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  1. habitatguy187

    1G Outlander brake upgrade

    You need the brackets and the rotors from the outlander. And you need 1993-99 dsm two piston calipers
  2. habitatguy187

    1G Outlander brake upgrade

    Here in America, we only have the 2.4 option so I would choose that one.
  3. habitatguy187

    1G Outlander brake upgrade

    This should be everything you need to know. Good luck getting some!
  4. habitatguy187

    2G Is AWD conversion worth it?

    I really liked my old fwd turbo 1g. It felt substantially lighter than my awd does. Yeah it spun tires in 3rd but the good news is it never broke anything, it just spins. Also got over 30mpg on the highway. I want a fwd again as a city romper/beater
  5. habitatguy187

    1G PCV Setup #3 – Maximum Pressure Relief

    I also run a closed system (stock pcv with a check valve and two breather tubes running straight from the VC to the turbo intake)I like the idea of pulling vac out too. That being said, depending on how bad your blow-by is some people STILL needed a catch can and if you do, then you obviously...
  6. habitatguy187

    1G PCV Setup #3 – Maximum Pressure Relief

    A sealed can will not have the most pressure relief.
  7. habitatguy187

    ECMlink speed density log advice

    If combinedFT is 0% when cruising, then you will see the AFRatioEST read 14.7. If the ecu is adding fuel via fuel trims, then the afratioest will be lower than 14.7.I didn’t take a look at the log I’m on my phone but it sounds like you need to add fuel via global and then adjust your sd table...
  8. habitatguy187

    ECMlink New SD setup Hoping to have some "wiseman" check my logs

    So far I’ve had the innovate mtxl, the lc2, and the aemx wideband. All 3 grounded to ecu ground. The aem is the closest to reading accurate but is still off a tad. It’s my belief that If you want it to be accurate, you need to set it up as linear wideband and narrow the operating range.
  9. habitatguy187

    1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Oh, and of course I replaced the alternator in dads van too 🙄😄
  10. habitatguy187

    1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    As usual, the fun didn’t last for very longBroke a spring on the xtd stage 3. While a aving up for a new clutch, the clutch in my 1g starts slipping during normal highway driving! Borrowed my dads van and drove it for 4 days then the alternator went out LOL. What luck!I threw the vr4 back...
  11. habitatguy187

    1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    I bought a old school gen1 fp at the shootout for $100. It had zero shaft play, but was hesitant to spin/kinda felt seized up. The seller said it was in the backseat of a parts car he bought. Well I put some oil in it and spun it by hand a bit and decided to try it out on the car. The turbo has...
  12. habitatguy187

    1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Well I’m far far behind, here’s the recaps.I had been collecting some parts leading up to the shootout, but was being lazy about getting them on the car. Well, the day before the shootout, I went to start the car before work and it wouldn’t fire. I didn’t hear the pump kicking on so I used...
  13. habitatguy187

    ECMlink New SD setup Hoping to have some "wiseman" check my logs

    Hmmm to adjust global or adjust fuel pressure? 🤔🤔🤔
  14. habitatguy187

    Home water heater replacement

    Every water heater brand these days seems to be trash. Maybe they would last longer with a pre-reverse osmosis filter or even a water softener. I replace 30 year old water heaters just as often as 10yr old ones.
  15. habitatguy187

    Burning through Wideband 02 Sensors

    Is the sensor mounted in a place where moisture will get to it?….is it drilled right into the bottom of the exhaust or into the side?
  16. habitatguy187

    ECMlink New SD setup Hoping to have some "wiseman" check my logs

    To clarify, you’re saying that you trust the wideband and the ecm AND injector size more than the fuel pressure gauge?
  17. habitatguy187

    1G Clutch drag?

    Oh and check for clutch pedal assembly play
  18. habitatguy187

    1G Clutch drag?

    I just had a spring pop out and it changed gears for me a few times and then quit completely. I would definitely try to adjust the clutch master rod before pulling the trans but it sounds like you might be heading in that direction.
  19. habitatguy187

    1G Dynatek ARC-2 No spark on 2/3

    I feel like if it was the ECU it would give no spark whatsoever. There is nothing in ECMlink that would cause this but idk if that's what you're using?
  20. habitatguy187

    1G Clutch drag?

    Does the clutch disc have springs?
  21. habitatguy187

    1Gb Talon Rust Revival

    Such a clean car deserves AC imo!And for the stock IM, nothing helps more than a stubby, 12mm ratchet wrench. I would go buy a new one before I ever try to pull a stock IM without it haha
  22. habitatguy187

    1G Timing belt replacement assistance

    I live on the near-eastside of Indy. I wouldn't mind coming by and double checking over everything when you think it's ready to put it back together, but hanging out the entire time is probably not something I can do time-wise. Especially on a fully stock car as it will take a little more time...
  23. habitatguy187

    Anybody From Indiana?

    Indianapolis checking in
  24. habitatguy187

    ECMlink Changed injectors and manifold, car won't start

    Link settings look ok (besides your timing tab!! Set all those back to 0!)I would also check the "lock mdp" box in the inputs tab. Double check all your wiring to make sure you didn't leave anything unplugged. Check fuel injector wiring and clips. Maybe even check for boost leaks.Also...
  25. habitatguy187

    2G Water feed to eBay 16g turbo

    I'm not sure why there are two holes though instead of just one. Never seen that before. Pour coolant in one side and make sure it comes out the other. If so, continue on.
  26. habitatguy187

    1G Where can I find LSD for FWD ?

    Ok mr controversial 😂. I love your posts tho
  27. habitatguy187

    1G Where can I find LSD for FWD ?

    AWD guys weld their's and still drive them on the street. I'm thinking that fwd has to be easier welded than all wheel... But I've no personal experience with either tbh
  28. habitatguy187

    GVR-4 Random Knock Under Various Conditions

    Interesting... I'm sure that my 23+ yr old 2g mas could use cleaning
  29. habitatguy187

    2G What do I need to run an 18G turbo? 97 GST

    I disagree. A 18g at 15psi will feel MUCH faster than a t-25 at 18psi. Put it on, run wastegate pressure until you re-wire and/or upgrade your fuel pump, then run 15psi or whatever the ecu will let you get away with until you get something to tune with.He's still on stock exhaust so boost...
  30. habitatguy187

    420A 2gNT Eclipse won't start

    Spark, fuel, and compression. Check for those 3 first. Pull out the plugs and they should probably be fuel-soaked if you've been cranking it and it won't start. Clean em, crank the car with them out and watch for spark. If you have that then check compression.Plug wire order might be off. Post...
  31. habitatguy187

    ECMlink [RESOLVED] 1G: Ignition Timing Stuck at 5 Degrees

    Yeah I made it very stockish to throw it in the 1g which is still on 450s
  32. habitatguy187

    ECMlink [RESOLVED] 1G: Ignition Timing Stuck at 5 Degrees

    I'm usually running speed density with that ecu (the one from my galant, which is currently down with another toasted clutch lol).I'll take a look at the tune tho and maybe probably upload it 🙂
  33. habitatguy187

    ECMlink [RESOLVED] 1G: Ignition Timing Stuck at 5 Degrees

    For anyone searching in the future, it's just as demertz said, I DID in fact have the timing plug grounded out 🤦. User error. I don't want to talk about it 🤦😂😂
  34. habitatguy187

    Pocket Logger Palm software needed PLEASE
  35. habitatguy187

    1G So I swapped to a big garret t28

    Turn the boost down and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, I'd start with a boost leak test
  36. habitatguy187

    1G So I swapped to a big garret t28

    A small 16g and t28 are almost the same turbo. You can turn the boost down to test the fuel cut theory but I suspect something simple like a boost leak or ignition breakup.
  37. habitatguy187

    ECMlink [RESOLVED] 1G: Ignition Timing Stuck at 5 Degrees

    90 talon 5spd with ecmlink v2. Dmertz on an old ecmlink forums post said the only thing that locks timing to 5 degrees is engine start on (which i logged, and it's not. It's off) and having the timing ground connector grounded. I've checked my wiring and don't see anything wrong. Changed my CAS...
  38. habitatguy187

    AEM X Series LSU 4.9 Interchangable

    To answer your question, they are physically the same sensor yes. Tho some say that the aem might be more sensitive since it requires no calibration (som assume it is matched to the sensor before sale, but I dont see how).To share my own experience, my innovate lc-2 had to be calibrated...
  39. habitatguy187

    Fuchsig Eclipse GSX

    The cutout in the stock cluster with the display in there is awesome
  40. habitatguy187

    1991 Galant VR-4 88/2000

    Noooo. Man.. f***. I'm sorry to read that, but you are right - just keep moving forward. Best wishes man
  41. habitatguy187

    ECMlink boost breakup!!!! I got log and money

    I didn't even look at the logs yet, but if your VE is at 120, you need to start fresh. If you're still having fueling issues then you just need to wait until you get em fixed
  42. habitatguy187

    Old School FP Green Rebuild Kit

    So is that the correct kit tho? tdo5h? Where can I buy from?
  43. habitatguy187

    Old School FP Green Rebuild Kit

    I picked up an old school fp green at the shootout. There's absolutely zero shaft play, but the turbo doesn't spin very freely and the seller recommended a rebuild as they knew nothing about the turbo's past aside from it coming with a parts car they bought.My question is what rebuild kit is...
  44. habitatguy187

    ECMlink [RESOLVED] 1G Won't Idle when Hot, Choppy Throttle, What do you see in logs?

    I'll look sometime when I'm on my laptop, but you definitely need to find out if you have the NT fpr or not.
  45. habitatguy187

    2022 SO scramble Thread

    Damn and I thought I was scrambling haha. Nowhere near this level! Looking forward to reading the rest
  46. habitatguy187

    2G Need help fixing this chewed wiring

    Unravel all that tape, and start putting the wires back together my man.
  47. habitatguy187

    Having trouble getting my MTX-L working

    Having the same problem with mine after replacing the engine bay harness and o2 sensor. I'm not sure if I need another new sensor, have a bad harness, or maybe shorted out my gauge when the old harness got wrapped up in the axle and broke....
  48. habitatguy187

    Shootout Maintenance/Upgrades

    The shootout is coming up quick in just a little over 3 weeks. I just made a list of things I want to get done before I make the 4.5hr trip. Honestly it's not too daunting and should be no problem, but we all know how that goes.What's on your guy's list to get done before the shootout on the 30th?
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