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  1. 2g Eprom ECU and DSM Link v3 with cable

    Reply to question by 'turbolover10' on the classified ad '2g Eprom ECU and DSM Link v3 with cable'

    Just posted another, if you have anything specific you want to see lmk.
  2. 2g Eprom ECU and DSM Link v3 with cable

    For sale 4G63 2g Eprom ECU and DSM Link v3 with cable

  3. turbolover10

    *** ACTIVE / OPEN *** 2G Tubular front subframe

    Following along, definitely interested!
  4. turbolover10

    2G POM 3-piece Differential Bushing Set

    I’ll take a set and the cas cover! PM’d
  5. turbolover10

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Yep! drove 7 hours to get it, Hugh met halfway good guy and nice car! Hoping to drop a shep stage 3 in it this weekend!
  6. turbolover10

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Bought a new one!
  7. turbolover10

    2G How bad is this? Frame Rail Bent

    From what I can tell that is very minimal and should have no effect on anything. Like you said probably from jacks or lift, more cosmetic than anything.
  8. turbolover10


    Oh and more importantly fuel! How is the condition of the tank? That would be my main concern with age and low miles!
  9. turbolover10


    Sounds like you have it all covered for the most part! I might have missed it but fuel filter would be on my list. You should be able to get away with the lightweight shockproof from what I’ve been reading In the tcase and rear diff. I’d stick with redline or diaqueen In the trans. Good old...
  10. turbolover10

    2G Blown Sensor Ground in ECU

    Very true, I'm not sure what I was thinking but I will definitely wire the ground for the WB separately.Thanks, thats what I will go with.I've read some of your post on other threads dealing with this issue, thats what lead me to my Wideband install possibly causing this. I will double...
  11. turbolover10

    2G Blown Sensor Ground in ECU

    So I blew a sensor ground in my ECU and I'm not exactly sure whats causing the sensor ground to blow. I've decided I'm going to try and repair it myself because I know it might blow again, until I can figure out what is causing it.What size wire is the sensor ground? I've read you don't...
  12. turbolover10

    99 GSX Boosted Addiction

    turbolover10 updated 97 GSX Boosted AddictionView updates to this DSM profile...
  13. turbolover10

    99 gst first car

    Very Cool! I breezed through your thread and it brings back some memories for me. Your way ahead of the game and have a sweet car, I remember when I was in high school going through similar situations that you are. There has been some great advice given here and it sounds like you have an...
  14. turbolover10

    2G Ghost Chrome 6 Bolt swap

    Yea I'm pumped too! Should be a lot of fun, I have a list of stuff I need to get done before I can really put it to the test though. Hoping to start working on it in December.
  15. turbolover10

    2G Ghost Chrome 6 Bolt swap

    Thanks!More to come soon, Picked up an HY-35 from Jus. Should be installing sometime in December when work slows down. Ready to see what this motor can do with the proper transmission/Clutch/Turbo combo!
  16. turbolover10

    97 GSX "Restoration"

    Ouch! Impressive work, Looking forward to updates. Subscribed!
  17. turbolover10

    2G Ghost Chrome 6 Bolt swap

    Thanks for the comments, I took a little break over the summer but planning on getting it going again over the winter! Will hopefully be updating more soon.
  18. turbolover10

    Project Dsm-97 GSX

    Thanks! I see we have twins :)So I've been fishing and working on the boat lately.. The season is here, anyways I've had a few hiccups along the way with the Dsm...Number one issue is the turbo, I didn't realize the compressor cover was cocked and when I started the car it scraped the...
  19. turbolover10

    huge gas leak!!!!! help please

    Where exactly is the hose thats is leaking? Put a pic up on the forum and that might help get you some answers. Link on FB isn't working..
  20. turbolover10

    auto vs. manual: is it really THAT serious?

    I personally have a manual and don't see myself changing unless I go all out with the build. With that being said I think it's hard to argue that auto isn't faster and more reliable at these higher power levels we try to achieve. I think a lot depends on your overall goals for the car, just...
  21. turbolover10

    Resolved Lean issue

    Yep I disabled mine!
  22. turbolover10

    Boost gauge lighting

    Tie them in with your dash lights, you will need to test wires with a test light to find the wire you need. I tied mine into one of the wires back behind the radio harness that is powered when the gauge cluster is illuminated.
  23. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    I have one of the clamps, I wasn't aware of the second but now that you say it It makes sense :ohdamn: Looking closer at the pic I see the damage that was done! Back to needing a new turbo it seem ugh, simple mistake cost me on this!Should I be concerned about the metal!?
  24. turbolover10

    1G Ofh low pressure spring for bse

    I've read quite a bit on the subject, I am having high oil pressure at the moment. I did port the relief before installing but after looking at a few pics I didn't take out as much as I could have.On the other hand there have been a few members that have stated that cutting a coil out of...
  25. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    Ok good that makes me feel a little better, will you see past 80psi through your rpm range once warm? I plan on running a Holset very soon, this was just a temporary setup so its good to hear first hand advise from someone running them with similar oil pressure. I know those turbo are picky...
  26. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    I feed my from the ofh as well, no restrictor. Right now I'm seeing over 100psi on cold start but settles to around 25psi warm idle. The problem is by 3k Rpms it jumps back up to 80+ and by 4K I think it's pegging the 100psi gauge again. It is a cheap glow shift gauge but I still feel like...
  27. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    Will do, thanks! I'm actually working on dealing with high oil pressure too, could this have something to do with it binding? To much incoming oil and not adequate drainage with the -10 an lines? I've ported the oil filter housing before installing but I'm pulling it off to port some more.
  28. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    Mine is a journal as well. I just made up the return line before starting so definitely a possibility, it doesn't seem to be kinked but maybe I'm missing something? Heres a shot I took the other day of the return. Oh and it wouldn't spin immediately after I turned car off, haven't been able...
  29. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    I'm going to pull the turbo off today, I will take a closer look at why its binding. I was thinking I should double check that the turbo is getting oil to it, before I pull it though...
  30. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    Here's the deal, I have a Garrett turbo that looked to be rebuilt. Spun freely, solid shaft no in and out play. Installed turbo, Primed for 10-15 sec x 2. Started right up let the car reach operating temperature, heard a strange sound coming from intake.immediatly noticed the turbo is...
  31. turbolover10

    550hp HELP!!!

    Holsets are a great option, Takes a little fabricating yes but worth it in the end it seems. Can't go wrong with the old GT35R ball bearing but then your paying a pretty penny! I'm probably going the hx-40 route when the time comes. Just all a matter of preference really a lot of turbos will...
  32. turbolover10

    Project Dsm-97 GSX

    Finished up the return line tonight after getting the -10AN hose in the mail.Little video clip of the car running with the new turbo installed. I still have a bunch of stuff I need to get done before its ready to tune but I figured I had this turbo with everything I needed to run it so why...
  33. turbolover10

    2G Won't idle after BCS mod

    Did you unplug it? It needs to stay plugged in as far as I remember..I'm assuming you drilled out the smaller hole on top for a little more boost when you refer to "bcs" mod?
  34. turbolover10

    over boosting

    Need to port the turbine/wastegate passage. Or go external.. Search boost creep and you will find what you need.
  35. turbolover10

    Crank no start flooding

    Have you double checked the firing order and the injector clips? Have you tested fuel pressure at the rail?I would follow this closely and go back over everything.
  36. turbolover10

    2G Tre stage 3 or 4

    I was considering tre as well, I know he's been doing it a long time! I'm not quite ready yet either but it won't be long. Good luck whoever you end up going with I'm sure It will be quality work.
  37. turbolover10

    2G Tre stage 3 or 4

    Jacks is doing Dsm rebuilds again? Interesting!
  38. turbolover10

    Project Dsm-97 GSX

    First Time Driving this DSM after 3 years of owning it! Pretty exciting to say the least, even with a t-25 on stock waste gate pressure and a bad turbo seal.T-25 didn't last long, then again it was already shot LOL. Oil in the D/PSo not wasting any time Pulled the stock mani/o2/turbo...
  39. turbolover10

    2G 96 spyder gs wire/plug questions and replacements

    I don't think any of those for the 420a will work unfortunately. The 4g63 stuff might work but there will be differences in the radiator as far as I know, "I was under the impression the 4g64 is similar to the 1g design as far as the upper radiator hose placement." I could be off on this...
  40. turbolover10

    2g starter issue

    So it was running before and just stopped all the sudden? Or did you replace the starter and battery and now its not cranking?This should be all you need to figure it out!
  41. turbolover10

    Hi I'm new and have questions

    Oil return is the "drain"Those are the 2 things you need, I'm not to familiar with the black but I'm pretty sure the water lines will work from your current setup. Definitely get in touch with FP and ask all the questions you need until you have it right! Its very important to setup the...
  42. turbolover10

    What am I missing to hook up DSMlink v2?

    There a few different cables you can run depending on what operating system from what I remember. V3 they supply you with the new cable, I actually have the old cable I used for v2 but its been so long I don't even remember what the name was. I will ship you the cable if you want it just cover...
  43. turbolover10

    Pitbulls 99' GSX "Be Smart!" Build

    I was in the same boat last month, keep it up stay active and it will get done in no time! Just took mine for the first test run a few days ago. What a great feeling when you see it all come together!
  44. turbolover10

    Pitbulls 99' GSX "Be Smart!" Build

    Looking good bro, solid build you have here. Funny it came from Orlando its usually the other way around!
  45. turbolover10

    ECMlink Firing order isn't what it should be?

    Thanks Paul, I guess everything isn't cut and dry like we would expect when swapping the motor. Good to know for future 6 bolt swaps on here maybe I can advise at some point and help others.
  46. turbolover10

    Air intake suggestions

    I would keep an eye out on the classifieds for a dejon or injen with recirculation fitting. Pretty much echoing whats been said above, Depending on you hp goals for the car the only way I would get a bigger intake is if you plan on doing some extensive mods including a bigger turbo needed for...
  47. turbolover10

    2G Kelford 272/272 or gsc stage 2 274/274 cams

    I'm sure the dual springs will be fine, a little overkill but if you already have them they should work.
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