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  1. One more GSX down :(

    Most estimators dont. He should either keep the salvage (and part it out) or at least strip the thing of all a/m stuff before the insurance company tows it...if they try to give him a crap value he should argue too..if a customer throws a big enough fit there is usually a way to increase the...
  2. When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself

    its kinda off topic..but.........whats wrong with Long Island???? I kind like it...we have hot girls at least!(I live in Suffolk County....I moved here a little over a year ago..long story)
  3. One more GSX down :(

    keepin it for parts isnt a bad idea....he'll get more parting it out then what the insurance company will charge him for it (usually, they get bids on the salvage and deduct the least thats how it works in NY)In terms of the auto to manual conversion that doesnt mean...
  4. One more GSX down :(

    About keeping the vehicle...I work for a major insurance company...if that car is hit so hard that the hatch wont close then he isnt going to want to keep it (for repairing at least). The insurance company may not let him keep itConsider this, it was hit in the front end and the impact...
  5. where can i get racing seat brackets?

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of seat brackets for my shiny new APC seats that will just bolt right up to my 93 Eclipse?Ive been searching for a while, and cant find anything online (maybe I just suck at searching or something)Thanks!:thumb:
  6. Stuck Lug Nuts!!!

    I went to check out my rear brakes the other day (discussed in another thread...) and my rear lugs are freakin welded to the car practically!!Im assuming some moron at a shop over-tourqed them before I owned the car, so how do I get them off?? I heard tapping them with a hammer...
  7. The craziest most unbeliveable drift iv ever seen!!

    JACKIE CHAN IS CHINESE!!!:mad:really......not kiddin:thumb:
  8. Got In An Accident! Am I At Fault?

    alright, i work as a claims adjustor for one of the top three insurance companies in the US (not going to say which one...)when i get a rear end hit, i initially always place 100 percent liability on the party that did the rearending. usually, they are at fault. in a case such as yours...
  9. DSMs how much power to play with bikes?

    .....*giggle giggle* I want a bike!"what is it about driving cars that makes you guys such *****"sorry....i had to say it
  10. thinkin of gettin a 240 w/ SR20DET swap

    Do you mean in term of reliability? If so, mine has been great. None of the guys I know have ever seemed to have had any trouble with their trannys. When guys swap in the SR they usually swap the SRs tranny in too.240s are alot of fun. Mine is completely stock (for now) but it can still...
  11. Ghost Stories.....booooooo!

    ok....maybe this is a dumb question but how could a midget have a size 10 foot?? Im 5' 11" and I have a size!and the PC way of saying midget is DWARF! get it right next time or he'll haunt your house and bang on the heater!!
  12. thinkin of gettin a 240 w/ SR20DET swap

    I love my 240......stock KA24DE though.....theyre great cars...dont even think about driving it in winter though:thumb:
  13. So i have a chance to get a Cheap 240

    I love my 240sx!The price is ridiculous on these cars, I was looking for one for 2 years before I found one that I really wanted..I paid $3700 for a 92, 100% stock with about 90k miles. It is in immaculate condition though and had all power options, blah blah blah..I know that seems...
  14. Funny Compliments, experiences about your car.

    The ladies love my S13! Over summer I had two girls posing shirtless in it with only the seatbelts covering their chests! (I would post it but they wont give me a copy!) The sad thing is that most girls dont even know what it isI hope the current lady doesnt find out about that, lol
  15. Got my new credit card today. Whoop

    Be real careful with the credit cards...Im in my last year of college and I have is maxed out at $3,000, one has a credit line of $2,000, which I have a balance of 1500 on. The final card has a limit of $6000 and I have about 1500-2000 charged on it. Before I get flamed, please...
  16. Why Do You Mod Your Car?

    the chicks dig it.......:cool:partially true, but ever since I got my license my interest in cars and driving and sky-rocketed. I used to not know what brake fluid was and I was scared to death of driving stick. In the few years Ive been driving I have taught myself to drive stick and...
  17. Finals week is going to kill me

    lets see....bombed an investments final today...10 page paper due at 11:00 am today, still havent finishedInternational finance test on thursdayIm sitting here drinking box wine and doing nothing...were having a party on thursady, lol, and all DSMers are welcome! :thumb:
  18. Need some help from the buisness people!

    My roomate at college is a finance major and works at Ameriprise, Ill talk to him and see what he says. Hes already studying for his series 7 (the test that authorizes you to be a broker). I would def. talk to a broker, like Ameriprise (they just seperated from american express and their stock...
  19. Work vs Prison

    may I ask what you do for a living?
  20. Goooood Gaaaawd!!!

    thats definetley a silviadamn, that guy has a hot wifewhats his deal anyway? how did he end up going to this thing?
  21. Brake problems after letting car sit for a few months

    damn, looks like its going to be pick-n-pull, but I still gotta testthanks for the help guys! :thumb:
  22. Brake problems after letting car sit for a few months

    Does this mean I have to replace all the calipers? Is there a way I can test or un-seize them somehow?that would be the suck
  23. Brake problems after letting car sit for a few months

    Sorry about the bump :coy:Yeah, they use salt here. But it was June when I stopped driving the car. Would letting it sit for only a few months seize the caliper?
  24. Brake problems after letting car sit for a few months

    So over summer I bought a 240sx and decided to use my 93 eclipse as my winter car (it has tons of body damage, lol). Ive started it up a few times over summer and it always starts fine. I took it for a brief drive the other day and it seems to be kinda messed up. The brakes make the car pull...
  25. 1.8 Turbo Jetta

    My "lady friend" rocks a 96 Golf GTI and it has like 170k on it. Its only the 2.0 so it has like 115 hp, but its a reliable little car.She like in love with it :)
  26. New Silvia is AWD

    I drive a '92 240sx........which is the S13 chassis.......which is why it is called an S13
  27. New Silvia is AWD

    OH DEAR GOD! what the hell is wrong with these frickin car companies?!?!?!?!?that thing is [email protected]$$ ugly! Lose the frikcin "big balla" wheels on the damn thing too!compared to the beatiful design of the S15, that thing looks like a frickin obese chrysler crossfireAWD? IMO...
  28. 2nd daily driver car suggestions...

    maybe a 1.8 DSM. Not the fasetest car in the world, but they get good mileage, reliablilty and are pretty fun to drive.Not too expensive either :cool:
  29. EVO X thread new pics/press release

    honestly. that is one of the fugliest automobiles I have ever seen in my lifeit looks like an srt-4/acura TL/bread box/short bus.........with downs syndromethats putting it nicely
  30. A good compliment story...

    Reminds me of a time I was driving my S13 and stopped at a light. I saw some pimp old dude in a convertable S13 and we gave each other the "wave of respect"and no, im not homosexual :cool:
  31. What non dsms do you own?

    Im rockin the '92 nissan 240sx SE for summer. Driving the 93 eclipse 1.8 when winter hits.I cant afford both my cars
  32. Alternator discharging but light will not come on with car running

    Hey man, when my alternator went I had none of the usual signs. No battery light or anything. I replaced my battery and my car kept dying. I cleaned the end terminals and checked all fuses and whatnot just as you did, so Im guessing that it is most likely your alternator.:thumb:
  33. Stupid things people say to impress you ?

    I had some moron in a 2g tell me at a light that his car had a V-6 out of a pontiac in it, then he acted like I was an idiot for not believing him. I wanted to punch the guy in the face.Theres always someone faster out there, but theres also always someone dumber.
  34. So I save..

    My name is crazy eric and I too am addicted to DSMs. I only have a 1.8, but Ive learned everything I know about cars on it......Coming soon.....turbo, to further fuel my addictionim also addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine...coincidence? probably:D
  35. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    how do I go about tightening the belt? I did a ghetto install job and just slipped it off the old alternator and splipped it on the new one.BTW- I checked the belt and it seems to be in good shape, no fraying or cracks or anythingThanks! :thumb:
  36. How do you reset computer?

    damn, i know how that feels....sorry man
  37. poor performance

    My advice is to start with figuring out what the hell is going on with your boost controller, mabe have a knowledgable frined look at it. Then do a complete tune-up, plugs, wires, oil change, coolant flush.....etc.I was surprsed at how much better my car ran after just doing the simple...
  38. How do you reset computer?

    In terms of the ecu it would not, but in terms of your battery being dead it would:thumb:
  39. 1.8 and 2.0 motor mounts

    I had to remove the timing side mount on my 1.8, and it was a #####I used a jack with a block of wood to take the stress off the mount under the oil pan (but not enough to lift the car, that could end in tragedy) Then I just un-bolted the thing. I ended up breaking 3 cheap rachets on it...
  40. 1.8 and 2.0 motor mounts

    I have asked this question before, and anyone who really knows there stuff says no. I believe that the front mount is the same, but the rest are different.:thumb:
  41. How do you reset computer?

    FYI- I believe it only takes 15-20 seconds to reset the ECU after removing the battery cable:thumb:
  42. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    Got it out! My buddy chris knocked it out in like 2 seconds with a tap from a hammer. I think it loosened up over night or something. I was ecsatic when it popped out, yelling "There is a God" at the top of my lungs in the parking lot.Thanks for all your help guys, tuners is the best...
  43. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    yeah, ill pick up some PB and make that bolt my b!tch today, lol. It sucks cuz its the last one I have to rmove and Ive spent more time on it then the entire job so far.Thanks for the help, Ill let you know how it goes :thumb:
  44. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    yeah, i removed the splash guards, but the bolt thing has to come out from the other way. Like, I have to knock it out that way. What do you mean by punch? like a big stick that I could smack on it with?thanks :D
  45. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    Yeah. I have it all figured out, I got the nut off this bolt but it will not budge!I just cant reach it, its really pissing me off
  46. Alternator bolt impossible to remove!

    Alright, in another thread it was found that I needed a new alternator. I went to replace it today and I have but one bolt that I cannot remove. It is the long thin pivot bolt that has a nut on the end. I removed the nut, but I cannot get the bolt/pin thing to slide out. I wiggled the alt...
  47. NEED HELP NOW!!! electical problem!!!

    yep, Im screwed. The car was dead when I went to start it today. Im at a loss. Like I said before, I believe that it is a parasitic loss of some sort. I dont think it is the alternator, because after I finally got the car started, it ran fine until I let it sit for several hours.I still...
  48. NEED HELP NOW!!! electical problem!!!

    ok, after further research, I believe I have found the true reason the car wouldnt start....I believe it was a parasitic loss, which I found hereI pulled the fuse and put it back in, now the seatbelt light doesnt freak out anymoreI guess Ill find out tomorrow
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