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  1. Ludachris

    CA to check for aftermarket tunes at smog checks

  2. Ludachris

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    Just FYI to those in CA who are about to get their car smogged. If you're going to get a smog check for a tuned vehicle, you'll need to set your tune back to stock before you go for the test - they'll be scanning your ECU for an aftermarket tune - not sure if this applies to both OBD 1 and 2, or...
  3. Ludachris

    Cotton/Poly Blend DSMtuners T-shirts Available

    For those who like cotton/poly shirts, I just recently made the designs below available on cotton/poly "Next Level" brand t-shirts - and there is currently a 20% off discount through our supplier...
  4. Ludachris

    Browse All Freelancer Offerings in the Freelancer Classifieds Section

    The Freelancer classifieds are located in the Classifieds section. Here's a direct link: forum will be used mainly to allow Freelancers to gather market feedback and gauge interest on products they're considering...
  5. Ludachris

    Anyone know the owner of the Mitsu-Media forum?

    The site's down and I find several broken links here on our site pointing to threads over there. Wonder if anyone knows the owner personally. I'd like to get in touch with them.
  6. Ludachris

    New Site Feature New Events Calendar List for DSMtuners

    If you know of any events where there will be a few DSMs on hand, or you want to try and organize a local meet, try using the new Events calendar feature I just set up for the site: things first - be sure to go into your...
  7. Ludachris

    Forced Performance Turbochargers DSM/EVO Spring Breakdown

    Ludachris added a new event:Forced Performance Turbochargers DSM/EVO Spring BreakdownRead more about this event...
  8. Ludachris

    Morrison Fab update 4-27-21

    Thought I'd post this on their behalf, as they're obviously pretty busy:Link to post on FBI would say to reach out and show your support but it might actually overwhelm them a little more. For all those waiting on order fulfillment, just be as patient as you can.
  9. Ludachris

    28th Annual The Shootout

    Ludachris added a new event:28th Annual The ShootoutRead more about this event...
  10. Ludachris

    Anyone have contact info for Terry Wells?

    The same Terry Wells who wrote the "Terry's Talon Troubleshooting Tips #3 - Fast Idle (aka. Idle Surge)" article at ( We have a long-time forum member here trying to get in contact with him. The email address on that page no longer works. PM me his...
  11. Ludachris

    New Site Feature New DSMtuners Apparel Options

    We've had a few requests for some shirts with just the site logo. I went ahead and added the logo to several items - basic t-shirts, cotton/poly blend t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, women's shirts/hoodies, on both light color and dark colors. Simple and clean. Show your support for the site at...
  12. Ludachris

    Blipshift 4G63 shirt
  13. Ludachris

    Blipshift shirt - Tommi Mäkinen get it before it's gone!
  14. Ludachris

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    I urge all automotive enthusiasts out there, if you love cars, PLEASE take 5 minutes to read the linked article and sign the linked petition - yes, this is the same petition many of us signed over a year ago, but we all have to sign it again: EPA is STILL of...
  15. Ludachris

    Cars won't make you happy (cool video)

    Thought this was pretty good...
  16. Ludachris

    Every time we move I say the same thing...

    I never want to move again. We've moved five times over the past 20 years. It's been about 5 years since the last move, from a house we thought we were going to be in for a lot longer, so we accumulated a lot of "stuff". I sold off and threw away a lot and it was still a lot. To make it more...
  17. Ludachris

    Runaway Truck Ramp

    Saw this on Road and Track, had to share.... pretty interesting.
  18. Ludachris

    Discount code for Calendars

    Pick up your 2021 DSMtuners calendar using discount code NOV18 at checkout and save 40% until November 18th. This is the same calendar we've had in previous years, just updated with the 2021 calendar year (and updated the DSMtuners logo on the cover). Enjoy!Place Your Order Here...
  19. Ludachris

    Thank you for your service

    Much gratitude and appreciation to all of the veterans here on DSMtuners (and elsewhere) as we observe Veterans day 2020.
  20. Ludachris

    Sorry For the Downtime

    It appears our server ran an automatic database upgrade that the site software didn't like. It crashed the database. I had to roll back the update and the site should now be functioning as normal. My apologies!
  21. Ludachris

    RIP Frank Sirico

  22. Ludachris

    2020 Prime Day starts today - found some deals for car people

    Prime Day is going on today and tomorrow. I found a few deals that some here might be interested in:GEARWRENCH 1/2" Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench 30-250 ft/lbs: 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack: Heavy Duty Pin Type Jack Stands...
  23. Ludachris

    Photos from the Forced Performance Turbochargers EVO DSM Spring Break Down event

    Over 200 photos from the recent DSM/Evo event that took place at Marion County Raceway can be viewed here: a good DSM/4G63 pics in there.If anyone has photos they'd like to share from the event reply...
  24. Ludachris

    1G Fender braces for 1g and GVR-4 (reduce chassis flex)

    I know of at least one member here who bought a set of these, but wondering if anyone else since has installed them: 1g chassis is already pretty stiff...
  25. Ludachris

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    My 10 year old has been obsessed with getting a turtle for a little while now. She did all the research, got the list of what was needed, and we finally pulled the trigger. With as much as she's been stuck at home the past several months, we figured this was a good idea. She set the new tank up...
  26. Ludachris

    4G63t Lego Kit - Full of Awesome!

    Yes, it's for an Evo, but it's still pretty bad ass! go request a DSM 4G63:
  27. Ludachris

    Shootout 2020 Cancelled - but Alternate Event In Play

    Yes, we're all disappointed that there will be no Shootout for 2020. They tried to make it happen, but in the end it didn't pan out. However, @95GSXracer (Kevin Jewer) is still hosting his 2020 DSM/Evo Summer Event at Marion County Raceway on the weekend of August 15-16 in La Rue, Ohio, for...
  28. Ludachris

    2G Cables back in stock at ECMlink

    Since @twdorris probably won't post this here himself...
  29. Ludachris

    Drivetrain How-To's and FAQs sure to read through articles posted in the section above (preferably before you post a question here) to find solutions to common problems, How-To tips, and DIY write-ups.Here's a particularly useful thread for the Auto Tranny guys...
  30. Ludachris

    Drivetrain How-To's and FAQs sure to read through articles posted in the section above (preferably before you post a question here) to find solutions to common problems, How-To tips, and DIY write-ups.
  31. Ludachris

    Have a great 4th everyone

    Have fun and stay safe!
  32. Ludachris

    Happy Fathers Day

    To all the dads out there, enjoy your day. :hellyeah:
  33. Ludachris

    Someone better jump on these quick

    2GA twisty Talon side skirts:'t see them available very often.
  34. Ludachris

    Any new skills developed during quarantine?

    Figured I'd start a thread that goes against all the other drama surrounding what's been going on. Instead, I'm curious to hear what you all have been doing to improve yourselves while everything is shut down - for those of you that have had the time at least. Has anyone in here taken this...
  35. Ludachris

    Found these in the garage today

    For those who remember... have a couple of each. Even found a a signed photo from Greg Collier.
  36. Ludachris

    Photos of the old DSM legend cars?

    Anyone have good photos of some of the DSM legend cars at the track? Looking for some photos of Shep, Glazar, Rau, Buschur and others. Some launching photos would be great, staging lanes, etc. Trying to come up with some ideas for a project. I searched Google and found some - I'm looking for...
  37. Ludachris

    DSM Apparel Options/Design Requests?

    Most know that we offer DSM design apparel here:'m considering going through and putting some effort into making more apparel options available and maybe adding some new designs. Any requests?
  38. Ludachris

    Scale model builders?

    I have a 1/24 scale 2g Eclipse kit I started many years ago that I might have to start working on again. I was looking through Amazon for another one but couldn't find any DSMs... though I did find some Evos and even an old Galant GTO kit...
  39. Ludachris

    Please Help Out Our DSM Vendors!

    A quick message to remind everyone that this pandemic is going to hit small businesses very hard - it's already started to. I'm hoping all of the DSMers out there who haven't been negatively impacted by this situation can do something to help out our Supporting Vendors - buy something from one...
  40. Ludachris

    Let's see build thread updates - for all who are quarantined!

    If you have some free time on your hands, consider updating your build thread for your DSM, and if for some crazy reason you don't have one posted yet, post one here: as well use the time to share photos, post some updates on new...
  41. Ludachris

    FP Black BB Xona Rotor with 10cm housing

    A new bolt-on DSM turbo from FP.Now if only we could get FP to come back and get involved here on the site.
  42. Ludachris

    Take action for the RPM Act bill

    Help save motor sports and hobbyist racing! If you haven't done so already be sure to fill out this form here: so will send a pre-formatted letter to your state representatives.And if you're a business owner, here are some more things you can do...
  43. Ludachris

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

    Everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
  44. Ludachris

    Anyone tried this Cam Degreeing kit?

    4G63 Cam Degreeing Fixture Kit:"Fixtures are hand tig welded on the cylinder head as a template to ensure 100% accuracy. Complete kit includes Fixture with retaining bolts, three dial indicators, one 9”...
  45. Ludachris

    Automatic Transmission Overhaul Manual for DSMs

    Here's a PDF with all of the info needed for the overhaul of the F4A33, W4A32 & W4A33 automatic transmission.
  46. Ludachris

    World Cup Finals 2019

    It's coming up quick - let's use this thread to discuss and share info about the event, and celebrate the achievements of those DSM and 4G63 friends/family that will be competing! Here's a list I found of a few of the big names in our community that are registered for WCF 2019:Boostin...
  47. Ludachris

    Red Demon takes out Leroy the Savage

    We know Leroy's fans will have a lot to say about it, but that won't prevent a lot of DSMer smiles. :)
  48. Ludachris

    Buy a DSM Shootout Calendar

    If you've been around the DSM community for any length of time you've likely come across the photography of @95talongirl (Mary Beth Kiczenski). She goes to the Shootout every year and captures some amazing moments. With a little bit of coaxing, Mary Beth put together a calendar full of her work...
  49. Ludachris

    DSM in Automobile Magazine

    Just found this on the shelf... had to pick it up. November 2019 issue. It's in their Under Appreciated section :)
  50. Ludachris

    1G Look what Paul is working on...

    That looks pretty bad ass, yet very labor intensive @99gst_racerRoad racers will like this, as it would reduce weight, add adjust-ability, allow for wider wheels/tires, and make things more rigid, just to name a few things.
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