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  1. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    So those bottom nipples don't have to be capped off once the fluid all comes out?
  2. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Thanks man, what would be good to use to cap them off?
  3. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Sorry if I confused you. So from the transmission there's a line that goes all the way to the cooler. Then there's another line from the transmission that goes to a nipple on the bottom of the radiator, then from the other nipple there's another line that goes to the cooler
  4. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    I noticed today when I was following the lines, one goes to the passenger side of the bottom radiator and on the driver side there's another nipple that goes to the transmission cooler
  5. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    With the second line that comes from cooler, do I run that to new location of cooler?
  6. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Do you have pics of how you mounted it, or used?
  7. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Perfect man I appreciate it. Now I just have to see what I can do for the piping for the turbo to go above the brace
  8. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Perfect man, heck yeah exactly what I was looking for. So looking at the picture, the port on the left, is that going to thw top and the right port goes to the bottom?
  9. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    OK and do I run new lines to the original locations? Did you eliminate the hard lines from the lower portion and run thw new lines to where the fluid comes from?
  10. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    OK I'll look into it, also with the lines from the factory cooler, do I just run a new line from the original bottom line to the new port of thw cooler and do the same with the top one as well?
  11. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Where can I buy it? And I just have to get a bracket? Do you make those and I'll buy it?
  12. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    What did you need? Or can I use my factory one for now?
  13. 2G Trans cooler relocation

    Hey guys, looking for pictures of your relocated trans cooler, due to my Intercooler piping not fitting well on my driver side.
  14. 2G Intercooler pictures

    I have this to work around with
  15. 2G Intercooler pictures

    Can you guys add some pictures of your intercooler setups and how you have the piping routed on the driver side specifically with no bumper on?
  16. 97 Gst stock turbo intercooler question

    The intercooler already sits lower I had it up higher.
  17. Evo III 16G MHI Turbocharger

    Question by 'Rohitter7878' on classified ad 'Evo III 16G MHI Turbocharger'

    750 is your firm price
  18. 97 Gst stock turbo intercooler question

    I have a 95 gst and started the process of installing an aftermarket intercooler, I have the passenger routed and had to squeeze around the auto dipstick, now with the driver side, it's a challenge because I don't know how to route the piping here's how it looks when I used a 180 pipe I have, it...
  19. What did you do to your DSM today?

    Put my new dump o2 housing on, tightened up the exhaust manifold with new nuts but didn't realize it had 2 different sizes haha.
  20. 2G Need help with these wires..

    OK, so it's not needed then?
  21. 2G Need help with these wires..

    OK so I'm pretty sure it was removed then huh since the car I got has a manual boost controller..
  22. 2G Need help with these wires..

    Can anyone confirm this? Not sure where to post this since it was coming from the wiring with the transmission wires too. Is that needle?
  23. 2G Need help with these wires..

    Found these two wires unconnected and was wondering where they go too, this is a 95 gst auto
  24. 2G Oem cat length

    Hey guys, I have a 95 gst. What's the size in length of the oem cat? From the start of the downpipe to the end of the cat, as in from the flange to flange?
  25. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    Thank you! Man you guys are awesome.
  26. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    Any help with that second hole at the bottom? Should I put the nipple up top or at the bottom
  27. Need help with turbo oil return line

    I need to inspect it better because it has oil on it so assuming it had a crack and was bent a bit I thought it was bad 😄
  28. HKS Turbo Timer & 2G Harness

    Question by 'Rohitter7878' on classified ad 'HKS Turbo Timer & 2G Harness'

    Still available? Also any instructions on the install?
  29. Need help with turbo oil return line

    Thanks guys, man what a waste of money then haha FML, anyone want to buy this then haha.
  30. Need help with turbo oil return line

    Would I need to buy the bigger one than?Would I have to buy the g-series then? Because I know the other 2 would be way too small since I already was given the mitsu-series one.
  31. Need help with turbo oil return line

    So I bought a new line for my car and the one fitting fit the oil pan perfectly but the other one was way off. Any idea on what turbo I could have?
  32. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    So the nipple should be up top with the other bigger nipple? What about the second hole at the bottom in the second picture? Should that be plugged up instead?
  33. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    This is the intake and has no nipple. Should I just buy a new one?
  34. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    What kind of hose do I needI know you mentioned sap hoses but those are for washers?
  35. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    What kind of hose do I need?
  36. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    Does it matter what size I get?
  37. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    So this is how the car is when I bought it, so the greddy bov needs to have a hose going from the end to the intake tube that is capped off?
  38. 2G Dejon tool intake question.

    So when I bought my 95 dsm, the car came with this brand of intake. It has a small tube that goes upwards that is capped off, and it has a small hole at the bottom thay has nothing there. Wouldn't there be a nipple of some sort located on the intake to be able to run a catch can?
  39. 2G Trans inspection cover for 95 gst auto

    I think I found a fwd auto
  40. 2G Trans inspection cover for 95 gst auto

    So I found a transmission for my car and this is the plate I'm needing?
  41. 2G Trans inspection cover for 95 gst auto

    Man they have 3 different ones? What size bolts will I need for it you know?
  42. 2G Trans inspection cover for 95 gst auto

    Anyone have any idea? Stm has one for a 7 bolt but it's for an awd which mine is fwd, does that matter? Also it has 2 different photos of the cover.
  43. 2G Trans inspection cover for 95 gst auto

    Hello, I can't seem to find what cover I need for my transmission. I see 2 different kinds online. Thanks again.
  44. 2G Loose wire

    OK I just have to improvise then ha..
  45. 2G Loose wire

    I'm wanting to connect something new to it in the mean time but can't find anywhere of what the connector looks like.
  46. 2G Loose wire

    Thank you guys for your responses, I looked over the thread but alot of the pictures don't come up, so I'm still lose. Could one of you guys take a picture of yours on how the wire goes connected to the sending unit, that was I can figure out what kind of end piece I need to crimp to hook it...
  47. 2G Loose wire

    I'll take a pigtailSo I found this unit and am still wondering how that loose wire goes hooked to the unit
  48. 2G Loose wire

    How does it go hooked up to it?What does the pig tail look like?So it's suppose to look like this and the small thin metal has a connector going to it?
  49. 2G Loose wire

    I was starting to work on my 95 gst and noticed this wire hanging and was connected to something some time.
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