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  1. TSI91FWD

    central ohio??? Chillicothe/Columbus Area

    Polaris sounds good April 28th
  2. TSI91FWD

    central ohio??? Chillicothe/Columbus Area

    darthvader I need to get my clutch and fly wheel installed, I have everything minus tools at my house but have a shop I can get it to just down the road from me that will let me use it whenever. I just need to get my car down there haha.
  3. TSI91FWD

    central ohio??? Chillicothe/Columbus Area

    I'm down for a DSM group meet in April, not quite sure if I'll have my 1g back on the road by then unless a couple of you guys would like to come help me out sometime before hand and show some DSM love to another DSM'er
  4. TSI91FWD

    central ohio??? Chillicothe/Columbus Area

    Sawmill Home Depot I'm assuming... but I'm still "new" to the Columbus area I'm game for a Spring HD meeting with all you guys.
  5. TSI91FWD

    Lookin locally first for a head

    Hey Columbus/Ohio DSMers, I'm tryin to find me a clean and complete 7 bolt head for a decent price, I don't want anything that has a crack or that is warped bad. Does anyone have or know anyone with one?
  6. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    I was thinking about selling it, but I think I'm changing my mind on that sorry if I got your hopes up on buying it but I just turned down a $3500 cash offer the way it sat without the new clutch kit installed... But these wheels are still up for trade I want something mesh style 16's maybe...
  7. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    yeah they're nice but I also have the whole car up for sale, losing motivation on it
  8. TSI91FWD

    I've been living in Columbus a little less than a year.....

    Tons of cars go to the Home Depot off Sawmill its not any specific make it's just a huge group that know each other pretty much
  9. TSI91FWD

    Need help ASAP

    What's going on my Columbus DSMers? I'm in desperate need of some help and a nice warm shop to work on my 1g in... Need to put on some new lowering springs, new clutch and fly wheel set up, and a few other goodies that I got for my DSM, Leigh is going to help me when we get the same times off...
  10. TSI91FWD

    4g63t parts 1g parts. Recent upgrade sale

    Ok first off I just recently upgraded fuel set up on my 91 tsi so I have for sale or trade for anything really. I will not ship unless you pay for shipping, will not deliver period. You will come to me for pick up. will take cash only or paypal and you pay the fees on top of everything as well...
  11. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    ok sounds good man
  12. TSI91FWD

    91 fwd parts car

    How much you want for the center tail light piece? I could have you ship it locally my sister and brother in law live in Freeport
  13. TSI91FWD

    FS: 16 inch wheels Gunmetal PC with Polish lip Canton,Oh

    I'm interested in picking these wheels up this weekend if you still have them man, coming from Columbus area just need to get in contact with you.. my number is 419-6728967 if you wanna just text me anytime we can set up a time for me to get these off your hands
  14. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    Hey man those wheels have any bends or cracks? Forgot to ask and forgot to save your number text whenever you get on this then
  15. TSI91FWD

    Need help

    I'm off of Lazelle by the Polaris mall, and I don't have all the tools needed and yes I'd be helping out, and will provide some beer and pizza also
  16. TSI91FWD

    Need help

    I'm just waiting on my clutch to show up... how much of a fee you thinking?
  17. TSI91FWD

    How much did you pay for your DSM?

    I paid 1900 USD about 8 months ago for my 91 TSI FWD with 130,xxx and bone stock
  18. TSI91FWD

    Dsm col? Man!

    Got a 1g, Live in Worthington right by the Polaris mall so I'm right by you guys in Westerville
  19. TSI91FWD

    Need help

    If anyone is in the Columbus area and is down to help me put a new clutch and flywheel set up in my 1g just let me know, I work 3rds and get 1 day off a week, sucks I know, but I'm tryin to get this thing right again so I can drive it soon haha. Plus I'm lookin to get some 3g revised lifters so...
  20. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    The front 2 are pretty bald. They have wires starting to show on them due to a bad aligmentAnd I think you're the 2g that lives not to far from me. I'm in Worthington off Lazelle in Summerview apts, I was behind you a month or so ago going down Sancus
  21. TSI91FWD

    Anyone from OSU

    I live up in the Worthington area right by the Polaris mall... I'm friends with Leigh and could use another wrench man to help turn some things out with my FWD 1g bummer it's not AWD I know but it's still faster than most cars I've gone against. Cell is 419-672-8967 hit me up sometime bro I work...
  22. TSI91FWD

    FS: few 1g upgrade parts

    It's cool thanks for getting back with me
  23. TSI91FWD

    FS: 16 inch wheels Gunmetal PC with Polish lip Canton,Oh

    still got these wheels for sale bro?
  24. TSI91FWD


    I'm a noob to the site but not to DSM's just picked up my first DSM in 7 years I went to Honda's for a little after I walked my built 2g still had 7 bolt in it but now I'm in a 1g fwd TSI with a good list of mods and tons more to come. Located in the Columbus, Ohio area
  25. TSI91FWD

    Trade wheels

    Lookin to trade my 18's for something black with a lip and a size smaller with decent tires. What they are, are 18" BSA multi spoke wheels silver finish with a polished lip, some rash but absolutely no bends or cracks. Tires are getting pretty bad but if trade offer is right I maybe able to add...
  26. TSI91FWD

    FS: few 1g upgrade parts

    you still have the o2 dump? text some pics 4196728967
  27. TSI91FWD

    Car club in the lima area

    I've heard of Seven West, I was in with my civic coupe then sold it... but I live in Columbus now
  28. TSI91FWD

    central ohio??? Chillicothe/Columbus Area

    I live in the Worthington area right by the Polaris mall, just got back into DSM's after being with Honda's for 6 years. Got a 1g FWD TSI starting a nice list of mods, but my clutch went out anyone have an aftermarket set up that they're wanting to sell?? Must be in good condition and obviously...
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