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  1. Adam

    1G 1990 eagle talon turbo NO SPARK!!

    I can't give you any definite ways of testing your cas, but I will say there was a time I washed under my hood and my cas got wet. It did the same thing. Ran one day but not the next. This was on a 2G with a 1G green top cas, but it, at least on 2gs, also controls the fuel pump and that's how I...
  2. Adam

    95 Avenger 2.0 DOHC AWD Conversion out that thread. It's possible and has been done. But it's not a bolt on project.
  3. Adam

    Coolant questions

    Are you actually losing coolant or it's just not returning to the level that you want it to?In my truck I run two inches below the upper tank top, any higher and it blows out the overflow and settles itself back to where it wants to be. Every design is different though. I have no experience...
  4. Adam

    W5M33 Trans output shaft and TOB help

    One end of that shaft rides in the t case, the other rides in the center diff viscous coupler. The only thing that holds that shaft in place is a single ball bearing that rides in a groove between that shaft and the center diff. It's held in place by the viscous coupler itself when you slide it...
  5. Adam

    2G Outside door handle does not work

    I've had that issue on every handle I've ever replaced. The trick is to bend the tang that connects to the rod on the handle itself. You have to be careful as it's easy to break the handle. Look at the metal tang where the rod connects on the handle. It's kind of an L shape. Put some vice grips...
  6. 2g Solar Wing

    For sale 2g 2g Solar Wing

    Brand new, still in the box, never even opened, 2g Solar Wing. It's a smoked finish. I also have the catalyst stuff you need to install the sticky tape. I'll have to check to make sure it's still good but I will include that as well.Pictures were pulled from google, not mine.$125 shipped...
  7. Adam

    1G Deep scratch on intake cam

    I wouldn't run it. Maybe see if some place like Delta can fix it. Probably a new cam would be the cheapest option though
  8. Adam

    Blast from the past

    Never seen those before, interesting watches!
  9. Adam

    86mm mls onto 85mm bore

    Most gaskets are slightly oversized to begin with. It's fine
  10. Adam

    420A AWD Cost for 485HP 420A GS?

    🍿🍿🍿 ... Man this is gonna be good
  11. Adam

    Burning through Wideband 02 Sensors

    Make sure it's mounted correctly and also make sure it's got a full 12v to it at ALL times. However I will say that I've been through easily 10-12 sensors in the last 4 years or so maybe more between my gsx and my truck both running lc2s. Thank god for warranties haha. Gsx had the sensor about...
  12. Adam

    420A RS upgrades

    I know it's frowned upon but just throwing it out there ... I have the rear knuckles, wheel bearings, and backing plates from a 97 gst that I do not need or want ... Everything's in good shape. Pm me if you're interested.
  13. Adam

    2G 2G awd rear toe arm

    Actually they're the same arm with different bushings. So you could always get some poly bushings or just make a spacer like stated
  14. Adam

    420A No heat

    Most likely a core issue however also make sure the air door is moving all the way to the correct location. Mine heater core box had gotten kicked I'm guessing and it split the box and the piece sticking up stopped the door from moving all the way to the correct position.
  15. Adam

    Break in oil?

    As long as it's not synthetic. Only break in it really needs is to seat the rings. Good luck
  16. Adam

    2G 2G auto trans

    I second IPT
  17. Adam

    2G Engine Swap GS to a 4g63

    Assuming 2g ... Evo swapping is your best bet. Look up complete evo motor tranny combos on eBay for a price idea. Then try and track down the awd swap parts as in rear subframe and knuckles and gas tank etc. Plus the appropriate t case and diff to match your gearing. That raises your price alot...
  18. Adam

    Any way to fix a bent Velox Hyperion wheel?

    That's so minor. Being aluminum I would heat it before the hammer and wood trick. But that should bend back pretty easy either way
  19. Adam

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    Building a new engine for this this winter and doing a bunch of pump work as well as hopefully some new seat covers. God damn expensive hobbies haha
  20. Adam

    420A 2gNT Excessive Shifter Slop Help

    Sorry for the delay man been out of town. I can't see super good in your picture but yea I would just weld the crack on the outside of the fixture. Basically like they originally welded it but you'd be welding over top of their weld. That shouldn't see that much stress so I'm thinking it might...
  21. Adam

    420A 2gNT Excessive Shifter Slop Help

    That splatter doesn't look factory. Hard to say from the pictures but to me it looks like the stick itself has been rewelded. But for the piece you're talking about, just weld that sucker up. A bead right around the original circle. Or if you can't weld, take it some place. That shouldn't be too...
  22. Adam

    Resolved Black top CAS to 1990 green top adapter

    Aren't they the same plug? I switched from a green to black and I didn't change anything. In fact the green ran better until I got link.I could be wrong on the wiring as it's been a few years but I know I didn't change plugs
  23. Adam

    2G What are my options when it comes to deletion? Clearing out the engine bay.

    I don't think I have any pictures but ... I used the metal bracket that it's already attached to and bolted it vertical with the bracket facing up and the cover facing towards the rear of the car. I used a bolt hole that has a nut already welded on it. I think the hole is where one of the stock...
  24. Adam

    2G What are my options when it comes to deletion? Clearing out the engine bay.

    Smaller battery mounted lower or just move it to the trunk. If you have a fmic you can mount your fuse box underneath the inner fender. Just make sure you water proof it a bit. I had mine sleeved with an inner tube. If you're looking into down sizing your radiator look into a golf mk3 radiator...
  25. 2g Carbonetics flares and diffuser

    For sale 2g Carbonetics flares and diffuser

    Brand new carbonetics 2g fiberglass fender flares and rear diffusor. Never installed.
  26. Adam

    420A 0 boost

    Depending on what waste gate setup you have, you can put a very low psi spring in it or adjust the actuator to a low setting if it's capable of adjustment. Like already stated, keep your foot out of it and don't rev it out to keep the turbo from pushing too much air.
  27. Adam

    2G GSX Front Axle Crossmember brace

    Should have 5 and 6. One for each side. It's a brace to help strengthen the lower control arm mount. Fab one up or have someone fab one for you. Wouldn't be too hard to make. Finding one by itself like already said will probably be tough
  28. Adam

    2G torque solutions rear engine mount

    If you're referring to the rear roll stop ... I don't remember what size the bolts were but I made sleeves to go in the mount as the bolts were considerably smaller then the holes drilled in the mount itself. Before I did that the bolts would come loose.
  29. Adam

    Resolved 2G Which intake manifold is this and where should I mount the PTU?

    Yes you can mount the PTU wherever you want
  30. Adam

    U-joints source

    Precision 398 .. good cheap replacement for a daily. Most O'Reily's have them in stock. Running them in my talon daily and also in my gsx with an hx35 and 275s. After seeing the early evo vs gvr4 comparison pictures, I'm guessing these are probably the smaller trunnion joints. Got about 20,000...
  31. Adam

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Haha you guys got good eyes! But yep that's an old Pennzoil bottle. Free and works just fine for now until I find something fancy. See that kinda stuff all the time on ratrods. Kinda what gave me the idea. Easy to drain too!!
  32. Adam

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    4" intake pipe welded up and wrapped and routed through the fender. Cheap filter for now. Just need to finish tuning it and finally give it that super deep cleaning that it desperately needs haha
  33. 75 F350 4x4

    75 F350 4x4

  34. Adam

    75 F350 4x4

    This is the Build Thread for 75 F350 4x4. Reply below.
  35. Adam

    98 TSI AWD

    This is the Build Thread for 98 TSI AWD. Reply below.
  36. 98 TSI AWD

    Street Build 98 TSI AWD

  37. Adam

    2G Wiring cost

    Gotcha, well I don't have any input there. That depends alot on how much wiring it would need redone and the shop you take it too. I can tell you I've seen a few complete aftermarket engine harnesses on the internet for around 1000-1200 but that's the only input I have on that.
  38. Adam

    97 GST-X

    This is the Build Thread for 97 GST-X. Reply below.
  39. 97 GST-X

    Street Build 97 GST-X

  40. Adam

    2G Wiring cost

    Check out Miller Imports and Performance Part out. Even if they don't have the harnesses in stock, it'll give you an idea on price. Miller changed their name ..
  41. Adam

    eagle talon engine swap qeustion

    This is one of those things that the answer is yes, anything is possible but depends on how much fab work you wanna do and how much money you wanna spend. People have swapped in v8s so ...
  42. Adam

    2G 14b turbo swap on stock ECU 2g

    My 97 gst had a 14b on it and a different pump, no idea what it was but it was that way when I got it and stayed that way for years. stock boost psi. Zero problems
  43. Adam

    2G Disconnect fuel pump pressure line at pump

    What Steve said is true. Line at the pump doesn't spin so gotta disconnect it under the car first. SucksOh also, make sure you use good line wrench's, the line out of the sending unit is easily stripped and most are fairly fragile with the age of them now
  44. Adam

    Body Kit Clips 96 DSM

    Check out the vendors like stm, extremepsi, rtm or whatever it is that I can never remember in Canada, etc ... I'm working right now so I can't look but there's a couple places that carry them.
  45. Adam

    What does your t3/t4 o2 housing look like?

    Nothing fancy by any means and still have lots to do like route the air filter underneath the fender. Wrap the intake pipe and downpipe. Second fan. Along with tons of other stuff. I wouldn't change anything. Lot of custom work but it's worth it to me. Really just comes down to what you want out...
  46. Adam

    Question by 'Adam' on classified ad 'Front Motor Mount'
  47. Adam

    How to properly mount your 2g Rear Diff

    I wanted a set, got put on the list then got ignored. Ended up making a solid steel set with the fourth mount and couldn't be happier. No added noise or vibration and that's with solid subframe bushings and poly suspension bushings. If you can weld or know someone that can make you a set, it's a...
  48. Adam

    2G alternator replacement

    It's pretty basic. Easy job. The hardest part in my opinion is that it's a tight fit. Hard to get your hands in there.
  49. Adam

    1G Valve contact - are these pistons salvageable?

    If that's the only damage after a good inspection ... I'd run them. Just hit em with the Dremel. But like stated, if you're going through the bottom end anyways, might as well throw in some new ones. 270k they definitely have some wear on them.
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