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Search results

  1. Have to say goodbye to my 2g

    Dude he has cash in hand
  2. Wtb 97 gsx 5spd swap!!!

    Hey Rob..Im gonna buy that stuff we talked about before..Do you have any any trannies?
  3. The laugh of the day here!!!

    I just dont understand how that is fun.
  4. WTB 1995 Parts car

    What color is the interior in that car? Is it leather? Im seriously interested in getting the whole car. If its cheaper without the motor then i could go that route...Dont have a ton of money but I can always come up with something
  5. Have to say goodbye to my 2g

    Ill take the whole carseriously call me and we will work it out..4104918234
  6. WTB 1995 Parts car

    Must have clean title and interior..Other then that..i dont care what comes on it..Thanks and if you got one for me at [email protected]
  7. Ebay Evo III 16g; Any good?

    save your money and buy a real one
  8. What are these?

    Hmmm not really sure
  9. car is in body shop!

    Looks great..How much was the paintjob
  10. Eclipse front lip

    Looks pretty good
  11. paint job

    I generally charge about 1500 bucks to start and that includes a little bodywork
  12. Carbon Fiber Interior Pieces!!

    I would love to find a carbon fiber roof skin for the 2g's if anyone knows of one..lemme know
  13. Painted Valve Covers [Merged 11-8]

    Im into shaving the cover and matching it to your paint
  14. why is flat black hated so much?

    Id use a hotrod black..Its flat but still gives it a little sheen..can get a kit on ebay for 80 bucks
  15. Center tail Light Removal

    just remove the interior and take bolts out until it comes free
  16. My $50 paint job pictures.

    Looks good man...make sure you post some finished pics
  17. Custom fiberglass dash build...

    Joanns fabris has strectchable suede
  18. Generic Racing Seats? Yes? or No? for 1g

    Zombies!!!! Nom Nom Nom Brains
  19. Painting a car with a paint brush.

    I've seen someone do an awesome job with a paintroller
  20. A MAACO paint job...oh no!

    I used to work at a Maaco in Maryland doing their paint ....It depends on the maaco because they are franchised..Our maaco did a ton of prep work. We didn't like turning out shit. Maaco isn't terrible for the money You could also bring the car to them prepped and get a fantastic job
  21. A little custom touch. Tell me what you think.

    Looks good.I feel like things look better rounded then more boxy
  22. black cherry

    Im sure you could get the color from any autobody paint supply store
  23. body kit opinion

    See if you could find a lip kit...Lip kits can do alot in the looks dept..Ive always been a fan of them
  24. custom front bumper cover

    Looks really good...its funny because i did one of these a few months ago and did almost exactly the same thing you did...Can't wait to see finish pictures
  25. Custom Taillight Question

    use diluted acetone...dont keep it on long though
  26. Removing tint from tails (w/clear)

    You could used a little bit of acetone then scuff it with a gray scotchbrite then reclear them..Thats what i would do..maybe start with a diluted acetone
  27. group meet

    Id be done if I lived closer to you guys
  28. 2g Fuel Pump Relay question

    You could check autozone or advance..I'm sure they can get them..
  29. non turbo to turbo, ya let the hate begin..

    You could probably find a suitable turbo car for around the same price youd spend on turboing your n/t car. but if its something you want to do..Dont let someone like me or anyone else sway you
  30. Proposed mod list, looking for feedback

    Looks like a solid plan. I'd suggest maintenance first like a couple of the other guys. Can't go wrong with a good foundation to build from. Good Luck with everything
  31. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    Theres a guy around here that sold his thats very similiar to yours for 2500...and another one for 1500...It all depends to the person with the money. I would say start high and work from there. After all everyone thinks their own car is worth a ton...GLWS if you are in fact selling it
  32. Help with the 1G

    yeah..i might as well start building the car..i have a ton of parts just not put them on yet..just got the car a coupld days ago..I traded a paintjob for it...Oh well lol
  33. Cant choose? DSM or 240sx?

    I have both..and I'll be honest..for different scenarios they both are freaking fun to drive...Maintenance wise..i haven't had to do much to my sr20's...a little more maintenance on my 4g63 but everyone has different motors..i know people that are always maintaining the SR and never the 4g...
  34. Help with the 1G

    Im trying...Ok lol when im driving its fine but sometimes when i start going at a light it will like breakup like crazy and shut down..I've had a couple turboed nissans and hondas and i know what fuel cut doesn't really feel like that to me...Maybe I'll just tear everything out and rewire...
  35. Help with the 1G

    Car starts and idles fine..starts everytime..No problems but sometimes the car will break up under load and then die...Any help would be great..I dont know what to do at this point. New alternator,battery and oil leaks no burning oil..When its running the thing pulls strong and has no...
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