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  1. MJcanada

    Does anyone have the Magnus intake manifold heat barrier gasket installed??

    Sounds like a sensor overheating, cam or crank. Check injector pulse signal and check for spark.If the thermal valve is stuck or you bypassed the coolant for it without turning it in or blocking it off your idle will be messed up.
  2. MJcanada

    2G Wont idle and runs rough. Tried almost everything

    If the problem didn't exist before working on it then likely its something that is related to what was done.Also you have ecmlink and Internet access so you should post a good log capturing all relevant data.
  3. MJcanada

    2G Wont idle and runs rough. Tried almost everything

    Did you check fuel pressure? Isc should not read zero with key on engine off, if it does resync ecm and isc by disconnecting battery for 10 min. If the car stays running with throttle and runs smooth another set of plugs and wires arent going to change anything.If o2 doesn't ever change...
  4. MJcanada

    ECMlink (RESOLVED) No start after LC1 WB install (DSMlink)

    Did you change any other settings besides the wideband pin assignment? Was it running fine prior? Did you change any other parts on the car? Doesn't appear to have a blown sensor ground and ECU shows rpm. However I only see injector duty for a couple very brief periods during start attempt...
  5. MJcanada

    HELP NEEDED - Door swap

    Here is the door diagrams
  6. MJcanada

    Cam Lock

    Found this in America and thought someone could use it.
  7. MJcanada

    Resolved No injector pulse with noid light

    Did you check that your injectors have power? When not firing? Ecu controls ground signal but power should be constant with key on. Verify cam/tdc sensor is actually puling down to zero on the white wire and the black wire.
  8. MJcanada

    Resolved 4g37 anyone have a idea what this could be

    sounds like a fueling issue either by bad MAF readings or low fuel pressure. When it stops being able to start use some brake cleaner, spray in the intake and see if it starts if so its a fueling issue, Bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, low maf readings, if only when it runs for a minute...
  9. MJcanada

    2G Speed Density: Vacuum/Boost Issue

    Post a log, if its running of it but it isn't displaying for the logger you likely haven't added it to be captured and displayed or have some incorrect setting.
  10. 1g rocker panel retainer clip

    For sale 1g 1g rocker panel retainer clip

    These are the clips that attach the rocker panels to the body on the underside of 1ga talons. They come in a set of 6
  11. NEW 1ga Talon Wing screw covers

    For sale 1g NEW 1ga Talon Wing screw covers

    These little guys cover the winger screw directly behind the doors on 1GA Talons. These are to be installed with an adhesive of your choosing.
  12. MJcanada

    Mitsubishi timing belt?

    Different company entirely. Yes they are good belts.
  13. MJcanada

    2G Help identifying suspension noise

    A sudden pop noise is normally a ball joint. Jack the wheel off the ground. Grab front and rear of the tire and turn it back and forth, this check tie rod/rack play. Grab top and bottom and push/pull in and out, this checks wheel bearing play. Push/pull quickly in and out from just the top...
  14. MJcanada

    ECMlink Diagnosing a no-start

    Have you checked that you have spark on four? Injector pulse on all four? Cam signal is good? Cam sensor has correct reference voltage? Dried out cylinders and attempted starting on carb/brake clean/starting fluid with injectors unplugged? You have your plug wires in the correct order...
  15. MJcanada

    For Sale NEW 4G63 cam timing tool

    New made in the USA
  16. MJcanada

    For Sale NEW 1GA talon rocker clips and wing screw covers.

    New lower rocker retainers/clips for 1ga talon sideskirts. Also available are the tabs that cover the wing screw behind the door on 1ga talons.
  17. MJcanada

    For Sale New, 4g63 cam lock tool

    DSM/EVO 4g63 cam lock tool. I have some of these for sale. Can make some in red or white.
  18. MJcanada


    New lower rocker retainers/clips for 1ga talon sideskirts. Also available are the tabs that cover the wing screw behind the door on 1ga talons.
  19. MJcanada

    For Sale 1ga talon wing screw covers and lower rocker clips

    I have a 4 sets of replica wing screw covers left for sale. Also 2 sets of lower rocker retainers/clips (these hold the side skirts on. These are 1ga talon parts made of abs plastic. Message for prices.
  20. MJcanada

    2G rear tailgate thermo formed poly-carbonate window (1 window)

    So will it be clear? The pictures posted are opaque
  21. MJcanada

    1G Oddly grouped ground wires to ECU

    Looks like someone was trying or did have something added in picking on the signals from those wires. Just reconnect them according to the factory schematic
  22. MJcanada

    ECMlink dsmlink & speed density first start

    Your coolant sensor is not connected so the ecu thinks it is _74 degrees. Even if you don't have any coolant in it you need your sensor connected. You have a 2gb cam sensor and you you need the non 95/96 cam sensor box checked on the MISC tab.In the DA table you need to increase the tip in...
  23. MJcanada

    ECMlink dsmlink & speed density first start

    Its a 97+ 2g cam sensor. Means he needs to check the (non 96-96 cam sensor) box
  24. MJcanada

    1G Where can i find a THERMOSTAT SENSOR UNIT to ecu

    You don't want your oil temp as hot as possible especially on a turbo car. Just driving you should see 210-220. Racing you'll likely see up to 250*-270, hence the need for a better cooler to keep them from raising higher. Every 10 degrees above that is added wear and breakdown of the oil that...
  25. MJcanada

    1G Where can i find a THERMOSTAT SENSOR UNIT to ecu

    You should run a 195 thermostat wherever you are the ECU DOES NOT pull timing @ 203 as it doesn't activate the fans till 212-213. No matter what thermostat you get it will still heat up the point where the fans turn on. Even if you run no thermostat. A 180 however will allow the temperature...
  26. MJcanada

    I had to make a difficult decision with my AWD Spyder.

    AEM wideband? They normally have discrepancy issues logging in link. Innovate or NTK widebands normally log perfect or close to it without messing with any settings. Nice Spyder though, looks clean.
  27. MJcanada


    Welcome to the site! That's is a respectable goal that can be achieved many ways. My favorite way is a large twin scroll turbo setup with a 2.4 dohc swap build. 2.4L are fun street engines.
  28. MJcanada

    2G 6 bolt swap clearance ?

    Normally have to turn them sideways to slip by the water pump pulley and to remove the a/c belt but they should come out. The a/c belt may need the engine slightly lifted if your having trouble with it. All should be able to be removed without pulling the engine. Remove the front mount at most.
  29. MJcanada

    For Sale 1GA Talon lower rocker panel clips - NEW

    I am selling a set of lower rocker panel clips (new, made of ABS) for 1ga Eagle talons. This clip the rock panel or side skirt to the chassis/pinch weld of the car. I have 1 set left right now. PM for info if you need these.$20 for the set $3 shipping for the 48 states and $1 pp fee.
  30. MJcanada

    For Sale 1GA Talon wing screw covers - new

    Selling sets 1ga Eagle Talon wing screw covers. Raw unpainted Black ABS. This is the cover for the wing screw right behind your door frame. These are/were held in by double side adhesive but can be held in by the adhesive of your choice.I have 8 sets left. These are $15 per set (2 per...
  31. MJcanada


    Copper spray doesn't glue anything down. It never hardens.It's best to not even use cometic. Felpro or OEM. Don't try to get away with a MLS without proper machine work. Doing something you know your not supposed to do and doing it anyway is called stupid. If it seeps coolant and oil...
  32. MJcanada

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    1995 eagle talon tsi awd wildberry pearl metallic
  33. MJcanada

    2G Evo 4 turbo and manifold on 2g

    I paid $1400 for my manifold, vband out o2 housing, and full exhaust used. Previous owner was putting down 400+ to the wheels on it with e85 20+psi on 2.4 dohc awd spyder. The exhaust housing flow better than the standard single scroll evo3 at least the 10.5 housing does.When you can make...
  34. MJcanada

    1G Oil clearance

    Depends on your power goals. Stock power Stock limits. If Your upper the power you could use hx bearings for a slight increase in oil clearances for more power and heavier oils. Typically .001" for every 1" of journal size, should keep you in the green.
  35. MJcanada

    2G Evo 4 turbo and manifold on 2g

    I bought mine from a private seller. The setup was built by revshift working with the guy. He made many more than just Mine. Mine was just the first of many. So there are more out there. They fit in the stock location just fine minus the a/c fan. It is a fantastic setup that's capable of...
  36. MJcanada

    2G Is my bcs restrictor already removed?

    It's still there for sure.
  37. MJcanada

    New to the community

    Welcome to the community. If you ever have any issues,just search around doubt there is a problem someone hasn't solved already. Feel free to pm with any issues you can't solve. I'm always up to help out
  38. MJcanada

    Which fb group is the legit sister to tuners?
  39. MJcanada

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    I see, shouldn't be too hard to come up with something like that.
  40. MJcanada

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Do you have a picture of said brace?
  41. MJcanada

    2G Carbonetics AB Hood (Pictures)

    We actually fitted the hood at his house as he had an engine noise he was concerned about and driving back a few hours with an unknown noise wasn't an option.So wasn't able to sit them next to each other.
  42. MJcanada

    2G Carbonetics AB Hood (Pictures)

    This hood was received by my customer just about two months ago. We installed it and i cut out the pin holes for him. We had to space to rear up and cut out a small section for the timing belt. There were irregularities in the weave. The edges above the lights were not even between both...
  43. MJcanada

    2G 4g63t opinions/ advice needed pls

    Ultimately That would be up to the crank shop to tell you if the can or not. If it has to be machined more than .020" Trash it. Cut cranks will work fine just make sure the shop cleans it out good.
  44. MJcanada

    No warning / wont go in neutral
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