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  1. OstarMotorsport

    2G 2.0 Long rod, & +625 worth the $?

    Kyle,Thank you for the business! Best of luck on the engine build. Hopefully we'll get to see you at the shootout.
  2. OstarMotorsport

    In the 8's

    Looking good. Great 1/8mph!Have you used a different turbo with your current setup?
  3. OstarMotorsport

    THE SHOOTOUT!!!!!- 2015

    Hoping to make it again this year.
  4. OstarMotorsport

    Old school 17x7 Enkei RF-1s perfect condition ( IMV films Black car)

    For sale 450.00 old school RF-1's off the IMV films "Black car" 3 out of 4 tires hold air but they are 7-8 years old and need to be replaced. I prefer local pickup (sanford) but can discuss shipping with potential buyers. Here is a video of the car before it went into a 7 year hibernation.
  5. OstarMotorsport

    Latest project from the Ostar/Real Street Camp

    Latest update guys! This is a back to back we did between the GTX3582 , Precision 6266 and Precision 6266 Gen 2.We worked hard to try to get it to the shootout this year but when heading out for testing we did some test runs and the trans case cracked due to wheel hop. So that pretty much...
  6. OstarMotorsport

    1G Mark's 1G - 5 speed - 8.86 @163.9

    Nice! Car def. has at least an 8.5-8.6 in it
  7. OstarMotorsport

    Where are the OG's ? Who remembers this car?

    If you've been around the DSM game long enough you surely remember this car.
  8. OstarMotorsport

    New Auto record in the books

    Very cool! Congratulations on a great pass and sweet to see you up against the Speedfactory Hatch.
  9. OstarMotorsport

    1st time at track with ppg sheherd racing dogbox!

    The Shep dogbox is a must! =)
  10. OstarMotorsport

    Old test done again HKS 272 VS GSC S2 30hp gain

    GSC is a better cam. We did a similar change on a 2.0L build and the gains were around 30-40 on a FP 3794.
  11. OstarMotorsport

    What race gas is everyone running?

    We have a explored quite a few different types but ethanol seems to be the winner. E85, E98 and Ignite are our choices.
  12. OstarMotorsport

    TalonDave raises the bar in 2013 - 9.20 @ 154.32; 60mm HX40

    Good runs! Keep up the good work. Seems like the drag section has been a little dead lately from everyone getting over the winter season, so this is a good wake up video.
  13. OstarMotorsport

    Latest project from the Ostar/Real Street Camp

    Has not been checked yet but I assume some where between 2200-2400lbs:DI prefer GSC's since they have worked great on a number of setups we have done.
  14. OstarMotorsport

    Latest project from the Ostar/Real Street Camp

    Updated the post with the parts list. Also on the manifold we are not going to be producing it and it was more of a one time deal type of thing.
  15. OstarMotorsport

    Latest project from the Ostar/Real Street Camp

    Here is a glimpse of one of the cars we hope to bring to the DSM Shootout this year. :hellyeah:Here is a vid from the last time the car hit the track a few month's ago. A few changes have been made since them like swapping out the drag radials for slicks ;)...
  16. OstarMotorsport


    We'll be out there again this year with my new Evo Street project. :hellyeah:
  17. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 8 Customer project

  18. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 8 Customer project

    Yeah that was me back in my Honda days :thumb:
  19. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 8 Customer project

    Those were the days .... Back then I was working with CFT and I owned the 99 Civic Si. I had tons of fun with that car and It was my first in the 10's.
  20. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 8 Customer project

    Here was our first full pass this past week to work on our 60' times and then we'll up the boost.
  21. OstarMotorsport

    KrustyDsm- auto 1g [email protected]

    Congrats Vinny! You seemed pretty determined to get it done and you have done a great job. Hard work, good help and some $$$ is the recipe for success.
  22. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 8 Customer project

    Here is a project we took on from a good customer that had a bit of trouble in the past and brought the car over for us to give him a hand in rebuilding it. I am happy with the outcome thus far. We will be testing the car in the 1/4 mile tonight. :hellyeah:Project Y Evo 6765 800+whp Ostar...
  23. OstarMotorsport

    Roll Call List -- WCF at MIR, November 2-4

    Baddest event of the year!
  24. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    Thanks!! :hellyeah: Sometimes you have to think outside the box :thumb:No need to apologize..Heck I'm happy that at least you guys went to us for the purchase. ;)
  25. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    we launched the car around 7k rpm using the ebrake and a good clutch slip :thumb:No rear diff but everything else did break :notgood:Thanks for the comment! :thumb:Thanks! It was good talking to you guys.
  26. OstarMotorsport

    Made 859 whp on my Talon with a PTE 6266

    Congrats! Great job on the setup and tuning. Should be a very fun car and 9's will be in the bag.
  27. OstarMotorsport

    upgrade turbo

    The new Forced Performance 76HTA is bolt on and will yield between 450-500whp with supporting mods. PM me if you have questions.
  28. OstarMotorsport


    You should research the cams specs and shoot for the cam that will yield the best power band and not just a peek number. On your particular setup I would suggest something like a GSC S2.
  29. OstarMotorsport

    ok to run without tune?

    I agree but to fully take advantage of the mods you have made then a tune would be wise.
  30. OstarMotorsport

    17th annual World Cup Finals (Import vs Domestic) at MIR on Nov 2-4

    I don't think we can make it to race since we already took the trip to the shootout but we'll be there supporting.
  31. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    Well guys we reached a limit to what the stock drive train will take. We were able to use the stock axles , transfer and driveshaft up until the 749whp mark... Now with the new found power we could not keep it together. We will go back to the drawing board and upgrade. The motor feels strong! We...
  32. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    Thanks =) its on E98
  33. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    He can do pretty much any car. He's done anything from 900hp+ honda's to 1200hp+ vipers and so on. Not to mention all the shop customers and our own cars. Send me a pm and I will get you setup.
  34. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar Motorsports DSM Pre-Shootout Dyno

    Been a tough 2 weeks and we still have work to do but we finally have one of the cars ready, and we're working on 2 more that need to make it. We changed the block for a built unit and also changed over to a better ignition system. The rest of the setup remains the same. :hellyeah:Big thanks...
  35. OstarMotorsport

    Gt45hhr 45psi e98 1219awp

    Hey Adam let's get moving with that! I'm ready for some vids :thumb:
  36. OstarMotorsport

    Evo 9 on a Fp Red pump and c16

    Hello guys here we have one of our customers cars. Its a 2006 Evo 9 and has a few upgrades like: Fp red journal GSC S2 cams Ferrea springs and retainers Manley h beams Wiseco 8.5:1 .20 over Carbonetics clutch Sheptrans rebuilt tranny 3 inch turbo back stock ecu stock intake manifold...
  37. OstarMotorsport

    Project 818 Turbo question.

    HTA3076 would be great for that platform.
  38. OstarMotorsport

    New turbo or tune?

    I agree you should tune the car first and enjoy what you have purchased so far. The car should feel pretty good on that setup up but only with the right tune. Look around for a reputable tuner and get it done.
  39. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar testing the Green Monster!

    Your right but I just couldn't get it to go straight when I tried going all out. The car has already gone [email protected] and it's just a matter of changing out a few things to get it right and go balls out.Here's the result of trying to go all out:
  40. OstarMotorsport

    Ostar testing the Green Monster!

    Here's a vid of the green monster from this weekend at the local 1/8th mile. On this pass I had to baby it to try to get it to go straight. The car has issues staying on a straight line when pushed to the limit. We'll be working on it in the upcoming weeks to get the car to go all out and use...
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