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  1. bzjosh


    FIC 2200 high z’s and fpr at 43psi
  2. bzjosh

    2G DSM

    This is the Build Thread for 2G DSM. Reply below.
  3. 2G DSM

    2G DSM

  4. bzjosh


    I recently switched to SD. After getting a base tune loaded and a short cruise and a WOT in 2nd gear at the end. The AFR goes pig rich. I've done a compression, cylinder leakdown test and boost leak test. After banging my head against a wall i am at a loss. Ive attached a log
  5. bzjosh

    2G GSX Bucks under certain conditions

    How is your engine temperature. Does it buck after driving around awhile. Have you looked at your spark plugs?
  6. bzjosh

    Annoying gremlin

    Whats the Voltage on your battery?Also your horn and headlights only thing they have in common wiring wise is that they are both on your steering column. Could be like #spyderdrifter mentioned and have melted wires. You could take the few screw out behind your steering wheel and look for...
  7. bzjosh


    ground straps are good. ill double check to make sure that the power source isn't intermittent.
  8. bzjosh


    I have a 95 GSX with tons of mods. Currently I am experiencing issues with the GM 3 inch MAF sensor. As soon as i start the car i instantly show 0 HZ when im streaming it via dsm link v3. I have the GM 3 MAF option checked. I have the adapter that goes from the mas harness to the gm maf bought...
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