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  1. XspychoXkidX

    420A 2gNT Best aftermarket clutch & flywheel?

    Lol it appears I did… I definitely misread the year this was posted…. When I opened the link through google it was listed at 2022. Then after I posted I saw the last post for 2007 🤧
  2. XspychoXkidX

    420A 2gNT Best aftermarket clutch & flywheel?

    I actually had a very similar experience with southbend recently. 300 miles and the center area that holds the springs separated from the disk. cant say I'm too happy about this... I'm looking into something else. its very possible it could have been error from the break in period or maybe...
  3. XspychoXkidX

    2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

    I appreciate you putting the time in to find this! I’m also doing a significant amount of digging to see our options. It seems we may not have to go with a bolt on transfer case but more or less one from any other awd system. But that means paying closer attention to gear ratios. Almost...
  4. XspychoXkidX

    *** ACTIVE / OPEN *** 2G Tubular front subframe

    Is there any progress of this design working for the 420a platforms?
  5. XspychoXkidX

    what 420a manual transmission fluid can i use?

    Sorry I remembered I swapped out the 2g eclipse trans for a neon trans from an 2000s model. Makes sense why there was a label since the trans was newer. Well to reconfirm this one had a label for atf+4.I talked with my roommate, that has a neon he says he's been using synchromesh in his neon...
  6. XspychoXkidX

    what 420a manual transmission fluid can i use?

    I wanted to add here that on my manual transmission, there is a label that says to use ATF+4. I removed the fluid and that is exactly what came out. my transmission is also the NVT-350.
  7. XspychoXkidX

    4g seats in our DSM's ??

    Sorry very old topic but are these seats lighter than current seats??
  8. XspychoXkidX


    I'm new as well I know I'm bringing this back from 4 months ago but I also have a rs and I enjoy it very much. Until today ha. Welcome though!
  9. XspychoXkidX


    XspychoXkidX updated RsView updates to this DSM profile...
  10. XspychoXkidX

    Exhaust manifold porting

    That's awesome! I'm gonna do that tomorrow but right now I just pulled the head off the block. I'm extremely excited!
  11. XspychoXkidX

    2G Rebuilt 420a maintenance

    I have searched everyone all over Google and I don't understand the forum very well yet. WHERE CAN I FIND ARP STUDS FOR MY 420A???? :(
  12. XspychoXkidX

    Water Meth fuel cell

    Haha yeah sorry I was imagining it in the trunk like what my buddy did with his scion. Damn I need to be more specific.
  13. XspychoXkidX

    Exhaust manifold porting

    Sorry what I ment was performance wise as a noticable out come. I'm still learning this all I just started getting into the dsm life and doing my own work. But still I think it looks good.
  14. XspychoXkidX

    Exhaust manifold porting

    That looks awesome. I'd say you did a great job there. Just wondering if you don't mind me asking but using this method verse buying a new manifold will there still be a beneficial noticable out come?
  15. XspychoXkidX

    Looking for a APR GT II Wing

    Carid had one I was looking at earlier... may I ask why you'd like that one?
  16. XspychoXkidX

    420A Transmission making clunking sound when put into gears

    Does it have a lot of vibration?? I'd have to say when mine did that it was from not pressing my throw out bearing in enough into the fork... XD haha yeah.... it's possible the bolts that go through your ring gear, (or flex plate) need to be tightened down a bit. What clutch are you using?
  17. XspychoXkidX

    Water Meth fuel cell

    Aside from weight? I don't really see a down side. That substance alone helps clean your internals in combustion process anyways, helps save on some fuel costs... but other than that I think it should be fine.
  18. XspychoXkidX

    2G Transmission Problem

    I'm not familiar with the gsx but is there a neutral safety switch? Possibly trying that... wish I could help more. Edit: try cleaning your contacts?
  19. XspychoXkidX


    XspychoXkidX updated RsView updates to this DSM profile...
  20. XspychoXkidX


    XspychoXkidX submitted a new DSM Profile :RsRead more about this vehicle here...
  21. Rs


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