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  1. BogusSVO

    EVO 8/9 Pistons in DSM Block

    The static compression is lower.The 4g head is 47cc, and the evo is 43ccAlso notice how much lower the piston is in the block.
  2. BogusSVO

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    Here you go
  3. BogusSVO

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    I have a welder that I take the cranks to, He gets them out for me.Then I tap and plug the galleys closed.The factory drills the galleys from the rod throw to the main journal. It is the passage to allow oil to the rod bearing.
  4. BogusSVO

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    I have no clue, never tried with a MIG...
  5. BogusSVO

    1G Bad align bore?

    Why ask?They told you what they will tell you.Now you need to find a shop that will fill your needs.
  6. BogusSVO

    1G Bad align bore?

    What JAM Tony said.Its not a small block, so they basically do not what to do it.Cutting the main caps is not much more difficult than cutting the caps on a SBC.Short of the block being busted into 2 pieces, it can be machined and fixed by a shop that has the knowledge and experience.
  7. BogusSVO

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    They do.. then shrink when they cool, so the ball ends up smaller than when they started.I have no clue if there is a vid or not. I never made one.I have done about 300 cranks like this, so it works. Not just 4g63 & 64 cranks, But Honda B & D cranks, Nissan RB 25 & 26, SR20, KA24Along...
  8. BogusSVO

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    You hit them with a tig to shrink the balls, then build up a pull point with weld and pull them out with plyers
  9. BogusSVO

    2G Evo 8 cams in 7 bolt

    Now your cas slot will be off too...
  10. BogusSVO

    2G Evo 8 cams in 7 bolt

    What cam gears are you running? the Evo or the 7 bolt?IIRC the cam alignment dowels are drilled in a different spot on the Evo VIII cams than a DSMSo you end up having to make your own timing marks for the cam gears.But the Evo VIII cams are not a drop and go.Also did you bleed down your...
  11. BogusSVO

    my rod bearings need a bevel

    If you have a 7 bolt crank with 6 bolt rods1) you need 7 bolt bearings 2) make sure you have enough rod side clearance.6 bolt rods are wider at the big end and have to be machined down to fit on a 7 bolt crank properly.
  12. BogusSVO


    Its a waste hanging forged pistons on stock rods, 6 bolt or otherwise,With a 20g and decent tune, the NPR 63DT will support that.The reason the other 3 cylinders could be low , is bigger cams and/or the timing belt off a tooth.At 84k miles, The timing belt was changed once.Pull the...
  13. BogusSVO


    A leak don needs to be run... it could be a slight bent valve in #2 causing low compression.
  14. BogusSVO

    1G First engine rebuild- Looking for input

    That all depends on how tight of a spec they use.Some shops are good with a 1g +/- of mean weight (up to 2g from highest to lowest) Most pistons fall in this. Others use a a .5g, So 1g high to low, Most the time forged pistons will fall into this.Few go as tight as .1g or .2g from high to...
  15. BogusSVO

    Machine shop near Danbury ct for 6 Block build

    Jam Is up your way, Down in Md.If you want a shop that knows DSM blocks, good chance you will have to ship it out
  16. BogusSVO

    1G First engine rebuild- Looking for input

    Thats the common run gap, you will be fine with that.Some shops do not balance the pistons, but adjust the small end weight of the rod to balance out the pistons
  17. BogusSVO

    Legal action against my cars

    HOA have a place, and some logic to the rules.They want your grass at a certain length so it dose not get 4 foot tall and look like assThey do not want the clunker cars in the driveway to be an eyesore and look ghetto.What the neighbors do and look can effect your property values.So...
  18. BogusSVO

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    Came off a 2014 Sonata and has a flange (no pic of flange). low mileage warranty turbo, no shaft play.Just trying to find a bit of info out and if it worth picking up.
  19. BogusSVO

    1G Power difference w/1.8 16v head on 2.0?

    A set of factory 6T or stainless. But Yes I would suggest you do.
  20. BogusSVO

    Built 6 bolt High Oil Pressure?

    No, from what you posted, your oil pressure is about on par with most other builds with the BS removed.What is your cold oil idle pressure.
  21. BogusSVO

    Legal action against my cars

    Cracked, Saw the3 I got hassled about, I just did what needed to be done, now the county is happy. But they were parked on the county right of way. I really had 4 to deal with. So I scrapped the wrecked ranger, Moved the Silver bird to the house in the backyard, sold the Mustang, and moved the...
  22. BogusSVO

    1G Power difference w/1.8 16v head on 2.0?

    They are not 6T valves in the Hyundai head, But the 6T valves are a drop in fit.
  23. BogusSVO

    Still have some honing questions

    I have done hone and go, builds and full bore builds both with and with out torque plates.Maybe I am a bit to old school, But I would not ever drop new rings on an old cylinder finish.
  24. BogusSVO

    Still have some honing questions

    The tem "honing" is a very loosely used term.If you stick it on a drill... thats a deglazeYou bolt it in a machine, and can actually remove some metal, Thats honingYou can not get in much trouble with either a 3 stone hone or a Dingleberry hone Neither applies much outward pressure to the...
  25. BogusSVO

    Please help identify these pistons in shortblock i purchased

    Just what everyone else said, Stock 2g pistons 22mm wrist pin.50mm or .020 overShould have a grey coating on the piston crown
  26. BogusSVO

    1G 1g 7bolt cylinder head

    Barza, Its not going to hurt a thing to open up that one hole to .500/13mm
  27. BogusSVO

    Valve seals looking nasty

    Get the "blue" vition ones
  28. BogusSVO

    1G 1g 7 bolt head on a 6 bolt block

    Doubtful it had had anything to do with the bearing failure in the block, the crank gets oil before the head.The only headbolt hole that matters for clearance is the oil transfer one, the one you call the tear drop.The main reason to ream out the other 9 is so the head dose not get stuck on...
  29. BogusSVO

    Oil and coolant?!?

    Clean the flashing out of the oil return ports and do oil port mod one
  30. BogusSVO

    1G sounds like sewing machine

    Timing belt too tight?
  31. BogusSVO

    Oil and coolant?!?

    Post a few pics of your HG surface on both the head and block.
  32. BogusSVO

    DKS lifter shim install

    It hard to say, depends more on if the head has had a valve job or three in its life, and what the valve tip height is.If it is sitting close to the max tip height, then the shims should not be needed.If they are closer to min height, then the shims will be needed.The exhaust side is...
  33. BogusSVO

    DKS lifter shim install

    Yes under the HLAs.Keep in mind they are not always needed.
  34. BogusSVO

    Struggle of a budget

    All this makes me wonder how the KIA DOHC would bolt up, be closer to a EVO set up I think...
  35. BogusSVO

    1G ALC Bearings problems!!!

    4.5 bar in the head?IIRC 1bar os 14.7psiSo 66.15psi in the head?What is it at the OFH? Should be knocking around 100psiIf it is, then the oil is moving too fast thu the bearing face.
  36. BogusSVO


    Some H beams will be up to the task depending on how aggressive you tune and rod speed, (RPM)I like the BC line of rods, they are the closest in matched sets right out of the box. Also if you build the 6 bolt, BC has the "swap" rods so you can run the 22mm wrist pin.
  37. BogusSVO

    1G ALC Bearings problems!!!

    Looks like the crank "polished" part of the the center main bearing. Other bearings have spots showing this also.Line bore is off, or you installed main caps from another block. Or less likely, the mains of the crank were ground on a taper.Still looking for what your clearances are on both...
  38. BogusSVO

    CF wedding band?

    I know a few mechanics that wear there wedding band on a necklace, The chain is short enough that id does not go past their chin when they bend over to keep it from being a tangle hazzard.Or you could opt and get a wedding band tattoo, and leave the real ring in her jewelry box so it can be...
  39. BogusSVO

    1G Cracked a piston? Choose my car's fate

    Best sounding engine I have heard with a cracked piston.........This one made a tad bit of noise when it cracked.
  40. BogusSVO

    I have crank walk

    Leave the short block together and swing it past the shop and Ill measure crank end play for you.
  41. BogusSVO

    DSM shirts - order yours

    Print on the back.Pocket T shirts?
  42. BogusSVO

    I have crank walk

    How did you confirm "crank walk"?What is your measured crank endplay?You stand better than even odd that the crank is junked due to damage on the thrust face.Best thing is to get the engine out and apart, and go from there.
  43. BogusSVO

    Legal action against my cars

    Funny thing, It must be state wide. 2 of my cars in front of my shop got the orange stickers on them. I have 10 days to move them.Do you have a boat/RV/Car storage lot anywhere close to you?
  44. BogusSVO

    those running 10.5 wiseco hds

    No, +1mm valves should not close up the combustion chamber by 3cc, if the valves were installed at the proper depth, and valve tip height is correct.Look at heads, 201 and 202 have head thickness...
  45. BogusSVO

    oil leak

    You have 2 oil pan bolts that bolt the oil pan to the housing, if one bolt is a tad too long, or too much RTV gets packed in the bolt hole it will break.Since to replaced the rear main seal, did you lube up the inner lip of the seal before you installed it?
  46. BogusSVO

    oil leak

    Check the rear main seal plate. They can get a crack and allow oil past the OD of the rear main seal.Or an oil pan bolt bolt popped a hole in the plateOr the rear main seal plate gasket failed.Only so many ways oil can get in the bell housing.
  47. BogusSVO

    Best stock turbo setup

    Get running right first, and basic maintenance done first.Then follow the posted upgrade path.You are in my neck of the woods, So welcome!!
  48. BogusSVO

    Scraping sound from trigger plate and sensor . Oil leak from tensioner

    Dollars to doughnuts the oil leak is coming from the front BS tensioner pulley bolt not being sealed or the front BS seal is leakingNext pull your VC, and loosen all the cam tower caps so the valves closeThen grab the socket for the crank center bolt and rotate the engine over and listen...
  49. BogusSVO

    Resolved Help identify these injectors
  50. BogusSVO

    2G Changed Crank Pulley and belts, now it won't start

    Darknezz may have this one,There is a tinplate behind the balancer that lines up with the crank sensor, if you bent/tweeked this plate you could bust the crank sensor and that will cause a no start.The crank gear is also has a woodruff key in the crank, so a simple removal of the center...
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