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  1. moronthr33

    Crank sprocket stuck

    I always use a prybar to put tension on the back of the pulley and tap on the guide pin the a small chisel and hammer
  2. moronthr33

    Changed my timing belt on the side of the road

    Sounds like your talking about the balance shaft sprocket(i could be wrong tho). Did your balance belt snap off or just the timing belt chew up? If just the timing belt i would check all of you pulleys and make sure there spinning freely.
  3. moronthr33

    Changed my timing belt on the side of the road

    When was the last time the belt was replaced?
  4. moronthr33

    How much more valuable is a car for sale with a Dyno sheet?

    i wouldnt pay any extra for a peice of paper just my 2 cents
  5. moronthr33

    3,000 RPM idle Problem!?!

    Have you tried adjusting the base idle set screw?
  6. moronthr33

    Line going from qg actuator to this right?

    No you vacuum line should not be coming off you wg to your bov
  7. moronthr33

    Quality set of snap ring pliers

    Snap-on for the win!
  8. moronthr33

    95 gst(needle bounces down then goes back up on start up)

    Have you tried a boost leak testAlso you said you replaced you belts? Check to make sure their tight I've seen cars act wacky if the alt belt isn't tight enough.
  9. moronthr33

    how to turn off low washer fluid light?

    Isn't the reservoir in the trunk so how is that cleaning up your engine bay.
  10. moronthr33

    First and only pass of the day- 10.55 @133- auto 6262

    I do believe he's holding the shift controler.
  11. moronthr33

    95Eclipse GSX w/ 92 6bolt.. Misfire..etc

    Looks like your bov is not recerculated but you still have the bov hose comming off the intake snorkle is it plugged?Also you should look for a black top cas since its a hall effect sensor it might help you out
  12. moronthr33

    help! 6 bolt swap in 2g with left over plugs

    CAS harness6 Bolt Motor Install Into a 2G Eclipse
  13. moronthr33

    Bolt-on exhaust and check engine light?

    well if its a header back then its cutting out the catalyst converter which will more than likey throw a p0420 code(catalyst efficency) most people add a spacer to the bung in between the 2nd 02 sensor and pipe to help prevent the code from popping up.
  14. moronthr33


    looks nice man maybe post a link to where you got those gems?
  15. moronthr33

    Bolt-on exhaust and check engine light?

    Off the top of my head a p0455 is a evap system large leak. More likely a bad gas cap gasket or a split or broken evap hose.
  16. moronthr33

    Bolt-on exhaust and check engine light?

    What was the code number? It was prob a evap system leak code that's why they told you to buy a fuel cap. If so could be a crack in one of your evap hoses.
  17. moronthr33

    Shift Knob Showoff

    Lol thread title is a little iffy.
  18. moronthr33

    Is it really this easy to get 300hp??

    Your gonna need a way to tune if your installing bigger injectors.
  19. moronthr33

    Rubber oil and coolant line replacement

    You can also find silicone hose kits that include those hoses.
  20. moronthr33

    Orange Plaid Headliner!

    No I say that because 80% of the v dubs that come into the dealership I work at have this done too their headliners/interior
  21. moronthr33

    Orange Plaid Headliner!

    Looks like a v dub now
  22. moronthr33

    Is this right? Slim fan wiring .....

    i followed this write up.
  23. moronthr33

    4 Motor Mounts for the 420a, but the stores only sell 3 ??

    look im just helping you out here and spoon feeding you the info that you need. if you dont want to believe anyone on here then why are you even asking? i've already explained that the four mounts are as follows 1. driver side motor mount 2. the rear roll stop 3. the front roll stop 4. the...
  24. moronthr33

    4 Motor Mounts for the 420a, but the stores only sell 3 ??

    Well there's one motor mount two roll stops and one trans mount ill look it up nd post hold onthis is the trans mountTransmission Mount | 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 Cylinders Y 2.0L MFI DOHC | AutoZone.comand here's the mounts you foundMotor Mount | 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 Cylinders...
  25. moronthr33

    4 Motor Mounts for the 420a, but the stores only sell 3 ??

    you can get them at any auto parts
  26. moronthr33

    Looking for support from my Dsm brother's!

    voted... whatcha trying to win anyway?
  27. moronthr33

    NEWBIE QUESTION .... sorry How to set base timing?

    ground the pin on link like you said then loosen the cam sensor and turn slowly untill you reach base timing
  28. moronthr33

    Intercooler cover; Like/Dislike?

    Looks ok but won't serve much purpose since its on the intercooler there's no gap between the two objects so kinda pointless until you move it further away
  29. moronthr33

    how tight should brake pads be in the calipers?

    your pads should slide in and out easily otherwise they'll get stuck in the slides and wear out fast make sure your lube them up well
  30. moronthr33

    rpm 3grand you got to do is search the fourm
  31. moronthr33

    Newbie chic with tranny issues?

    Have you checked your slave clyinder? If you pull back the rubber sleeve nd fluid comes out then its bad and needs replaced.
  32. moronthr33

    A/C clutch not engaging?

    Check your coolant level, and what do you mean "in the red" that is most likly your problem. If the system is overcharged or undercharged your a/c will not work.
  33. moronthr33

    Master Clutch

    i believe your talking about the pressure valve in the line. you can remove it by buying a stainless steel line.
  34. moronthr33

    Roof Changes

    I say #3
  35. moronthr33

    2g Counter weight removal.

    Yeah I would cut it where that pic shows it cut and the grind/sand it smooth
  36. moronthr33

    2g Counter weight removal.

    No you can't just remove the whole ARM but you should be able to get it very close to the end there and make sure you sand it smooth so that doesn't happen Agian. Why did you need to cut it in the first place?
  37. moronthr33

    Two problems after replacing headgasket

    ok well that sounds horrible i wouldnt run that anymore. have you checked the crank timing? it doesnt matter if the cams line up if the crank doesnt.
  38. moronthr33

    clicking in front end while going over bumps HELP!

    Have you checked your swaybar end links or your strut mounts?
  39. moronthr33

    Bad idle due to headlights?

    well rewire the gauges the right way put in the right rating fuse and go from there
  40. moronthr33

    Installed dash back now srs light on???

    Well you should make sure all the srs connectors are connected first. Then try unhooking the battery for an hour or so see if that works.
  41. moronthr33


    i doubt there would be a curved 3rd brake light assy out there. Maybe you could take a red led strip and mold it in.
  42. moronthr33

    Electrical Problem

    search for a wiring diagram off google and follow the wires in that circuit look for a short
  43. moronthr33

    Friend Missed A Gear

    i dont really know it wouldnt hurt to check else where have you checked for boost leaks a big spike of boost from downshifting at a high rev could have blown one of your couplers offbut you deff need to adress your poor compression with a leak down test
  44. moronthr33

    Friend Missed A Gear

    yeah your numbers are low but cly #2 on your first test was already low
  45. moronthr33

    New Clutch issue Help!

    so the clutch is not fully releasing have you tried making sure the slave cly will push back in?
  46. moronthr33

    What color rims

    Is go with black or gunmetal
  47. moronthr33

    What is this?

    Stock amp cable
  48. moronthr33

    bad pivot ball or fork?

    Did you check the hydrolic system? Master cly slave cly.
  49. moronthr33

    Low idle and stalling

    A smoke test is ok but what you need to do is a boost leak test to put so pressure in the system. If you don't know the correct way to do this search the fourms.
  50. moronthr33

    oil problem

    How much oil did you use? Did you check for proper level after you let the motor run for a min.?
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