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  1. For Sale 1990 eagle talon tsi awd part out

    Turbo kit, tranny, link ecu, engine and internals sold. Clutch, injectors and intake manifold are still available.
  2. For Sale 1990 eagle talon tsi awd part out

    Shell is gone;-) Hypertune intake manifold with throttle body for 6 bolt head-850$ ID2000 injectors with aem fuel rail-550 Link g4+ ecu specifically for 1g and vr4 dsm with ethanol content sensor and harness-700$ will also include 4 bar map sensor OMNi Xona xr7864 vband tial with Afab exhaust...
  3. For Sale 1990 eagle talon tsi awd part out

    Photos of intake manifold and radiator included.
  4. For Sale 1990 eagle talon tsi awd part out

    Driveshaft and RTM fuel sending unit and lines/filter sold.
  5. For Sale Snow performance and Hydramist water methanol kits

    100$ for the snow performance 240$ for the hydramist
  6. For Sale Eagle forged 88mm crank

    price drop to 375!
  7. For Sale Eagle forged 88mm crank

    For sale used crank out of my 2l 6bolt with under 5k miles on it with no scoring or any issues whatsoever! Not going to use it at all, as I am planning to either sell everything out or stick with stroker only-375$.
  8. For Sale 1990 eagle talon tsi awd part out

    Thinking of selling most of the stuff out of my 1990 eagle talon which is a 6 bolt with 3 bolt rear lsd. Most of the parts have MAX 5-8k on them. Hypertune intake manifold with throttle body for 6 bolt head-850$ ID2000 injectors with aem fuel rail-550 Link g4+ ecu specifically for 1g and vr4 dsm...
  9. 1G Manley TT weight significance?

    I am really fond of h tuff plus from Manley but they only make it for 7 bolt and that would have been my go to. Those of you guys that have Manley TT are you using standard bolts or 625 for higher rpm? Like I said 8300rpm in stroker and about 750whp is all I am looking for and also I want to buy...
  10. 1G Manley TT weight significance?

    Ok so I am in the process of finally making the decision to order rods Manley TTuff but the weight per each is almost 700g. I also just ordered HD wrist pins from trend performance and each pin weighs 140g. To put it in comparison old eagle rods were 569g and previous wrist pins were 91g each so...
  11. For Sale Snow performance and Hydramist water methanol kits

    Shoot me an offer, won't be using them at all.
  12. For Sale Snow performance and Hydramist water methanol kits

    I have 2 water meth kits that I won't be needing anymore. Snow performance kit that's missing the line from the tank otherwise was used with windshield washer fluid reservoir-110$ Hydramist dds v8 methanol kit with all the lines, gauge and 2 spray nozzles, with junction box and 5l bottle...
  13. 2G Xona Rotor Turbochargers

    Ok bad news in, head gasket decided to give in after very hard driving over the past month. Started with freeze plug by power steering blowing all the coolant on the highway with very hard acceleration and then over time slowly consuming or wasting engine coolant. At first the loss of coolant...
  14. For Sale 2g intake tube with filter

    I have for sale 4inch aluminium intake tube in good condition with filter no maf. 130$ plus ride and PayPal fees!
  15. Sold Fueling stuff

    Price drop to 350$ includes everything listed minus ethanol gauge.
  16. 2G Xona Rotor Turbochargers

    Ok good to know! It's just I have noticed that the gasket looks to be stockish and we are already at 27 psi so wanted to be safe.
  17. 2G Xona Rotor Turbochargers

    Hmmm that dyno reads very low. Same car that dynod 550 trapped 139mph and 142is quite possible. I am kind of afraid to be honest plus that 550 is already scary lol. Also you think MLS or stock head gasket in case I want to go to 32psi after rods?
  18. 2G Xona Rotor Turbochargers

    Turbo hits 21psi at 4100 about 300rpm later than 35r but it carries its way nicely and that's with 82ar vs DSM exhaust housing.. 476whp at 24psi on e40 and 548whp on e65 at 27psi. Left off on that due to H beam eagle rods. This is my 2cents on xr7864
  19. 2G Xona Rotor Turbochargers

    I have xr7864 and I can definitely say that it's quite a good quality piece on the outside especially center piece. Rest looks like gt35r or hta86. I got vband for simplicity I guess to remove etc but didn't realize it's pricey for vband flanges and vband clamps:-). I will get it dynod soon so...
  20. Sold Fueling stuff

    Price 470$ all in with shipping and pay pal fees! Not going to separate it at this moment since shipping it is time consuming and cost prohibitive to USA unless you are willing to cover it and pay a bit more. Ps the vent pod/cluster is already sold where the e85 sensor mounts. Thanks
  21. Sold Fueling stuff

    Pic attached
  22. Sold Fueling stuff

    Walbro 450 e85 pump, aeromotive fpr with gauge and all the fittings and lines to ethanol sensor and ethanol gauge innovate. Fuel rail with 6an fittings on both ends, along with aeromotive 12345 e85 compatible fuel filter and all the fittings to make it work with either stock line or remove the...
  23. Sold See other add

    Gt35r dbb with dsm exhaust housing and dsm manifold hacked for 50mm turbosmart pro gate with 19lbs spring. Will come with lines and dump pipe. No leaks whatsoever and made 430whp on 22psi on mustang dyno. 840$ usd plus shipping and fees.
  24. Sold Aeromotive fuel filter e85 compatible

    Aeromotive 12345 10micron fuel filter with female and male adapter and fitting to work with stock fuel line. 5k of use max and at 50%ethanol-90$. Also have e85 walbro 450fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator with innovate e85 sensor, lines and gauge-300$
  25. Sold Afab vband mani and other misc items

    Also have 1650fic injectors matched and brand new seals from fic with flow form and e85 gauge and semsor with 10mic filter and all the necessary connections along with fpr-offers considered.
  26. Sold Afab vband mani and other misc items

    Brand new afab vband bottom mount mani with provision for 44mm mvs wastegate-700$.Ps decided to keep the turbo for now.
  27. Xr7864 and gt35r

    After much research it looks like it will need to be machined slightly on the exhaust side housing after speaking with fp for those who are interested on using xr7864 with gt35r exhaust housing. Thanks all
  28. Sold AFab exhaust manifold

    I just spoke with AFab and Exh housing can be made to your specifics and so can the wastegate. Please let me know specific ones you are looking for and we can go from there
  29. Sold AFab exhaust manifold

    I have brand new archer fab manifold incoming, bottom mount with tial vband and for tial 44mvs wastegate. Can do 750$ shipped to your door if in US since the manifold is still at af. Please let me know if you are interested and I will get you in contact with them. Cheers
  30. Archer Fab Summer sale [now closed]

    Order in! Thanks Again:-)
  31. Battery/starting issue

    Definitely, hooked up a new battery when i had same issue and starts without a hesitation now;-)
  32. Xr7864 and gt35r

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of clarity on this one. I have purchased xr7864 with vband in and out and decided to get different manifold now instead of vband. I am going for t3 so would have to change the exhaust housing on the turbo. What I was wondering are the xr7864 and gt35r exhaust housing...
  33. Sold Aeromotive 12345 fuel filter

    Have brand new aeromotive 6an both ends fuel filter black in color, ethanol compatible still in packaging. 110$ or trade for something interesting?
  34. Seats: Corbeau vs Cipher

    I have a4 in my talon and I am 6.2 and 200lbs and they fit pretty good and still give me about 4 inches of head room roughly. Dont know what brackets and rails are attached to them though.
  35. RM Racing 2G Rear Sway Bars Interest Thread

    How much stiffer is the rear one btw? Does it have different setting or just one? Thanks
  36. RM Racing 2G Rear Sway Bars Interest Thread

    I am in for rear and possibly front! Cheers
  37. 2G ECM link v3 and boost control

    Alright so at the end i would still have to purchase a boost controller to have several settings and it looks final;-). Just been told by several people in dsm world that my tuner isnt right and ECM can do all of the above no problem. Thanks again everyone
  38. 2G ECM link v3 and boost control

    Lol no FB but will search for him. Appreciate all the input fellows.
  39. 2G ECM link v3 and boost control

    I do have a innovate flex kit which comes with sensor and a gauge. I just thought that ecm link cant change boost only timing when it comes down to ethanol content-I have been told that multiple times by my tuner. I guess would have to look for other tuner:-( its a hussle finding a good one...
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