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  1. gstspyda97

    Which turbo for me? I'm too dumb to make a decision.

    so last night my 14b seized on me, but everything was in good condition but he wheel will not spin, etc most likly due to a hot shut down or oil starvation due to a small oil leak on the oil feed line, which i ordered a new line and bolts on Wednesday and im still waiting for them but now im...
  2. gstspyda97

    I Finally Got A Gsx!!!

    i do not have a maft but everything else is correct
  3. gstspyda97

    I Finally Got A Gsx!!!

    yes i WANT AND NEED to get rid of the huge and pointless :dsm: , but it runs 12.5 in the quarter already so im enjoying it because i cant see the sign but its coming off asap
  4. gstspyda97

    I Finally Got A Gsx!!!

    I got a 99 GSX for $8400 Barcelona Red with few mods here is a pic
  5. gstspyda97

    first time at track with FWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have some other mods than you and i ran a [email protected] 98 with a 2.5 60 ft my first time @ the track....this was shifting @ a horrible 4500-5000...and only 10 psi 1st and 2nd-3rd hit about 15 and then back to 10 in 4th and 5th....i was a little nervous first time and i was running an 11 second turbo...
  6. gstspyda97

    Lakers vs. Suns - WTF?

    first of all phil jackson is one hell of a coach and jordan wasnt a one man team like kobe is.....steve kerr,ron harper,scottie pippen,rodman for a bit, toni kucko,luc longley were all apart of that bulls team jordan just brought them together by being a hell of a player...i eamn he came back...
  7. gstspyda97

    How much did you sell your stock turbo for?

    i sold my t too small for 175 bux too someone who just needed a turbo to get his talon running...
  8. gstspyda97


    my name is also alex:thumb:
  9. gstspyda97

    off of a 2g

    2g exhaust maniold (1st gen cracks) the 2nd gen MAF sensor flows a tad bit betterthats all i can really think of right now
  10. gstspyda97

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    for the evo 3 16g you do not need a intake manifold, but since you have a six bolt i would recommend upgrading the exhaust manifold to a 2g and porting the sucker out(thats the budget choice) or just buy the evo 3 exhaust manifold(evo3mani ,this isn't necessary but highly recommendedid buy...
  11. gstspyda97

    Help choosing BOV a link to the greddy type rs its for a 95-99 but has both recirc and vented option for $6 if you ever plan to do a MAFT blow through or you can just buy the recirc with it for normal pricealso another...
  12. gstspyda97

    Budget Exhaust

    Megan Racing Downpipe from ebay-130 shipped has a tubing kit that includes hengers,flanges,etc. they also can preweld it for 60 to where you bolt it to the MR Downpipe and all you need is a 3" Muffler the tubing kit cost 160 plus shipping for Aluminized Mandrel Bent 3" and then...
  13. gstspyda97

    Air ride on gsx

    good choice :dsm: :talon: :laser: evo 3 16g, 2600 and lighter flywheel, boost controller, 3" exhaust,fuel mods,intake,intercooler and BOV, something to tune with, datalogger and suspension, other little bolt ons-2500-3500 depending on new or usednice AWD launches without breaking...
  14. gstspyda97

    Air ride on gsx

    find a non turbo GS then and put bags on that....ill find one in GC and trade ya :thumb:
  15. gstspyda97

    SARD blow-off valve

    if your looking for a powerful sounding blow off valve instead of the high pitched greddy type s, i would look at Turboxs or the greddy type rs they are considered "ricey" on this page but i personally have the RFL with the MAFT setup and @ 15-20 PSI it makes a very nice intimidating sound...
  16. gstspyda97

    Boost Controller not working?

    ok so i found my problem,the intake pipe was sitting right on the wastegate nipple causing a kink in the MBC vacuum line, i fixed this problem and now running 20 psi on my evo316g thru every gear, im reaching boost by 3400-3500 guessing there is a boost leak somewhere but i leaned...
  17. gstspyda97

    Boost Controller not working?

    well its still doing it, i un hooked the boost controller and i also checked for leaks, but i did not do a pressure test, but i dont think it would be a boost leak mostly because, in 1st and 2nd it hits almost 25 lbs of boost if i step on it :confused: hoping its nothing really too big...
  18. gstspyda97

    Boost Controller not working?

    i was driving today and i stopped to turn up the boost, i had it turned down due to it being 65 degrees the other night and i spiked to 25 @ one point and didnt wanna blow my motor any who, in first and second it goes to 20 PSI but in third it will only go to 10 im not sure why it is doing this...
  19. gstspyda97

    Walbro 190 pump install question.

    i did not disconnect any fuel lines, i tried but it started to twist so i just cut the back seat till i could pull it out without hurting any was rather easy and i have had no problems with leaking, the pump or idle :thumb:
  20. gstspyda97

    Walbro 190 pump install question.

    i cut the bottom of the seat right next to the FP assembly about 2 inches and the whole thing came out with out ne breaking and i installed my new 190 very easily and put it back in, hammered the piece i cut back in and used a lil bondo....not a big deal to me since no one will ever see it and...
  21. gstspyda97

    fuel injector install probs

    ok so i just installed an EVO 3 and also put the 550ccs back in 2 days ago and @ idle my car has a lumpy sound almost if i have aftermarket cams, i dont know if bigger injectors are supposed to do this or if im not compensating for them enough....i have my MAFT 1.3 set @ 4 for 550ccs and...
  22. gstspyda97

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    hey mark, yea i bought the MHI from, it was 569 plus 124 for porting and the larger flapper and then another 20 for gaskets, i saw the GT from and said :notgood: , i also deleted the CHRA 18g out of the picutre b/c i would still have been using a 6cm turbine...
  23. gstspyda97

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    yea ive heard that a coupld of times spyderT, so i think im just going to order a EVO316g from Extreme get it ported with the 34mm flapper and some gaskets...thanx guys for all the quick responses...ill post back up when i get everything bolted on and the 500 mile break in :cool:alex
  24. gstspyda97

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    can i use the stock 2g Manifold and stock 2g O2 Housing on this turbo is the other one i was thinking bout getting...
  25. gstspyda97

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    so last night my 14b seized on me, but everything was in good condition but he wheel will not spin, etc most likly due to a hot shut down or oil starvation due to a small oil leak on the oil feed line, which i ordered a new line and bolts on Wednesday and im still waiting for them but now im...
  26. gstspyda97

    Whatup...newb here.

    get some pics of the TSi showing the SRT off :cool:
  27. gstspyda97

    turbo timer?

    check ebay i got my greddy turbo timer and HKS harness for like 80 dollars(together from diff dealers) the greddy can be mount on top of the steering wheel hub or if you have a aftermarket cd player or the cd player that came stock with just the CD and not the tape it can go into the cubby hole...
  28. gstspyda97

    fuel injector install probs

    update:alright i took off the B&M FPR and put on my stock 2g FPR now my car is running much better(full boost by 3100(17 psi) and not one stutter :D i zeroed my maft out also, its still wet here and im FWD so i cant get traction if i do a 2nd or 3rd gear pull :tease: , but as soon as it...
  29. gstspyda97

    fuel injector install probs

    yea i figured my tuning would be a major problem with it :shhh: so the ever famous question ill post some logs and then can you guys give me a lil help on where my maft BASE,IDLE,MID and WOT settings should be im still really new to tuning :thumb:alex thanx for all the quick responses...
  30. gstspyda97

    fuel injector install probs

    5% LTFT, -1 STFT but it moves during accleration, let me do a better log and ill come on here with a good post thanx for the quick response btw i have a B&M Gauge, i just didnt have light to put it on so i should prolly do that :tease:alex
  31. gstspyda97

    fuel injector install probs

    hey guys hows everyone doing?today i installed my lucas 550ccs, my car runs fine at idle but i also installed my B&M FPR which was set @ 43 psi according to the fellow tuner i bought it from, so i started trying to tune my MAFT with the 550ccs, but when i went to compensate for the injectors...
  32. gstspyda97

    Good Set-up???

    yes i would also like to know if this is a good setup, ive been debationg on this for a awhile now, i posted on DSMTalk but didnt get much replies except i need a bigger turbine housing,i have a 14b right now and in the article of the 18g CHRA it says you can use the 14b housing and wastegate so...
  33. gstspyda97

    Would this be a good enough FMIC for me?

    why not buy a intercooler, the 8" model, they make a core that has endtanks that make short route piping very easy for a 1g and it has a 34 page Thread with nothing but great reviews, there are no actual number from it, but your link does not either, id go with something...
  34. gstspyda97

    broken convertible top [Merged 5-7] Spyder convert vert

    i know this is a longshot but check in the trunk to see if it is on manual or automatic, my car did the same thing before i bought it all the windows would go down but the top would just humm and not go back....just saying try the simple things before you try the expensive things :confused...
  35. gstspyda97

    95 GST not able to idle

    i know this is the wrong forum, but its not my car and i might buy it, but i figured id just put it in the hang out since its not my car and everything, i was also helping to see if this was a good deal considering the problems and you all have shown that it would be a good deal thanx :thumb...
  36. gstspyda97

    95 GST not able to idle

    wuts up guys i found a 95 GST in somewhat beat condition but with a lil lovin it would be one nice ride b/c its only 1000 bux and ive got the cash and seriously thinking bout it, but the only problem is that it wont idle, when you start it you have to keep on the gas a little bit but i drove it...
  37. gstspyda97

    2 BOV's one turbo???? Anybody Explain this?

    venting not one but two :eek: i wonder how much bogging he recieves from that :barf:
  38. gstspyda97

    Dejon Tool Like couping

    does any one know where i can get the coolant hose that comes with dejontool pipes? ive looked but have had no luck? just a link to some nice couplings even could help,ive looked @ slowboy and ExtremePSI, there kinda expensive for just couplings, if ne one has any clue where to get decent 2.5...
  39. gstspyda97

    while under boost

    ive heard the pacsetter mani cracks very easy, maybe you have a bad exhaust leak from that, if so i would suggest go to slow boyracing and buy the EVO3 mani or find a 2g and nicely port it out,if this is the problem, im just saying if the mani is cracked
  40. gstspyda97

    Post your fastest Forza vehicle here.

    ive only got to level 15 and so far my Talon is still my best car, 10.6 in the 1/4 milebut i just bought the STI, try that outalex
  41. gstspyda97

    injector comensation and turbo upgrade ?

    ok so right now i have a 14b with all supporting mods except injectors, but im going to be upgrading to a bigger turbo over the summer, 18g or something higher, now i want to get 650 injectors i have both the SAFC2 and MAFT, would the MAFT be able to compensate for the 650cc? i heard that the...
  42. gstspyda97

    Fmic piping build here the guy later on(boostedquest) showed and named all the bends he used for his 1g side-to side, thats if ur not using the backdoor setup :thumb:
  43. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    ok guys thanx for everything, i got the boost leak tester i built it @ work(lowes :thumb: ) but by the time i got home it was dark so ill get back at everything tmrw after classthanx guys for all your help even though i was the newb :tease:edit: what type of couplings do you guys use...
  44. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    yea, i havent went WOT yet, and i still plan on making a boost leak test, but i also think me and my dad may have cut the pipes a lil to short, thanx for the input on everything and sorry for not doing a boost leak test before coming on here guys :coy:
  45. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    so could i have recieved a faulty front mount intercooler, because i know for sure everything is hooked up nice and tight for it to @ least build boost, but it wont it just blows the pipe off on the driver side end tank, i can snap pics tmrwalso could the wastegate position or fuel have ne...
  46. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    i know i should have done a boost leak test before i even came on here to complain, but ive tightened down every clamp, every which way i can and i hear no boost leaks that shold be extemely major and my vac idle is the same as before so i figured id come in here and ask, i mean thats what this...
  47. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    everything is connected tight, but sure enough im going to tighten everything back up and build a leak down tester, i was just mad @ the situation when i typed that last one you have yo understand all the things ive tried and how long this process has taken, thanx for the inputalex
  48. gstspyda97

    car wont build boost after FMIC

    ok so i finally get my JRC FMIC on and i take it for a spin to see if i have ne small boost leaks and as usual(after ive done a mod) my car will not work in someway and there is something not letting it build boost @ all! it does but once you get to a certain point it just bucks and backfires...
  49. gstspyda97

    My new DSM!

    2GB talon=pure sex im trying to buy Dejontools AWD talon, its 2gA i think if get it im going to try and find the pieces for a 2gb and do the swap nice looking car btw GL :thumb: :rocks:
  50. gstspyda97

    johnny racecar's fmic, who has one?

    so if the bend is weird, would this interfere with it holding to the coupling!? i can go snap a pic real quick
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