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  1. bryanwheat

    Can Not Get Lower Control Arm Off

    The bolt that connects the lower strut mounting fork to the control arm will usually be rusted if you are on the original arm. There is a sleeve inside that hole that is attached to the arm with rubber. That sleeve is sometimes so rusted to the bolt that no amount of heat or beating will get it...
  2. bryanwheat

    Can Not Get Lower Control Arm Off

    You don't need anything but a small sledge hammer. No lubricant, no separators, no heat or anything. It is a taper fit joint, a good wack on the knuckle where the stud fits thru and it will come right out. You are just looking for a good shock to free the stud from the taper. Watch this video...
  3. bryanwheat

    2G Help replacing CPS with timing belt on

    You don't have to take the belt off, just turn the engine so that the trigger plate isn't between the slot in the sensor, unbolt the sensor and remove. Then install the new one. Make sure that the wires aren't able to rub on the belt, and use a little loctite on the bolts.As for getting the...
  4. bryanwheat

    1G fic650cc and evo316g on stock motor tunning HELP!?

    I would search for v2 or v2.5 if you can find a setup it should be pretty cheap. It doesn't have all the options of v3, but it can still give you a real good tune. You should put a wtb ad in the classifieds and see what happens.
  5. bryanwheat

    Open Atmosphere BOV...want to recirculate

    That looks 100 percent like a knock off chinese built bov. I would buy a 1g bov, mod it and buy an adapter
  6. bryanwheat

    2G $1500 Gst buy, bad compression and ticking lifters

    I would do a leak down test to find out where it is leaking compression. It will likely be broken ring lands, or a bad valve. If it is just a valve than i would just have the head rebuilt and reinstall with new timing parts. With only 130k miles i wouldn't even worry about a rebuild at this...
  7. bryanwheat

    1G fic650cc and evo316g on stock motor tunning HELP!?

    you would probably be pretty close to running out of fuel at 15 psi with stock 450's.
  8. bryanwheat

    1G fic650cc and evo316g on stock motor tunning HELP!?

    You will need to mount the wideband in a different location than the stock because the stock is looking for a different signal, 0-1volt vs 0-5volt of the wideband. Some wideband controllers have a narroband output, but they usually don't work exactly right for the stock ecu. You will need to...
  9. bryanwheat

    1G Problem with blower direction

    So you are basically saying that it will only blow out of the dash vents no matter where you have the control at. If that is the case than you either have a cable that is unhooked from the hvac controls to the hvac box, the mechanism in the control itself it broken, or the flap inside the hvac...
  10. bryanwheat

    1G fic650cc and evo316g on stock motor tunning HELP!?

    If you get an eprom you can definitely just get a chip for the injectors and a different maf sensor. It should be pretty close to stock a/f ratio's with the bigger injectors, but sometimes they are a little off. It would be a good idea to have a wideband o2 sensor, and maybe an safc to do some...
  11. bryanwheat

    worst case scenario? now what

    Buy a datalogger setup.If you have pieces from the combustion chamber making it into the oil filter than you have a way bigger problem.
  12. bryanwheat

    debating on purchasing 2g need opinions

    Of coarse you can, they are the same car with different bumpers and side skits. You will just have to find the bumper you want and relocate the center mount bracket up a few inches and the bumper and tail lights bolt right on. You will also have to do a little wiring, but it is very minor.
  13. bryanwheat

    How to fix valve cover for spark plug cover?

    You options are to weld the holes up and drill new holes, or buy a new valve cover.
  14. bryanwheat

    debating on purchasing 2g need opinions

    It would be nice to see a pic of the engine bay, and know what all maintenance has been done on it.
  15. bryanwheat

    debating on purchasing 2g need opinions

    I would pay no more than maybe 1500 bucks for that car. The fact that the body has cheap fiberglass fenders, rattle can primer, and the strut towers look to have bondo with primer on top. The interior looks to be spray painted in spots also. The engine bay has all kind of things that are going...
  16. bryanwheat

    worst case scenario? now what

    An safc with 20 psi on a 20g on 91 octane is going to be detonating like crazy regardless of the air/fuel ratio. When you use a piggyback to tune the fuel with it modifies the signal from the maf sensor to the ecu to make the ecu think that there is less air going thru the maf. It does this to...
  17. bryanwheat

    worst case scenario? now what

    What is he supposed to be checking the oil filter for?
  18. bryanwheat

    2G Engine clunking

    What were your bearing clearances? Did you remove the balance shafts? If so did you turn, or replace both bearings in the front side of the block? If the clearances are good, and the oil pump is in good condition than the pressure should be a litte higher than it was when you took it apart. I...
  19. bryanwheat


    The engines are somewhat similar, but are not the same thing. The srt4 engine doesn't really share any parts with the older 420a style engine. The passenger engine mount is a different design, the turbo is on the back of the engine and the intake on the front. You will spend quite a bit more...
  20. bryanwheat

    Gap between engine and tranny?

    Of course you can. If you are running 1g sensors than the ecu doesn't know any difference.
  21. bryanwheat

    Gap between engine and tranny?

    A 2g tranny won't exactly work right because the roll stops will be about 10 inches to far to the passenger side. The 2g crossmember is nowhere near close to being able to bolt in. You best options are to make mount brackets, or just buy a 1g bottom end.
  22. bryanwheat

    Gap between engine and tranny?

    Because it is a 1g and you use the 1g cam sensor. You have a 94 which uses a black top sensor. I am not sure what head you have, but the 1g cam sensor will bolt to either head.If you were running the engine in a 2g with 2g sensors than you'd be right, but it is in a 1g with a 1g sensor so it...
  23. bryanwheat

    Keydriver Chip?

    You would need a chip burner/reader and a copy of what ever software they are using to be able to know exactly what is programmed on that chip. They usually have a sticker with some of the information on them about how it is programmed.
  24. bryanwheat

    Gap between engine and tranny?

    I know exactly what is going on. First off you have a 2g 7 bolt engine in there. They don't have the bolt holes for the roll stops on the block like a 1g block does. Next, the 2g engine has an extra bellhousing bolt and the block just sticks out further than the transmission with that combo. You...
  25. bryanwheat

    6 bolt block oil passages

    Why would you recommend this, as i and others have stated is isn't an oil passage so there won't be any oil pressure loss. It is just a casting flaw that some blocks have, and some don't. It won't effect anything whatsoever.
  26. bryanwheat

    6 bolt block oil passages

    Looks like a casting flaw. That isn't an oil passage, so i wouldn't worry about it, the 2 long ones are the only oil passages.
  27. bryanwheat

    How does a 1g BOV sound?

    I would say that they are as close to perfect if modded right as you are gonna get as long as you aren't making a ton of power and require a bigger valve. Crushing them never really worked well. When you do the dodge garage mod to them they will hold 30+ psi and still work very efficiently. I...
  28. bryanwheat

    2G Trans not going into any gear

    Torque converters very rarely go out, when they do they usually lock up instead of slip.
  29. bryanwheat

    2G Trans not going into any gear

    Sounds like the pump might be fried if you have nothing at all. The filter could of came unbolted also. You might pull the pan and make sure that the filter is still bolted on tight.
  30. bryanwheat

    Resolved High flow cat will pass?

    You will likely pass a visual inspection, but not an actual emission inspection.
  31. bryanwheat

    2G REAR Strut Mount Rubber Cushions ?

    That goes between the spring and the strut mount, you will definitely want to use those. They are usually in good shape and reusable from my experience. You should check out the condition of the upper mount before you pull it all apart. There is a good chance they are rusted and will need...
  32. bryanwheat

    Engine is out, need some recommendations.

    Yes sir, you can get it at just about any parts store, walmart, and hardware stores. They sell it in a spray bottle, a gallon jug, and a 2.5 gallon jug. I would buy the 2.5 gallon jug and a few cheap spray bottles. You will want to dilute it with water a little. I usually use about 70 percent...
  33. bryanwheat

    Engine is out, need some recommendations.

    For cleaning grease i highly recommend purple power, it is hands down the best off the shelf cleaner out there. Just make sure that you don't let it dry on the paint because it will dull the paint.
  34. bryanwheat

    2G Automatic Transmission Rebuild

    This is silly as hell and a myth. If there is no friction material left on the clutches than metal in the fluid won't keep the trans from slipping. There is either friction material left and it doesn't slip, or there is no friction material left and it slips, pretty simple. If you realize that...
  35. bryanwheat

    missing one needle bearing

    Bad as in the joint will likely destroy itself without it.
  36. bryanwheat

    Stripped bolt hole.

    That isn't correct, the drilled hole has to be larger than the size of the fastener so that the coil can be threaded in after tapping the hole. The correct size bit is a 21/64 or 8.3mm.
  37. bryanwheat


    There is a specific issues with these cars, there was a big thread about it years ago. From what i remember they are supposed to be exempt from the monitor readiness test.
  38. bryanwheat

    Stripped bolt hole.

    If it isn't one of the outside ones than it will be a m8x1.25 . You will also need the correct size drill bit, i don't have the size off the top of my head, but it is listed on the outside of the package.
  39. bryanwheat

    Stripped bolt hole.

    You can either helicoil, timesert, or drill to a bigger size and use a larger stud. You can get the autozone brand inserts which are the same as a helicoil for much less than the helicoil kit. They are like 20 bucks for the kit.
  40. bryanwheat

    2G Anyone else think our interior sucks??

    I agree 100 percent, 1g's are far superior to 2g's on interior quality. 2g's are absolute garbage as far as build quality on the interior. Probably one of the cheapest built interiors of any car i have ever came across. The door panels, console, seating position, dash, interior plastic thickness...
  41. bryanwheat

    compression issues

    Check the valve height. If the stem is too long on one of them than it could be hanging open a bit after the lifters get primed.
  42. bryanwheat

    2G Breaking up above 4000rpm LOW BOOST

    How much pressure was used for the boost leak test?
  43. bryanwheat

    1G I'm stuck between two amazing choices.

    Blowing fuses, clutch engagement issue, transmission blown, to name a few. Have you replaced all timing components, water pump, fixed all oil leaks, replaced all old belts and hoses, and gone thru the suspension and brake systems? Have you went thru all the common issue things that these car's have?
  44. bryanwheat

    1G I'm stuck between two amazing choices.

    I don't mean any of this to try and dis you or hurt your feelings, but i want to help you so don't take any of this the wrong way. I didn't reply to the pm because it just gave me a major headache trying to read it. No one is trying to yell at you or be an ass, the thing that you have to...
  45. bryanwheat

    1G I'm stuck between two amazing choices.

    No, if you run a higher VOLUME pump you will need an aftermarket fuel pressure REGULATOR.
  46. bryanwheat

    2G Bent Valves. First head rebuild.

    Make sure you find a machine shop that is experienced with these engines. I have had more bad machine work on these heads than good machine work. One of the biggest issues with machine shops is that they don't have the correct size pilot to fit in the guides that centers the seat cutter, or they...
  47. bryanwheat

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Buy a multimeter if you don't already have one. Than from there test the wiring from the ecu to the transistor, and from the transistor to the coil. You could of also tested the coil pack and transistor with a multimeter. If the wiring is good and you have power at the coil the next step would...
  48. bryanwheat

    2g transmission on 6 bolt

    How about not posting incorrect information huh. The reason that your starter didn't bolt up right is because you had the wrong starter plate. You can bolt a 2g trans to a 1g engine all day long, and you can bolt a 1g trans to a 2g engine all day long. Also there is no such thing as a 6 bolt or...
  49. bryanwheat

    check out the first posposted website before commenting unless your personally got a ecu from here

    What are you trying to get at with the ase certification thing? Who are you, and why are you disappointed in people?
  50. bryanwheat

    Resolved alternator eating belt

    You are ridiculous. You have no idea what you are talking about.
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