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  1. turbolover10

    2G Blown Sensor Ground in ECU

    So I blew a sensor ground in my ECU and I'm not exactly sure whats causing the sensor ground to blow. I've decided I'm going to try and repair it myself because I know it might blow again, until I can figure out what is causing it.What size wire is the sensor ground? I've read you don't...
  2. turbolover10

    Turbo binding ?

    Here's the deal, I have a Garrett turbo that looked to be rebuilt. Spun freely, solid shaft no in and out play. Installed turbo, Primed for 10-15 sec x 2. Started right up let the car reach operating temperature, heard a strange sound coming from intake.immediatly noticed the turbo is...
  3. turbolover10

    2G Ghost Chrome 6 Bolt swap

    Been working steady on dropping my 6 bolt in after a few years of sitting and collecting dust! The engine bay was sprayed with a black base coat and Alsa Ghost Chrome/Clear, really happy with how it came out. Still have a long way to go with the car but its coming together quick. Wanted to...
  4. turbolover10

    ECMlink Firing order isn't what it should be?

    Okay I wasn't sure where to post this, I just completed my 6 bolt swap. -It a 97 eclipse gsx -95 EPROM -1g cas -inverted casSo everything is wired properly etc etc.. Did my homework so I didn't have to ask questions.Seems to be guaranteed that the firing order is 3214 going off ecm's wiring...
  5. turbolover10

    Resolved Mishimoto radiator drain plug size?

    I've searched and can't find what I'm looking for. On mishimotos page it says (M16) .06. I picked up an m16 bolt and it was way to big. Seems like it would be more like m12 size diameter? Makes me wonder if I have a different radiator or I'm just missing something? It seems to be the...
  6. turbolover10

    Resolved What is this line on firewall?

    Just finishing up my 6 bolt swap and this is the only line I'm not familiar with. It's on the passenger side firewall, was it to old emissions junk? Thanks!
  7. turbolover10

    Resolved Need Some Advice on turbos compressor map

    Ok first let me say my goal at the moment is 400whp, I eventually want to make this on pump but the help of E85 would be fine too. With that being said I was given a Garret gt3271 which looking at the turbo on extreme psi is rated for 200-420hp. I figured it would be a little more capable then...
  8. turbolover10

    99 GSX Boosted Addiction

    turbolover10 submitted a new DSM Profile :97 GSX Boosted AddictionRead more about this vehicle here...
  9. turbolover10

    9" intake filter with 2g mas?

    I was just about to order the filter I just want to make sure it fits. I have the 4" fp intake with the stock 2g mas. The intercooler piping is short route so I was thinking it might work? Can anyone clairify?
  10. turbolover10

    Pressure plate Any good?

    I just pulled the motor and trans and found out it had this 2600 act pressure plate. I have no clue how many miles are on it but is it re usable? Thanks for any help! I'm ordering a new pivot ball, fork and oem tob aswell.
  11. turbolover10

    Project Dsm-97 GSX

    Let me start by saying I'm glad to be back in the game!I just recently picked up a 1997 Eclipse GSX with a spun rod bearing and after a few months of looking I am very happy with what I found:thumb:The Good, dsmlink, 900cc injectors, afpr, fmic, evo3, fp manifold, mishimoto radiator, full 3"...
  12. turbolover10

    New Gsx shell what do you guys think?

    I recently came across a 97 eclipse gsx red pearl, original paint, 83,000 on the shell. Clean titile no RUST! Said he recently replaced all tires and new turbo. Din't say much more than that. I noticed the rims and that its lowered. Not sure if it has any other mods but I figured I'd go look...
  13. turbolover10

    Kelford cams and BC springs & Retainers bad idea?

    I wasn't planning on going with the kelfords but I grabbed some on the blackfriday sale:sneaky:Now my question is I already have some slightly used bc spring&retainers which I've read mixed review on using with the kelford cams.Bottom line is, it would be better to run better springs but...
  14. turbolover10

    Need help, timing jumped, bent valves??

    First and foremost let me thank you guys for dropping in and trying to help in anyway!I'm used to working on 4g63's but recently my sisters 95 Esi just shut off while she was driving and I've narrowed it down to something to do with the timing.First I checked for spark which wasn't...
  15. turbolover10

    What you paid for your 6 bolt??

    I'm trying to get a good idea of what to expect to pay for a 6 bolt.Not really looking for any crazy setups, mostly budget builds... Could be just the block, block/crank or it could be the whole longblock with intake mani t/b and turbo... Lmk what you guys paid.For example I ran across...
  16. turbolover10

    Help diagnosing knock w/vid.

    Allright I'm going to do my best trying to explain this so I might get some good suggestions.I've recently noticed a bad knocking sound coming from the block/head and I'm having problems trying to determine what it is?? Look at my profile for mods and I've read most of the rod knock threads...
  17. turbolover10

    fuel pump gone bad?

    I was out tuning the car with my new aem wideband and afc... Everything seemed to be going good had it steady around 11.5 all the way to 7k. When I pulled up to one of the toll booths my car stalled, then began to run really really rich on the wideband and was sputtering. I noticed after I...
  18. turbolover10

    looking for stock 2nd gen awd

    If anyone has any info on an awd with low miles, pleassse let me know. thanks, Jeff
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