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  1. Just wondering any DSM enthusiast still around Nebraska?

    Yes there are. I used to be involved with those guys, but ask around man. People like Mike Moore, Jason Fredericks, Wes Smith, Joseph Scheibelhoffer, Cory O'Connor, and Jason Barnes are old timers in this area. I would message them on fb. A couple have Evos, some have Galants, there's a turbo...
  2. Roll Call

    Lol yeah, on my 3rd one. I have a couple buddies that own them and a couple others that have GVR4s. Should be an alright Spring/Summer this year
  3. Alpine 1243D subwoofer making no sound. No ohm reading.

    Sub is probably bad. Open coil won't give you a reading just like that
  4. Omaha's Ice Cream Cruise

  5. Evo3 big 16g question

    what was the tuning aparatus on that car, for both set-ups? i'd say that the difference was not necessarily the turbos, but maybe the tune and possibly lack of correct supporting mods (fp1s, instead of fp2s). i think this guy should stay with an evo3 16g and run spray if far as...
  6. Higher Compression better or worse

    agreed. as well, they tend to make a little more torque and mistake that for quicker spool-up. i did a search on google and found a link that made perfect sense: the guy stated that higher compression helps with spool-up in time, as...
  7. Higher Compression better or worse

    i didn't want to bring this post back up but i do have a concern. there is this guy, on my local board, that really believes that raising the compression will make the turbo spool faster. he will not just let it go as agreeing to disagree; however, he will not post any substantial evidence to...
  8. 2g pistons and spool time

    haha!!:thumb: it's funny because i don't get anywhere with him.:beatentodeath:
  9. 2g pistons and spool time

    i know someone that thinks otherwise; however, he can't prove that it does.
  10. FP2x worth the extra money over 272's

    i don't think any of us have to convince you of anything. you can believe what you want, and we all can get whatever cams we'd like. you expect us to give you even more proof on top of the proof posted for you to believe it, yet you don't have to post one thing of proof to support your beliefs...
  11. About to do the cheap profec mod, one question I have.

    you're going to have to run 2 different fuel set-ups to optimize tunes on 2 different boost levels though... i use to run a 2-stage mbc on my GS-T. i ran it at 9psi and 15psi. the problem i had was that it was rich as hell at 9psi, and ok at 15psi. i basically ended up running it at 15psi, and...
  12. FP2x worth the extra money over 272's

    also diambo4life, was the tune on the car with the t67 with 272's, the same tune with fp2x's? i would ask the guy if he was tuning all out with the fp's. we all know that different parts will require different tunes. also, what was the temperature of both dyno runs, and was it the same dyno...
  13. Gt35R with 0.82 A/R

    nope. you lose 500rpm spool. you are just reading it wrong. you don't "gain" spool by going from 5500 to 5000, you "lose" it. grndsm, i know has autox'ed, or road raced his car with good success on a larger turbo.Shawn
  14. Boost creep with 6076BB and Tial 38mm

    put some rtv on the bottom of the wastegate before putting it on. place it over the wastegate hole, as best you can, coming straight down on it. pull it off, and check where there isn't any rtv at. port if needed. we had this problem with a buddy's external set-up off the o2. we ended up having...
  15. Gt35R with 0.82 A/R

    4800 rpm spool was on the fp3575. now remember, the dyno doesn't put the full load of the road-going car. you will more-than-likely see a loss of 500rpm of spool going to the street/track, opposed to the dyno. for reference, AMS's shop car with the 42r was getting full boost by 5500 rpm on the...
  16. Fast 14B FWD

    i saw the car in person at last year's shootout. it was at Buschur's shop. amazingly clean and simple car! lots of time went into it, and it shows in the cleanliness! good luck on running 9s!
  17. boost creep with a tial 38mm

    my bad. i was at work and i saw the topic. i read other's suggestions and posted what else i thought it could be. hmm... can you get creep off the manifold if the hole isn't large enough though? i don't have any experience with the wastegate ran off the manifold, just off the o2. you shouldn't...
  18. boost creep with a tial 38mm

    if this doesn't work, try porting your wastegate hole.Shawn
  19. witch compressor wheel trim? 50, 54, 57, 60 or 60-1?

    stick with the 50 trim. it can do that on pump gas. a buddy of mine who used to live here made 397 to the wheels on 19-20ish lbs of boost on 92 octane. it was tuned on an AEM and it was on a mustang dyno. it was also a full garrett 50 trim set-up purchased from AGP. good luck on your quest! do...
  20. GT40 = how much lag to expect?

    get a bb center cartridge with a split tangenal exhaust housing. then, have AMS build you an exhaust manifold like the one that they have on their Evo. they get full boost with a GT42R at 5000rpm, straight from Martin Musial's mouth on teamnabr. :thumb:
  21. Wtf, am i dreaming, what Kind of manifold and gate is this?

    sorry to bring this thread back alive, but..... this is straight wierd. i was checking my last few posts to see if anything was good, and somehow i posted this. i think that i was logged in on a buddy's computer and he posted some dumb ****. he got me pretty good!anyway, i don't run one...
  22. Wtf, am i dreaming, what Kind of manifold and gate is this?

    My friend is running the ssautochrome manifold and has had nothing but good to say about it. I also have one not bad quality at all. Sometimes I wonder where people get their information from. Certainly they don't run one and get their info on what others say. For the price why not try it.
  23. Lastest Word on DSMLink for 1g's?

    Finally! The wait is over :thumb:
  24. Pix of SBR street core

    yep, that's how they come. one of my buddy's has the race fmic kit. it is the same on his as well.
  25. Easy wastegate creep solution

    yeah, pics would be super :thumb: !
  26. Help With Turbos and Sizes

    :laugh:wait a second, this guy has darton sleeves in a 4G63. wtf?
  27. AEROMOTIVE OR ongreen performance?

    don't get the ongreen one. it's the same one that they sell on a couple of various sites. it's always on back order. i had to wait 2 months, and ended up cancelling my order because the wait was too long.
  28. Big16G Question

    Thank you! some guy on a local board was telling me that he was making 400awhp with a big16G and the stock 2G side-mount. i said it was not possible. they went on ranting about how the guy has been tuning cars for years and basically i'm dumb for questioning it. this is what i have to say to...
  29. Big16G Question

    does anyone know if a big16g can support 400awhp with a stock 2g side-mount?
  30. Exhaust what is the best you think??

    THERMAL. although i have a 1g, most say mine sounds a lot like a turbo diesel truck. i can hear my turbo(evo16g) spool up and despool with it. i also have a pacesetter downpipe, all of which are 3". i love it :thumb: !
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