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  1. what clutch for an all motor setup?

    ok before you say i dont really need a clutch for an all motor setup because i wont be making the power of a turbo, let me tell you that my car has 87k miles on it so i think a new clutch in the near future would be a smart mod. all i need to know is what clutch should i get? i was thinking of...
  2. what color?

    i am looking to paint my 97eclipse black by the next summer. im thinking about going with the same black as on the acura rsx's but i was just wondering if anyone out there has ever seen a really nice looking tone of black on any car that would go good on a 2g. thanks for the help.:dsm:
  3. which BOV is better?

    ok i will hopefully be turbo-ing my car soon and im tryin to decide on which BOV to get. i jus want to know which BOV everyone thinks is better overall out of tha greddy type-s and tha hks super sequential.:dsm:
  4. how reliable?

    ok if youve been in the hangout forum lately then you might have seen my thread about how im about to give up on my rs and try to get a wrx. im not sure if ill be able to get it right now so i need a fallback plan just in case it doesnt work out this year. if im not able to get it right now then...
  5. Is this a Megan DP?

    just to be on the safe side, order the downpipe from megan racing's website.
  6. Attn: Everyone In Florida -setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January

    im willing to hold the meet wherever the majority decides. i have never been to orlando speedway so im not sure how it is but i do know that bradenton is a nice track although the location isnt exactly central for the state.
  7. Christmas Presents

    lol. i just want a nice pet snail :thumb:
  8. what is wrong with my car? Please help me ASAP

    almost 3 weeks ago, my car died on me when i tried to start it and go to work. i had it towed to a shop around here for them to look at it. they cleanend out my tb and my iac as well as replacing the wires and plugs. last night, it started doing the same thing. it hasnt died on me yet but the...
  9. Xbox 360 backwords compatible?

    sweet. im trading in my xbox then.
  10. Attn: Everyone In Florida -setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January

    thats where the last two meets have been held. it seems like we will be able to get over 20 people if the meet is held at speed world and the more the merrier. as of right now, the majority has been pushing for orlando as the meet spot this time around.
  11. Attn: Everyone In Florida -setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January

    ok, as of right now it will be in orlando in early february at Speed World. I will update you all with times and whatnot as i figure that stuff out. feel free to shoot out some ideas regarding time and anything with the event.
  12. Attn: Everyone In Florida -setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January

    whatever the majority wants is fine with me. is there a track in orlando? the meets seem to be better at the tracks. if there is, id appreciate if someone could find me a link to the tracks website if they have one so i can see what date would be best and how much everyone can expect to pay...
  13. Pics of my champagne supernova

    very nice 1g.
  14. Attn: Everyone In Florida -setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January

    I am going to be setting up an FLDSM meet sometime in January, February at the latest. Does anyone have any ideas where it should be held? I am thinking either bradenton motorsports park like the last few meets or the checkers on dale mabry in tampa like our first meet. If you have any other...
  15. Turbo/Intercooler piping for a rs

    lol, thanks brian.
  16. Turbo/Intercooler piping for a rs

    any ballpark figure of what they might charge?
  17. Any experience with the Motorola RAZR?

    a friend of mine has it and she says its awesome. i have seen it and the display is pretty damn nice. definately not a bad deal for 200.
  18. Why are N/T Turbo's So Slow in the 1/4 Mile?

    my thoughts exactly. 13 sec times are nothing to laugh at. if that were the case, stock evo's and sti's would be slow as hell and an srt4 which runs i think a 14.1 stock would be a kids toy.
  19. SS c/f hood

    then buy the hood, put it on your car and take a pic for the rest of us. i really dont think anyone has that hood on their eclipse and if they do, its probably only one or two people who probably wont even see this post. it could look all right if you put it on with a kit that flowed with the...
  20. SS c/f hood

    ass in a can on a dsm imo.
  21. Headers?

    the all motor king has spoken, listen to his wisdom :thumb:
  22. Tokico Setup

    spend the extra money and get the illumina setup. ive had it on my car for 6 months and trust me, it is awesome. the car handles like a dream and the ride is pretty good. the install isnt that bad either, providing you have someone who knows what their doing helping you out and youve got a...
  23. Headers?

    not sure if it has been posted yet in this thread or not but i didnt feel like looking through 2 pages of replies for it. a good header to get for a decent price would be the tsudo header, i think it's a 4-1. you can get them off of ebay for 140 or so.
  24. FLDSM Meet in the near future

    yea it kind of sucks. thats why i always set the meets up in the tampa area because its usually in the general vicinity or within a short drive of most of the dsmers here.
  25. FLDSM Meet in the near future

    its been a while since i last set up a meet and due to some interest that i have seen as of late, i have decided that i will quit being lazy and set up another meet. right now, im thinking sometime in september, maybe labor day weekend. i am open to ideas as to what day to have it as well as...
  26. cat for tsudo system?

    would you consider a test pipe instead of a cat or do you have to worry about emissions? theres a guy on that sells 2.5" test pipes for 45 bucks, his name is xtremers.
  27. 420A UDP?

    UDP = underdrive pulley. get the afx one from howell as siu suggested, its only 120 bucks there i believe. basically, it is a much smaller pulley than the stock one so there is less rotational mass to spin around which allows the power to be created quicker and some power is actually freed up...
  28. The Official SE Florida Info Thread!

    damn i wont be able to make it. april 9th is the day before my bday and i will be busy that whole weekend :dsm:
  29. FS n/a 4g63

    wrong section :dsm:
  30. The Official SE Florida Info Thread!

    as long as there is at least a 2 week advance notice of when the event is gonna be, im down. just need time to request the day off from work :dsm:
  31. Raced A Type R vs 97 GST

    how many lugs on the wheels? :dsm:
  32. Raced A Type R vs 97 GST

    was it an actual type r or just a usdm integra with type r stickers? :dsm:
  33. Doing the unmentionable!

    wow, just wow:dsm:
  34. Does an inch make that much of a difference?

    the biggest disadvantage to a wheel that is 18" or bigger is the fact that you will have more rotational mass and more weight which will slow you down :dsm:
  35. need a quick answer regarding nitrous on a high mileage engine

    thats what i was hoping to hear. just wasnt sure how the mileage would affect me :dsm:
  36. need a quick answer regarding nitrous on a high mileage engine

    thats what i was thinking. i mean i plan on rebuilding it sometime down the road anyway because i am sure i will want to run a higher shot but i wanted to make sure i could spray a 50 or at the very least a 35 shot for the time being. thanks for the quick answer :dsm:
  37. need a quick answer regarding nitrous on a high mileage engine

    ok i did a quick search on this topic but didnt find anything that really gave me the answer i was looking for because most of the people asking this have about 130k or more miles on their cars as is. right now, i have close to 110k. i want to spray just for the nice little power gain i will see...
  38. feb 19th bradenton meet in 5 days

    i think some people from orlando and maybe tampa are meeting up somewhere beforehand but im not completely sure. check, they have a thread about where to meet. ill be at the track probably a little before noon. see you all there :dsm:
  39. feb 19th bradenton meet in 5 days

    the meet is this saturday, check in if you are going to be there :dsm:
  40. The next FLDSM meet is a little over a month away

    9 days till the meet. hopefully its as good of a turnout as it seems it will be :dsm:
  41. Any ROTA Slipstream on a car pics?

    my bad, ill ask him next time i talk to him :dsm:
  42. Any ROTA Slipstream on a car pics?

    his are 16s :dsm:
  43. Any ROTA Slipstream on a car pics?

    here is a pic of them on my buddies gsx. there are more eclipses in the gallery with them, search around :dsm:
  44. Nitrous????

    i think he was joking because he has a 75 shot listed in his vehicle profile under engine mods :dsm:

    theres a meet in bradenton, fl on february 19th. should be a good turnout. there is a thread about it in the meet section or you can pm me and ill give you the info :dsm:
  46. The next FLDSM meet is a little over a month away

    cool with me. the more the merrier :dsm:
  47. The next FLDSM meet is a little over a month away

    not sure. the only thing that keeps me from doing the meet on a thursday, which is when the 6-10 test and tunes are, is the fact that a lot of people have told me its harder for them to make it out on weeknights so i try to make it on weekends instead. if i can get enough interest for a thursday...
  48. The next FLDSM meet is a little over a month away

    thats fine. i realize its a far drive for some people. anyone know of a track that is more central to everyone in the state? :dsm:
  49. The next FLDSM meet is a little over a month away

    hit me up on aim if you have any questions bout how to get there or want directions :dsm:
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