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  1. Boost Demon

    2G DSM owner In Hawaii

    You should check out the 808Evo and Hawaii DSMers FB pages if you haven't already for info on cruises. Also there was just s GST with a engine issues posted for sale and it had a ton of parts on it, but I missed out.
  2. 1995 Eclipse GSX

    Street Build 1995 Eclipse GSX

  3. Boost Demon

    1995 Eclipse GSX

    This is the Build Thread for 1995 Eclipse GSX. Reply below.
  4. Boost Demon

    2g auto: short route intercooler options

    It's been a bit, but from what I can remember the VRSF kit will work, you'll need to bend the auto tranny dipstick a little, slightly relocate the tranny cooler lines and remount the tranny cooler if still using the stock cooler.Check out the write-up here:sneaky::thumb...
  5. Boost Demon

    evo 4 block with 2g head? RWD set up

    Nice, good luck.
  6. Boost Demon

    evo 4 block with 2g head? RWD set up

    Answer to your 3rd question (and biggest problem): This combo won't work, Evo 1-3 had all timing components on the same side as a DSM, but Evo 4-9 were all flipped around. Basically your cam gears (at the top of the motor) would be on the opposite side of the crank pulley, etc. and nothing would...
  7. Boost Demon

    dyno tuning and machanic work in tampa

    I've met the owner, really cool guy (he has spoken highly of you guys BTW), glad to see it's in "beast mode" now:rocks:.Are there any plans for a race gas/E85 tune for Super Saiyan Beast mode:p:sneaky:?
  8. Boost Demon

    J Pipe Doesn't Fit????

    No, you want to drill out/make the adjustment to the J-pipe holes so that the bolts go right into the turbo at the correct angle.
  9. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    Nice:hellyeah:. If your looking for a brand new 6H wheel or external O2 setup for it , let me know, but either way it should be a pretty fun setup;).
  10. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    Here's Ceddy's website for SD: Speed Density « ceddy.usand here's the thread where he got this going :thumb:(in case you haven't seen it): remember when the description for how much...
  11. Boost Demon

    MBC Issues

    Stock BCS is underneath the air filter, it can be used for gear based boost control in DSM/ECM Link later down the road with a couple of other pieces.
  12. Boost Demon

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    Click on the link at the bottom of "JusMX141" signature, or try Turbo Lab if you haven't already paid a visit to the "freelance" section of the classified section and see what you think, they're both very talented turbo builders we're fortunate to have here:rocks:.
  13. Boost Demon

    GSX Auto/Tampa LQK

    Did you get your carpet out of an Avenger/Eclipse/Seabring out of the Causeway LKQ?
  14. Boost Demon

    First time I've seen fender flares on a 2g

    I would imagine you'd need to get vendor status once you start advertising these.Nice car BTW:thumb:. I surprised myself and actually like your original fenders a bit better, but I can also appreciate your creative thinking on the redesigned versions too:applause:.
  15. Boost Demon

    GSX Auto/Tampa LQK

    I pulled the fuel pump out of it and other than what was already mentioned, theonly other things left were: rear bumper, auto shifter/cables, there's only carpet and front seats, rear plastics. The main stuff like: engine, tranny, head lights, front bumper, dash board, ECU, and TCU were all gone...
  16. Boost Demon

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, I just picked up a low mileage 14b (60k) and was wondering if it would be a good idea to port the step from the hotside even though there's a big crack there?
  17. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    I was fortunate to get a ride in an Evo III with an Evo X FP Green setup and it was amazing compared to my Evo VIII that made about 40 more hp:hellyeah:. He (SN: 94awdcoupe) has a thread on here somewhere about making it work and his impressions. Either way, it's cool to see something...
  18. Boost Demon

    My 1991 Galant VR-4 Restoration and Build #1444/2000

    Car looks good on the dam road :p.
  19. Boost Demon


    If nothing happened, he's in the AF now going through basic training.
  20. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    Yes try to port everything nice and smoothly, you'll likely be able free up some hp and control boost from spiking depending on the turbo. You can start by simply matching up the O2 housing/manifold-to-turbo gaskets and see there's a few areas that can be opened up. And of course there's a few...
  21. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    I thought about getting that shift box, but I decided I'm gonna use a chipped TCU and see how that works (by EFI Specialties)?Maybe a BR spec 20g as your future turbo:sneaky:?
  22. Boost Demon

    Questions for Justin...

    There's a silencer ring installed in your turbo inlet that can be removed and would then reveal the groove you're referring to.
  23. Boost Demon

    Hy35 vs fp3052 vs s256/59

    ^Does it bog down during the launch and was that after leaning it out in DSM Link?
  24. Boost Demon

    2g FWD auto hx40 [email protected]

    Awesome man:thumb:! Your car really smashes down the track:hellyeah:. Do you launch off of the ignition box along with the nitrous? Cool to see the stock wheel wrapped in slicks get'n it done too:sneaky:.
  25. Boost Demon

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    Cool, I think you can get some more out of it, good luck:thumb:!
  26. Boost Demon

    What to use for oil return line

    Holset Oil Drain - The Right Way in HD - YouTube
  27. Boost Demon

    What to use for oil return line

    What turbo? For an MHI turbo upgrade, the stock line works fine in most cases with a little Ultra grey/black RTV (an oil resistant one) and the stock gaskets.
  28. Boost Demon

    Hy35 vs fp3052 vs s256/59

    Not my turbo, but something like this would be perfect and ready to go right now, at a great price. The FP stamp can be seen on the compressor housing as well.$600 Bolt on GT3076R! Help fund my new tool b - DSM Classifieds
  29. Boost Demon

    Pros and Cons of E85

    E85 from the pump is also a seasonal blended fuel in some parts which means that it goes down to E70 in the winter months and then changes back at some point to E85. If you don't check and adjust your tune, you can blow your engine by running your car to lean. To avoid this, folks will order E98...
  30. Boost Demon

    Where Is The Thermostat Located on 2G GST

    Under the radiator cap where the upper radiator hose is next to the head and extends towards the radiator.If that doesn't make any sense, then use this virtual engine bay picture and click on the radiator cap and read the caption that apears:thumb:.Virtual Tour of the DSM Engine Bay -...
  31. Boost Demon

    Automatic transmission track preparation questions

    Would bigger brakes or an Audi vacuum pump be needed for a 20g or something even as big as an FP 3065 turbo? Thanks for all the input on the auto tranny:hellyeah:.
  32. Boost Demon

    Hy35 vs fp3052 vs s256/59

    Buy one of the BB GT30R bolt on turbo's that have recently come up for sale in the classifieds (preferably Garrett) and then put the hotside of your choice on it when you're ready for more power:sneaky:.Turbine Housings
  33. Boost Demon

    DSM Link v3 lean issue.

    What fuel, fuel pump, and injectors are being used? Was the fuel pressure set to 43 psi w/ the vacuum line off the regulator?
  34. Boost Demon

    Zachary Buschur's 2G build, next generation.

    Very nice, I'm sure he got a bit of ribbing from his dad for it not being a 1g:tease:. What are the plans for the car:aha:? The 1g project was [email protected] A$$! as are all the BR cars I've seen, welcome to the community:thumb:.
  35. Boost Demon

    hx35 with ported 2g exhaust manifold

    From Permatex:Nickel: Protects metal parts from seizing and galling at temperatures up to 2400 degree fahrenheit For use with stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys For use under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature Recommended where copper contamination must be avoided...
  36. Boost Demon

    20g - fuel pump; 190 or 255

    Here's some info by Real Street Performance on the Walbro255 in a comparison test against some other pumps, not sure if this helps at all.Fuel Pump Comparison Test : Real Street Performance Engine Parts, Pistons Rods Cams Valvetrain and MoreAlso, here's some flow testing done by the guys at...
  37. Boost Demon

    Small winter build thoughts

    Solid list, but I have a feeling you may need cams to get over the 300hp mark , but it's a good start and should be fun.
  38. Boost Demon

    Quick DSMlink question

    You've got it, once the old EPROM chip is taken out and replaced with a socket, you place the red DSM Link chip into it in the correct orientation.The chip can then be removed at a later time if you choose to sell it and the stock EPROM chip can be put back in place.You can have the...
  39. Boost Demon

    hawver intake manifold on a 2g?

    If you were to go with a 6bolt head swap then you could, but otherwise there's the Evo III intake manifold for the 2g head.
  40. Boost Demon

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    I found this turbo with FP housing, waste gate, and dump tube for an unbelievable price (probably because of the powdercoat color on the compressor housing:p). From what I can tell, based on the number of blades in the compressor and turbine wheels, I believe it's a FP3065, but there's no...
  41. Boost Demon

    best temporary option 14b or 20g

    Not right now and not on that setup, you've got the time and room to grow into it. Once you get that turbo fully supported and get use to ECM Link you'll be ready.
  42. Boost Demon

    97 GSX AutoX/DD sleeper

    Use to love coaching 12-14 year old baseball in that area a few years ago when I was stationed there. Very nice area and wheels too by the way.:thumb:
  43. Boost Demon

    best temporary option 14b or 20g

    Nothing wrong with running the 20g in that housing. Yes it will spool up faster, but you could always get a larger hotside later if needed.
  44. Boost Demon

    RM Racing Sway Bars RMR 5221220 MAPerformance

    Take a look at the Extreme Psi link, it says that the FWD rear sway bar would be smaller than even the stock AWD sway bar which wouldn't be of any use.
  45. Boost Demon

    Has anyone use a Comp Turbo?

    I'm sure they do, but you'll find that folks here prefer FP, Holset, MHI, Garrett, PTE, ect. for a variety of reasons.DSM'ers are extremely critical of the turbocharger they run since it's one of the easiest parts of their setup to change and results speak for themselves; check out the 1/4...
  46. Boost Demon

    4g63 Model

    I think you're talking about this website:hellyeah::Virtual Tour of the DSM Engine Bay - Quadrant mapEdit: Here's the full post from"snowborder714":
  47. Boost Demon

    turning my eclipse into my dreamcar

    You may need a new oil cap or need to double up the oil cap rubber seal. If you do that and you're still getting oil pooling up, you may need to take a good look at your valve cover with the car running and check for cracks, or see where it's coming from.
  48. Boost Demon

    Billet 7075 vented oil caps

    He's also on the Link forums. I haven't used mine, but it's a very nice piece.
  49. Boost Demon

    ECMlink t28 tune, need advice

    On log#4 it seems that right as you hit 100% throttle you see some tip-in/phantom knock possibly. Go to the "ALS/Knck" tab and adjust the TPS percentage up to 15-25%.edit: "WFO-TSi" is right, there are some odd things happening here that have me stumped as well. Under the MAF Comp tab, should...
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