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  1. ISC Assembly Thread - Rebuild your own ISC!!!

    DSMaddictedI work for a Dodge and Hyundai dealer as a tech. I have worked on these cars for many years. I have also had 5 DSMs.CraigB
  2. busted end clutch? or blown tranny

    It is more than your end clutch. If it was just your end clutch you would not have overdrive. The other 3 gears would work.
  3. ISC Assembly Thread - Rebuild your own ISC!!!

    I new ISC should last for about 4 or 5 years. One of the main reasons that they fail is the seal between the FIAV and the throttle body will leak coolant on the ISC and short it out. Anytime you change a ISC you should change the seal.You can also get a ISC from Hyundai for about half the...
  4. No Reverse

    On the top of the tranny you have your selector shaft where the 2 levers interlock to move the shaft up and down. You should have a white plastic block if the block is cracked or missing this could be your problem. If that block is in good shape you probally have a internal problem.
  5. transmission ?

    Yes you could make it work but the tranny is weak and you would have to use a n/t clutch also. Don't try it
  6. JDM Tranny-no electronic speed sensor...

    The speed sensor can be unscrewed just like a speedo cable. Just remove yours from your current tranny and put it on the new one.:thumb:
  7. greddy e-manage

    Look into the yahoo e group for the emanage you can find detailed instructions there.
  8. IAC and IAC the same thing? (Merged)

    Yes it is the same thing AIC Chryslers name. ISC is Mitsu's name for it
  9. 3kgt throttle body

    Yes it should work the install would be basically like installing and 1G n/t throttle body.
  10. Transfer case recall

    Yes they by law have no choice but to complete the open recall.
  11. Can i use this transmission???

    I have a awd tranny in my fwd. You need to remove the v/c and weld the center diff. Also weld a plug in the hole for the output to the transer case. That is about it. I have a 2G tranny so I had to change a few other parts but no big deal. The awd tranny is alot better.
  12. just put in cams.....

    I would double check your cam timing
  13. Tranny whirring noise 3rd, 4th, 5th gears

    You can just replace the main bearings without rebuilding everthing. If you just keep driving it you can cause other damage.
  14. Low base fuel pressure

    fpr? does that mean fuel pressure regulator? If so it should be adjustable and you could just reset you base fuel pressure.
  15. just put in cams.....

    What is your base idle at after the cam install? With a auto trans I would set the base idle at 850.
  16. Tranny whirring noise 3rd, 4th, 5th gears

    It is probally internal bearing noise. Bearing failure is very common in mitsu trannys. I would also make sure your transfer case is full. Check the yoke make sure it is not leaking.
  17. change hub & bearing w/o puller???

    Yes you can use a press. Even if you used a puller for the hub you would still need to press the bearing out.
  18. Sheet Metal Intake Manifold Install....?

    Most of the flanges for the intakes do not have a hole in them for the EGR. So the flange would block it off. Can you post a picture of it?
  19. I hate DSMs! Electrical Problems. [Merged 2-9]

    Do you have a multi-meter? If so set it to ohms and put one probe to body ground and the other probe to each wire. Every wire should read open the meter should not display anything unless you check the ground circuit. If one of them displays anything on the meter you found a short to ground. Oh...
  20. Intake Manifold Vacuum Pressure

    Ok is this a reading from the cars map sensor or a boost gauge? Is this at idle or cruising speeds?
  21. I hate DSMs! Electrical Problems. [Merged 2-9]

    What you need to do is start at the fuel pump. Disconnect the fuel pump and the turn on the key if it blows a fuse it is not the fuel pump. Then just work your way up to the fuel pump relay disconnecting and checking to see if you still blow fuses. It will be easy to find if it blows fuses every...
  22. More fuel will these 550s work

    Well I plan to run a T3/T4 60 trim at 24 psi it is not the largest of turbos but I think it will produce plenty of power. I might also upgrade to a GT-35. I'm not afraid of tuning idle problems I just not going to pay more money for them, 720s are over $400. I have well under 300 into this...
  23. What injectors

    I have a 60 trim and I run 4 550s and 2 450s as sub injectors. The 720s would be a pain to tune at idle and low end. If you just want to run 4 injectors then run the 660s.
  24. Boring out TB

    It would be a waste of your time to bore a 2G TB. A 1G throttle body stock is 60mm. I have a 64mm TB on my car with a large turbo I don't think it would make much of a difference with a T25 with no other mods.
  25. Timing Belt Broke, ? about pistons

    Those are not that bad I have seen alot worse and the car ran fine after the valve replacement. If you do not have the money for pistons and a rebuild I would just replace the valves.
  26. Equal Length Tubular Exhaust Manifolds

    If I had to guess I would say about 300-400. I could feel a difference right away.
  27. Equal Length Tubular Exhaust Manifolds

    I have a manifold from I just got it from a friend that ran it for about 6 months on the street. I inspected it for any cracks found 0. My friend was told by the owner of turbo performance that if it ever cracked he would replace it free of charge. This manifold is very...
  28. More fuel will these 550s work

    Propane would work well but I do not really want a extra tank for it in my car.I know the intake on our is not made to be a wet manifold but I think this will work well. I know that it would be better to place 4 more injectors in the runners. I do not want to pay for a AEM or a Haltech to...
  29. More fuel will these 550s work

    How would water injection work well on our cars t if it is also put into the intake. Would it not pool?Here are some links to cars with sub injectors. don't see how...
  30. TPS with 75MM TB and ECU

    You don't want your tps to read 0 volts at closed throttle. It should read between .5 and .75 volts. Any TPS that is a 5 volt TPS which most are will work.
  31. More fuel will these 550s work

    I will install a egt sensor in each runner of my manifold to see if this is true. Should be able to have it done in a month I will let you know if it is a fact.Or if anyone on this board that already has a emanage or another way to control them and has 4 egts I will give them one of these...
  32. More fuel will these 550s work

    I have them installed in my car so far no problems. I don't think it is possible for the fuel to "pool" under boost. I don't think the fuel would "pool" at idle. The injectors spray a really good pattern.
  33. anyone running a greddy E-Manage?

    You can control 4 high impedance injectors or 2 low impedance injectors. I just added 2 low impedance injectors on my car. I'm still in the testing stage but it looks really good.
  34. t3/t4-what fuel management system to use?

    The e-manage has injector drivers in it you do not need to fool the ECU for more fuel. Also you can add 2 more sub injectors.
  35. More fuel will these 550s work

    Well I do have 4 550s in the car. I just found that it is a pain to tune the car at low boost or Idle with really large injectors along with a high flowing fuel pump. Also the e manage can control them so why not.
  36. More fuel will these 550s work

    I just got this made I want to know what you guys think. I'm going to use the e manage to contol them. BTW if you can't tell it is a throttle body spacer...
  37. T3/T4 question..

    No it is not a direct bolt on. As far as the injectors go it would depend which t3/t4.
  38. Balence bearing removal?

    I've done it before but is no fun. It took about 4 to 5 hours on a lift with air tools. You do not need a slide hammer to get them out. The front one comes right out. For the rear one just flip the balance shaft around and knock the bearing out. To reinstall the bearing use trans gel or thick...
  39. would this work? (transmission ?)

    I'm pretty sure you would need the axles from the 93 also. I'm not sure what date they changed them.
  40. 1g n/t intake and trottle body

    Well if a 2G elbow which you can fit inside a n/t TB makes a difference on a 1st gen. I'm sure that the switch to a n/t throttle body would make a difference.
  41. 1g n/t intake and trottle body

    The throttle bodies are not the same but you can use a n/t TB on a turbo car.
  42. How do I know spline count?

    You can pull the transfer case and count the splines. I think you would have a 22 spline.
  43. Auto Tranny Help NO one knows

    Zac83 Limp in mode is 3rd gear both solenoids are off for 3rd gear.And I would not put a TCU in it until you find out what the codes are. It would be best to check the outputs of the pulse gens with a scan tool. I see alot of pulse gen problems because of the connectors. You can bend the...
  44. removal of valve springs

    You can get adapters from snap on and matco ect.. If you just want to remove the valves you can use a deep socket and a hammer to remove them just watch out for the valve keepers.
  45. looking for Garrett 4 bolt 3" o2 housing

    You can make it yourself for alot less. My buddy said that the throttle body flange from Road Race will bolt up to the 4 bolt Garrets. All you need is that flange and 2 u bends oh and o2 bung.
  46. Eat your heart out MIII, you too Enzo!

    Correct me if I'm wrong here. Doesn't the KM series tranny lock up the converter in every gear already? And it never goes to a 100% lockup. I was told in training that the dcs was on a duty cycle. Now I have not watched it while driving to see what happens when it shifts.
  47. Eat your heart out MIII, you too Enzo!

    We have only been able to flash program TCU's on Hyundais since 99. Before that we just replaced the TCU's.
  48. Eat your heart out MIII, you too Enzo!

    The TCU would need to be reprogramed to change shift points. The TCU looks at the TPS, pulse generators and VSS for input on when to shift.
  49. code dont make sense

    It means your cat is smoked efficiency is low. The only time I ever see this code is after a car has been mis firing for awhile.
  50. Eat your heart out MIII, you too Enzo!

    I've done it before and shifted at high rpms it was a little harsh. But this was also at full line pressure.
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