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Search results

  1. daren_p

    Thermal coatings: How well do they hold up over time?

    I had a local company that does ceramic coating do a few items years back (turbine housing, O2 housing, etc) & they didn't stand up too long, started flaking off after a couple summers use. I had Swaintech coat a few pieces (portion of a downpipe, O2 housing, exhaust mani) & it seemed to stand...
  2. daren_p

    2G Big brake kit

    I'm running a TCE kit as well (6 piston w/13" rotors). My advise would be to contact Todd from TCE & get his recommendation depending on your intended use. He's very knowledgeable & will set you up properly.
  3. daren_p

    2G Could I reasonably expect to rev to 9K with this setup?

    Yes, that would be the one. He has added some additional options since I bought that clutch, so I'd probably go with the TZ/B disk instead. I never had any issues but the TZ/FE doesn't stand up to heat as well, so you can glaze the clutch if you hot lap while drag racing, etc. The TZ/B isn't...
  4. daren_p

    2G Could I reasonably expect to rev to 9K with this setup?

    Higher hp fwd's are typically a bit easier on clutches compared to awd's, as with street tires, most of the time you're just spinning tires. My car makes that kind of power & a South Bend SS PP with TZ/FE held the power no problem. I removed the clutch after 35K & it looked in great shape &...
  5. daren_p

    2G Could I reasonably expect to rev to 9K with this setup?

    Revving to 9K is awesome, but when your running a 16g turbo, it will tap out well before then, so there's no point. Depending on what 16g you'll probably be shifting in the 7-7.5K range, any more then that & you'll just be making noise & not going anywhere quick.I shift at 8.5K on my setup...
  6. daren_p

    2G Cam recommendations for my setup?

    For your goals & a broad powerband I'd be looking at Kelford 264's or GSC S1's. I run the Kelford 264's, great powerboand, they have more lift & duration then typical "264" cam's. Their typically about as drop in & go as you can get. The GSC S1's also look like a good option, just after I...
  7. daren_p

    Whats everyone running for a boost controller?

    If it was available when I swapped boost controllers years & years ago, I'd probably be running Link with a solenoid. I never was a fan of the different manual boost controllers I tried, always got large boost spikes, which I was never a fan of. Swapped to an Apexi AVC-R & haven't looked back...
  8. daren_p

    Dsm82hta vs dsm82htz vs xr71-64?

    Might be a little late on this but I've run the DSM 82HTA for a number of years. Spool for me was in the same ballpark as posted above, think 20psi is rights around the 4300 range. Coming from a 3052 think I lost 2 maybe 300 rpms in spool. If your coming for a 3065, you'll probably be pretty...
  9. daren_p

    Lancer Evolution III Intake Manifold

    Curious, where did you order them from & what was their cost? I wanted to change my wires & was looking for the EvoIII NGK wires but didn't have any luck finding a source for them, so ended up going with Magnecor EvoIII wires instead.
  10. daren_p

    2G Has anyone ordered knuckle kit MR325010 or MR325009 lately?

    I'll assume he ment to check with them via email or phone (not just look at their website). This is probably the best answer vs trying to find someone on here, that has recently ordered it (I wouldn't think this to be the case but things can change at anytime).Either that or call/email the...
  11. daren_p

    Teflon fuel line, Carbon lined really necessary?

    I've ran Earl's Teflon lined SS hose from the rail to FPR for probably close to 10 years now. I initially switched because I hated the fuel smell you would get with reg synthetic lined hose. I can't recall if the hose is carbon lined (I'd guess it's not) but no issues here. When I called...
  12. daren_p

    2G GSX rear knuckle upper bushing

    I know I'm late to the party but since I've ran both ES & Prothane, thought I'd give my input. I started with ES, they worked fine except the top rear knuckle bushing, that the OP is asking about. Those failed on my car after one summers use. I replaced those specific bushings with Prothane &...
  13. daren_p

    Just had an Alignment done at Firestone, I am beyond confused

    If it were me, I'd be taking it to a better shop that deals with modified cars.My guess would be either they didn't try to adjust rear toe or they added so many washers to dial out negative camber in the rear, that they couldn't get toe in spec. Like Brian said, will depend on what kind of...
  14. daren_p

    Koni yellow shocks and appropriate spring rates

    I use to run 500F/350R, first day lapping & I knew the front was too soft. I swapped to 700's in the front & the car feels much better now. While I typically seem to only have the car on the road for 3-4 months now, when it is on the road it is daily driven. I don't have any problems with the...
  15. daren_p

    Proportioning Vlave Brake Upgrade

    Without knowing any specs on the Outlander setup, as was posted above I doubt you'll required a larger MC,booster or different proportioning valve for the setup to work properly, the stock 1" awd MC should be fine.I'm running the stock 1" MC with Wilwood 6 piston calipers up front & the Evo...
  16. daren_p

    Resolved Kelfords 272 overkill?

    For 400hp, I wouldn't go with a cam that big, a smaller cam will have a more usable powerband for the size of turbo that you'd typically buy for that type of power goal (ie the car will be faster/more usable). No point in having a cam that likes to make power in the ~5-8K range, when you have a...
  17. daren_p

    Resolved Kelfords 272 overkill?

    What are your plans for the car, what turbo & what power levels? Kelford 272's are a waste on a 16g framed turbo & likely a smaller cam would result in a more useful powerband. If you don't plan on making 500hp+ & drag racing, etc, those cams wouldn't be my choice.If that's the big cam...
  18. daren_p

    brake upgrde

    Lots of options, mainly depends on your goals & your budget. The stock 2g fwd brakes are horrible, if your on a budget, even awd calipers with some better pads are a good option. Then there's the Outlander option as probably the next cheapest option. After that there's Brembo Evo kit...
  19. daren_p

    Resolved Kelfords 272 overkill?

    I have Kelford 264 cams & I run a 35R @32psi daily. The Kelford 272's will be a waste on the T25, they make power where the T25 runs out of steam. So you likely won't see much benefit from the cams, & you'll lose low end power. DSMers usually run big cams because they typically like to drag...
  20. daren_p

    2G Strut that supports 2" drop

    Do you want the care to actually handle or just look "cool"?If you actually want the car to handle better my advise is ditch the 2" drop springs. 2g's have limited suspension travel as it is, I know nothing about your Megan springs, but if their like most other typical lowering springs for...
  21. daren_p

    2G Fixing Rear Camber

    Without even searching, this thread was posted a few down from yours, should have some info
  22. daren_p

    Fuel Injector Seals

    Don't have experience with those, but why not just pick up seals from one of our supporting members, that you know are of proper quality? Checked extremepsi, their $12 for OEM injector fitment.
  23. daren_p

    3G brake master in a 2G

    I was thinking about swapping to a 3g master (the stock 1" turned out to be fine for my setup), & wasn't a huge fan of SS braided lines either. I know bends custom lines, think basically send them in a template & they'll make them for you, also do SS as well. If I ever go 3g...
  24. daren_p

    Install transmission without a lift.

    I always found the subframe to be an issue on 2g's, as it was always in the way to line the tranny back up properly. Then I figured out the engine like to rotate/tilt towards the firewall when the mounts are disconnected (sure it makes matters worse with the front end being jacked up). I...
  25. daren_p

    South Bend Clutch Users Questionairre- looking for updates on everyone's setups!

    *Specific model usedPressure plate type: SS Disk type: TZ-FE Specific model flywheel used: ACT Streetlite Chromoly Duration of usage AND mileage on clutch: ~20K miles Power levels and Drag ET's/MPH if available: Daily power levels ~500-550 (haven't dyno'd or dragged in a long time...
  26. daren_p

    forced performance exhaust manifold blanket off ebay?

    My FP mani is Swain Tech coated & I've run it with one of these blankets for a couple summers, no issues here, so far.
  27. daren_p

    2G AWD steering knuckle compatability

    Correct, it won't matter for you & for others, the knuckles will work for either setup. The knuckles are the same except the factory non ABS cars are normally missing a hole where the ABS sensor gets installed on ABS equipped cars. If your car has ABS, you install the sensors, if you have a...
  28. daren_p

    Sent to State Ref, who's been there? (Cali)

    Your friend in the BRZ also didn't have a front plate. They like to pick easy targets. They may still target sporty cars but if he had a front plate (& the car wasn't modded externally), they likely would have gone for someone else.I spent years being targeted with my old Apexi N1 exhaust...
  29. daren_p

    Replacing outer tie rod without doing wheel alignment?

    Why do you not want to do an alignment, because of cost?If so what do you run for tires? If its any kind of performance tire, a replacement will likely run more then the cost of an alignment, if you kill it due to not being aligned properly. And thats not factoring in if your awd & should...
  30. daren_p

    Sent to State Ref, who's been there? (Cali)

    I would say you screwed yourself LOLDon't run illegal parts that are easily spotted or missing a plate. That just gives the cops a reason to pull you over. They'll sometimes pull you over for no reason, but don't give them a reason to, if you don't have too ;)
  31. daren_p

    2G Which tires do you guys recommend?

    What kind of mileage do you do in the summer? My current set of tires are Kumho XS which would be in the "max performance" series of tires. I only drive my car in the summer, probably got right around 30K miles on this set (that includes one lapping day that probably took 3-4K out of the tires...
  32. daren_p

    New Brembo rotors won't fit.(Rear)

    Either their not the correct rotors, or you didn't adjust this geared wheel properly. What okm12346 posted should adjust the parking break shoes.If the old rotor is off, you should be able to see how it works, as you turn the gear, it expands/contracts a threaded rod sitting between the...
  33. daren_p

    2G Which tires do you guys recommend?

    Of your 3 options, I'd probably go BFGoodrich, but if I was chosing a tire I probably wouldn't go with any of those options myself. If you want to stay in that price point, there are likely better options. What are you looking for, most performance, tread life, a mix of something, etc.
  34. daren_p

    where to $ avid motor mounts

    Based on different stories I've heard in the past, I'd deal with one of our supporting vendors instead of direct.
  35. daren_p

    Lets talk Difs.

    You 100% sure on this? I haven't taken mine apart but it seems like all the guys on the Evom board were talking like in stock form, its 1 way & they had it swapped to 1.5 way (if it does come as a 1.5 way, that's great, I'd prefer that over a 1 way).I haven't taken mine apart yet, but from...
  36. daren_p

    Lets talk Difs.

    Canadian_CD9A, think your description is pretty good but for the rear, oversteer instead on under (2 way in the front will understeer).Also, just thinking in my fwd winter car, if I try to take a corner & the car wants to understeer on the snow/ice, first thing I do is yank the ebake...
  37. daren_p

    Lets talk Difs.

    Have a question, when talking about rear diff's, what are the real world differences between them? I understand the difference between how a 1, 1.5 & 2 way operate but what does this mean in the real world as I've read conflicting info.It seems the majority say, vs a 1 way a 1.5 will get...
  38. daren_p

    Timing belt tensioner advice

    Re-adjust so you can slide the grenade pin in & out. Its more important that the tensioner is set correctly, not the tensioner pulley.
  39. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    We've been way off topic for awhile now Scott, but I already got my answer & this is in the Road Course section, so figure, what the hell :tease:If you look at my profile, you'll see the car is already fairly well built for lapping (does have some downfalls for parts that were purchased...
  40. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Oh, I'm well aware of the driver mod & that this one still has a lot to learn :D The car was built to be a fun, summer, street car (jack of all trades, king of none).My car isn't the typical DSM build, my buddies were shocked that I actually went out & "beat" on the car a bit. I wasn't...
  41. daren_p

    FP Turbos

    Keep in mind, when reading reviews online, its typically only the people who have bad things to post that bother to do reviews. Most of the time, all the happy people say nothing, so you don't get a true view.Current turbo is from FP, turbo before that was from FP. I've ran my current...
  42. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Am I missing something, what is supposed to be the point of this reply?I knew all of these would be issues before I even went out. I went out for fun, the car was not purpose built to lap, otherwise I would have gone a different route from the start. No point in building a lapping car to...
  43. daren_p

    Cam gear choices

    When I built my motor I bought a set of AEM gears (believe still their current style, different version from the ones posted above). They were great except when I went to put on my timing cover, they didn't clear. When I looked into it, most running AEM's weren't running covers, which I wasn't...
  44. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    I do have the Wilwood factory big brake kit but for the 2g's, its not really all that "big". My winter plans include a bigger Wilwood kit thats more suited for lapping use. I was just running their BP10 pads, since it was my first outing, thought they'd be fine. Once I got more into it...
  45. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    I've only lapped at Cayuga/TMP so far. Other tracks that are fairly local to me would be Mosport DDT (think I need a lot more practice before I go on their "real" track) & Shannonville.Yes, I found out quickly, you don't need a ton of power, especially when your just learning. I turned...
  46. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Thanks for the input everyone (Jay, sounds like you might know what your talking about :D ).Scott, I was about to place my order for the 700's, based on your advise but then second guessed, not wanting a spring that was too "harsh" in the front for the daily driving the car still see's, so I...
  47. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Back when I bought my setup, something like 5 or 6 years back, 500 in the front was pretty normal. But I know guys have since been running more, I think 600 or possibly 650 may be fairly common now. I know guys have put good milage on them without issues & believe the dampening on the stock...
  48. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Thanks Charles, its been so long since my cars been stock ride height, can't say for sure, but I would ballpark about 1.5" drop. What do you mean by geometry settings, my alignment?I know DG has the spring rate calculator on his site but I don't have/know all that info. I know there are...
  49. daren_p

    Input on Spring Rates?

    Searched the threads on spring rates & didn't find what I was looking for (or threads weren't really answered). I currently have 500F/350R in/lb on my "DG" coilover setup. I finally made it out to a lapping event last year & I'm looking to do it more often now. I know I need more spring rate...
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