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  1. ECUflash Turn off cel in ECUFLASH w/touching peripheral bits

    yeah, depends on what code its throwing. if its an o2 code, you'll run 15% more fuel if I remember right. other codes can be turned off so the ecu doesn't richen the fuel mixture automatically.
  2. 92 Talon

    FLASH1970 updated 92 TalonView updates to this DSM profile...
  3. 92 Talon

    FLASH1970 submitted a new DSM Profile :92 TalonRead more about this vehicle here...
  4. 92 Talon

  5. 1G Sparks once, then nothing until I stop cranking, then 1 spark

    turned out i had a broken wire from the ecu to the cas. jumped a wire from the ecu plug to the cas plug and got spark. thanks to all for the posts and suggestions.
  6. 1G Sparks once, then nothing until I stop cranking, then 1 spark

    No I have not. I got one from a friend to try who said it came off a running car.
  7. 1G Sparks once, then nothing until I stop cranking, then 1 spark

    As the title says, I have a 92 Talon that sparks once when I first start cranking. I can keep cranking and get nothing. Then when I let go of the key, I get a spark. Not sure what's going on. Coil tested out good (13.2 & 13.4 I think on the secondary coils. Primary was .1 but that's as accurate...
  8. How many miles is to much for a gst or gsx?

    Check compression, crank end play, turbo shaft play, ball joints, tie rods, leaks, rust... low miles don't always mean it's a good buy. I bought my 99 GSX with 178K on it a couple years ago with all the maintenance records. It now has almost 258K and idrive it 120 miles a day. It's all in how...
  9. The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    "THIS CAR IS SOLID"... "All the problems are Cosmetic"... "This car is set to drive in all weather with speed and handling"... "Some rust on strut tower and trunk hatch but nothing big"... only 4900!! ROFL1997 White Mitsubishi GSX AUTO STOCK
  10. WTB: 95-99 Eclipse/Talon GSX/TSI (Toronto)

    Buy mine... :D95 GSX, 5 SPEED, 6 BOLT, 16G, REBUILT TRANS - DSM Classifieds
  11. 2G GSX path? Help guys

    My 99 has over 257K and i drive it 120 miles a day. It's all in how you take care of it. Do a compression test, make sure the timing belt maintenance is up to par, take out the balance shafts and keep oil in it. You should have a budget and/or power goal in mind. And always ask for receipts from...
  12. Blown head gasket

    There's a flat edge tool you're supposed to use when checking the decking surface. A ruler is not the proper way of doing it... something to keep in mind.
  13. Opinions On My Build Plan

    Depends on the 16g. The HTA68 16g has gone over 400whp. 350 out of a small 16g would be pushing it I think. I agree with going for a 20g. I think the instant spool the 16g has might cause wheel spin issues. The power from the 20g will come on a little more gradually which will help keep...
  14. Opinions On My Build Plan

    Good suggestions. Maybe some 264's or 272's for cams. It'll move the powerband up and being a FWD car you don't want all the power down low or you'll have trouble hooking up. EVOScan is a datalogging software. ECUFlash is for tuning. ;)Cheaper, just as capable, already in the car...
  15. What product to tune with

    WTFAll the maps are created already in Ceddymods. I think the software is 5 bucks, or 25 for the big maps. You say you have experience in HPTuners. I don't, but if you have experience in excel, adjusting injector latencies, scaling injectors, and logging fuel trims and your wideband you...
  16. 2G pistons in a 1G block!?

    As stated already, the 2g piston and 1g rod combo brings compression up and has the stronger 1g rods. But, if your goal is 400whp or less the 7 bolt rods will be strong enough and they are lighter so you'll have les rotational weight. People have pushed 7 bolt rods well over 500whp.
  17. ECUflash ecuflash help

    Also if you swap out the ECU for a flashable one you'll have to swap plug wires around. I had to on my 95 when I put a flashable ECU in.
  18. Running a 2g ecu in my evo8 ?

    There are some write-ups for EVO Tuning. Google "Merlin's ECUFlash guide" and download the pdf. Also, on a member named "recompile" put together a set of videos on using EVOScan and ECUFlash. It's really not that hard to use especially if you've used DSMLink and know how to tune...
  19. upgrading turbo...?

    exhaust, intake, tuning, fuel, headstuds, fmic, turbo.... search. This has been covered 185475623822990447482 times. The turbo should really be the last thing you upgrade. It's like buying a hot tub to put on your back deck, but you don't have a house. Figure out your power goals and budget and...
  20. ECUflash First Flashed DSM ECU! (98/99 Flashing FAQ)

    Put it in your car and try... it won't work if it's not flashable.
  21. Replacing narrowband with wideband wiring questions

    Not true... on my 99 I use Ceddymods and the Tactrix cable for tuning. I went into the ROM and turned off the o2 sensors and closed loop. I have a stock downpipe for now so I used the narrowband O2 sensor to dial in my injectors for cruising and idling. Once the fuel trims were good I just...
  22. How do I make it idle higher

    Lightened flywheels cause stalling, boost leaks cause stalling, injectors not being dialed in causes stalling... you shouldn't just turn the BISS screw out to raise your idle. That'll cause your ISC motor to max out trying to get your car to idle at what the ECU is telling it to. The proper way...
  23. Car runs rough after timing

    I'd recheck the timing. It will still run if it's a couple teeth off, just not very well. Is the Check Engine Light on? Have you done a compression test? Have you done a boost leak test?
  24. mix match evo8 and evo9 pistons?

    I'd never use used pistons and rings in an engine build. To me that's asking for trouble. The used pistons are worn into the bore of the engine they came out of. Your engine's bore won't be exactly the same. Take your block to a machine shop, have them measure the bores and then order pistons...
  25. engine sway from a 7 bolt to 6 bolt how much work is it

    Do a search. But, a 7 bolt will handle 400hp too so if your engine is good, why swap it? More off boost power, less rotational weight... with a 7 bolt.
  26. Answers from my elder dsm owners!

    My idle oil pressure is 7 or so when it's fully warmed up. Been that way for thousands of miles... no problems yet. Oil pressure is about 60psi when doing 60, 70psi when doing 70... Car has over 255k on it.The surge might be a bad voltage regulator. They're inside the alternators on these...
  27. boost stutter

    I agree with the first part. But the OP has a 98 so if you're tight on money, look at getting a Tactrix 2.0 cable and using the Ceddymods to tune the flashable ECU the car already has. Search "Ceddymods" on this site and read up if you're interested. It's a much cheaper option but doesn't have...
  28. ECUflash 2g feels heavy after tuning

    your turbine housing is glowing when you get home? Yeah, not the best thing for it. Something is really not right in the tune. He might have edited the ROM to have the fans be on all the time instead of just over a certain temp. Is your coolant temp sensor plugged in and working?Also, is the...
  29. compression test question

    Do a leakdown test and find out where the air is going. You might just need a headgasket or a valve job.
  30. boost question

    The 16g should bolt right up. And max boost pressure depends on a few things. Get a way to datalog and a wideband so you can monitor injector duty cycles, AFR's, knock... and adjust boost accordingly. That's if you want to do it properly. Most people will tell you you're ok to run about 15psi.
  31. Is Balance shaft elimination a bad idea on a daily Driver?

    I did mine on my 99 with the engine in. I undid the driver's side engine mount and took out the cross member/front engine mount and that angled it down enough to do it. I rented a tool from Autozone to press the bearings in and out. I think for the back bearing on the front shaft I used the...
  32. Need advice on used wiseco's please?

    That sucks man. I would never put used pistons in a build. If one piston/rod combo went bad, who knows what bits of metal were flung around the crankcase hitting what other parts. If you're on a budget and running a 20g on meth, try getting your money back and shipping the parts you ordered back...
  33. are 2g throttle bodys seals the same as evo 8/9s

    Should be. I just rebuilt my throttle body using this method... Throttle Body O-RingAccording to this thread, the seals are the same for an EVO8/9 and 91-99 Eclipse, Laser, Talon with a 4g63...
  34. Low Db High Flow Exhaust Ideas Needed

    3" downpipe with an electronic cutout to a stock catback...
  35. Take the head off, inspect, and start all over?

    Put a screw driver in the #1 cylinder and rotate the crank a bit using a ratchet/wrench and set the piston so it's not at TDC, but half way down. Shouldn't matter which way you rotate the crank to acheive this but rotate it in the direction that requires the least amount of rotating. Putting the...
  36. Take the head off, inspect, and start all over?

    As long as you turn the engine by hand you should be fine. If you are really worried about it, take off the valve cover and loosen the cam caps. That'll loosen the cams up so they aren't pushing on any valves so the valves will all be closed. Granted, doing that will make it impossible to line...
  37. Swapping 6 bolt into my 2G body

    It's a tuning and datalogging software. Good user support, easy to use. One copy of Link per car.I have a flashable ECU found in 98-99 cars in my 95 eclipse with a 6 bolt engine. I use the Ceddymods, ECUFlash, EVOScan, and a Tactrix cable for tuning. It's a bit cheaper, not as much user...
  38. AFR tuning questions unique to my situation.

    Step one, find a new college. The college you are attending is not teaching you spelling or grammar or how to read. You agreed to forum rules when you signed up that included these things. We all make mistakes but please make an effort. It makes posts much easier to read and makes people more...
  39. Seriously need help..

    Did you test your ISC sensor? DSM ISC motor testing & Replacement - YouTubeDid you adjust the set screw on the firewall side of the throttle body? It's a small screw with a jam nut on it. It holds the throttle plate open slightly when you let off the throttle. Maybe try turning that counter...
  40. Gs-t Convertible or Hard Top

    A GST will be more rigid and lighter. A GST with no sunroof would be even better. Why not get a GSX though so you have AWD...?
  41. ECUflash AFR's bouncing around during cruising... why?

    So, I'm playing around with my 99 doing some cruise tuning.880 injectors, HUICP w/ 1g BOV, LC-1 w/xd-16 gauge, e-boost 2.The car has closed loop turned off because I have the stock downpipe on and my wideband is in the O2 housing. I'm wondering why my AFR's are bouncing up an down. I...
  42. ECUflash 2g feels heavy after tuning

    You can download the existing tune off of the ECU. No need to get the file from the tuner. :thumb:Not fun. I've had a couple back surgeries due to a herniated disk, then a dumb friend driving over potholes reherniating it after my first surgery. Still isn't right but it's good enough. I...
  43. Picking up 98 GSX SAFC Reliability

    I agree. Sell the SAFC and get a Tactrix Cable. Yes, the SAFC can be reliable. When my brother owned my 95 GSX, it had a SAFC in it. 680 injectors, big 16g, fmic, mild cams, 6 bolt, 3" exhaust... it dyno'd at 296awhp and the car drove fine for 1000's of miles. He ran into tough times, I bought...
  44. car running rich

    This is probably the cause of your problem. Cars are also tuned on the rich side from the factory. Either get an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator or a 190 pump. A 190 will be plenty of fuel for the 16g. If you're still running stock injectors at stock boost, put the factory fuel pump back in...
  45. what kind fuel pump should i get

    I bought my used EVO9 pump off of EVOM for 40 shipped with 38K on it. Seller had really good feedback so I bought it. It's been fine for a while now. It flows about 205 so it's a bit more than the 190, but not so much that it requires an AFPR. People have pushed the EVO9 pump to over 400whp.
  46. Engine Rebuild

    What makes you think the headgasket is blown? What are the compression numbers?How to do a Compression Test
  47. More boost and no more power

    Your post is an oxymoron. You shouldn't be turning it up at all if you're not tuned. I'm surprised your car is even running with the mods list in your profile. It is a nice list btw. Your injectors are almost double what the factory ECU was programmed for. It would be wise to get at least a good...
  48. WTB: 97'-99' Eclipse/Talon GSX/AWD

    There are pics in the link I posted.
  49. Mitsubishi Going bye bye???

    Figures. When the EVO's were awesome, no EVO is US. When they're fugly, they bring them stateside. Just when they look nice again with the EVOX, they leave.
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