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  1. Every exhaust system made for 2Gs

    Hey guys I’ve noticed a lot of exhausts are discontinued now for the 2Gexamples would be the tanabe and Apexi DunkCan we get a picture thread documented rare or had to find exhausts going?
  2. Alright guys I want another DSM but something nice!

    I had some great times with my DSM and I’m looking for another one. I really want something with low miles( so I can put miles on it and enjoy it) I don’t want a cut up race car and I want AC and nice factory paint along with Condition matters to me more than mods and at this point a...
  3. One of One Eagle talon -Fittipaldi Prototype

    Would you ever consider making molds of front,rear,sides and wing?Its a very rare car it would be cool for the community to actually have access to a nice look body upgrades.
  4. Just read the "Max Performance 4G63" book by RRE and it sucked....

    RRE has been peddling these junk stupid piggy backs to the fiat/abarth crowd.I do not trust them mush anymore after that
  5. Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    Does anyone have a 4G63 poster or know were to get one?
  6. Im looking for collectable DSM items for a gift.

    Im looking for some sort of mechanics or Team jacket? 1G posters? Something cool for his garage.Just something a DSM guy would really dig that is hard to find. Please let me know if you guys have anything like that at all.I would need it within the next few days so please get to me.Also...
  7. What's it worth original 1g

    Never painted in great shape women owned 1ga. Clean awd turbo with records. Everything functions and is clean. Someone put on a vented hks bov because god forbid it's not loud enough. Other than a cat back, Stock boost stock everything. Interior is great. Guy is asking 7,500 OMG ?!!!What's...
  8. Scale DSM model cars

    So I have this thing were for whatever car ive owned. I like to pick up a model of it(My father is a big collector)Color does not matter to me.So ive got a LS1 Camaro 1 1/18th scaleTransamintegraNow I need a MR1 turbo,ford 150 1997 along with a Talon 1st gen...
  9. hahaha ZX2 forum hahaha

    I dont know about were you come from. But the term "bro" has become something negitive because its a tacky word. Its become something that a wannabe would say.This is one of the very few forums were the owners wrench along with quality know ledge of cars can be shared.Aside from the hacks...
  10. Garrett GT3076R Cant build more than 10psi boost

    So a shop made a mistake and you found it. Then you allow them to not honor there warranty. Along with that you keep sending these people money? They created the problem, they sold a defective item. This is not sony or apple, they are shitty little shop. You should have had a lawyer send a...
  11. Avenger movie was epic!

    I didnt know it was a comedy! The whole theater was laughing there asses off and cheering at the end.Stay for after the movie and stay even longer for a double extra scene! Two extra scenes!
  12. Who else owned EDM Tail lights and front corner lights for 1Gs?

    I picked up a set front and back for around 150 years ago!Should have taken them off the car and kept the set and added the OG ones. I traded my car for a LS1 M6 Z28. Should have never done that since my car was super clean.....Anyways who else had these on there car?
  13. what are 2g eclipse all clear tails worth?

    OG stuff right there!
  14. 600hp + No Robbed Banks

    There is no cheap 600hp in any car.This guy is trolling look at what he typed in his post.
  15. OBX has new 4g64 manifold (looks similar to ERL Placement)

    Why buy something then have to work on it? Might as well fab it yourself! I buy things ONE time and I'm done with it. I've gone down the nickel and dining route before.
  16. OBX has new 4g64 manifold (looks similar to ERL Placement)

    If you can't afford a really think you can afford the repairs for when something breaks? This is what kills me on this forum. You guys have bubble gum and duck tape holding your cars together and your wallets full of lies. Learn how to fab and weld at your local college. I've had...
  17. Big T28 dyno sheets

    I've scene 700ho capable setups going 14s because of low boost/bad tuning. They just keep throwing money into a car. Aside from the driver most people will not pay to have a car tuned the right way-couple hundred dollars at a min. You don't just tune it one time it's a process.
  18. fast spooling 600whp street turbo?

    You should read the blog a EX Garret employee wrote about the company. They are going to shit and have outsourced/move outside of American and Allie countries. Borge Warner or holeset should be supported. The "newer" GT turbos are the ones with clearance issues and all the problems. Since the...
  19. exhaust system size

    3inch and be done with it.:ohdamn: Why do you want to run a stock exhaust>
  20. 2003 EVO turbo

    This has been covered in tons of threads since 2003! Search and if you want this turbo to work make a custom manifold. No you can't hack and shoved two of these turbos together. You should not have bought this turbo while being ignorant. Tons of info and ALOT of data exist for Dsms an write ups.
  21. Side Mount Intercooler That Supports 500HP

    Water intercooler is reliable. Most import guys are either to cheap, or ignorant to use them. That's why ati prochargers and vortech kits have no issue at all. Mr2 guys have been using water intercoolers for years.It a cos issue for x amount of money you can do a front mount and be done...
  22. OBX has new 4g64 manifold (looks similar to ERL Placement)

    Wow I used to come on this forum and Only eBay front mounts were allowed. Now obx and junk products are the norm?
  23. What hp/times can a stock GSX 5speed be "reliable" to?

    People blow up trannys because they do not know how to drive period!Learn to drive a awd trans fast yet smooth, anything that feels harsh is harsh lolMy stock trans bent second gear shift fork from trying to power shift with a act 2600. It also depends on what clutch you using(act is...
  24. 350hp wet system?

    Dont comment unless you are or have been a nitrous user on a DSM or in other cars.There is a auto 2G fwd with a stock T25 running a dual stage setup with a stock motor.If you search around you will come across his info on this form and he has been around here for years with a low post...
  25. BC 2.6L stoker?

    Strokers are great for street cars for more usable power. It all comes down to piston speed and what you building more.FWD cars stay away from stroker motorsLook at SRT4s spin city with the 2.4 thats all they do
  26. My Turbo mr2 burnt up in a engine fire, now SEARCHING for a clean 1G clean sleeper. It was built at a time when you had to wait months to get HKS cams shipped from japan and brian cowers...
  27. Cheap options - 4x4/4WD/AWD Truck/SUV for towing

    You can find some jeeps for 2k around me. They are not lookers, really you need to spend around 5,000 for something decent that's isn't a pile.
  28. Cheap options - 4x4/4WD/AWD Truck/SUV for towing

    305,000 miles on my 150 XL 4.6 V8 rwd and looks great!If you get a extended cab your looking at rust pooling in the door. Whats nice is about the 97 and up F150 they were built pretty damn good!Go with a stripper model like mine, just ac and PS nothing else with crank windows and plastic...
  29. Ive got a friend looking for a nice RACE CAR ROLLER

    Im not talking about a shell or a stock rollerReady to race roller with a chute thats gutted with a passed cage the whole nine yards. A real race car, not some back alley pile of crap with snot welded cage.Painted,caged,wired,ready to race race missing a motor and trans etc.Please dont...
  30. Rare part on your car

    Half the shit people are posting isnt even rare or worth posting about.EDM amber tail lights and EDM corner lights in amber.Yes EDM parts are real and exist and they are a pain in the ass to get. Should have taken them off my car and held onto them.
  31. targa newfoundland rally 2010 TSN video

    YouTube - ‪Targa Newfoundland 2010 on TSN‬‏
  32. I can't get the Talon to turn in (DG's)

    Ever think of calling denis grant and talking to him himself>Parts are easy to put on and get together..........Setup is whats hard and will have you:banghead:
  33. Real proof cheap FMICs are better than stock SMIC?

    Head over to the road racing section for more info on tracking and keeping your car cooler for longer periods of time.You need to block off and seal the intercooler to get air "into it"Ive seen over 30psi until it dropped to around 28-30 psi on a bone stock side mount with race gasIs...
  34. FP68HTA - Back to Back Vs an E3 16g!

    I wasnt talking about haltech at all my friend"JDM ECU"Is what I was mockingI did miss the last page and only read page 2Simple over view, but it just really gets under my skin when people dont even tune a car right. Or give up and move onto something bigger and better, whats...
  35. FP68HTA - Back to Back Vs an E3 16g!

    This guy is using 20 year old school jdm tuningThe way the ecu and what he thinks it doing is long dead, it no better than using a maft:tease:Thats why his evoIII turbo was making low powerIn the states we have more than a handful of people at over 400whp power levels...Proven with a...
  36. What do everyone do for a living

    Concrete Labor union local 76
  37. I like stance, do you?

    Guys proper fitment with bodies is fine and yes you need some low offsets or neg camber for functIts the hipster poser ###gets with cave man dumps, demon camber and all the sissy coffee shop fixed gear bike rack guys that ruin the scene.####EN POSERS!VIDEO: Hellaflush Pwns JooFYIThe...
  38. Best Exhaust Mani for GT35R

    It was a example of a stock motorMaybe your car wont last long since you dont know what your talking about:hmm:
  39. I like stance, do you?

    I feel like im in high school and the kids who are trying so hard to be different are wanting attention and trying so hard that its not cool.
  40. Best Exhaust Mani for GT35R

    DSM's these days are extremely straight forward with a massive amount of good tech support.I read and read and read and listened then learned at first:aha:Still dont know everything but ill share the correct information when there is a need for it.Please learn how to read...
  41. where to find 16g Turbo "Headers"

    Best of luck ebay brand headers are relabeled and have different names and different suppliers but all end up being the same junk.FP and DNP make the only proven GOOD fitting headers for what your looking for
  42. where to find 16g Turbo "Headers"

    Upgraded cams with a 14b-16g will make power PERIOD!Proven and shouldn't be questioned at this point on these forumsCam gears TUNED ON A DYNO! Will also show gainsEven the honda guys all motor with boltons or built have proven this over and over again.The gains arent...
  43. I like stance, do you?

    YouTube - The World's Smallest ViolinHonestly everyone complimented in this thread including meStop sound like a ####en piss ass girl on the rag:thumb:You know what else comes with movements? The posers and the ###s who piss and moron about style and culture poser...
  44. I like stance, do you?

    First it was almost stock clean cars in the 90s before the body kits hit the scene and rare real aero was almost imposable to getThen it was 17-19 inch rims and body kitsAfter the body kits came around it was front even and tail light conversions, under glows, crazy paint,and cotton...
  45. Best Exhaust Mani for GT35R

    Its kids like you who have shitty tunes that make the bottom ends go out on stock motors.Good tuning and good tuning device will make alot of powerFYI most people on this forum blow up there motor from half assing there tune or improper care.Running so rich the rings wash...
  46. HPDE3 Report: 2g Talon with cooling mods

    ss auto works crx - Google SearchJapans fasts NA fwd car that has remained unchallenged for over a decadeIs running something sorta of similar to what you have:thumb:Maybe you should make the splitter a little more F1ish like this crx has in the future:aha:
  47. EvoII for Targa NL

    I would keep the AC for places with odd weatherMy MR2 turbo had no AC and after a humid rain couldn't see a damn thingId love to have my hands on a evo they come from the factory with what we upgrade toCams would pick up quit a bit of power but some low end and spool could...
  48. FP 68HTA vs Blouch TD05H 20g/16g XT

    "clean dsms are not a dime a dozen at all" There old and very nice examples are ver hard to find, when it comes to 1gs
  49. how do you get the waste gate to open more

    Convert your 14b to a extrenal waste gate to have the best control and stop messing with a internal. That's my 2 cents That aren't worth a dime.
  50. Garrett GTX3076 Turbo pics

    Me want dyno numbers now!
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