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  1. eclipse001

    FS: turbo, cams, intake

    7 bolt JMF intake manifold street version $375 OBOEagle H beam rods never used-$275 oboKelford 280/276 cams-$400 OBOT3 punishment racing exhaust manifold, v-band o2 housing, holset hx35-$1,500Shipping available. Buyer pays for shipping and pp feesTxt for more info and pics. 262-498-0777
  2. eclipse001

    Need help on my turbo setup please.

    I also have a good working condition holset hx35 8 blade sitting around what would that give me with the bep .55 bolt on housing? Or the T3 flange?
  3. eclipse001

    Need help on my turbo setup please.

    Alright guys so I'm doing a build over winter and I need some advice to get the most power I can out of it. Bottom end is built wiseco 9.0:1 pistons, Manley rods, arp hardware etc.Head will have kelford 280/276 cams with beehive springs and retainers and a jmf race intake manifold.So for...
  4. eclipse001

    2g awd intermediate shaft help.

    Someone at English racing said that 90-99 5 speed intermediate shafts are the same. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. eclipse001

    2g awd intermediate shaft help.

    Alright so im having a really hard time finding a 5 speed awd intermediate shaft I purchased an auto awd last week turns out its a little longer. I found 2-3 intermediate shafts from 95-96 awd.So besides the mounting bracket that's the only difference that I know of is there anything else...
  6. eclipse001

    What in the world

    then eliminate it and get a non cruise throttle cable
  7. eclipse001

    Built Motor Break In

    Ill be doing this soon as well ive read many ways to do it and not sure what im doing so far im leaning on1)Start idle for about 10-15 till operating temp and check for leaks. 2)Change oil after the idle period 3)Drive it put some miles on it 4)While driving vary the rpms and let the motor...
  8. eclipse001

    Need help

    Did you boost leak test it?
  9. eclipse001

    ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Can I delete all my emission stuff out of my 99 and turn the codes off with ceddymods? I thought I read that somewhere but I'd like to confirm it before I start ripping stuff out. Thanks
  10. eclipse001

    SRT4 or GSX/TSI?

    If your willing to travel for a clean Dsm here's this one's a member on here as well very clean car well built with good potential it's got a good history with good owners very well maintained.
  11. eclipse001

    Damaged Wiseco Pistons (Not Pretty)

    Same here i have a wiseco 9.1/manley rods built motor thats ready to drop in and i hate seeing stuff like this. Its my "built" motor and im nervous something bad will happen
  12. eclipse001

    99 GSX Street Build

    Got the motor back
  13. eclipse001

    99 GSX Street Build

    Yeah after it got cleaned at the shop I bought the paint at a parts store it's high temp paint for calipers I did the same for the Evo 3 IM you sold me lol.
  14. eclipse001

    99 GSX Street Build

    Coming along well the motor has been at the machine shop getting assembled should be done by the end of this week so ill be picking it up and will post pics when i do. Also have a 50mm tial bov that will be here soon.Its coming down to very little stuff i need to wrap the build up and be...
  15. eclipse001

    I luv the junkyard! $25 got me...

    I got one of those with the spark plug cover and hardware for $15 from my local junkyard
  16. eclipse001

    piston questions

    You could also do 2g pistons on 6 bolt rods for a little higher compression. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone
  17. eclipse001

    The Long Awaited Professional Pics of my Galant VR4

    AMAZING! loving the plates and car lol
  18. eclipse001

    Please help me choose a EBAY J-Pipe (14B/16G) 4 options

    Mine was ss yes. It bolted directly up I did no modifications to it bolt on and go
  19. eclipse001

    Please help me choose a EBAY J-Pipe (14B/16G) 4 options

    I ran this one DSM 1G 2G TD05 16G 20G 4G63 4G63T Upgrade Bolt On Turbo J Pipe Kit Oil Feed Line | eBay through out the past summer and had no issues with it im sure any of those would work fine
  20. eclipse001

    Lancer Evolution III Intake Manifold

    Hey guys quick question. I just ordered an evo 3 IM off a member here that had it for sale in the classifieds and im in the middle of a motor build now when it comes to breaking in the motor since the evo 3 eliminates the mdp sensor and egr will it affect any way to breaking my motor in? I just...
  21. eclipse001

    New fall pics of the GSX

    i bought this same fmic for my 2012 season and looking to try to keep the fogs some how if you find a way to do it post it up please. On the other hand the car looks sick great work!
  22. eclipse001

    97 silver GSX history and Build.

    looks clean man i have a 99 silver 2gb like this one as well min has the all black interior :P enjoy the car!
  23. eclipse001

    Rebuild cost$?

    Are you gonna pull and install the motor yourself or is the shop gonna do all that as well? If so it will probly be even more
  24. eclipse001

    '95 Evo III - Going a little extreme

    Evo 3's are very sweet looking cars i wish i could find one for $500! Its not a car you find on the craiglist ads everyday. Goodluck with the build!
  25. eclipse001

    Simple Problem or Big Fix?

    Ouch hope you didnt pay alot for it where you could atleast part it and get your money back
  26. eclipse001

    99 GSX Street Build

    Hey everyone over winter im doing a street build on my gsx shooting for 400-500 whp street car. It will see track here and there hoping for mid 11's. Yes i know the stock block could probly take that but it happened to have a slight rod knock so i decided to build it while its out and get it...
  27. eclipse001

    engine build

    First thing everyone will ask is what are your power goals for the car? What kind of turbo do you plan on running? E85 or pump gas?
  28. eclipse001

    This is what can happen using a CF hood with no pins ;)

    Hmm I ran my cf hood with no pins made passes at the track and everything never had this issue
  29. eclipse001

    97 GSX Build

    Maybe im lucky #4?? :)Lol sorry dont mean to thread jack but it looks great so far best of luck to you on the build keep us posted!
  30. eclipse001

    Whats this sound like?

    Alright guys just came back in from working on it. Found out it jumped about half a tooth of timing cause=balance shaft belt.. No idea what went wrong late april of this year when i put my cams in i did water pump, pulley, tbelt, balance shaft belt, etc everything pretty much so i dont know what...
  31. eclipse001

    Whats this sound like?

    As title states..It started yesterday afternoon on the way to the brewers game. It idles normal regular lifter tick that ive always had. But when i rev it to about 3k or higher it sounds bad. When i drive it it does the same feels like there is a heavy load on the engine and hesitates to go...
  32. eclipse001

    Her first ride on a flat bed

    I swapped out the other side balljoint with a new one just to be safe and not go thru this again and it stopped rubbing so idk :idontknow: im not complaining tho so its cool
  33. eclipse001

    Her first ride on a flat bed

    Here's the best i could get it till i get a new fenderAlso for some reason my driver's side started rubbing on the fender when hitting bumps before this happened nothing rubbed and now i have the driver's side wheel rubbing when i hit bumps.. Anyone have any idea why this could be?
  34. eclipse001

    Her first ride on a flat bed

    Well ive had my car since dec of 09 and it needed a flat bed to get home yesterday on my way home for lunch :cry:Below is after the damaged parts were removedI got the new baljoint in and axle in im currently looking for a fender but ive had no luck. Ill probly have to buy a new one...
  35. eclipse001

    1Ga Owners i am BACK CARBON FIBER 1GA LIP

    Make me one for a 2gb :pray:
  36. eclipse001

    Ams open house

    i was there!
  37. eclipse001

    I think I want A/C again

    I put a new condenser in mine and charged it at work today and it works great specially with the 90 degree days we've been havin in wi I know this doesn't help you at all but I'm excited I have AC I thought I'd share lol sorry
  38. eclipse001

    What ever happened to DSM purity?

    im 20 i got no body kit lol
  39. eclipse001

    Please i need help!!!

    boost leak test may give you an answer. always worth a try
  40. eclipse001

    Finally Did It! I bought a 1G!

    it doesnt look that beat up to me atleast from those 2 pics
  41. eclipse001

    Mini photoshoot of my 99 gsx

    i was waiting for someone to mention it lol dont have the recirculating adaptor thing for the bov and havent really looked for one
  42. eclipse001

    Mini photoshoot of my 99 gsx

    i picked mine up this past friday for $380 with like 80% tires pretty good deal i think.
  43. eclipse001

    Mini photoshoot of my 99 gsx

    Alright guys i was bored on this hot day went out decided to take some quick pics (didnt go to crazy becuase of like the 90 degree weather and no A/C) Anyways took some pics of what the car looks like as of now.Below will be 1-2 pics of what it looked like when i got it. <a...
  44. eclipse001

    what do you think is the DSM's main rival?

    Enough said :thumb:
  45. eclipse001

    Went to the track today

    yeah all the mods in my profile are current i updated it last night.. Its tuned on ecuflash since its a 99. I gotta get a better tune on it AFR's are at 10.0 WOT once i get a better tune and a built trans this winter i should be in the 12's pretty easy
  46. eclipse001

    Went to the track today

    ah alright will do i just always thought a mod had to do it so people wouldnt lie about it thanks
  47. eclipse001

    Went to the track today

    Hey guys just thought id share how i did at the track today. My first pass today was a 13.3 after about 2-3 passes i let the car take a break and the weather cool down a bit. Anyways i got the idea to remove my right side headlight since my air filter is there well doing that brought me down to...
  48. eclipse001

    worst wind storm in history to hit kenosha,wi

    we got it here in racine as well but def not as bad as kenosha looking at the pics. we had a few trees fall down here and there and power loss but thats about it
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