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  1. jordan99GS

    RM Racing 2G Sway Bar Interest Thread: 2021 Edition

    Ordered without even blinking, thank you @Mach V Dan !
  2. jordan99GS

    97 gsx do-all build

    This is the Build Thread for 97 gsx do-all build. Reply below.
  3. 97 gsx do-all build

    Street Build 97 gsx do-all build

  4. jordan99GS

    RM Racing 2G Sway Bar Interest Thread: 2021 Edition

    I would be interested in a 2g awd rear bar!
  5. jordan99GS

    DSM link v3 com3 No response received

    My connection problem ended up being my cable. It worked fine for a long time then after I changed my headgasket it didn't work. I was freaking out. Cables seem to be a pretty common problem. Also make sure all of your diagnostic port's pins are locked in. Take a pair of needle nosed pliers, and...
  6. jordan99GS

    1G Stalling on warm start only.

    I've read that it can be caused by a bad iac. I replaced mine with a tested good one and it still happens. I've looked at my ecu and I can't see any visible damage. I'll check my isc position on link when I get home. And my tb coolant lines are looped so I'm not sure how that effects the fiav...
  7. jordan99GS

    1G Stalling on warm start only.

    Any luck finding out what was wrong? I've been having this exact problem for awhile. If I give it gas for about a minute or so it will hold an idle and be fine. Just curous if you found a remedy yet.
  8. jordan99GS

    Custom Gauge Spots

    Then you put a water temp gauge down there.. I like to watch my gauge as well, so I probably shouldn't have said boost gauge in my initial post but it was the first thing to come to mind.
  9. jordan99GS

    Custom Gauge Spots

    Well, you can put a temp gauge or other gauge that doesn't need too much monitoring down there lol. Its not too much different than looking down at your radio and driving..
  10. jordan99GS

    Custom Gauge Spots

    I like the cigarette lighter spot in second gens. When I get mine thats where my boost gauge is going.
  11. jordan99GS

    Poor idle/running rich from bad o2 sensor?

    With a bad o2 sensor the ecu will lock itself in open loop mode creating a very rich mixture to prevent damage to the motor. So order and install the new o2 first, because it says it's bad, and go from there. I had a similar issue and it solved it for me. So start there and see what you're left...
  12. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    I borrowed an o2 sensor from a buddy of mine, until mine gets here on Saturday, and hooked it back up to the way I had it. It works so.. if it ain't broke don't fix it applies here. My car is in closed loop again but my wide-band keeps giving me 17:1 and up to --- so I've got a hunch my sensor...
  13. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    the 1g's don't have a rear o2.. and I have the front o2 wire tapped. I want to say my problem might be because I didn't cut and butt my wideband and ecu together, I stripped the wire and tapped it that way. so it still runs to the front o2 female plug in the engine bay (which has nothing plugged...
  14. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    I read in a different thread to set it to the p04 setting.. and here is a log. and i have the switchover point set at 2.33
  15. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't the o2 voltage should still cycle up and down even if the calibration is off? I will post a log when I get home.. and I had to order a new NBo2 so it will be here Saturday. I will most likely set it back up to how I had it before, for the simple fact that it works...
  16. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    Would it not being calibrated cause it to be stuck in open loop mode and not cycling the wideband?
  17. jordan99GS

    AEM WB Narrowband sim problems

    My front o2 took a dump the other day, so I figured now is as good of time as any to start logging my WB. So I took out the old sensor, and replaced it with my AEM WB that was previously in a "rear o2" bung that was welded in my exhaust. I switched the WB to the P04 output, and tapped my white...
  18. jordan99GS

    18x9 +12 Saleen Wheels!

    All bickering aside, OP I love the way your car sits/looks. Exactly the look I would want on my 2g. IMO these cars look amazing with a really low stance and flush fitment and the Saleen wheels make it that much better! So, kudos to you! And I will be saving those pictures and adding them to my...
  19. jordan99GS

    2G Fuel Cut or Boost Cut?... Need Help fast!

    Connect the boost leak tester up to the turbo inlet(where the filter goes) And it'll pressurize the whole system.
  20. jordan99GS

    2G Fuel Cut or Boost Cut?... Need Help fast!

    It also might be a good idea to check your spark plugs gap. You might be experiencing spark blowout. I'd do a boost leak test first though.
  21. jordan99GS

    Aem not reading at idle?¿

    When I installed my AEM WB, mine would read 10.0 at all times. It was running rich at the time, but that number wouldn't fluctuate at all.. So, we took the sensor out of the bung, and turned the key on the on position for a few seconds until it leaned out. I had the car on (not started) for...
  22. jordan99GS

    Dsm lover opinion

    I bought my car with some problems too. And I've been where you are. It's all about whether you think it's worth it or not. My car is a wiring nightmare and it doesn't even have a cross member or front motor mount. But when you buy a car your picking up where someone left off. And working on...
  23. jordan99GS

    changing the starter plate

    I too would go with ARP bolts.
  24. jordan99GS

    Too Many T's?

    I really hope I didnt mess up by getting this car... It's a six bolt swap and the random purple wires is the radiator fan relay that he ran wires out of because they're slim fans. so thats just kind of chillin' because I ran them to a dedicated switch. There is some things everywhere and I'm...
  25. jordan99GS

    Too Many T's?

    Thanks for the quick replies guys, I just wanted some second opinions before I started pulling things and routing them differently. I guess the Speed Density thing eliminates the need for a maf through the use of DSM/ECM link so thats why thats there, but where should I branch that to/or give it...
  26. jordan99GS

    Too Many T's?

    Hey guys, I just picked up my first turbo'd dsm on monday. woot woot. The problem is that it was pre modded and swapped so things are in weird places and I'm not sure whats where exactly. My question for you is are there too many T's running off of the same vacuum line? My buddy claims that it...
  27. jordan99GS

    Reasons why DSM's are better than women!!

    It doesnt get offended when I stare at its headlights.
  28. jordan99GS

    Yay I'm graduating

    Graduating the 5th. pretty pumped. not sure what im doin afterwards though.. working most likely, then trying to figure out what i want to go to school for..
  29. jordan99GS

    Would LOVE to hear your parts counter stories

    yeah, it seems like none of the parts stores around my area carry turn signal fluid... everywhere I call looking for it just disconnects. A simple "no" would do just fine..
  30. jordan99GS

    Ok for real this time....I GOT A CAR

    I love silver 2g's on black wheels. and that lip... sexay.
  31. jordan99GS

    What's that worst thing that happened to you when you got your DSM?

    Drove home from Chicago, about an hour drive, with NO coolant. It was bone dry and the temp gauge would start climbing any time we were in traffic and not getting enough air flow, which is pretty easy to do in chicago.. and then 2 weeks after I got it, the passenger side lower ball joint blew...
  32. jordan99GS

    Awesome new DSM shirts I found 1G & 2G

    Props on the drawing :thumb: I would definately buy that if it was on a shirt. and those shirts in the OP are definately awsome. I'm digging the 2g one.
  33. jordan99GS

    Anyone still in High School?

    8 days left until graduation, prom tomorrow.. Hopefully getting a boosted DSM over summer :D
  34. jordan99GS

    Custom Vent Gauges

    The original post says "IDEA" so I doubt this is the finished product.. I'm not sure why people are so quick to rag on the mock up..
  35. jordan99GS

    Custom Vent Gauges

    I think it looks good just like that. haha. 100% custom. Good idea though.
  36. jordan99GS

    How many DSM's have you owned?

    Currently on my first: 99 GS N/T, hoping to get my first turbo'd one here soon :D
  37. jordan99GS

    GSX Porn: 18+ Only

    I think... I'm in love.. with gofer's car.
  38. jordan99GS

    Which Spoiler looks better?

    High rise has my vote. :thumb:
  39. jordan99GS's Eclipse GSX

    jordan99GS's Eclipse GSX

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