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Search results

  1. Awdspyderman

    90 galant gsx

    Here you go :)
  2. Awdspyderman

    July 25 dsm meet/birthday party

    had a good time man, thanks again and happy b day man.
  3. Awdspyderman

    My DSM life: 92 White Tsi paper weight

    You going to the M.O.D that is happening in the springs ? It's coming up I think in a week
  4. Awdspyderman

    My DSM life: 92 White Tsi paper weight

    104th and melody , small Dsm world
  5. Awdspyderman

    My DSM life: 92 White Tsi paper weight

    Yea that flood ruined a whole bunch of cars! I live in Northglenn and seen all the rain also! Man that was a crazy time. That black cherry talon looked really clean, sorry it got flooded out . I am waiting for one of those to show up locally for sale. Good luck with the build man
  6. Awdspyderman

    2G ISO 97-99 half shaft/intermediate shaft

    Post a pic if you can please , I may have one laying around . I just want to be sure of what your looking for
  7. Awdspyderman

    July 25 dsm meet/birthday party

    I may come by , I just finished up the spyder and got a few miles on breaking in the engine. Can't wait to meet other dsm'ers
  8. Awdspyderman

    97-98-99 Eclipse's...different?

    Thank you black widow! I was wondering when somebody was going to mention that! I have the sliver faced gauges, Also 98-99 have the black ECU.
  9. Awdspyderman


    Don't you love explaining what a DSM is=) Good luck with your build and post pics if you can, love reading about other DSM'ers build.
  10. Awdspyderman

    Resolved How do I machine a Megan o2 housing?

    Heads by Drew machined my stock exhaust manifold, I would think he could do the o2 housing . He only charged me 50 bucks . He has the machine to do that. Good luck man!
  11. Awdspyderman

    HELP!!new motor

    Miller imports , if u want a good used motor . Their great to deal with. If u got the coin to buy a crate motor, check out the vendor reviews on here. Lots of Great vendors around to deal with ! Word of advice DO NOT GO WITH DSM GRAVEYARD! Some people STILL TO THIS DAY think about using them ...
  12. Awdspyderman

    What happen to GReddy exhaust?

    Thermal exhausts are the best sounding for our cars, that's were my money would go. Goodluck
  13. Awdspyderman

    Fuel Injector Seals

    Support the vendors! It's oem parts , extreme psi is the place I have ordered all my parts from . Here's a quote you can remember when it comes to our cars " you can pay now, or you can pay later. Either way your gonna pay!" Good luck
  14. Awdspyderman

    I hate when people part out cars.

    Try going to the junkyard and seeing not 1 but galants there.:/. One was a vr4 and the other one was a gsx :( just broke my heart to see them there
  15. Awdspyderman

    trip to the junkyard today..

    I actually took the badges off a Galant vr4 =( I know its blasphemy to do that but it was going to be crushed and I wanted to save something off of it. I didn't get the dash badge but got everything else. I will start keeping those cupholders from the 1g's next time, I see them a lot in the...
  16. Awdspyderman

    2G FWD Prokit springs on AWD

    I have a set of eibach's FWD pro- kit on my AWD spyder, no real differences I've seen. I reused them because I already had them on my car when I order my tokico 5-way's. Good luck with your koni yellows
  17. Awdspyderman

    95' GS-T Turbo Swap on 95' GS? Is it possible?

    :) here is something that nobody has also told you. You also have to run some type of programable ecu to control your turbo gs, so you have to learn how to read the fuel maps so you can properly tune it. You also have to modify the frame rails in the engine bay to mount the 4g63. So I guarantee...
  18. Awdspyderman

    What do the 1999 Rally Gauges look like?

    Umm I have the sliver faced gauges in my spyder. I am the second owner and bought it it only 60k on the clock so I'm sure it's stock. Maybe your spyder wasn't ordered with them that's all.:/ good luck finding a set :)
  19. Awdspyderman

    98 Eagle Talon AWD 325-350HP Build

    Very clean 98' , she is beautiful. Good luck with your build man=)
  20. Awdspyderman

    AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    LMAO !!!! I did this too! LOL I have a dime sized hole in my carpet =) LOL
  21. Awdspyderman

    my quest for a 90 gsx street car

    Extreme psi ,jnz, these are my favs. There are other great vendors on here BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALLTHINGS DSM, read the reviews for that place first.
  22. Awdspyderman

    my quest for a 90 gsx street car

    Did you read the reviews for the dsm graveyard? Start there!
  23. Awdspyderman

    Laser Gold Edition wheels

    Pictures would help a lot
  24. Awdspyderman

    Crash89s Spyder build!

    7 bolt !!! FTW , been watching this thread and ITS AWESOME!! good luck man hope you hit those numbers.
  25. Awdspyderman

    '97 Spyder gs-t "Sh!ts and Giggs"

    Im sorry but I just read as far as graveyard motorsports and though I would tell you to look at the vendor reviews of said shop before you have them do ANY work on your DSM
  26. Awdspyderman

    Hyundai Valve Cover, what bolts to use?

    Use your bolts from the valve cover you have on now they are the same, only the sonata valve cover uses thicker bolts. Your oem bolts will work , hope this helps :)
  27. Awdspyderman

    I don't know what to do with this car or engine!

    If your not wiling to put the work in to fix it, your better off selling it! Oh yea FYI dropping a 4g63 motor in is not that easy. Don't let them tell u it's easy or strait forward! Also welcome to the world or DSM's :) your ALWAYS going to be working on it . You have to decide for yourself if...
  28. Awdspyderman

    WTT 2g AWD 5 speed + parts for 2g AWD auto stuff

    Im glad those parts stayed in the community=) did you by chance take the front and rear knuckles?
  29. Awdspyderman

    WTT 2g AWD 5 speed + parts for 2g AWD auto stuff

    last week at the LKQ in aurora there was a red 1997 GSX auto that still had the rear end with almost everything but the tranny and motor caught fire damage, im not sure you can use that but you may get the rear for cheap. Just thougt id throw that out there to try and help
  30. Awdspyderman

    Need paint? I got paint! I can work for trade labor or cash (Littleton)

    That's awesome man , I may have you relear my spyder! It's great to know a honest dsm er that does body work.
  31. Awdspyderman

    Buying a 2G gst or gsx

    if the 2G is clean I would travel to another state close by, sometimes that is the only way you will find a great deal. If I'm paying 4 grand for a 2G it better be in great shape and ALL stock, but that is just me. GOODLUCK whatever you do
  32. Awdspyderman

    Awesome Honda KILL

    Nice kill! ;)
  33. Awdspyderman

    97 GST Spyder (AWD Swapped)

    Good to see you didn't quit, Keep going man. One piece of advice, LOWER that thing alittle =) it looks like a 4x4 LOL I also hope to be running this summer, maybe we can meet up in castle rock
  34. Awdspyderman

    Buying a DSM car. 1 of 2 options

    Yea, the waiting game is the best option for you really. If u have to travel out of your town for a clean one, it may be worth it:) I would just keep looking. Don't think u have to settle, a good deal can be had. Another option may be for u to keep your daily and buy a dsm that somebody can't...
  35. Awdspyderman

    Buying a DSM car. 1 of 2 options

    If I were u I would just hold out until a clean turbo example shows, both cars seem like a hassle and if its your daily , your going to be missing a lot of work:) I would read about how to modify these cars right and what it costs to do it right the first time. Than when a stock unmolested 4g...
  36. Awdspyderman

    Rear axles????

    I would read the reviews on DSMgraveyard before u buy from them:/ are you lookin for LSD axels or non LSD axels?
  37. Awdspyderman

    Pick N Pull Concern I have.

    I know the feeling I've seen two VR4 galants, one 98 awd talon and numerous 1g gsx's . I also would love to save them all but then I think how rare the ones I do keep are going to be:) also my wife says I have a problem because I try to hoarde all the parts I can , whether I have the car or not...
  38. Awdspyderman

    Bought another DSM back in the game

    Dam, I'm glad to see you have come back to the dark side:) great buy wish I could get my hands on one of those ( I have two kids)
  39. Awdspyderman

    Restored 1ga GSX wheels

    Great job man, glad to see you clean them up
  40. Awdspyderman

    driveshaft sales

    JNZ sells rebuild kits, I had mine rebuilt with there kit than had a local driveshaft company balance it. total cost was 300.00 & change
  41. Awdspyderman

    is it worth converting a spyder to awd???

    Just an FYI, the auto's and 5 speed drivetrain parts are not interchangable.
  42. Awdspyderman

    Got another dsm after moving to Texas

    I love that movie! I really like the part were hooterson is taking to the guy in the white firebird and that guy says " I saw this in the back of a comicbook man!, 2.99 , right next to the sea monkeys." Classic line. Anyhow also sorry to hear about your family issue's, Hope they get better...
  43. Awdspyderman

    RPF1 17x9 +35 w/ Big Brake Kit

    Dam that thing is pure sex!!!! Love the look =0
  44. Awdspyderman

    98 AWD Panda Spyder

    keep the pics coming man! I love seeing AWD panda spyders =)
  45. Awdspyderman

    is it worth converting a spyder to awd???

    MJ, it's not hard. If i can do it so can you, just follow the how-to on here. The biggest and most stressing part is having all the small bolts & small things you miss if you don't have a donor car. That low of miles you have is something i would second guess also, my reason for cutting up my...
  46. Awdspyderman

    is it worth converting a spyder to awd???

    I do NOT regret my choice on doing the swap, it's the best of both worlds=) I could've picked up a GSX but there is also one major reason i held onto this spyder...... i got married in it LOL. Sooo you know you're a die hard when you get married in a DSM
  47. Awdspyderman

    is it worth converting a spyder to awd???

    if your car wasn't equipped with it, i wouldn't worry about it becuase it may hard trying to find a GOOD working ABS module along with having to connect all the wiring that goes under your dash than run them thru the frame but it's up to you. if the donor car has abs rings on the axles you can...
  48. Awdspyderman

    is it worth converting a spyder to awd???

    if you have to ask, you have never driven in an AWD drop top spyder =) LOL JK . if your worried about moving all that weight...... GET A HOLSET , LOL Good luck either way you plan.
  49. Awdspyderman

    Evo 9 OFH in 2g

    Hey TURBOSAX, i know it's been awhile since you have updated this thread and I've been watching it for the info on the ported/unported data. I also plan to run an EVO 9 OFH. I have to ask what you are thoughts on running the stock lines and cooler? I seen the thread about the cooler you choose...
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