of those symptoms (Loss of PS, followed by a bogged down engine, no...
  12. MEz

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Will be doing that when I have some free time, But I'll keep this thread live.
  13. MEz

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Will be doing that, but absolutely nothing happens when I try to crank the car. All the lights around the car turn on, but not the Brake light, CEL, or anything in that realm. I feel like it might be some sort of fuse but which fuse do you think it'd be? Same thing happened with my 82'...
  14. MEz

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Backstory: This weekend I decided to get all of my boost leaks in order and replaced the Intake mani gasket with a Heat barrier gasket from STM, Deleted the EGR, Deleted the EVAP( I kept both the EGR and EVAP Solenoids for no CEL). It did the trick and all the leaks were gone.Now to the...
  15. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    I'm going again tonight, Remember guys we meet at tempe 6:30pm and leave at 7PM if you miss us, don't sweat it and head out to the Pavs. We save the DSM spot next to the entrance, you can't miss us.
  16. MEz

    Engine noise when clutch is not pushed in

    It sounds like an accessory belt pulley, whether its the bearings off the PS pump, or Alternator. When you engage the clutch (push the pedal) it applies a different load on the engine, that load is just enough to change the speed and sounds of the engine just minor. One way to check and make...
  17. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    Just opened up my schedule, I'll be going this Sat.
  18. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    ^ agreed lets have it changed to Saturday then drive to the pav early. With it being more organized we might actually get more people to show.
  19. MEz

    DSM Meet Change for tomorrow

    We are planning to meet a the Tempe Town Lake tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm...
  20. MEz

    Alternator issues.

    Have boughten autozone alts before with no issues. If you're not looking to spend a lot and want a cheap one buy a good used one from the classifieds.
  21. MEz

    Crazy amounts of knock.

    Which spark plugs do you have? And, what is their gap? Also boost leaks ca contribute to this.
  22. MEz

    rich or lean

    In stock configurations you want the car to burn optimal, It is safer for our engines to burn rich but very inefficient, unnecessary, and can damage the catalytic converter. From my experience it's usually the front o2 sensor that becomes the first culprit. I'm assuming there is a CEL. In...
  23. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    True, I just saw the post that there was a meet on that day (which was weird that it was posted) without really looking at the details, But thanks for reminding me. :thumb:
  24. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    I attempted to go this friday (4/26), showed up at 8:10 and absolutely nobody was there. Thats when the meet was I thought or did plans change? We sure didn't get the memo. I think I saw you Angel turning on Pecos few minutes later. I was in the white 2g with the FMIC and HID's.
  25. MEz

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    What happened to this meet?
  26. MEz

    VRSF in an auto.

    Same thing happened with my auto while installing the Punishment Racing kit. What I ended up doing is straightening the pipe with a 1/4 extension socket inside the pipe and hammering it straight. That way it kept its rounded shape, it cleared the upper pipe, and keep my dipstick.
  27. MEz

    OEM oil return line or

    I feel like I'm advertising for ebay lol. But here is a link to a 10an flange for the turbo, oil pan, or both: Billet Alumimum Turbo Oil Return Drain Flange 10 An DSM 4G63T 1g 2G EVO 8 9 10 | eBayPersonally I would go with a 10an, it will be slightly more but again think of the flow. I would...
  28. MEz

    OEM oil return line or

    You can make your own AN fitting ss turbo oil drain line for about $35 assuming you have someone who can weld a bung for you, or you can buy a td05 billet aluminum and install that on the oil pan for another $13 Turbo Oil Drain Flange 8AN Mitsubishi TD015 TD02 TF035 TD03 TD04 TD05 TD06 | eBay
  29. MEz

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    Is the turbine a/r .63? Any other markings you can describe?it would also be best to take a picture of both housings and compressor wheel and take it to:
  30. MEz

    weird idle

    Check for boost leaks and cylinder compression, it is quite difficult to diagnose. Can you explain more or even better provide a video? Also check your ISC motor on the throttle body.
  31. MEz

    Monthly DSM Meet Chander, AZ In-N-Out Burger

    I know for some it is, but you can always go to the Scottsdale Pavilion every Saturday night, it's usually around 7-pm when the DSM'ers show up.
  32. MEz

    Monthly DSM Meet Chander, AZ In-N-Out Burger

    No, for the most part. This meeting area was far for practically everyone, so they moved the place and time. The new one is:
  33. MEz

    emissions Fail Help: OBD Connector Integrity

    Thing is I such with electronics, I do have a cheap little multimeter I just don't know how to use it in this case.Just passed emissions, I'm good for 2 years again. All I did was disconnect the cig lighter and was good to go. This doesn't excuse the fact that I have a short and will get on...
  34. MEz

    blew my engine now what

    My best advice is to build a solid engine first. Meaning throw some Forged Internals ect(like Bogus said). I highly recommend Wiseco Pistons/Eagle Rods thats $900 shipped from a reputable ebay seller, Stock crank with chafe mod on the oil galleries(if it is still good) with ACL racing bearings...
  35. MEz

    emissions Fail Help: OBD Connector Integrity

    Yes all fuses are OK, I know I have a short for the cig lighter somewhere. I'll be scrutinizing pins 4,5, and 16 from the OBD connection. I will disconnect the cig lighter and check with the multimeter if anything changes. If it does I'll go re-test. What do you guts think?
  36. MEz

    emissions Fail Help: OBD Connector Integrity

    Went to go take it to get emissions checked :barf: With no codes mind you, and get an OBD Connector integrity fail. I have been doing up some reading and finding that the issue is the cig lighter. I have passed emissions with out the cigarette lighter connected in this very dsm. It is currently...
  37. MEz

    Stupid questions about running without boost

    It was ment to say, that if you were going to block off the the oil feed from the OFH and oil drain from the pan, to also block them off from the turbo but jam the turbo with a bunch of grease or lubricant(Meaning no circulation through to the oil pan). That way the turbo doesn't get damaged to...
  38. MEz

    Stupid questions about running without boost

    I would also block off the turbo's oil feed and drain with a bunch of thick petroleum grease or product similar, not to save the turbo but to rather take precautionary measure on your induction system. You don't want your turbo journal bearing seizing up because of no lubrication and heat. It...
  39. MEz

    '77 s30 4g63t

    Stitch it if you are going with a roll cage to stiffen the chassis.
  40. MEz

    What Step Should I Take Next?

    Your stock motor will not be able to handle it for very long, not to mention the fact that is extremely hard getting 500hp from a 16g turbo. Also bear in mind that DSMLink is a tuning software and not a something where you type in how much horse power you want. You really want to think of what...
  41. MEz

    '77 s30 4g63t

    Nice seeing more Fairlady Z owners going with a true bang-for-buck power plant, instead of the ol' sr20 (love the engine, but more potential in a 4g). What were your goals with this?
  42. MEz

    Bad compression test results, advice?

    Here you go :) Links for parts of the 2g service manual.
  43. MEz

    New Head Gasket, Same Old Smoke

    Run a compression test to make sure its not the rings. But it is possible it could be a valve-stem seal leaking oil, did you change those or any gaskets/sealants when you replaces the HG? Another unlikely place but possible is your breather lines (from the valve cover to the intake).
  44. MEz

    Just bought 2g tsi fwd

    If you take the time to learn about a DSM and everything about the engine's function, you will find more times than not that you will never need a mechanic again lol. But milky oil is never a good thing. You could have a blown head gasket, which mixes the oil and coolant while also creating low...
  45. MEz

    1g awd auto e85 issues...

    272 or bigger cams need dual springs (I understand you have beehives). That is where I would start. But does it stumble trying to start? How does it react?
  46. MEz

    Just bought 2g tsi fwd

    From my experience if it backfires (meaning air or smoke is blowing from the intake) this would mean you have bent valves. That were probably caused by an un-tightened timing belt. Before anything rent a compression tester from autozone or wherever then return it :) For a 2g the standard...
  47. MEz

    car shakes and vibrates. need help

    ^ Plus one here lol. I was originally thinking motor mounts
  48. MEz

    bad alternator?

    Before anything, try tightening the alternator belt. Sometimes when water or oil splashes on the belt, it will tend to slip and not allow for proper charging.
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